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Consider acquiring a business floor scrubber if you need to clean a large area on a regular basis. Prior to deciding on the best scrubber for your needs, have a look at its various features to narrow down your options. Check out the ease of use, as well as the price and even storage, of a business floor cleaner before making a final decision. In order to free up your personnel to work on other projects, this equipment can quickly sweep up huge clean areas.

Commercial Floor Scrubber

What is a commercial floor scrubber, and how does it work? A business floor scrubber can be quite useful if you know how to utilize it. When it comes to cleaning machines, a scrubber is typically used to clean big areas quickly and efficiently. Floor scrubbers apply the cleaning solution, scrub vigorously, and completely dry the floor in one operation.. It is because of scrubbers’ effectiveness that the majority of organizations opt to use them. As a result, you’ll save time and effort by not having to spend a whole day mopping the floors of your building.

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Using a Commercial Floor Scrubber

Using this powerful machine, it is possible to clean a large area in a short period of time. However, if you want to get the most out of a business floor cleaner, you must know how to use it correctly. How do you go about doing this?


  • The commercial floor scrubber should be charged to the brim. For up to two and a half hours, a completely charged scrubber can operate.
  • Set up the cleaning areas. Make sure there are no obstructions in the way of your cleaning time.
  • In addition, the building’s occupants must be warned not to pass by the area.
  • Clean the floor with a broom and a mop. If you have a tiny area to clean, you may want to dust it first to make the process easier and faster.
  • Make sure that all hoses are connected properly before using them. Your floor’s surface might be ruined by leaks and other issues. As a result, check that everything is working properly before beginning to scrub.


  • To begin, begin by scrubbing the wall-to-wall area.
  • To ensure that the cleaning solution is well absorbed, swab the floor as you go.
  • Divide a large room in half to make it more manageable. Before moving on to the second half of the scrub, complete the first half.
  • Using a mop to get into those hard-to-reach places can help you get everything.

Uses of Commercial Floor Scrubbers

The use of commercial floor scrubbers is more common in large buildings and areas. Commercial floor scrubbers are ideal for cleaning hardwood, ceramic, and linoleum tiles because they are specifically designed for this duty. A business floor scrubber can be used instead of a full-time cleaning crew to get the job done.

Commercial floor scrubbers are ideal for routine cleaning, polishing floors, and applying wax and coatings to the floor. Because of its ability to quickly cleanse and polish establishment floors, it can also be utilized to quickly clear up a large mess produced by unintentional spills. It’s a must-have for any business or commercial environment that uses this machine.

The use and use of commercial floor scrubbers also influences their price and quality. For large areas, large-scale automatic scrubbers will also be necessary. Smaller scrubbers are still available for those who have a smaller cleaning space. Before making a purchase of a commercial floor scrubber, make sure to measure the area and frequency of use. Do you want to learn more effective ways to clean your home? Go to this location!

Floor Scrubber Maintenance

Maintaining a business floor scrubber is just like maintaining any other piece of equipment you own. Here are some things to keep in mind after you’ve mastered the art of commercial floor scrubbing:

  • Recovery tanks and filters should be regularly emptied and cleaned. Since filters need to dry, leave the lid open to keep air flowing.
  • Regular emptying and cleaning of recovery tanks and filters is recommended. Keep the lid open to allow air to pass through the filters while they dry.
  • Brushes and pads should be washed and rinsed as soon as they’ve been used.
  • Vacuum ports and squeegees must also be cleaned immediately after usage.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Floor Scrubber

The best floor scrubber for a home’s floor type and cleaning requirements should be found. The first thing to think about is the sort of flooring you have. You want a scrubber that won’t damage your floors but also won’t be too gentle. Other aspects, such as mobility, scrubber type, and other cleaning supplies, contribute to ease of use.

Floor Type

The best way to clean a certain type of floor depends on the type of floor you have. While some types of flooring can withstand vigorous scouring, others necessitate a more delicate touch. Choosing the best floor scrubber begins with checking your flooring’s cleaning instructions..

For delicate flooring types, like marble tiles and some hardwood floors, consider a scrubber with soft microfiber or fabric pads. Tougher flooring, like ceramic and porcelain tiles, might be able to handle a scrubbing brush.

It’s best to use a scrubber with soft microfiber or fabric pads on more delicate flooring types like marble tiles or some types of hardwood floors. It is possible that a cleaning brush will not damage ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Electric vs. Manual

Electric floor scrubbers use outlet power or a battery source to power their clean. Convenient and self-sufficient, these scrubbers are a great option. These machines use rotating or vibrating brushes or pads to clean the floor as they move across it. On-demand sprayers are commonly used to dispense cleaning products. Another electric option is steam mops, which clean and sterilize floors using steam rather than chemical agents.

An electrical outlet or a battery source powers electric floor scrubbers. Using these scrubbers is easy because they handle most of the work for you. Cleaning the floor with each pass is made possible by the revolving or vibrating bristles or pads on these machines. On-demand sprayers are commonly used to deliver cleansers. The use of steam instead of chemical cleaners and sanitizers is another electric option for cleaning and sanitizing floors.

Using a manual floor scrubber requires a lot of physical exertion to clean the floor. Spin mops, sponge mops, and scrub brushes are all examples of scrubbers. Compared to electric scrubbers, manual scrubbers are cheaper, easier to handle, and more maneuverable. The biggest drawback is that the user has to scrub them. Because of this, they may not be able to provide the thorough clean and sanitizing benefits of an electric scrubber or steam mop.

Corded vs. Cordless

There are corded and cordless electric floor scrubbers. Although corded scrubbers must be plugged into an electrical outlet to function, they will not run out of power midway through a thorough cleaning. The length of the cord they’re attached to can also limit their range of motion. If you don’t have an extension cable or multiple outlets, this minor annoyance is easily remedied.

Cordless scrubbers are meant to be easy to move about the house. They’re a great alternative if you don’t want to deal with irritating cords, but battery-powered models require regular charging or battery replacements.

In comparison to corded scrubbers, most have run times of 30 to 50 minutes. However, cordless scrubbers, like most cordless products, are lighter and easier to carry around.


Floor scrubbers, both electric and manual, can contain mop pads or scrubbing brushes to clean the floor. Microfiber or other soft materials are commonly used to make mop pads for cleaning. When using an electric floor scrubber, you’re likely to see these pads.

Using an electric scrubber instead of a manual scrubber allows for a more thorough clean in a shorter amount of time. Dual-head scrubbers are available in some designs, allowing the user to cover a larger area with each swipe. It is safe to use these soft mop pads on most hard floors because they are designed to be absorbent and provide a gentle deep clean.

Cleaning severe messes using rough bristle scrubbing brushes is common. Scrubber brushes come in a variety of softnesses and are frequently constructed of synthetic materials. For normal cleaning, use soft bristles; for severe duty cleaning, use tougher bristles. Because of their abrasive nature, bristles are best used on hard, scratch-resistant surfaces.


Deep cleaning floors necessitates crawling under furniture, around corners, and along baseboards. When it comes to cleaning hard floors, it’s best to choose a floor scrubber that’s easy to maneuver.

Floor scrubbers with manual controls are easier to maneuver than those with electric controls. They are lighter, thinner, and feature fewer cleaning heads than their larger counterparts. Sweepers with swivel heads or pointed brushes can get into nooks and crannies with ease.

In terms of size and weight, electric floor scrubbers are more cumbersome to move around. Their mobility may be restricted by their cables, huge cleaning heads, or thick handles. With their cleaning power, they frequently compensate for this drawback. There are several that have swivel mounting and low profile mop pads that make it easy to move them about the house


The majority of manual floor scrubbers have a long handle with a cleaning head attached. Attached accessories, such as a squeegee or a spray feature, may be included in some models.

Electric floor scrubbers, on the other hand, can come with a variety of attachments. Mopheads or pads that can be washed and reused are common. The mopheads of some are interchangeable, with gentler or tougher scrubbers depending on the task at hand. Many floor cleaners have on-demand spray features that allow the user to adjust the amount of floor cleaner that is sprayed as they move.

The functions listed above and others are all possible with steam mops. Targeted cleaning heads for upholstery and curtains can be found on some machines.

The Best Floor Scrubbers of 2022

The ideal floor cleaner for your home relies on the type of flooring and the purpose for which it is being used. Small cleaning tasks, such as scouring an entryway or removing stains, can be accomplished with an inexpensive manual scrubber. Consider an electric or steam mop if you want to clean your entire house or disinfect your hard flooring. With a wide variety of floor scrubbers to choose from, you’ll be able to get the job done right.

Bissell SpinWave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop

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For frequent deep-cleaning sessions, reach for the Bissell SpinWave PET mop. This cordless electric mop features a lightweight and slim design. This mop is built like a stick vacuum and features a swivel head, making it easy to maneuver while cleaning. It features two rotating mop pads that scrub and buff floors to restore shine. You have complete control over spray dispersal with an on-demand sprayer.

  • You can count on the Bissell SpinWave PET mop to get the job done every time. An electric mop with a cordless design that is both light and compact is available. With its swivel head and stick-like design, this mop is easy to manipulate when cleaning. Scrubs and shines floors with its two spinning mop pads. Spray dispersion can be precisely managed with an on-demand sprayer.
  • Using two revolving mop pads, the floor is cleaned and buffed.
  • Included are cleaning pads for daily use. deep-cleaning rags
  • Using an on-demand sprayer, you may fine-tune your spray.


  • The battery life is only 20 minutes.

JIGA 2 Pack Floor Scrub Brush with Long Handle

  • Manual floor cleaning is a cost-effective alternative.
  • There are two mops in this set, each of which come with a squeegee.
  • It’s possible to use this method on both indoor and outdoor surfaces that are water resistant.
  • The handle is made of durable steel and comes in two lengths.


  • Scrubbers that need to be operated by hand are more labor-intensive.
  • Only water-resistant floor surfaces are suitable for this product.

Fuller Brush Tile Grout E-Z Scrubber Multipurpose

  • Squeegees, brooms, and mop buckets are all
  • V-shaped bristles fit into corners and grout lines
  • V-shaped brushes are ideal for cleaning grout lines and corners because of their ability to fit into tight spaces.


  • If you’re using a plastic brush attachment, you may have a problem.
  • Overpriced when compared to similar hand-held models

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter Floor Machine

  • A commercial floor scrubber for use in the workplace.
  • Corded to the ground (50-foot cord included)
  • Using a mop, clean all hard surfaces or shake out carpets to remove dirt.
  • You won’t notice any brush traces or streaks when you use the orbital pattern


  • Large floor surfaces necessitate the use of unit costs and power.
  • Compared to other floor scrubbers, this one is a bit heavier (approximately 33 pounds).

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop

  • Includes three steam-cleaning settings that may be adjusted.
  • Can be used to clean and sterilize floor surfaces.
  • More power with a plug-in electric motor
  • Includes a flip-down scrubber and a soft mop pad.


  • User must wait for steam to heat
  • The user must wait for the steam to heat up before he or she may use it.

Samsung Electronics VR20T6001MW/AA Jetbot Robotic

  • Hands-free cleaning with the help of a robot floor scrubber.
  • 100 minutes are possible on a single charge
  • Using a smart sensor should help avoid tripping over carpet or furniture.
  • Nearly 50 minutes pass between refills of water tanks.


  • Ideal for homes with less square feet
  • Bumps into cupboards or other furniture may be tolerated by the sensor.

How Much Does An Automatic Floor Scrubber Cost?

Consider the expense of an automatic floor scrubber before selecting one for your business. Your facility’s needs and budget must be taken into consideration when choosing an auto-scrubber.

In comparison to the typical mop and bucket, auto floor scrubbers, or auto scrubbers, clean soil and stains from hard floors more effectively and quickly. Traditional cleaning methods can be hygienic, but they’re not always the healthiest option.

An investment in an auto scrubber may appear pricey, but it will save you money in the long run by reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to clean your floors.

Automatic floor scrubbers eliminate the need for manual labor by completing three cleaning processes in a single pass. You can use an auto scrubber with a squeegee attachment to remove all of the dirt and grime from your floor in a single sweep, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

The upright, walk-behind, and ride-automatic floor scrubbers are all available (rider). If you have a large facility or a limited budget, the optimum cleaning solution will be determined by these two factors. Costs can range from $1,150 to $30,000 for an auto scrubber.

For the purposes of this essay, we’ll examine the costs associated with various types of floor scrubbers and the features that influence those costs.

How Much Does An Upright Scrubber Cost?

The smallest scrubber on the market is an upright scrubber. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 12 to 14 inches in cleaning path. The larger the upright scrubber, the more expensive it will be.

An upright scrubber’s limited cleaning path makes it ideal for tight spaces. Classrooms, restrooms, and partition walls are all places where they’re commonly found.

The normal price range for an upright scrubber is between $1,150 and $4,500.

the size, manufacturer, kind of material, and features incorporated all have an impact on the machine’s price

How Much Does A Walk-behind Scrubber Cost?

The cleaning pathways of walk-behind automatic scrubbers range from 13 to 38 inches. As a general rule, they are best suited for cleaning regions between 1,000 and 150,000 square feet.

The average price of a walk-behind scrubber ranges from $1,150 to $18,000. The price of a machine is dependent on a number of factors, including its size, manufacturer, kind of material, and the features it has.

Depending on their size, walk-behind scrubbers can be split into four categories: micro, small, mid, and giant.

Walk-behind scrubbers cost more than upright scrubbers, but because of their more advanced features, operators can work faster and accomplish more. Savings can be made by increasing productivity.

How Much Does A Ride Automatic Scrubber Cost?

Depending on the model, ride-on automatic scrubbers can clean between 20 and 45 inches in diameter. Their size and power make them ideal for cleaning huge spaces like warehouses, where they can handle the heaviest dirt and grime.

Between $7,000 and $30,000 is the normal price range for a ride-on automatic scrubber. the size, manufacturer, kind of material, and features incorporated all have an impact on the machine’s price

There are three basic categories of bikers: small, medium, and giant.

Different power sources, attachments, and warranty packages might alter the price of janitorial cleaning equipment such as floor scrubbers.

1. Power Source

Battery-operated or cord-powered automatic scrubbers are both options.


There are cordless floor scrubbers up to 24 inches in length.

Because they are less expensive, cord-electric floor scrubbers have smaller cleaning routes than battery-operated floor scrubbers, which reduces productivity and raises labor expenses.

An outlet is required at all times for cord-electric machines. If you have to keep plugging and unplugging the equipment, you’ll lose productivity and have to spend more time cleaning.

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Battery Operated

Most battery-operated walk-behind and ride-on automatic scrubbers exist.

Despite the higher cost of battery-operated machines, they offer greater mobility and efficiency, resulting in shorter cleaning periods and cheaper personnel expenses, making them a worthwhile investment.

Battery operated floor scrubbers may require multiple batteries depending on the size of the machine. The more batteries the gadget needs, the more expensive it will be.

The batteries used in janitorial cleaning equipment come in a variety of forms, including gel, absorbed glass mat (AGM), deep-cycle wet-flooded, and lithium ion.


Batteries with a cheaper starting price but shorter lifespans are available in the form of deep cycle wet flooded batteries. For best performance and longevity, they must be “watered” on a weekly basis to keep the electrolyte content at the right level.

A deep-cycle wet flooded auto scrubber battery’s life depends on it being properly serviced on a regular basis. In the long run, they will end up costing you more money if they are not properly maintained during their lifespan.


When compared to deep-cycle flooded batteries, maintenance-free gel or AGM batteries are the better option. They are more expensive than deep-cycle flooded batteries, but they are also easier to keep up to date.


In spite of their high cost, lithium batteries offer more convenience to operators due to their maintenance-free nature as well as their lengthy battery life.

Despite the higher expense of a lithium battery, it can be rechargable several times before needing to be replaced. When compared to gel, AGM, or deep-cycle wet flooded batteries, lithium ion batteries charge more quickly.

2. Scrub Deck

Disc, square, and cylindrical scrub decks are all available in auto scrubbers.


For the most common and most cost-effective auto scrubbers, you’ll need either disc floor pads or brushes and an appropriate scrub deck. Brushes and disc floor pads are round in shape.

Depending on the cleaning task, they come in a variety of colors and materials.


To clean the floor, auto scrubbers with square scrub decks need square floor pads. Clean floors are achieved through the use of square scrub decks rotating in a circular motion. The price of square decks is comparable to the price of disc scrubbers.

Using square floor pads, which already contain the chemical solution, can reduce water use by as much as 70% compared to a traditional floor cleaner using a disc pad.


Cylindrical brushes are typically used in industrial buildings to sweep and clean the floor at the same time. In addition, they are ideal for facilities with uneven flooring, such as tile and grout. They cost more than either a disc deck or a square one.

3. Squeegee Blade Type


Squeegees made out of gum are the least expensive alternative. They’re best suited for flat surfaces. They will lose their texture and become less effective if applied on oily or chemically contaminated surfaces.


These floors are extremely durable and resistant to tearing for a long time, making them ideal for uneven surfaces like grout. They cost more than gum blades, but less than urethane blades.


All sorts of floors benefit from urethane blades. Water may be drawn away more quickly and efficiently from uneven surfaces thanks to these devices. They’re the most durable and last the longest, but they’re also the most expensive.

4. Preventative Maintenance

Your automatic floor scrubber will last longer and require fewer expensive repairs if it receives regular maintenance and support.

Floor scrubbers should be maintained at least four times a year or quarterly, depending on how frequently they are used.

Preventative maintenance services, such as those provided by a professional, can save you money in the long run. Equipment downtime and lost production due to unscheduled downtime will also be prevented.

5. Delivery Set-up, & Training

Delivery, setup, and training costs should be factored into your total cost of ownership when purchasing new equipment.

Employees must be educated on how to operate and maintain the equipment in the safest and most efficient manner. An automated scrubber’s lifespan can be extended, injuries can be minimized, and productivity can be increased with proper training and proper use.

6. Warranty

Parts warranties are common on auto scrubbers, which can help you save money on repairs.

Manufacturers’ warranties on automatic floor scrubbers will differ. The longer the warranty, the more expensive the gadget is in general..

Expendable wear products including scrub brushes, pad holders, carbon motor brushes, bulbs, filters, and squeegees are typically not covered by warranties. Incorrect use of the machine voids any warranties.

Recommendation: Always read the warranty that comes with your batteries.


Using a floor scrubber, you may easily get rid of even the most stubborn messes. In addition to a mop and bucket, several floor scrubbers can be used in place of other floor-cleaning items. When shopping for a floor scrubber, here are some often asked questions and answers to keep in mind.

Q. How often should I scrub my floors?

Every two weeks or so, it’s a good idea to give the floors in your house a good scrub down. Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen floor more frequently is recommended because of the higher concentration of germs and bacteria.

Q. Does cylindrical scrubbing differ much from disc scrubbing?

Scrub brushes are used in cylindrical scrubbers. Commercial floor scrubbers are the most common place to find these scrubbers. While scrubbing the floors, they remove the requirement for a pre-sweep or vacuum.

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Disc scrubbers, which have flat pads that revolve or vibrate, are the most common type of electric household floor scrubbers. Hard, dry debris can’t be swept up with these since they lay flat on the floor. Prior to utilizing a disc scrubber, vacuum or sweep the floor.

Q. How long will my floor scrubber last?

Scrubbers for floors have a long lifespan. Cleaning and replacing their scrubbing pads depends depend on how often they’re used. To avoid persistent stains or lingering odors, replace the scrubber head if it begins to collect permanent stains or mop pads.


When it comes to adequately cleaning and scouring huge surfaces, commercial floor scrubbers are an absolute necessity. It’s an easy way to reduce the time spent cleaning and the number of people needed. If you want to get the most usage out of your industrial floor cleaner, you’ll need to receive some training. A few basic procedures, including an effective maintenance plan, will help you get the most out of a floor scrubber.