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In this piece, we’ll go through the basic procedures required to elevate a recliner. One of the primary functions of a recliner is to make the user feel at ease. In this lesson, you will learn how to set the height of your reclining chair to the perfect position for you.

How Do Recliner Chairs Work?

To answer your query, it would help to know the many kinds of recliners that are on the market.

  • Manual recliner chairs include a lever on the side of the frame to allow for reclining. Although these chairs are the most reasonably priced option, they do require considerable physical power and skill to operate.
  • The most popular type of chair is the electric recliner because of the convenience and comfort it provides through its combination of a reclining mechanism and an electric motor. By simply pressing a button, you may easily recline your chair.
  • My own favorite high-end chair is the electric raise and recline model. This is the perfect chair for me because it reclines, yet also tilts and rises to make getting up from it a breeze. These chairs are more expensive, but they are the best option for those with mobility issues.
  • Manual and electric versions of the massage reclining chair are on the market. In addition to getting to lie down in an ergonomically sound position, you can also enjoy a relaxing massage.
  • The ultimate in comfort and relaxation can be found in a massage rise and recline chair. Okay, so these seats don’t come cheap. However, the upsides much than the drawbacks. You may adjust the level of reclining to your comfort level with the push of a button. Put your feet up and relax with a full body massage. When you’re ready to stand, you can start from a nearly upright position.

Also, to my great relief, modern recliners don’t appear like they belong in a retirement home.

Modern chairs are fashionable and available in a wide variety of colors and materials, so everyone can find one that suits their interior design scheme.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Recliner Chair?

  1. What matters most to me is ease and relaxation. Whenever I sit down, I hope to be able to relax without having to fiddle with my position. I can’t stand having to rearrange my cushions every few minutes. I’d like a standing or sitting option for putting my feet up.
  2. Reduces Stress on Joints: Recliners are great for relieving stress on your muscles and bones. The most comfortable position is set by you, not the chair’s design, thanks to the chair’s convenient button-based adjustability.
  3. Having more mobility is a plus, at least for me because it’s hard to walk after sitting or standing for a long time. After sitting or standing for too long, I start to feel stiff. When my joints are stiff, it hurts to walk. When used regularly, recliners can help ease stiffness and increase range of motion.
  4. Independence – I’m not proud to say that I need assistance getting out of my chair on occasion. Nothing would be more humiliating than to have to ask one of my boys to help me stand up. In the very least, a chair that can rise and recline would assist me avoid having to rely on others.

Raising A Recliner Chair

Step #1. Purchase furniture risers made explicitly for a reclining chair

Step two requires the purchase of a furniture riser for your recliner, which will attach to the chair’s legs. The furniture riser can be adjusted to the desired height of your reclining chair in one-inch increments.

Normal chairs and stools might also benefit from using furniture risers. When shopping for a furniture riser, keep in mind that they are designed for lighter or minor types of chairs and will break if used on heavy recliners.

Step #2. Turn your reclining chair on its side

In order to make room for all four of the chair’s legs, you’ll need to turn the chair on its side.

Step #3. Attach the furniture risers to each of the legs on the bottom of your reclining chair

Step one involves fastening a furniture riser to the underside of each chair leg.

You can do this in a variety of ways, depending on the type of recliner risers you have. Some chair risers are designed to attach to the chair’s legs with a simple clip. Instead, some chairs have risers attached to the legs.

Step #4. Adjust all of your risers

All the risers need to be extended to the same height (if applicable). If you wish to raise your chair by 5 inches, for instance, you would use all four risers and push them out to the “5-inch” mark.

Please take note that not all risers are extendable. Most chair height extenders come in the form of rubber discs and are sold in increments of the desired height.

Step #5. Place your chair back into its normal position

After installing the four chair risers, you should return your chair to its original position. Adjusting the height of your chair to your preferred level of comfort is as easy as following these instructions.

Lowering A Recliner Chair

Step #1. Test your recliner’s tension

Recliner tension refers to how far the back of a chair can be leaned back. Just take a seat in the recliner and lie back against the backrest.

In cases when it’s too tough to lean back, you can want to loosen the recliner’s tension. If you are petite, you may want to loosen the tension so that you don’t have to exert as much effort to recline the chair.

Your recliner may also be uncomfortable if it reclines too far or too quickly. We recommend adjusting the recliner’s tension higher. In particular, those who are bigger, taller, or in need of a sturdy back support can benefit greatly from this method.

Step #2. Tilt the recliner forward

Keep the chair’s back straight and its footrest closed. If it is properly fastened, you can check the underside of the chair by carefully tipping the chair forward.

The chair recliner must be placed in front of the armrest and its back must rest on the top of the armrest. If you try to hold the chair with one hand while adjusting the tension, you will have a difficult time.

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Step #3. Look for an adjustment mechanism

Adjustable recliner tension requires a set of wing nuts or thumb wheels under the seat of the chair. You are not permitted to alter the tension unless you have a means of doing so.

Step #4. Rotate the mechanism

To increase the reclining tension, thumb the wheels in a clockwise direction. The stress can be reduced by going counterclockwise.

Take heed: see if you can manipulate the mechanism by hand. If the fit is too snug, we recommend using a pair of robust pliers.

Step #5. Test the adjustment

Make sure the recliner is back in its upright position. To test the recliner’s tension, sit in it and lean back, stretching your legs out.

Things to Consider When Buying a Reclining Chair

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new reclining chair. Among other things:

Considering how frequently I have stressed the importance of comfort, the first piece of advice I can give you is to try out a chair before you buy it. The vast majority of web-based stores have some kind of refund policy. Look for a retailer that will accept the chair back if you aren’t satisfied.

Second, the cost can vary widely from one model to the next. On the other hand, the capabilities and methods of operation of different chairs vary greatly. Yes, I want everyone to save money, but remember that you get what you pay for. In my opinion, you should spend as little as possible while still getting a comfortable recliner.

There are movable elements in recliners and riser-recliners, thus it’s important to have a reliable after-sale service. In light of this, consider the worst-case scenario. The good news is that trustworthy stores will back your new recliner with a guarantee or warranty.

Four, Recliners can be quite large and hefty, so keep that in mind while shopping for one. Make sure there’s room for it, and someone to help if it needs to be moved.

How to Maintain and Care For a Recliner Chair

1. Prevent damage to your chair

It’s ideal to leap into action and take precautions before any damage is done to your furnishings. Avoiding direct sunlight is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your recliner. Most of the seats are upholstered in leather, which can fade severely when exposed to sunlight. The leather ages quickly because it loses its luster and develops fissures.

The passage of very pungent odors to the passenger compartment can also be impeded. The odor of cigarettes, for instance, can linger on fabric and hasten its deterioration over time.

In conclusion, loose cushions should be replaced frequently. Wear and tear is normally hastened by prolonged use, therefore this will slow it down.

2. Deep clean the leather

Leather sofas and chairs can be a pain to keep clean. Many people, despite the cost, would rather have someone else do the work for them. Still, there is an option for individuals who would like to handle the cleanup on their own. The most important piece of advise is to stay out of the water. The liquid’s major drawback is the massive stains it creates on leather.

If you don’t have access to a dryer, a steam cleaner is your next best option. It’s an added cost you might be unwilling to bear, but it pays off in the end. It eliminates any unpleasant odors that may have gathered in addition to the typical dust. Saddle soap is an alternative that can be considered. It will keep the seat clean and prevent any fractures from appearing.

3. Look after the fabric

Fabric recliners are easier to maintain than leather ones in terms of cleanliness. Even so, you can’t just brush it off. Cleaning the vacuum is always the first priority. It’s important to use utmost caution around recliner chair textiles because they are often rather delicate. If you want the job done right, use a gentle brush.

Baby wipes are also a great tool for sanitizing car seats, which is why we recommend them. It’s the most effective method for cleaning up minor messes.

Possessing a microfiber cleaning cloth is also a smart idea. When used in tandem with a dedicated fabric cleaner, it becomes an extremely effective tool for sanitization. Fabric may not be as water-sensitive as leather, but it still serves its owner best to keep it dry whenever possible.

4. Take care of the mechanics

The mechanism that allows a recliner chair to recline is the primary distinguishing feature between it and a regular chair. Movement and the ability to adjust the viewing angle are also crucial for servicing purposes. Particularly important with older recliner chairs, where proper upkeep may not be possible due to physical limitations. It’s important to remember to oil the moving parts on a regular basis.

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Once again, preemptive action is preferable to reactive measures. Don’t wait for the chair to start making noises or the safety of the movement to be suddenly compromised. If you oil it up front, it will last you a long time and perform reliably.


This is the final section on how to elevate a recliner. Following the detailed instructions, your seat will be ready for your enjoyment.

Keep in mind that this procedure can be terminated at any time if the reclining tension is satisfactory. If it doesn’t happen, you’ll have to start over. Repeat the procedures as necessary to fine-tune the recliner’s tension.

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