How To Remove Chair Casters? Easy Step-by-step Guide

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Helen Skeates
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Check out this simple, detailed, step-by-step guide if you want to know how to take the wheels off your swivel chair. We’ll also go over several ways to keep your chair’s casters clean without putting them in danger of being damaged. The techniques outlined in this article are so easy to understand that even a novice may implement them successfully.

Materials Needed

Make sure you have all of the necessary gear for the next steps before continuing. After getting settled in, you’ll be ready to go.

  • Extraction tool: pry bar
  • Torx driver
  • Distribute oil through a spray bottle

How To Replace Chair Wheels - Amazingly Easy Solution – The Office Oasis

Steps To Remove Chair Casters

Step #1. Turn the chair upside down

In order to get the chair’s wheels up in the air, you’ll need to invert it so that the chair’s head is on the floor. The casters of the chair can be accessed from below by following this procedure.

To reiterate, if you have a bulky chair, it’s probably advisable to get some assistance.

Step #2. Remove a threaded caster turning it clockwise

Casters of the stem-threaded variety can be disengaged by twisting the stem (which in this case takes the form of a screw) in the opposite direction. Next, give the caster a twist in a clockwise motion to figure out what kind it is. Follow the path that leads in the direction you anticipate taking until you reach the desired outcome.

Step #3. Uninstall a grip a stem by lubricating and pulling on it

You should spray the lubricant at the point where the caster will contact the chair when the grip stems (they won’t unscrew). Then, place one hand on the chair’s caster and the other on the chair’s legs. When you get to this point, you have to pull.

If you need to grab it, try doing so using a dry cloth or glove. Some of the seats feature a swivel plate, which is not something you see every day. The swivel plate can be taken off with the use of a screwdriver.

Step #4. Use a screwdriver and pry bar if the caster won’t budge

Some of the casters may have rusty to the point where they are difficult to remove by hand. Find a pry bar with a nail pulling slot and a flat-headed screwdriver.

Please take note: a wide-bladed screwdriver is recommended. The nail-pulling groove on the pry bar must be wide enough to accommodate the diameter of the stem of the chair’s caster, which is typically around half an inch.

Step #5. Push the screwdriver’s head where the caster meets the chair, turn it

Using the flathead screwdriver, pry between the caster and the chair’s frame. Carefully crank the screwdriver until the caster of the chair begins to roll away from the base of the chair and upwards.

Keep in mind that there will be times when certain spellcasters can’t move. Attempt turning the caster in different directions. By approaching the problem from a variety of directions, you may find a position from which you may pry the caster off of the chair.

Step #6. Position the pry bar’s nail pulling slot over the stem and pull it out

Put the nail-pulling slot of the pry bar over the stem of the caster, which is located between the chair and the floor. To remove the caster, simply pull on it, and it should release automatically.

One may also consider calling for assistance when attempting to remove the chair’s casters from the opposite side.

Benefits of Casters

Adds Mobility

Simply said, casters make it much simpler to relocate machinery. Both time and energy are conserved as a result of this. Workers won’t need to strain themselves carrying large or awkward items, reducing the risk of fatigue and injury. As an added bonus, swivel casters let you roll heavy machinery in any direction you like.

Saves Time

Moving something faster makes reasonable if it can be done with less effort. Casters are a time-saving addition to any warehouse that routinely relocates merchandise or pieces of machinery. The time spent on production, loading, and unloading can be reduced as a result, leading to more output and greater revenues.


An additional perk is the availability of numerous types of casters. They can be found in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Shopping carts and office chairs, for instance, can be rolled around with the help of swivel casters, while plate-mounted casters are useful for moving around bulky objects. Certain materials can withstand extreme heat, can be used safely with chemicals, and can safely convey delicate items.

Heavy-Duty Strength and Durability

Using casters in an industrial setting is highly advantageous. Casters designed for industrial use may support up to 100,000 pounds. While provide substantial support for the apparatus being moved, they also reduce friction.

Twin vs. Single Wheel Casters

It’s true that two casters are superior to one, as is the case in most situations. You can carry more weight if you use a vehicle with two wheels. More so, you should not go with bigger wheels if you need them to carry a heavier load. This is useful if you’d rather not increase the load’s overall height. Finally, because each wheel may swivel separately, twin wheels make it much simpler to make sharp turns.

Maintenance Of Chair Casters

Cleaning the inside

Cleaning the interior of the chair caster requires using your finger to remove any debris that is easily apparent. However, if your hands are very large, you may need to resort to more substantial tools in order to free up any items that have become stuck in your caster.

Tweezers are ideal for this kind of junk removal; but, other tools such as scissors, bottle cutters, screwdrivers, and nail clippers will do in a pinch.

You may also use duct tape and take apart the caster to make it more manageable. As a result of their stickiness, duct tapes are ideal for collecting dust and other tiny particles. This device can be used in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner to pick up any remaining bits of dirt that the duct tape missed.

Cleaning the outside

Use a scrub brush to clean the caster’s outside. Soak it in soapy water, and the dirt will come out easily. (Use soapy water to soak the wheels.)

Ten minutes of soaking time is recommended. You can scrub them while it’s soaking in water.

You can reattach the caster after giving the wheel a good drying off.

Best Casters for Your Office Chair: Our Picks

#1 Office Owl Chair Caster Wheels

Replacement wheels from Office Owl Chair Caster are ideal if you’re looking for casters that are quiet and easy on the floor.

They are built to last because to their rubber material, and their cushiony underfoot feel means they won’t ever scratch your floor.

Since there will be no vibrations, your chair’s usual degree of comfort will be preserved.

Rolling Office Chair Wheel Disassembly - iFixit Repair Guide

Therefore, if you want to silence your chair wheels, these are an obvious choice. They can be used on a variety of seats, tables, and racks to reduce noise and increase portability.

These caster wheels are extremely strong, and can support up to 650 pounds.

The best news, however, is the low cost and high quality that come with these caster wheels.

These have a black interior with perforations and a shiny silver outside wheel, and are constructed of polyurethane, one of the most adaptable materials for your office chair.


  • They are the universal caster wheels that work with any size table or chair stem.
  • Due to their superior construction, they can be used repeatedly without wearing out.
  • There is no need for a mat since its smooth motion prevents any scratching or other harm to the floor.
  • Extremely fashionable overall.


  • Within a few years of purchase, this chair gets difficult to move on due to the rubber bottom.

#2 SlipStick 2-inch Chair Caster Wheels

Slipstick’s replacement casters come in a matte black and a grey color scheme, making them a great choice for those who have a black office chair but want a caster wheel with more contrast.

Because of their robust construction and nonslip surface, they can support up to 330 pounds without bending or breaking. One additional key feature of these Caster wheels is their adaptability. It’s not only for chairs, either; you can put them in desks, filing cabinets, and even racks to make them movable throughout the office.

These replacement caster wheels will not scratch your floors and may be used with confidence.

These are suitable for use on carpeting, vinyl flooring, stone, concrete, and even an office chair mat.

With its new grey coating, it looks even more polished and sophisticated. If there is no mat at the office, this chair, which has a total of five wheels, will do just well.


  • Wheels are quite quiet and roll along smoothly.
  • This high-quality material works beautifully on any type of flooring.
  • It’s ideal for use with chairs that have thicker stems because to its 5 mm stem diameter.
  • This chair requires minimal effort to put together.


  • Caster wheels can be used on any surface, but the mat is a particularly good choice.

#3 The Office Oasis Caster Wheels with A Universal Fit

The Office Caster Wheels are the best alternative you can get if you prioritize quality above cost. Smooth rolling is guaranteed thanks to the polyurethane substance used to construct the wheels, which also prevents any damage to surfaces. Tile, concrete, mat, store, and vinyl are no match for these wheels.

It has the sleek look of rollerblades but can support up to 650 pounds. However, the adaptability of this chair is its most valuable feature. It can be used on a variety of desks, tables, and chairs.

If the sound of your chair rolling over the floor is driving you crazy, it might be time to get new caster wheels. After putting these wheels on your chaise, you will no longer have to put up with its annoying squeak. This five-wheeled set is not only durable, but also suitable for use with substantial furniture.


  • It can be used on any surface without damaging it.
  • These wheels are casters, so they may be used on a broad variety of chairs, tables, etc.
  • These wheels are constructed from high-quality components and can support substantial loads.
  • The aesthetic quality is superb.


  • To us, it seems like you’re paying a bit too much for these caster wheels.

#4 SunnieDog Ergonomic Office Chair Caster Wheels

The potential harm to the floor surface is the worst aspect of utilizing low-quality or unsuitable casters.

In any case, using SunnieDog, you may move your desk chair around the office without worrying about scratching the floor.

The extremely polished wheel surface means it won’t scratch the floor as you move it around. These wheels generate very little vibrations when in motion, resulting in a silent and pleasant working experience.

The stem diameter is a rare 12 mm, as practically all replacement casters have an 11 mm option. The 10 mm stem makes it an ideal choice for a specific application.

All of the listed replacement casters are similarly simple to put together. Simply take out the old ones and replace them with these.

Matte black centers and bright silver edging give this chair a very contemporary design.

These castings can withstand greater loads and can be used in filthy environments without deteriorating.


  • The fact that these replacement wheels may be put together quickly and easily is their best feature. These rims may be put together in under a brisk five minutes.
  • They move across the floor without damaging it in any way.
  • All types of surfaces and chairs can benefit from these replacement caster wheels.


  • As they age, they start to sound squeaky.

#5 BF Brightfield Universal Office Chair Caster Wheels

Simply replace the existing casters on your office chair with these BF Brightfield Universal Office Chair Wheels. Caster wheels made from high-quality polyurethane are the most durable option.

All flooring types can benefit from their fine and flexible base, and the necessity for constant floor refinishing is eliminated. This is versatile enough to be used with or without a mat.

Because its inner workings are built of hardy steel, this set of caster wheels can support as much weight as 650 pounds. Caster wheels of this strength are just what your office chair needs.

Not limited to use as a desk chair, these chairs can also be stacked in a rack or placed on a computer table. Not only are they silent when being moved, but they’re also quite smooth. You won’t have to worry about your hair becoming tangled up like you would with regular caster wheels.

objects on these wheels made of thread and other materials.

There are five 11 x 22 mm wheels and an 11 mm stem included in the package.


  • You won’t have to worry about any damage to your floor from the exceptionally quiet operation.
  • These replacement caster wheels are built to withstand significant weight.
  • There is no squeaking or other noise when using these wheels.


  • Although well-made, some customers have experienced durability difficulties after prolonged, heavy use.

#6 8T8 Office Chair Caster Wheels 3-inch Replacement Heavy Duty

Office chair wheels with the 8T8 design have a diameter of 1 inch, a width of 22 millimeters, and a weight capacity of 100 pounds per wheel. That implies you can put up to 500 pounds on these wheels.

In addition, it has a number of other qualities that are useful in replacing caster wheels. The lack of vibration and the presence of shock absorption mean that you can glide around in relative ease.

In any case, they are constructed from tough and long-lasting polyurethane. They also don’t make any noise while moving, and they have exceptional mechanical strength. They are also ideal for usage in an office setting due to their low noise levels.

Do you fear that you may damage your pricey flooring? A typical 8T8 desk chair

Caster wheels can be relied upon for use on any surface. These cater wheels will not leave scratches on any surface, including mat, stone, concrete, and wooden floors.

This replacement caster wheels set stands out due to its unbeatable money-back guarantee. The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the quality of these replacement casters.


  • As a result of their adaptability, they can be used in almost any chair.
  • These rims are as trustworthy as they are strong.
  • They are self-cleaning and resistant to grime thanks to their rubberized underside.


  • They come at a hefty price.

#7 Zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheel Universal Standard Size

As its name implies, Zitriom Premium Office Chair Caster Wheels are compatible with any type of chair, computer table, or rack.

These wheels are scratch-free and won’t damage your floors because they are made of polyurethane. Their rubber bottom, which comes in a sleek black matte finish, makes for a really comfortable ride.

Also available on all types of floors is a spherical rotation. They are appropriate for any surface, be it stone, concrete, wood, or a mat.

In addition, you can return these wheels for a full refund if you are unhappy with their quality or performance. This chair is ideal if you want a chair that can be easily moved around the office without making too much noise.


  • Replacement caster wheels can be cleaned and maintained quickly and easily.
  • Because they are constructed from high-grade materials, they last for quite some time.
  • Because of the mat’s cushioned underside, it’s not necessary to place it on the floor.


  • The installation of these wheels has been criticized by several customers.

Rolling Office Chair Wheel Disassembly - iFixit Repair Guide


Q. Can we install replacement caster wheels in a simple chair that doesn’t have pre-installed wheels?

The short answer is “a” if the chair’s legs are strong enough to support your weight, then you can attach the Caster wheels to a regular chair. Wheels can be easily added to the legs of your plain chair by drilling them there.

Q. What is the basic weight limit of each wheel of the Caster?

A. The minimum weight that may be supported by a single caster is 100 pounds. Caster wheels can support significantly more weight than regular wheels.

Q. Is socket and drill machine also required while replacing caster wheels in a wooden chair?

A. That’s fine if you want to buy a socket. However, if you don’t have a socket on hand, you can substitute a tube made of aluminum or copper that is the same diameter as the socket. The socket or tube can then be inserted into the chair by using a hammer or a drill.

Q. Can these replacement caster wheels get rusted as well?

The rubber treads and plastic hubs of the caster wheels prevent corrosion. However, the steel foundation of polyurethane caster wheels can rust with time.


You have read the final section of this guide on how to take off chair wheels. If you want to keep your furniture in good shape, use the right equipment. With proper execution of the steps, your chair will shine like new.

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