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You won’t need any specialized equipment or methods to figure out how to repack your Puffy mattress. But in this article, you’ll find out why bed-in-a-box mattresses like Puffy shouldn’t be compressed or folded without first checking with the manufacturer. Also, we’ll provide you some alternatives to consider.

Have you considered expanding your search to include things like bed linens and pillows? For instance, we have discovered the ideal mattress protector for a Puffy bed. After unpacking your Puffy mattress, the next time you make your bed, you may make the most of it.

How To Repack The Puffy Mattress At Home

If you are returning your Puffy mattress or if you are moving and would like to take your mattress with you, you will need to know how to repack it. However, you should realize that the bed’s memory foam construction makes it easy to repack. First, let’s separate the two explanations:

Repacking the Puffy mattress for return

You should get in touch with Puffy’s customer service before you do anything to the mattress. This way, you’ll know exactly what Puffy needs from you to process your return, and you can get started right away. The process of returning a Puffy mattress is straightforward, so long as you don’t use up the entire 101-night trial period.

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Send an email to [email protected] with your order number and Puffy will arrange for a full refund to be issued, including shipping costs. Then, if you want to know how to properly load up the bed for pickup, just look at the brand’s guidelines. The Puffy mattress does not require any additional tools or machinery to be compressed.

Repacking the Puffy mattress for moving

The Puffy mattress can be compressed and re-sealed in the same way that other memory foam mattresses are. However, if you intend to make use of Puffy’s warranty, you should take special care not to accidently damage the bed while packing it. To begin, find a vehicle large enough to transfer your mattress flat, then get a moving cover for it.

While it is possible to learn how to compress a memory foam bed, it is not recommended to attempt it for the first time. Put a moving blanket or sheet over your Puffy mattress and set it flat on the floor. Avoid the temptation to tighten it or pile things on top of it before your trip, since doing so can alter the contour of the bed and make it uncomfortable.

Can You Fold A Puffy Mattress?

If you have a Puffy mattress or another memory foam bed, it is not suggested that you fold it unless instructed to do so by the manufacturer. However, if it’s too difficult and restrictive to move the heavy object, you can only roll it for a limited time. Read this guide on how to safely roll a mattress for further information, then wrap it up and secure it with ratchet straps.

Can You Reroll A Mattress?

Since all of Puffy’s layers are foam, it may be possible to reroll it like a traditional foam mattress. However, it is best to only retain a rolled mattress for a short period of time, or at least to follow the advice of the mattress’s maker. Avoid folding or rolling your bed if it contains extra parts, since this could cause them to become misaligned.

For instance, Puffy offers two hybrid variants, the Lux and the Royal. The coil support system of these beds is vulnerable to breakage during folding or rolling. Those who intend to send back a Puffy mattress should get in touch with the company first to find out how to pack it up properly for shipping.

How Do You Roll A Mattress Back Up?

  1. Roll up the mattress, place it in a bag, and make sure the bag is completely sealed.
  2. Cut a hole for the vacuum valve and fill in the rest.
  3. Remove the air from the bag by vacuuming.
  4. Begin rolling from end to end as soon as the mattress becomes flat.
  5. To avoid letting air leak into your bag, roll your items firmly.
  6. To avoid leaving marks, wrap the roll in padding or a towel before strapping it down.

Can I Fold A Mattress In Half?

A mattress composed of foam can be folded without risk of injury, while a mattress with springs should never be folded. There’s usually a clear line where you can fold up a foam bed, making it easy to transport. Here’s a guide on how to fold a memory foam mattress if you’re curious.

Does Folding A Mattress Damage It?

When compared to folding, rolling a mattress is more convenient for reducing its size prior to moving and shipping. This is because some foldable beds may retain the indentation from being folded and hence be permanently deformed. However, if you plan on folding or rolling your mattress, you should contact the brand’s customer care first.

Can You Compress A Hybrid Mattress?

It is not advised to ever compress a hybrid mattress due to the presence of coils. Only mattresses made of 100% foam may be safely compressed, as there are no springs or other components that could be broken when the bed is flattened. However, innerspring and hybrid mattresses should never be compressed.

How to Transport a Mattress Safely

What You Need

One or Two Helpers

Think about asking a friend or two for assistance. Someone who cares about you enough to lend a hand, like a friend, relative, or neighbor. If you can’t find anyone to assist you, you may want to borrow or hire moving equipment, such as furniture dollies, for the day to make the process easier and safer (to move heavy items). If you can, try to find someone else who will be relocating to a new apartment around the same time as you will be. This will allow you to take use of the friends and family members of your new roommate during the stressful time of moving.

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Mattress Bag

A mattress bag, useful for moving your new bed, may be purchased for under $20. It will also prevent dust mites, germs, and the like from settling on the surface. Get some sort of protection for your belongings before moving day arrives, especially if they are fragile or expensive, like a memory foam mattress, which would be destroyed if dragged on hard ground while wrapped in only plastic wrap (which won’t stop dirt). Wrapping with old sheets still provides basic level coverage but does not involve buying anything additional at the last minute when finances may already have been spent elsewhere… if there is no time left till the move date. To rephrase: give mattress safety some thought.

Mattress Box

The mattress box is a worthwhile investment for any move, but it is especially helpful for long-distance moves that require more than one trip to transport the bed and its components safely to their destination. Or, if this isn’t your run-of-the-mill mattress, it might not be so simple to pack it up and move it.

Ratchet Straps or Ropes

Most hardware stores will sell you a set of ratchet straps for around $30. Instead of using bungee cords, which could fall loose at high speeds while transporting a mattress on the top of your car, you could use ratchet straps or ropes (and risk losing everything).

Tape & Shrink-Wrap

Use packing tape to ensure that your mattress stays in place throughout transport. This will keep out air, which, over time, could lead to mold or mildew growth on your mattress if it is not adequately sealed off. Mattresses are best packed in shrink wrap, which may be wrapped snugly around the bed and then sealed together with tape.

However, if you don’t have shrinkwrap on hand or don’t have the cash for it, a large trash bag might do the trick! (Although we can’t guarantee anything.) You should always use some sort of mattress cover or other protection when storing or transporting your mattress.


Don’t leave home without your pair of scissors; they’ll come in handy for trimming down the boxes and other packing supplies. If your new mattress comes in a vacuum-sealed bag or a box that’s taped shut, you’ll need the scissors to open it.

Watch out that you don’t rip your mattress!

Steps for Transporting a Bed

Preparing to Transport a Mattress

It will need some room to get your mattress packed and ready to depart. The mattress will need to be able to lay flat, so unpack all of your other belongings first.

Having greater room to move around in is helpful when packing.

Place it Inside the Mattress Bag or Box

Put your mattress in a box or bag and bring it with you. If you don’t have a box or bag to transfer your mattress in, you can use some cardboard to prevent it from shifting around too much and then wrap the whole thing in an old sheet for added protection (or just wrap up your bed with plastic). Your mattress will fare better if it is shielded from moisture and sharp things, such as nails protruding from furniture along its course.

Seal with Tape

After wrapping, make sure there are no gaps or openings for air or moisture to get in during transportation by vehicle, truck, etc. Be sure the mattress won’t slide around in the car or on the roof.

Load it Onto Your Vehicle

The next step, after sealing, is to lay a tarp, blanket, or other protective covering down to prevent any dirt from settling in during transport and to fasten it with rope or cord so that nothing shifts during the drive.

Drive Safely

We won’t judge you if you put your mattress on top of your car to move it if you’re not going far.

If you’re driving, take it easy so your mattress doesn’t move around on the floor or get damaged, and avoid any sharp curves or pauses that could throw off your route.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can drive with a mattress on the roof of your car without breaking the law, but it’s not recommended. It’s possible to be in trouble with the law if you’re hauling multiple items or going above the speed limit.

How can I move a mattress without handles?

Making your own handles out of shrink wrap is a trick used by pro movers that a newbie might not be able to master.

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A mattress box built for this specific reason is your only viable option.

The mattress box is composed of sturdy cardboard and has grips on both ends, but you’ll still need help moving it.


In any case, that’s all there is to it! The best way to remember how to repack your Puffy mattress is to call customer care. If you are making the bed for a return, this is crucial.

However, if you need to repack your Puffy mattress for a move, you can wrap it up or cover it with the appropriate-sized moving bag. Similarly, you can inquire with Puffy if you have any questions about whether or not you should compress your memory foam mattress.