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Indulge in the perfume of lavender while sitting on the couch. Candle warmers are a good alternative if you’re worried about setting your curtains on fire from the flames of a candle. Hence, our focus will be on the candle warmer.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a wax warmer, here are some things to know about them. How and when did these devices come to be? How can you get the most value for your money and improve your living space by making the most of them?

You’ll learn everything you need to know about using a candle warmer in this in-depth tutorial. Let us begin by learning the fundamentals. To understand how to utilize a candle warmer, you must first grasp what a candle warmer is.

How Do Candle Warmers Work?

A ceramic heater or a light bulb is used in a wax warmer to warm the wax that is placed inside of it. To use a wax warmer, you’ll need to buy wax melts separately; a candle will not work. These wax warmers use cubes, melts, or tarts of wax.

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Warmers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. A variety of waxes are available, and you may choose how much you wish to melt at a time. In order to avoid any problems, make sure you only use wax warmers that are made for this purpose. Wax melts at a significantly lower temperature than in other types of heaters.

Are Candle Warmers Safe?

Because there is no open flame to worry about, candle warmers tend to be safer than candles. With a wax warmer, however, there are still issues to be concerned about, such as wax spills and outlet issues.

Soot and other pollutants from a burning candle are also avoided when you use a warmer. This isn’t a problem if you use candles that burn cleanly. In some cases, even when the wax in your warmer is heated, it may still emit chemicals into the air.

Toluene and alkanes can be found in some wax melts. Some people may get lung damage and asthma as a result of exposure to these substances. Make sure the wax you’re using is safe to use by checking the contents list before heating it up. Soy wax and beeswax are the safest waxes available on the market today, according to experts.

Make sure that your wax warmer is not placed near anything that could catch fire while you are using it. Keep it away from dogs and children while it is in use as well Check the warmer’s compatibility with the power outlet’s voltage specs if you’re using one.

Even if you’re not using a candle warmer, you still need to keep an eye on the wax as it burns.

Difference Between Candle Wax Warmer and Candle Warmer

Despite the fact that the two names are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not interchangeable at all. Candle warmers, on the other hand, heat the entire candle to release the perfume throughout the room.

It is possible to heat drinks or food with some types of candle warmers (like fondue). There is a downside to utilizing a candle warmer to keep the aroma of a candle going for a longer period of time.

To put candles on a candle warmer, however, you have to be careful about their size. Your existing candles may not fit on a standard warmer.

What Is The Scent Throw Compared To A Burning Candle?

There are two distinct types of smell throws. When you smell the wax before it’s been ignited, that’s a cold throw. When you burn or melt something with a strong aroma, you should also expect a strong scent. The intensity of the melted wax’s aroma is known as a “hot throw.” When it comes to a person’s perception, this is what actually matters.

The quality of the wax used in either a burning candle or a warmer will determine the aroma throw. Clean-burning, fragrance-packed wax is likely to have a particularly powerful hot and cold scent throw.

Make sure to remember that some people enjoy the scent of burning candles, which you may also get from lighting one. It all comes down to personal preference and whether or not you enjoy the aroma of a burning candle.

Can You Reuse Wax Melts?

Wax melts can be repurposed to some extent. Wax doesn’t evaporate, but it does lose its scent over time as it cools down. About eight hours’ worth of aroma can be obtained from two to three wax melts. The wax can be re-used indefinitely, up to the point at which you no longer detect its scent.

Downsides Of Candle Warmers

Burning candles, on the other hand, need to be replenished more frequently than wax melts. To replace them, they are more expensive and have a shorter shelf life. As a wax warmer user, you’re missing out on the coziness of conventional candles. It doesn’t have anything to do with a cozy fire in a log cabin.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to use a wax warmer or continue with traditional candlelight. Both strategies have their perks and disadvantages, depending on what you like. Wicksly’s candle subscription box is a great way to get your hands on a variety of various scents.

Candles At Your Doorstep

Wicksly sends you a shipment of candles once a month. All the nicest scents are put together and sent to your door at the perfect time. Our high-quality candles are hand-poured and manufactured in the United States. In addition, they’re composed of 100% soy wax and are lead- and phthalate-free. They have a burn time of 40 hours, which is plenty to last you for a long period.

What are Candle Warmers

There is an alternative to scented candles: a candle warmer or wax warmer can be used in its stead. Scented wax melts, which resemble and smell like ordinary candles, are commonly used as their filler. But it’s missing a flame because it doesn’t have a wick.

Depending on the model, they may or may not be less explosive than candles. Because of this, they are a popular alternative for those who want to reduce the risk of fire in their homes by using candles. You can still enjoy the scented wax’s warmth, perfume, and ambiance using this method.

Using a Candle Warmer vs. Lighting a Candle

Many benefits can be gained by either side when it comes to the debate between candle warmers and candles. Firstly, there is a huge demand for candles. The candle industry would continue to thrive even if the majority of the world’s population switched from traditional candles to candle warmers.

There are much fewer candle warmers than there are candles. Using a candle instead of a candle warmer can help to create a more traditional, cozy environment in your home. Your home will look and feel cozier and more inviting if you use a candle warmer with a flame, rather than just the scent.

There are numerous advantages to using a candle warmer. If you have children, pets, or a forgetful mind, this product is great. There is also no danger in using candle warmers.

A candle warmer, on the other hand, tends to keep the scents it emits in the air for longer. If you’re on a tight budget, this is a great option. Burning candles differ significantly from those used in candle warmers, as we’ve already demonstrated.

How To Use A Candle Warmer

Overhead Warmers

A bright halogen light shines down from above on the candle in one sort of candle warmer. In addition to the candle, these warmers contain a gooseneck stem with an LED light at the end. The light is shielded by a piece of glass.

The candle’s wax melts when the light shines down from above. However, it also leaves molten wax within the reach of young children. A new set of lights can set you back between $7 and $12, depending on the type.

Hot Plate Warmers

A hot plate or coffee cup warmer is another type of candle warmer. To heat a 3- or 4-inch Teflon hot plate, simply plug in one of these little electric warmers. Allowing odors to dissipate is made easier by candles put on top that melt from the bottom.

In addition to warming candles, they can also be used to warm soup, coffee, and other beverages in cups. In addition to being easy to use and requiring little to no upkeep, they are also affordably priced. However, they are not decorative and take a long time to exude their scent.

Bottom Light Warmers

To make a room warmer, a regular light bulb is placed in a ceramic or metal container and covered with a bowl. Either a candle or aromatic wax “chips” are placed inside the bowl. Due to the electric light, the wax warms and melts, releasing a pleasant scent.

Complete candles are more expensive, whereas chips are less rigid and more flexible. To disperse the scent, some warmers have a fan attached.

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Wax Melt Warmer and Jar Candle Warmers in One

If you like, you can remove the wax melt heater and use the jar candle warmer instead. A bottom-up plate warmer might be a better analogy. Wax melts can be heated in these warmers, which are similar to plate warmers.

How Long Before The Wax Melts?

Size and shape of the wax, as well as the warmer you’re using, all influence how long a melt will last. There are those that last for a few days, but just for a brief period of time each day. ” However, other types can endure for several days to several weeks depending on how frequently they are utilized.

You can remelt wax in some warmers and melts by pouring it back into the warmer. The second time around, they may not be as visually pleasing or structurally sound. The second cycle may have a weaker or even nonexistent scent.

6 Best Candle Warmer Reviewed

1. CozyBerry Candle Warmer Lamp

In terms of a candle warmer, the Cozyberry dimmable lamp is perfect. When you place a candle on the base, it will be warmed by electricity and heat from a lamp, creating an even pool of wax. As the candle warms, you’ll begin to notice a subtle scent filling the room where you hold it.

A strong aroma throw can be noticed as the wax pool goes deeper, as the fragrance becomes more potent. Allows you to adjust the heat output by turning a dial, making this light ideal for customizing your use of it.

This candle warmer is not only functional, but it’s also a beautiful piece of art. In either black or white, the lampshade and base may be easily incorporated into any home decor. In addition to marble and rubberwood, the bases are available in both materials, allowing you to choose the best suit for your space. A sleek gold rod links the base to the lampshade. Here is the link to my entire review of the product.


  • This product’s power cable dial allows for customization.
  • This is a method to enjoy your candles without the risk of a fire.
  • Using this product will fill a large room with its smell.
  • This has a minimalistic design that may easily fit into any style.


  • The aroma spreads more slowly after the candle is warmed as opposed to when it is lit.

2. Candle Warmers Etc. Hurricane Lantern Candle Warmer

The Candle Warmers Etc. Hurricane Lantern Candle Warmer is an important contender in our list. In our previous discussion, we mentioned several different types of lantern candle warmers.

The Hurricane candle warmer has a 25-watt bulb at the top and claims to provide more efficient melting and an aroma that lasts longer. In addition, the Hurricane lantern candle warmer’s metal lantern body is likely to make it an attractive addition to your room.

Despite its high price, the Hurricane lantern candle warmer’s quality and efficiency speak for themselves.


  • Stunning rustic style.
  • Effortlessly melts candles.


  • Pricey.

3. Candle Warmers Etc. Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp

When it comes down to the fundamentals, Aurora’s design is identical to Hurricane’s. Both have an energy-efficient lantern design that places the heat source above the candle to maximize light output.

The two Candle Warmers Etc. are very distinct from one another, despite the fact that they both operate in the same way.

While the Hurricane lantern has a more rustic look, the Aurora candle warmer lamp is more likely to mix in with your contemporary decor. While the Hurricane can be used in modern homes, we believe it will perform best in more country-style settings.

What really matters when it comes to purchasing a candle warmer is the one you choose in terms of style and pricing.


  • The design is slick.
  • Ensures that candles burn cleanly.


  • It’s a little costly.

4. Darice Large Candle Warmer

This Darice candle warmer may be the perfect choice for you if you’re on a budget and seeking for a quality candle warmer.

The heating element is situated below the candle in this warmer’s typical plate-style design. The Darice candle’s plate design may not be as effective as lantern candle warmers in terms of efficiency and long-lasting aroma, but it can nevertheless serve as more than simply a candle jar.

The bottom heating plate can be used to heat beverages and possibly even soup. While it’s possible to accomplish the same with lantern-style candle warmers, you won’t be able to receive a cup of hot tea as quickly because the heat source is located further away.

The Darice candle warmer is capable of melting jar candles with a diameter of up to 4 inches. This can hold the great majority of the world’s jar candles.

With its felt-covered feet, this candle warmer from Darice can be placed on even the most delicate surfaces without fear of scratching them.

In terms of its style, the Darice candle warmer does not rank as one of the most visually appealing candle warmers on the market. If you’re concerned about how your candle warmer will look in your space, you’ll need to be more selective in your selection of jar candles.


  • Inexpensive.
  • For more than just candles, this is an essential piece of kitchen equipment.


  • An unattractive candle warmer

5. Hosley’s Ceramic Candle Wax Warmer

There are less expensive options, but the Darice candle warmer looks better than the Hosley candle warmer. Because of its attractive ceramic base, this candle warmer will go well in many types of settings.

This candle warmer’s red power indicator doesn’t look right on the ceramic front, but that’s just us. Perhaps Hosley’s might have done a better job of making the power indication appear more natural. However, we could be being very picky here.

When it comes to how it works, the Darice candle warmer and this one feature a plate heating element that does an excellent job of heating things up. However, Hosley’s does not promote the fact that this device can be used to warm beverages.

The ceramic base of this candle warmer raises some concerns about its fragility. No matter what kind of candle warmer you have, you should never trash it. But this particular candle warmer may necessitate some extra caution.

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In addition, the ceramic base gets very hot during operation, so be careful when taking it up.


  • It’s a good deal.
  • Well done on the ceramics!


  • The ceramic is a little flimsy in nature.
  • The base is quite a bit of an oven.

6. Candle Warmers Etc. Illumination Fragrance Warmer

This gorgeous mason-themed candle warmer from Candle Warmers Etc. completes our list of candle warmers. This candle warmer is one of the most eye-catching on our list. As far as we can tell, it’s a departure from the other candle warmers we’ve tested.

Candle wax melts and tarts are the primary use cases for the Illumination candle warmer. The top of this warmer contains a little dish that accepts candle tarts, unlike the rest of the warmers evaluated. To put it another way, you’ll have to replenish your wax more often.

The top dish of the Illumination candle warmer may be removed for easier cleaning.

The halogen lamp in this candle warmer is particularly noteworthy since it not only acts as a heat source, but it also creates a pleasant atmosphere by illuminating the entire candle warmer. This candle warmer, despite the bulb, is still one of the most visually appealing on our list.


  • Mason jars in a stylish theme.
  • While in use, it shines brightly.


  • Jar candles should not be used.

Why Buy A Candle Warmer?

What’s the point of spending money on a candle warmer? When it comes to adding aroma to your space, a lit candle is a far more cost-effective option. Candle tunneling can also be solved using this method.

Using a candle warmer instead of a traditional heater turns out to have a number of advantages. Three things come to mind.

Candle Warmers Pose A Reduced Fire Risk

Candle warmers have a lower danger of starting a fire than traditional candles. Candle warmers don’t utilize any kind of flame to melt jar candles, therefore this is why. There is a risk of fire while using conventional candles because they have an exposed flame.

There is still a chance of a fire while using a candle warmer, therefore it is important to be aware of the potential dangers. Candle warmers, on the other hand, are much easy to monitor.

Candle Warmers Can Serve As Room Decoration

Candle warmers can also be used as a piece of room decor. Candle warmers enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home dcor even farther than standard candles.

In spite of the fact that not all candle warmers available on the market have a stunning design, as you can see from our list of the top 5, some of them do.

Candle Warmers Deliver Longer-lasting Fragrance

Finally, certain candle warmer designs can really produce fragrance for a longer period of time than simply using candles on their own can. Candle warmers, in general, have a longer-lasting aroma than candles, however this depends a lot on the type of candle and the type of candle warmer you use.

Types Of Candle Warmers

When it comes to candle warmers, there isn’t a lot to look for. Their functions are similar, but they are very different.

Plate-style Candle Warmers

There is nothing more simple than a plate-style candle warmer. Plate candle warmers can be found in a wide variety of styles and prices, from the more modest to the extravagant.

A heating base is used to melt candles in plate-style candle warmers. All you have to do is set your jar candle atop the heater and let it work its magic.

Beverages can be warmed in some plate-style candle warmers. Although some cups cannot be warmed directly over a heat source, make sure the one you intend to use is sturdy enough to stand up to the temperature of the candle warmer.

You’ll have to pay extra attention to the type of jar candles you’re using if you’re concerned about how your room looks with plate-style candle warmers.

Candle Crock Warmers

Jar candles are used in candle crock warmers, which are essentially containers. The bottom and sides of the jar candle are heated by these warmers, resulting in a considerably faster melting and heating process.

Candle crock warmers are capable of providing a fast rush of scent into the space, which is what this indicates. Candle crocks, on the other hand, may not be the ideal option when it comes to extending the scent life of jar candles.

Candle crock warmers aren’t the most visually appealing, but if you’re willing to search, you can discover some stunning ones.

Lamp & Lantern Candles

A lamp or lantern candle is the most efficient and expensive candle warmer on the market.

Lamp & lantern candles, as the name implies, look like lamps or lanterns. Many of these candle warmers are attractive, making them an excellent addition to a room’s decor.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, lamp and lantern candle warmers are particularly notable for their operation.

There is a heating element above where you would put your jar candle in these warmers. Using a setup like this enables for more efficient burning and a longer-lasting fragrance.

Lamp and lantern candles won’t be able to fill a room with smell as soon as crock warmers. The best option is a lamp or lantern candle if you prefer a constant stream of smell.

Tart vs Jar candle Warmers

The sort of jar candle or tart that will be used with your chosen candle warmer is also an important consideration. When it comes to the two types of candle warmers, there is a huge difference between the two.

If we’re talking about candle warmers, we’re usually referring to ones that can hold jar candles.

Candle tarts and jar candles can both be used in some candle warmers. Candle tarts can be placed in the tiny dish on top of these candles. A jar candle can be used in its place, if the dish is removed.

One or the other is all other warmers can accept. As a result, when purchasing a candle warmer, make sure you are obtaining exactly what you want.

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How long can you leave a candle on a candle warmer?

As long as the aroma lasts, a tealight wax warmer can be left on for up to 8 hours at a time. It is possible to leave an electric wax warmer on for up to 10 hours or until the wax melt has stopped releasing scent.

Is it better to burn a candle or use a warmer?

With no open flame and an auto-off feature, many candle warmers lessen the risk of a house fire by burning candles and/or wax safely. Candle warmers not only keep you and your loved ones safer, but they also save you money because they use less energy and emit less soot.

Is it OK to leave a candle warmer on all the time?

Even if an open flame is no longer a fire hazard, it’s still not a good idea to leave a candle warmer burning unattended or for long periods of time. For example, a heating lamp that is too close to a candle could burn down, resulting in fire or electrical wire damage, as well as a trip hazard from the cord.

Are wax warmers safer than candles?

The usual method of heating wax melts is to use a wax burner. Because there’s no bare flame to worry about with tea lights, you’re not putting your home at risk or risking young hands getting burned. It is safer to use wax melts than a burning candle because they do not produce a flame.

Can you leave wax in a wax warmer?

If you place too many melted wax beans in your wax warmer, you can keep it warm for a long time. If you plan to reheat the hard wax beans, make sure to keep them clean.

Does a candle warm a room?

Candles, on the other hand, generate heat when they burn. It is impossible to heat an entire room with just the light of a candle. An average-sized room would require about a hundred candles to heat.


Many types of candle warmers can be used in a variety of ways. It’s a great way to enjoy the aroma of lavender in your room without having to worry about a fire starting.