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Space for storage is a need. Adding a dresser with drawers is a simple way to increase storage space in a room. In addition to storing threads, fabrics, sewing equipment and other threads, the additional drawers will be a great help. Having more storage space can help you keep your sewing supplies in order and speed up the process.

Remove Ikea drawers the right way. Alex pulls out a drawer: When you don’t want a drawer to stretch all the way out, it’s difficult to pull it. Because of this, Ikea and other furniture manufacturers include stops in their drawers. Before you may lift the drawer, you have to remove the stops.

There is additional information about Alex and its drawer mechanism in the article. If you’re having trouble removing the Ikea Alex’s drawers, this post will walk you through the steps. With no problems at all.

Do Ikea Alex Drawers Come Out?


When it comes to this question, the options are yes or no. When you pull the drawers out, they don’t fully open because of the way Ikea designed the Alex drawer system. This is to prevent the room from becoming untidy due to your presence and the items you’ve brought with you.

However, if you remove the stops on the drawer, the drawers can be pulled out of their places. When the drawer is pulled out too far, the stoppers in the drawer prevent it from happening. To fully remove the drawer, you must first remove the drawer stops.

This makes it easy to remove all of the drawers from their places. In the event that you need to climb behind the drawers for whatever reason, the drawer stops are there for your benefit and are not designed to cause any trouble.

How to Remove Ikea Alex Drawers


The only tool you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver from Alex’s drawer. With just one tool, it will only take a couple of minutes to remove this drawer from its cabinet.

The screws on both sides of the drawer may be seen about six inches from the back of the drawer. Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. After that, you’ll have no trouble removing the drawer.

The procedure can be reversed. Make sure the drawers don’t fully come out of the cabinet. These two screws are drawer stops, and they will not affect the drawer installation in any way.. There’s no need to worry about hurting Alex if you remove them.

To avoid making a mess, the screws can be reinserted in the same manner.

Can You Stack Ikea Alex Drawers?


Ikea Alex drawers cannot be stacked, at least not according to the instructions in the assembly manual. The drawers are made to support the contents of the drawers themselves, not the contents of other drawer sets. Simply click here if you’d like to read or read the assembly manual.

Images of stacked Alexes are shown on the final page, with an X-shape in the image indicating clearly that you cannot stack the drawers. The weight of Alex can, however, be supported by a sturdy table or other piece of furniture.

You should ensure that the furniture you purchase can support Ikea Alex. Alex from Ikea. For the sake of everyone who enters your sewing area, it is not a good idea. Make sure you stack your drawers so that the top ones don’t overhang you.

How Deep are Ikea Alex Drawers?

The entire depth of Ikea Alex is 22 7/8 inches, which is less than 2 feet. Back and front panel dimensions must be taken into consideration while designing the drawers. The depth must be reduced by 3/4 to 1 inch because of these dimensions.

An educated guess places the drawer’s depth anywhere between 21 7/8 and 21 1/8 inches. Plenty of room to keep track of and organize all your sewing and craft supplies. You’ll have plenty of room for storage and organization with five drawers.

How Tall and Wide are Ikea Alex Drawers?


Each drawer has a depth of 27 inches, making the overall set depth 14 1/4 inches. This computation will be used to figure out the net drawer’s width if you need to know its width and height.

To get a correct measurement, it is required to subtract the length of the Ikea Alex sides and the measurements of the drawer sides. The Alex looks to have two distinct tiers of drawers.

The drawers are of the same height, however the two higher ones are smaller than the three bottom ones. If you want to get precise measures, you’ll need something like a tape measure.

The drawers on the Ikea website don’t appear to be measured elsewhere on the site.

How Much are Ikea Alex Drawers?

Ikea recently reduced the price of Alex by $79, as you can see from the link above. The initial price was $89. Ikea may increase the sale price if you don’t account for the cost of shipping and handling.

Five drawers without castors are included in the price. 9-drawer cabinet will cost you $159 at this store. The Alex four-drawer file set is available for $99. Wheels for casting are not included in any of the models.

We brought up the castor wheels because there is an Alex model available with them. The cost has eluded us thus far. IKEA appears to be the most cost-effective source for Alex’s cabinetry.

Think about checking out used furniture stores and thrift shops instead of going out and buying anything new to see if you can get a decent quality item at an affordable price there instead.

Fixing Ikea Alex Drawer Hard to Open


Even the Ikea Alex may have issues from time to time. Most of the time, the problem is with the drawers not closing or opening properly. Fixing simple problems like broken pencils, paper that’s stuck, or erasers that won’t work. All you have to do to free the stuck object is remove the drawer stops.

It is the simplest and most frequently utilized solution. Drawers may get bloated and difficult to open and close if your home or location is damp. Dehumidifying the area and then monitoring the edema should be done if this occurs.

If this is not the case, and your drawers begin to warp as a result of humidity, you will need to replace the drawer or buy a new cabinet. You can leave the drawers as-is if you don’t mind their shabby appearance.

The drawer runners are another area to test. There may be a problem with the wheels on some tracks. Damage or warping could have occurred. The only solution here is to buy new ones.

While it’s possible to unwind broken or deformed tracks, replacing them is the best course of action.

How to Take out Ikea Dresser Drawers


Ikea was put together using a few simple tools. Alex. Alex from Ikea. To remove the drawers, you don’t always need all four tools. One of the tools, the Phillips heads screwdriver, may be all that is needed for the job.

Remove the screws holding the drawers in place, and you’ll be able to remove the drawers completely and put them away once you’re done. After that, you can move on to your original purpose of removing the drawers.

It’s just as easy to take out the drawers. The two screws that hold the drawer in place must be replaced once you reinstall it. If the drawers aren’t sliding well, avoid using lubricants when removing them.

The lubricant can be absorbed by wood construction components, which can lead to harm if too much is absorbed. Because lubricants are liquids, they are incompatible with wood goods.

How to Remove Ikea Wardrobe Drawers


Ikea wardrobe drawers should be treated the same way as Ikea Alex. Alex from Ikea. The track or runner system is used in the wardrobe drawers. This does not apply to all of Ikea’s closets.

To get the drawers out of the base, all you have to do is unscrew and remove the stopper from the drawers. Runner and track systems are used in the same way as open or plastic bins used as drawers in wardrobes.

The wire or plastic drawers in this set can be removed from their tracks by simply lifting them out of the way. Slowly but firmly, pull back on the drawer that is closest to you, and you’ll be done.

Assembling The Ikea Alex And Other Ikea Products


When putting together heavy products, it’s preferable to get help from a partner, spouse, or even your kids. You’ll need more than two or three hands to move and secure furniture pieces that are long enough to require more than two hands.

The Ikea website includes the assembly instructions for each item’s features and specifications on the product detail pages for customers to access at their convenience. Assemble and other papers are located at the bottom of the product page after you click on it.

The link to an assembly guide can be found by clicking on these words. The length of each guidebook varies according on the size of the thing you intend to make.

This is the connection to the wire or plastic drawer system that we described earlier. Don’t worry if you can’t find the Alex’s assembly instructions. The steps to take have already been outlined in a previous section.

You’ll always know where to find assembly instructions thanks to a variety of features put in place by Ikea. What you’ll need to put their components together is also explained in the manual.

Ikea Refund and Warranty Policies


The refund policy of the company appears to be quite generous. Ikea products can be exchanged for a full year if you are dissatisfied with their quality. If you can provide evidence of purchase and the item is in perfect condition, they will accept a return. You may find out more about their policies by visiting the link provided here.

On some items, Ikea offers a limited 10-year warranty. In order to take advantage of the warranty, you’ll need to show evidence of purchase. Ikea is in charge of determining the scope of the warranty and whether or not a given item is covered under it.

On this website, you may learn more about their warranty.

Some Final Words

Storage space is needed if you are a sewer or own a business. Ikea Alex may be used to make a great storage and organization space. Organize your scraps of fabric and other sewing supplies with the help of Ikea Alex.

In some cases, Ikea items aren’t flawless, and you’ll have to remove the drawers in order for them to function properly. In most cases, all that is required is the removal of two screws.

It should now be possible for the drawers to open and close as desired. Both ways are simple and don’t take any more time.