How To Remove Back Of Recliner Sofa? Step-By-Step Guide

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Helen Skeates
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The looseness of a reclining sofa’s back can occur for a number of reasons. Wear and tear is a possibility, as is having children who like to fiddle with the buttons on furniture.

Regardless of the cause, this issue is usually very simple to resolve. Follow these directions to take the back off your recliner.

Steps on Removing the Back of Recliner Sofa

First, remove any straps or other attachments by removing the screws or nuts keeping them in place.

Secondly, lift the back cover by its bottom edge and slide it off.

Third, get rid of any fasteners like staples or nails.

Once you’ve got everything out of the way, you can lay the back cover down and trim the top edge.

Advice: There are several options for fixing this minor issue, including taking off the reclining sofa’s back.

How to Attach and Detach the Back of a Recliner | Living Spaces

Some folks will just hope for the best and leave the back of their recliner exposed.

If you want your furniture to look more modern while also being protected from spills and stains, you may choose to have a professional come in and install new coverings, such as one made of durable vinyl or leather material.

Some people go the extra mile and attach a recliner sofa to the wall, where it is both out of the way and safe.

Benefits Of Recliner Chairs And Sofas

Stress Relievers:

These days, stress is just accepted as something you have to deal with if you want to survive. Anxiety is the true origin of all back pain. Migraines, tension headaches, memory loss, and weariness are all physical manifestations of the mental toll that stress has on the body. Back and neck pain can be the result of sitting upright for too long, thus it’s not advisable to do so for more than an hour at a time. Recliners are ideal and practical for this function. Recliner chairs were originally designed to help people relax and unwind. The chair provides extra back support anytime you lean back to relax. The massage chair and heating pad are included as well. Can you describe the ache in your back? In this article, we will go over the top 8 recliners for back pain that can be purchased in 2020.

Pain Relievers:

Recliners can also help alleviate back pain. Constant muscle tension is frequently the cause of the traumatic, excruciating stress felt in the back, neck, and shoulders. Other causes include carrying heavy loads frequently, being pregnant, or spending extended periods of time in front of a computer. No of the origin, recliners are a great way to rest aching muscles and joints. There are several different types of recliners on the market, and they all offer varying degrees of relaxation. Here is a current rundown of all the recliners that have been rated as the best for relieving back pain.

Improves Blood Circulation:

After a long day at the office, if your joints and feet hurt, it’s time to find an all-in-one solution. Assistive recliners from Bradington Young are ideal in this regard. Prolonged periods of sitting or standing are the primary cause of this problem. This means that blood flow is negatively impacted by gravity, and that this effect only intensifies over time. For this reason, recliners are highly recommended.

Help In Aching Joints:

Arthritis sufferers often experience joint stiffness or swelling. Arthritis is a painful condition, thus it causes them anguish. Therefore, no one is in a better position to empathize with the toll that these issues have on an individual’s well-being. Recliners realign the body’s joints and muscles so that they’re pointing downwards. Recliners have been reclassified as a type of medical equipment due to the relief they provide for a variety of aches and ailments. There is also a wide selection of chairs that may be swiftly folded into a sitting position.

Building A Comfort Zone Around You:

Recliner chairs provide not just relaxation and rest, but also relief from stress and bodily pain. They’re versatile enough to accommodate a variety of sitting styles and lengths of time with ease. Recliners allow you to relax and rest in a variety of comfortable positions, from standing to sitting to putting your feet up. If you change the settings, it will change as you like.

Recliners With Accessories:

Recliners come in a wide variety, with some even featuring built-in storage space. The shelves provide ample space for all of your reading materials and snack needs.

While these features are standard on most recliners, the newest versions now provide a host of others. It’s true that standard recliners are pleasant, but when you throw in the extras, your individualized chair becomes much more so.

Finally, for persons who deal with stress on a daily basis, a reclining chair is a solid and dependable option. Recliners are great for your body and mind regardless of where the extra pounds are coming from. Additionally, reclining on a recliner is a calming and pleasant activity that the whole family may enjoy. Everyone in the family, from the oldest to the youngest and naughtiest, may unwind in a comfortable reclining position.

A recliner can be the answer to the prayers of young moms everywhere who struggle to put their restless toddlers to sleep. The elderly can ease their hurting joints, while those with injuries can begin to heal more steadily. Moreover, a recliner might be incorporated into your teaching strategy. Children can be taught to take time out of their busy schedules to relax their minds and bodies. Your preparation will give them a head start in life. Recliners are ideal for those who occasionally have trouble getting in and out of a regular chair.

Do all recliners have removable backs?

The backs of certain recliners are fixed, and not detachable. If you want to clean or repair your sofa without having to remove your back from it, it’s a good idea to first identify the specific sort of sofa you have.

It’s important to test the removal of the back before placing an order for replacement parts.

Some models of recliner will have a back that can be removed while others won’t. Cleaning or repairing your furniture may require removing the back, in which case it would be wise to know what kind of furniture you have beforehand.

It’s important to test the removal of the back before placing an order for replacement parts.

Can you manually recline a power recliner?

The arm is where you’ll find the switch that operates the recliner’s power mechanism. The button has three standard settings: up, down, and off.

How To Install and Remove The Recliner Back - YouTube

Finding the button may require consulting the owner’s manual for your individual kind of chair.

In order to lower yourself into a seated position manually on most power recliners, you’ll need to press the up button.

Some chairs have a down button that must be pressed before the user can manually recline the seat. Some devices may need to be turned on before any buttons may be used.

An “unlocked” symbol next to the power button indicates that the chair can be operated manually.

If pressing the button does not cause the chair to recline, it is likely locked and cannot be returned to its upright position by hand.

Having a backup battery system installed will guarantee that your chair will continue to function in the event of a power outage.

If the power goes out, you can keep your chair operational by turning on the emergency lights and connecting it to an external charger until aid arrives from the police or PG&E.

How do you move a heavy couch upstairs?

Moving a couch isn’t hard, but it does require some planning ahead of time. Having a strategy and making sure your team has the right equipment is the first step when carrying big furniture upstairs. Here are a few items that could come in handy:

  • Dolly or ramp that can be used on both carpeted and wooden floors
  • A couple of strong people to help load and unload the sofa onto the dolly or ramp
  • Use a strap (rope, bungee cord, etc.) to secure your furniture so it doesn’t slide too far when being moved upstairs.
  • To free passage beneath doors by removing obstructions such as furniture
  • A strong pair of hands to assist with hauling and positioning furniture on the second floor.

How to Prevent Stains on Recliner Sofa

  • To the pet owners: Please keep your pets off the furniture.
  • Don’t wear clothes and shoes that will smudge or soil other garments, such as ripped jeans.
  • Avoid staining the couch cushions with liquids by limiting your beverage consumption to sealed containers.
  • Keep some stain remover on hand just in case.
  • Immediately pick up your dog’s waste. If it’s at home, it can be as easy as having them put away their toys.
  • If you can, let any filthy furniture air out so it can dry completely before any stains may form.
  • If you have stubborn stains, hire a professional carpet cleaner or cleaning service.
  • Stay away from the hose, as doing so might lead to mold and water damage in your furniture.
  • If you have young children or teenagers in the house, it’s a good idea to discourage them from using sugary drinks like soda or sports drinks on their electronic devices.

How to Maintain and Care For a Recliner Chair

1. Prevent damage to your chair

If you want to avoid any problems with your furniture, it’s essential to get out in front of them early on. Avoiding direct sunlight is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your recliner. Most of the seats are upholstered in leather, which can fade significantly when exposed to sunlight. The leather ages quickly because of the way it fades and breaks.

A second precaution is to block the passage of very pungent odors to the passenger compartment. Cigarette smoke, for instance, can be transferred to upholstery and other fabrics and accelerate the aging process.

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to frequently replace the saggy cushions. Since prolonged, intense use typically hastens the deterioration process, this will slow it down.

2. Deep clean the leather

Leather sofas and chairs can be a pain to keep clean. Numerous folks, despite the high price tag, would rather have experts handle the situation. However, there is a method for individuals who prefer to do it themselves. The most important piece of advise is to stay out of the water. The liquid’s major drawback is the massive stains it leaves behind on leather.

A steam cleaner is a viable alternative. There’s no doubt that it’s an added cost you’d rather avoid, but think about the big picture. It eliminates any unpleasant odors that may have developed in addition to the normal dust. Saddle soap is an alternate strategy that could be considered. It will keep the seat clean and secure, protecting it from cracking.

3. Look after the fabric

Care for a fabric recliner is much simpler than that of a leather one. You shouldn’t just brush it off, though. The use of a vacuum cleaner should be the main priority. Recliner chair upholstery is often made of fragile materials and must be handled with care. The use of a gentle brush is strongly suggested.

Wipes designed for infants are convenient for cleaning car seats, which brings us to our second point. If you only have a few dirty places, then method will work the best.

Maintaining a supply of microfiber cleaning cloth at home is a smart idea as well. When used in tandem with a dedicated fabric cleaner, it can produce remarkable results. Fabric may not be as water-sensitive as leather, but it still serves its owner best if it stays dry.

4. Take care of the mechanics

One’s ability to adjust the chair’s back and footrest mechanically distinguishes a recliner from a regular chair. Having the ability to move it and change its orientation is also crucial when it comes to servicing it. Reclining chairs are especially important for the elderly, who may not be able to properly care for their furniture. It is important to remember to oil the moving parts on a regular basis.

Once again, preemptive action is preferable to reactive measures. Never wait for the chair to start making noise or the safety of the movement to be in jeopardy before taking action. If you oil it up front, it will last you a long time and work hard for you.


Can you remove the back of a recliner?

Bolts are another common security feature on reclining backs, alongside latches and locking tabs. This is how manufacturers keep the backs in place on seats: by securing them to the posts. This procedure strengthens them, so they can stand firm. In order to detach them, you must first lift the panel covering the bolts, then unbolt the bolts and then take off the back.

How to Remove Back of Recliner Sofa: 4 Simple Steps - Krostrade

Do all recliners have a removable back?

The back may usually be removed from a reclining chair or sofa to make it lighter and easier to move. While the processes are generally same across different brands of furniture, there are some exceptions.

Do reclining sofas come apart?

The majority of modern reclining sofas are designed to be simply taken apart for hassle-free relocation. The seat backs of many versions can be removed and locked in place. You can access the levers that hold the seats in place by lifting the back fabric panel or by feeling between the seams.

How do you take the back off a Flexsteel recliner?

Check the area where the back meets the seat back carefully. Each hinge has its own spring-loaded lock. To raise the back of the chair, first push in on each spring lock and hold it in place.

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