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Dismantling the washer cabinet is the best approach to perform repairs on your Maytag washing machine. When you dismantle the Maytag washer, you’ll be able to see all of the machine’s working parts. This will speed up the repair process, as well as give the entire washer a chance to be tested and troubleshooted. The Maytag washer is held together by a small number of screws.

Steps To Take Apart A Maytag Washer

You can begin by dismantling your Maytag washer’s cabinet if you want to gain access to its full operation. In addition to providing access to the entire washer mechanism, this tool is useful for diagnosing and testing the machine. In addition, you’ll save a ton of time this way. How do you disassemble a Maytag washing machine? Take your washing machine apart fast and easily by following the procedures listed below.

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Step #1. Disconnect the washer

The first step is to turn off your washer and remove it from the outlet. If this is the case, turning off the water at the faucet would be a good idea. After the water has been turned off:

  • Pull your washing machine out of the closet.
  • Could it be put in a public area?
  • Buckets should be placed below the water supply tubes in the event that they go loose.

Step #2. Turn off the water supply

Remove the water supply hoses from the back of the washer and switch off the water supply now. Put both hoses in the bucket and have a cloth or towel on hand to wipe up any water that may have gotten on the floor during the draining process.

Step #3. Unscrew the control panel

The washer’s control panel is attached to the washer’s back using three screws located on the washer’s upper posterior end. Using a screwdriver, locate the screws and remove them. Next, remove the tabs on the control console’s base that are attached to the washing machine’s slots at the top. The console control can be rotated clockwise to remove the tabs.

Step #4. Remove wires from the console control

After detaching, it’s time to remove wires from the control console. Temperature, pressure, timing, and speed controls are all accessible via the control console. Remove the wires safely by first covering them with masking tape, and then pull them out one at a time from the console. Now that you’ve marked the cables with a pencil, you’ll have a visual reminder of what they were used for. Pull the wires from the end to separate them from their components.

Step #5. Remove the lower access panel

By removing the access panel, you’ll gain access to the washer’s drive motor, water pump, and belt drive. The lower access panel can be removed by unscrewing two screws at the bottom. The lower access panel can easily be removed by detaching the two screws that hold it in place.

Step #6. Detach the front panel

To remove the washer’s front panel, locate the two nuts that secure the panel’s bottom corners to the washing machine’s corners. Remove the washer front panel. Unscrew the nuts with a screwdriver. Swing the front panel’s base toward you and gently pull it down after unscrewing the nuts The top of the front panel can be simply removed in this manner.

Step #7. Get full access to all the components of the washer

The top panel of the washer must be opened in order to reach the rest of the appliance’s components. There are two nuts on each corner of the washing machine that hold the top panel in place. Using a screwdriver, remove the two nuts from the bolts. To get to the washer, water supply valves, and drive unit, raise the front of the top panel like the hood of a car. Additionally, the top panel has two joints that allow it to rotate freely while use.. For more information on washing machines, check out this article.

How to Clean a Maytag Washer

Top-loading washers and front-loading washers are both available from the Maytag laundry appliance line.

In order to keep the machine working at its peak efficiency and prevent the formation of odor-causing mold and germs, the washer needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, just like any other washing machine brand. Your Maytag washer just requires a monthly wash of the drum’s interior and a wipe-down of the exterior on a regular basis.

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  • Gloves
  • Water
  • Soft soap
  • Microfiber towels
  • Sponge
  • A soft-bristle brush, such as a toothbrush.
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Sodium hypochlorite (optional)
  • Bleach (H2O2) (optional)
  • Oil of tea tree (optional)


Check the door seal on your front-load washer at least once a week for mold and odor-promoting moist things if you have one. Clean the seal with a bleach solution and remove any debris. 1 gallon of warm tap water and 3/4 cup bleach. Use a microfiber cloth or sponge to apply the solution on the seal. After about five minutes, use a clean cloth to wipe the entire surface dry. Hydrogen peroxide can be used in its stead if you are allergic to bleach. Adding 2 drops of tea tree oil to the washing in Step 3 will freshen the odor.


Every time you finish a load of laundry, always open the door or lid of your washing machine to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Always avoid using abrasive cleansers. In addition, do not use more than the recommended amount of liquid bleach or pure bleach, as doing so might cause long-term harm to your washer.

  1. Clean the exterior of your Maytag washer by putting on gloves and wiping it down to eliminate debris, dust, and lint. To clean, use a microfiber cloth or sponge that is soft, soapy, and lint-free. Use a toothbrush to get rid of scuffs and other stubborn stains. With a wet sponge or cloth, swish it about and wipe it dry.
  2. Remove any buildup of trash or detergent from the dispenser or drawer opening.. Wipe the dispenser’s opening with a soapy cloth, rinse, then wipe dry if it’s non-removable. Dispenser drawers can be removed from the washer if they include a release mechanism within the drawer or pre-wash compartment. Disassemble the drawer to get rid of any inserts that might be inside of there. Use a soft cloth and warm water to clean and rinse the pieces. Put the components back together, dry them, and then put them in the washer.
  3. Once a month, run a normal wash cycle or sanitize cycle if available to your model to clean the interior of your washing machine’s drum. If you have a medium-sized load of laundry, use half of the suggested amount of laundry detergent (powder or liquid). Consult your manual if you’re unsure about the exact amount. Use a medium load, hot water cycle, with no laundry, and add detergent to the dispenser. The bleach dispenser should be filled with 1 cup of bleach, and the sanitize cycle should be run as instructed in your owner’s manual.
  4. Clean the cymbal. It’s time to let the water out of your washer. Using a damp sponge or towel, carefully clean the drum of any leftover contaminants. To avoid the growth of mold and germs, re-clean the interior using dry towels. When you’re done, open the door a tad.

The Drip Cap

  • Top-loading washers and front-loading washers are both available from the Maytag laundry appliance line.
  • Remove any buildup of trash or detergent from the dispenser or drawer opening..
  • Use a medium load, hot water cycle, with no laundry, and add detergent to the dispenser.
  • It’s time to let the water out of your washer.
  • Using a damp sponge or towel, carefully clean the drum of any leftover contaminants.

5 Maytag Washer Features That Will Change Your Life

You don’t come across an appliance every day that may make you feel powerless if it isn’t there to aid you. A row of Maytag washers is the best place to feel it in full force. These incredible devices are ready to have a positive impact on your life with their wealth of beneficial functions. Maytag washing machines have some of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry:

PowerWash Cycle

The PowerWash Cycle is a godsend for those heaviest loads that need a lot of effort. With this function, you can get rid of anything from stubborn stains to lingering odors. It uses hot water and completely rinses to remove all traces of dirt and debris. When you have a lot of filthy garments to wash, turn to this option. You won’t be let down.

Optimal Dispensers

Do you ever get stuck trying to figure out how much detergent to use in a load of laundry? Your Maytag Washer’s optimum dispensers feature makes it easy to know precisely how much detergent to use for each load, so you don’t have to worry about overdoing it. For up to twelve loads of laundry, it has enough detergent in it! If you’re fed up with constantly running out of detergent, you’ll want to switch to a more concentrated product like OxiClean. Your pocketbook will thank you for it, we promise.

Sanitize Cycle

In most cases, washing your clothes in a washing machine doesn’t get them completely clean, and most people don’t know it. It’s difficult to guarantee that all of your clothes will be germ-free if you wash them in cold water, use a shorter cycle, or don’t use bleach.

The Sanitize Cycle on your Maytag Washer, on the other hand, uses extra hot water to eradicate 99.9% of household bacteria. For those situations where a little extra help is needed, use this function.

Rapid Wash Cycle

Do your kids ever bring you their gym and sports clothes in a rush, expecting you to wash them with a magic washing wand? Having a washer that can rapidly remove your kids’ grass stains is sometimes all you need, simply so they can make more.

Fortunately, the Rapid Wash Cycle feature on Maytag Washers has you covered! Loads may be washed more quickly thanks to this feature, which reduces the time it takes to wash and spin while increasing motion and temperature.

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Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle

Need your clothes to be washed and dried, but you’re too tired to wait and switch them to the dryer after they’re finished washing? Now, with the Maytag Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle, your clothes can both wash and dry in one machine and be ready for you in the morning! Once the wash cycle is complete, your clothes will continue to tumble while air circulates through the load.

What if you need to wash and dry your clothing, but you’re too exhausted to wait for them to finish washing before switching them to the dryer? You can wash and dry your clothes in one machine overnight with the Maytag Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle. While your clothes are still tumbling in the washer, fresh air is circulating through the load.

It’s A Wrap!

There are times when you need to wash and dry your clothes, but you don’t have time to wait for them to dry in the dryer. There are no longer any excuses for your clothing not being ready for the next day because you didn’t use the Maytag Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle. After the wash cycle is complete, your clothing will continue to tumble and the air will circulate through the load.