How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor? Comprehensive Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Do you need to know how to get an air mattress off the ground?

When winding down, a more elevated experience can be welcome. Being at or near the bottom feels like I’m being smothered.

Do you share my sentiments? Let’s assume I’m not alone here and say “I hope I’m not the only one”.

When lying down, many people experience discomfort if they are at a shallow place.

You instantly understand how I feel and share my confidence that we can find a solution.

Even if you find this line of thinking strange, you should try to find a means to alleviate it rather than force yourself to adjust to it.

There are numerous options for elevating your air mattress off the floor. You should try to figure out what it is you’re capable of doing or where your resources would go the furthest.

Pros Air Mattress

Custom Firmness

The ability to adjust the level of firmness is a major perk of using an air bed, particularly as a primary bed in the home. Intensity can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. If you want a firmer surface, use more air, and vice versa if you want a softer one. Given that each individual has their own preference for a comfortable sleeping surface, this is especially useful when hosting overnight guests.

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Back Pain

Adjustable firmness is a significant benefit for persons with back difficulties and other forms of body or joint pains, and although an inflatable one isn’t necessarily considered the ideal mattress for back issues, the fact that you can use it is. Because there will be nights when the bed is too soft, an air pump allows you to swiftly inject air for a firmer surface, improving pain alleviation and body contouring with just the push of a button. On the rare occasion that the bed proves to be overly firm, a simple touch of the button is all it takes to deflate a small amount and soften the surface.

Sharing a Bed

However, if you or your spouse like one side to be firmer or softer than the other, you can do it on practically any full-size and larger mattress because of the presence of two inner chambers. Put an end to arguments over how stiff or soft it should be by adjusting it to your personal preference.


PVC used in production means no unpleasant ‘off-gassing’ smells like those associated with new memory foam mattresses.

No Sagging

The crater-like impression caused by sagging occurs when the surface gradually gives way after years of use. When sagging develops, it’s usually a sign that a replacement is needed. After years of use, a standard full-size memory foam mattress or some innerspring variants will sag, but an air bed won’t because you can simply add more air to it to fix the problem.

Increased Durability

PVC’s durability and anti-sag properties make it superior to innerspring, latex, and foam in terms of durability and longevity. Comparatively, a high-quality air bed can last for up to 15 years, whereas a standard latex or spring mattress would only last about 7 years. If you have an air mattress with a built-in pump, the pump is more likely to break than the bed itself, but it’s cheap and easy to replace.

Rapid Inflation

Inflating an air bed to its full size takes only minutes, depending on the quality of the pump; for instance, a raised twin size air bed can be inflated to its full capacity in around 5 minutes. In roughly three minutes, you can blow up a non-raised, slightly smaller camper mattress.

Low Price

Popular manufacturers like Coleman and Intex have reduced their costs significantly. A twin air mattress, for instance, may be purchased online for as little as $30, whereas a twin memory foam mattress of high quality can easily cost $300.

Many Uses

Any inflatable mattress, depending on its size, can be utilized anywhere. A twin size low profile version, for instance, can be folded up and stored away for use on camping vacations or as a spare bed for unexpected visitors to set up on the living room floor. Some travelers even use them to sleep on during long car rides, spreading them across the back seat for maximum comfort.

Cons Air Mattress

Lengthy Assembly

It may take up to an hour and two persons to set up a larger inflatable mattress intended for permanent or fixed use. After assembly, though, all you’ll need to do is adjust the air flow to your liking.

Noisy Pump

Some consumers have voiced displeasure with how loud their pumps are, but this is more common with cheaper models. In addition, you generally won’t be utilizing the pump very often because it can only be used to inflate or deflate.

Replacing Pumps

Because of its mechanical make-up and dependence on the internal pump, you’ll need to get it serviced under warranty or at your own expense if it ever breaks down. Simply purchase a new external pump from Amazon for no more than $15 if your air mattress needs one.

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Shorter Warranty

PVC bed structures and pumps typically have shorter warranties than latex and innerspring options, so you may have to pay for repairs if they become necessary. However, the price of a new replacement is typically equivalent to that of a repair these days, so you should look into getting a new one rather than putting money toward a repair.

Options To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

There may be times when you choose not to sleep on the floor on an air mattress.

Or, if you’re concerned about it colliding with something that could pop it, you can choose the method of inflation that best suits your needs.

There are numerous options that I have considered or examined.

If you can keep your cool and read this article, you will find the answer to your query.

Some methods are described below for elevating an air mattress off the ground:

Option #1. Using plywood as a base

Plywood can be used to elevate an air mattress off the floor for security purposes. It’s a fantastic and low-cost choice.

However, you should think about supplementing it with something.

You should protect the air mattress from any accidental contact by covering it. Plywood can also have pointed edges in some situations.

You can protect your plywood from moisture by covering it with a bed sheet, a tarp, or anything else you have on hand.

Keep in mind, though, that this is quite feasible provided that you do not set your air mattress directly on a sheet of plywood.

You should obtain the thickest possible sheet of plywood.

Many thicknesses are available; pick the one that will provide the most support for your air mattress.

Option #2. Think of box spring as an option

To properly and securely elevate your air bed, the spring box is your best bet.

You can use this as a backup plan if you’ve exhausted all other options in the event that you can’t locate plywood or it’s difficult to locate in your location.

However, the cost of spring boxes is much more than that of plywood.

The air mattress seems to fare better in spring boxes than it does in plywood, so that’s probably a good trade-off.

All mattresses, not only air mattresses, can benefit from using a box spring. It has a wide range of potential applications.

Option #3. Using a special frame

You are unique, and so can be the frame you choose to display your artwork in. A bespoke bed frame to match your unique tastes in rest. These bedsteads are designed to elevate or support the mattress.

It might be difficult and risky to choose the right frames for your eyes. You get to decide which one is the greatest fit for your air mattress.

Find something that won’t puncture your air mattress, and if possible, prevent other objects from puncturing it as well.

Another thing to think about is what kind of material you want to use for this. What material does it consist of, wood or that other thing that’s usually composed of metal?

These have the benefit of being foldable on occasion, but are otherwise permanently set.

Furthermore, you need to consider how much weight it can support and how quickly it can sag.

These products might be found in brick-and-mortar shops, but they can also be purchased online. Which option is best for you depends on your specific situation.

Why Do You Raise An Air Bed Off The Floor?

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that sleeping on a mattress that is too low might make you feel suffocated.

It’s risky to sleep on an air mattress, especially if it’s just sitting there on the floor.

To deflate badly, it could get punctured by sharp items.

Your air bed will be more comfy and you will have less to worry about if you raise it. Why so?

Things that have the potential to deflate it or pop it out without giving you any warning.

Do’s & Don’ts for Air Mattresses

Do: Keep Inflated When in Use

Re-inflating and deflating your air mattress too often can cause the seams to wear out prematurely. If your friend will be staying for multiple nights, it’s best to leave the air mattress inflated the entire time rather than deflating it each day.

Do: Deflate for Storage

Air mattresses may be inflated quickly with a battery or electric pump, but deflation might take many hours. When storing a mattress, it can be tempting to remove the plug from the air valve and force the air out by rolling the mattress. However, the mattress may suffer damage if you do this. If you force all the air out, the seams may strain and the seals may break. Disconnect the deflation valve and let the mattress lose all of its air before stowing it away. If your air mattress can be quickly deflated, do so before putting it away. If you can hear a slight hissing noise next to the valve, the air mattress is still losing its shape.

Don’t: Allow Pets

Pets should not be allowed on air mattresses, even if they are accustomed to sleeping on beds or furniture. Animals with keen claws can easily tear holes in the air mattress, rendering it unusable. Animals have a habit of pushing off or jumping off furniture, which can put pressure on the mattress’s stitching.

Don’t: Overfill

Overfilling air mattresses puts undue pressure on the stitching. When using an air mattress for the first time, it is recommended that it be inflated to no more than 90 percent of its maximum capacity. Mattresses are more likely to burst if they are overfilled.

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Don’t: Sharp Objects

A punctured air mattress can be a pain to fix. Duct tape and vinyl repair kits are only a short-term solution, so you’ll probably need to buy a new air mattress. Keep any sharp objects, including pencils, safety pins, needles, paper clips, etc., away from the mattress to prevent damage. If you plan on sleeping on the mattress, it’s a good idea to remove any sharp objects from your pockets.


All well, keep in mind that you want your purchases to last a long time. All efforts should be made to ensure its security and optimal performance.

The question, “How can I get an air mattress off the floor?” has been addressed.

I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll be just as resourceful and put what you’ve learned here to good use in order to make the most of your air mattress.

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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