How To Take Back Of Berkline Loveseat? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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It may be necessary to disassemble and reassembly a recliner’s back in order to move it across the room or to a new location. Some of them are standalone seats, while others are sofas, loveseats, or couches. The back of most recliners may be detached, just like on a loveseat. The question then becomes how to return the Berkline sofa.

The latest style in home furnishings is dynamic. The concept of a movable seat has expanded beyond just recliners to include other seating options such as dining chairs, loveseats, and even entire sectionals.

A power reclining sofa allows you to recline with the push of a button and features an integrated headrest and footrest. In comparison to traditional reclining sofas, power recliners offer superior convenience and plush seating. It is easy to go from a seated position to a reclined one, thanks to the motorized reclining system.

It facilitates lifting and relocating the pieces. While the processes are generally consistent across different brands of furniture, there might be subtle variations. To access the back of a device secured by a thumbscrew, the locking tabs or clips must be removed first.

Seatbacks on several versions are removable and secured with locking mechanisms. To remove the seats, you must first detach them from the wall by pulling up on the cloth panel at the back, or by touching between the seats.

Dismantling is made much easier on a few versions by the presence of bars that can be unbolted from the undercarriage and pulled out. If you want to reassemble your sofa with as little effort as possible, take pictures as you go, store the screws and other parts in plastic bags, and mark the pieces.


This two-seater couch first appeared in the furniture market in the 17th century. Since the trend at the time was for women to wear skirts with many layers held together by hoops, its sole function was to provide women greater legroom while sitting. Loveseats have the potential to take on multiple roles.

With the shift to more form-fitting clothes for ladies in the 18th and 19th centuries, this sofa’s ability to seat two is no longer a novelty.

How to Attach and Detach the Back of a Recliner | Living Spaces

Current social tendencies continue to lend credence to the conservative and austere viewpoint. The loveseat is a common choice for couples and sweethearts who want to sit near to one another without drawing attention to themselves.

In addition to its traditional role as part of sofa sets, loveseats can also serve as useful, space-saving seating in smaller houses and apartments. It’s true that the loveseat’s romantic reputation has been shattered, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still appreciate its usefulness.

Berkline recliners

As a corporation, Berkline, LLC is in the business of creating and selling stylish and functional home furnishings. The company sells a variety of leather and fabric upholstered furniture, including couches, loveseats, sections, recliners, and even theater seats.

These Berkline recliners are among the coziest you’ll ever sit in, offering a soothing spot to relax and let the day’s stresses drift away. They are so happy that you may have a hard time escaping them. Relax in your new Berkline recliner and watch football from afar.

Nailhead trim highlights the traditional rolling arms of the Berkline sofa. It’s comfortable and supportive because to the divided back cushion. All seating is upholstered in luxurious full-grain leather. These high-quality leather shoes include vinyl accents on the sides and rear.

The majority of Berkline’s clientele are American. Among consumers in the United States, Berkline is a household name. Their collection of models is exquisite and completely original.

But first, how do we return the Berkline sofa bed?

A Berkline loveseat has a power reclining mechanism. Before you start taking things apart, unplug everything that need power.

Your Berkline recliner won’t fit through the door until you take off the back. You can easily transport and reposition the chair without the back in the way.

Step 1

Get the couch or chair out from the wall and to the lowest panel in front first.

Step 2

In order to access the bottom of your upholstered item, you will need to use a hook and loop tape to pull it up. You’re not tethered to your seat in any manner, so you’re free to move around.

Step 3

The mechanism may be viewed by folding it across the back of the chair.

Step 4

Now, locate the metal tabs or thumbscrews on the underside of your seat, halfway between the arms. Once that’s done, the thumbscrews can be removed. Make sure you turn them anti-clockwise.

Step 5

To release the chair’s locking mechanism, grasp the metal tabs firmly. Then, after moving the chair’s base back, push the person forward.

Step 6

Stand up and erect your spine at this point. It could also help to gently rock it back and forth. It facilitates the removal of the brackets’ backs.

That’s it, in a nutshell, for returning a Berkline love seat. It’s easy to accomplish what has to be done with just the aforementioned instructions. The back of your Berkline loveseat will come off without a hitch if you follow these steps. Your Berkline loveseat is now easily transportable from place to place.

How to Repair a Popped Spring in a Berkline Recliner

Things You’ll Need

  • Pliers
  • Powerful stapler
  • Staples

Recliners are just one of the many furniture pieces that Berkline produces. They are a high-quality collection, yet they may require maintenance just like any other piece of furniture. The sagging, uncomfortable seat of a used recliner is a common complaint. A chair with a broken spring is easily fixable with a few inexpensive tools. You can save a lot of money by fixing the chair yourself instead of buying a new one or paying someone else to fix your furniture.

Step 1

Flip the chair over to look at the springs from the bottom. If the springs are hidden by fabric, the fabric should be pulled back carefully.

Step 2

You can restore the broken springs back into shape by bending them with pliers.

Step 3

Find the source of the popped spring on the chassis. Look for a spot where there is no spring, as the springs typically run parallel to one another.

Step 4

Distribute the force of the spring all the way across the chair to the point on the frame where it was originally attached. If the spring is heavy, you may need help holding it while you reattach it to the frame using staples.

Step 5

In order to reattach the spring to the frame, staple it about 2 to 3 inches from its end. Three staples should be used to securely fasten the spring. Avoid re-stapling in the same spot if at all possible.

Step 6

Cover the springs by re-stapling the fabric in place.

Step 7

To ensure the fix holds, you should flip the chair over and sit in it.

How To Install and Remove The Recliner Back - YouTube

How to Clean 7 Different Types of Recliner Chairs The Right Way

1. How to clean a leather recliner

Leather can be cleaned with standard, mild detergents and solvents. Those who intend to dilute it with water should use distilled water rather than tap water, as the latter contains trace quantities of chlorine that render it safe to drink but harm leather. Combine them in a bowl and agitate until bubbles appear.

Make sure your cleaner doesn’t leave a stain by testing it on a hidden area of the chair before you use it. You should handle it with care. There’s no need to risk ruining your seat.

As soon as you’re done washing the chair, make sure to pat it dry. To keep the leather soft and supple, rub a small amount of olive oil into it.

2. How to clean a fabric recliner

For caked-on stains or patches of dirt, use a stiff-bristled (non-metal) brush to remove as much as possible. Don’t pound the dirt into the fabric by using too much effort.

You can get rid of stubborn stains and grime with the help of a stiff-bristled (non-metal) brush. If you rub too hard, you’ll end up grinding the dirt into the material.

When you’re done, place a towel over it to absorb any remaining moisture. Let it dry naturally.

3. How to clean a suede recliner

Suede is among the most fragile recliner fabrics, so you’ll want to handle cleaning it with care. There is a risk of voiding the warranty if you use the incorrect cleaning solution. Make sure the cleaning you plan to use is safe for the recliner by reading the care label first.

Use a suede brush or eraser before applying any cleaner, regardless of the material. You won’t even need to use cleaner if you have one of these, because it can get rid of grime all by itself. Vacuum your lounge chair thoroughly.

The use of a suitable cleaning should be employed if stains persist. A glass cleaner will remove ink smears. Cornstarch, left on grease stains overnight, is easily removed in the morning with a vacuum.

4. How to Clean Upholstered or Cloth recliner

Since the fabric doesn’t have any particular care requirements, cleaning a chair made of it isn’t a major hassle. Cleansing the body should always be the first step. Using a stiff bristled brush, remove any stubborn stains or clumps of debris, and then vacuum the entire chair. It’s important to give the whole chair a good vacuuming, but you should pay extra attention to the crevices and seams.

Most department stores and online merchants provide a simple fabric cleaner, or you can easily manufacture your own. To eliminate odors, combine vinegar with dish soap and water. Simply spray the required areas of the recliner and scrub with a rag to clean.

Towel-dry it, and then let it air out overnight.

5. How to clean microfiber recliner

Clean a microfiber recliner by brushing or vacuuming it, and then seeing what kind of cleaning agent is recommended by reading the tag. W stands for water-based, S for solvent-based, SW for both, and X for neither of these categories.

Using dish soap diluted in water makes for an effective water-based cleaning. You can get rid of unpleasant scents by adding some vinegar. Rubbing alcohol combined with water makes an excellent solvent cleaner.

6. How to clean faux leather and vinyl recliners

When compared to genuine leather, faux leather can tolerate some water-based cleaning solutions better. Recliners benefit from a cleaning with vinegar. Don’t waste more resources than necessary.

White vinegar, wiped onto a rag, can be used to gently wipe out stains. As an alternate, you might use hot water. To clean synthetic leather, you can buy a product designed specifically for that purpose.

7. How to clean La-Z Boy fabric recliner

You may remove the bulk of the dust and debris from your La-Z-Boy recliner by vacuuming it with a soft fabric brush attachment. Before cleaning your recliner, make sure to check the label for any specific recommendations. Taking caution while washing such an expensive item is a must.

Clean the recliner as usual, then use a hair dryer set to the lowest heat setting to dry the area. In no circumstances should heat be used.

Tips for cleaning a recliner headrest & footrest & seats

The dirtiest parts of a recliner are the ones that come into direct contact with the user. Stains can also be caused by the oils in your hair.

Put cornstarch over the entire stained area. In theory, this wouldn’t harm any substances. Leave it there overnight to soak up the discoloration. The following day, simply brush it off and throw it away. Use a product made for the material of your chair to clean it.

How to clean recliners from smells and prevent them

Cleaning your chair with a vacuum or brush can get rid of a lot of the smells that have settled there. Do not miss any crevices; food tends to gather there. Then, clean your recliner thoroughly, paying specific attention to the soiled areas.

A thin layer of baking soda can also be used to freshen up your favorite chair. Give it half an hour, then give it a good vacuuming. The fabric can be sprayed with white vinegar and let to dry in the air if it doesn’t leave watermarks or stains when exposed to liquids.

How to Remove the Back of a Recliner: Step-by-Step Guide

How to protect recliner from stains going forward

Eliminating a stain is easier said than done. Inevitably, something will be spilled on it, therefore the trick is to make sure that whatever does get dropped doesn’t leave a stain. That involves putting something between you and the reclining chair material.

You can either pay someone to spray a treatment on the furniture or do it yourself. Alternatively, you can get a recliner cover or slipcover to physically separate yourself from the furniture.


It doesn’t matter why you need to relocate your Berkline loveseat — you may do so with ease now. This tutorial was written with the hope that no furniture backs would be lost due to inadvertent removal.

For a good reason, recliners are among the most popular types of furniture. They are cozy and warm, and they allow you to put your feet up. To help your recliner last as long as possible, remember to perform essential maintenance and avoid potentially damaging behaviors.

There’s a good reason why recliners are so often used as a piece of furniture. To put it simply, they are comfy, toasty, and perfect for kicking your feet up in. Maintaining your recliner and avoiding actions that could cause damage can help it endure as long as possible.

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