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The lavender aroma fills your room, but you’re apprehensive about lighting candles. Switching to a candle warmer may be a better option if you have children or pets in the house. So we’ll take a look at candle warmers in this regard.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with wax warmers before making a purchase. When and why did these devices come into being? When it comes to using a candle warmer, how can you get the most value for your buck and beautify your home?

Using a candle warmer is easy when you follow along with this comprehensive guide. Let’s go through the basics first. What is the best way to utilize a warmer? To get a handle on how to use a candle warmer, you first need to know what it can do.

What are Candle Warmers

There is an alternative to scented candles: a candle warmer or wax warmer can be used in its stead. In many cases, it is packed with scented wax melts that resemble ordinary candles in terms of both scent and structure. However, in most situations, it lacks a wick and a flame.

What Is a Candle Warmer? Plus, the Pros and Cons of the Device | Martha Stewart

Depending on the model, they can be less explosive than candles. As a result, they are a popular alternative for those who want to keep their homes safe from the dangers of fire. However, with this method, the aroma and environment of scented wax can be enjoyed.

Using a Candle Warmer vs. Lighting a Candle

Candle warmers and burning candles both have advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, there is a huge market for candles, and it’s only going to get bigger. It’s unlikely that the candle business would go out of business if everyone in the world switched to electric candle warmers.

To put it another way, candles outnumber candle warmers. Using a candle instead of a candle warmer can also give your home a more traditional, cozy feel. Your home will look and feel cozier and more inviting if you use a candle warmer with a flame, rather than just the scent.

Using a candle warmer, on the other hand, has a number of benefits. If you have children, pets, or a forgetful mind, this product is great. Candle warmers, on the other hand, pose no danger all.

In addition, the scents emitted by a candle warmer tend to last longer than those emitted by a candle. If you’re on a tight budget, this is a good option. As we’ve seen, candle warmers and burning candles differ significantly.

How To Use A Candle Warmer

Overhead Warmers

Candle warmers with bright halogen lights are available for purchase. Each of these warmers includes a light-emitting gooseneck stem with a light at its end. The light is shielded by a glass cover.

The candle’s wax is melted from the top down by the light shining down on it. However, it also leaves molten wax within the reach of young children. Light bulbs eventually need to be replaced and can range in price from $7 to $12 depending on the model.

Hot Plate Warmers

Candle warmers that function as hot plates or coffee cup warmers are yet another option you may want to consider. Teflon hot plates may be heated by plugging these small electric warmers into your wall socket. The odor can be released when candles are placed on top and allowed to melt from the bottom up.

They’re advertised as candle warmers, but you can also use them to reheat soup, coffee, or other liquids in cups, if you choose. In addition to being easy to use and requiring little to no upkeep, they are also affordably priced. However, they are not decorative and take a long time to release their scent.

Bottom Light Warmers

If you’re looking for something to make your home feel cozier, this is the method for you. Either scented wax “chips” are placed inside the bowl, or a candle is placed inside. When the electric light warms and melts the wax, the scent is released.

The chips are more cost-effective and versatile than full candles. One type of warmer is equipped with a fan to disperse the scent.

Wax Melt Warmer and Jar Candle Warmers in One

With this particular candle warmer, you have the option of using the wax melt heater or removing it and switching to the jar candle warmer. As if using a bottom-up plate warmer, this is how it works. Wax melts are heated in a similar manner to plate warmers.

How Long Before The Wax Melts?

Size and shape of the wax, as well as the warmer you’re using, all influence how long a melt will last. Short-lived episodes can go on for a week or more. Others can last for up to ten hours at a time or for a few weeks if used frequently.

There are certain warmers and melts that allow you to remelt molten wax. The second time around, they may not be as visually pleasing or structurally sound. Second-cycle aromas may be less noticeable or even completely absent.

Depending on the model, they may be less flammable than candles. For those who want to limit the risk of fire in their homes, these candles are a great solution. For those who want scented wax, this is a good option.

How Is a Candle Warmer Different Than a Traditional Candle?

Candle warmers are a more cost-effective alternative to regular candles for diffusing fragrance throughout your house. Each time the wick goes out, you’re forced to buy a brand-new thing. There are no exposed flames while using a candle warmer because the wax is heated and melted electronically. Soot or residue from a burning wick is likely to be spotted on your walls if you’re a frequent candle burner. Damage to your walls and wallpaper over time might diminish the value of your house or result in the loss of your rental security deposit. Candle warmers are an excellent alternative for individuals who like to avoid the risk of a flaming candle.

The Pros of Candle Warmers

The ability to customize the flame throw of a candle warmer is a benefit. A throw is a measure of the candle’s aroma power and how far it travels through the room. Before purchasing a candle, it is usual practice to sniff it in the store to get a sense of the scent. The term “cold throw” refers to this technique. The cold throw of a typical candle is a good indicator of the strength of the “hot throw,” or the aroma when the candle is lit, but it isn’t always what you’d think.

You don’t need an open flame to use a wax melt instead of a regular scented candle,” says Ki’ara Montgomery, a candlemaker at Mind and Vibe Co. The aroma cast of wax melts, on the other hand, tends to be greater than regular candles, according to her.” “Wax melts burn at a lower temperature and absorbs heat at a slower rate than a candle with an open flame. As a result, the fragrance oil dissipates more slowly, resulting in a more potent and enduring fragrance.” Despite the upfront cost of purchasing a wax warmer, Montgomery says that in the long run, wax melts are more cost-effective for both consumers and manufacturers.

With the candle warmer, there is an additional advantage in terms of safety. In the presence of dogs or children, open flames can be extremely dangerous. Using a candle warmer is quite safe, with the only danger being melted wax ruining your carpet.

The Cons of Candle Warmers

With a candle warmer, you don’t have the option of using an open flame. The flickering flame of a candle is part of what makes it so appealing, and a candle warmer isn’t likely to give you the same effect. For those who prefer not to use candles, there are a number of candle warmers on the market that light up for $15 at Target and mimic the scent of burning candles.

As with traditional candles, wax melts can be replenished in candle warmers to keep the aroma from fading too quickly.

6 Best Candle Warmer Reviewed

1. CozyBerry Candle Warmer Lamp

Everything you need in a candle warmer may be found in Cozyberry’s dimmable lamp. A lightbulb’s heat and electric power will progressively warm the candle you place on the base, resulting in an evenly distributed wax pool. Candles emit a subtle smell as they warm, which you’ll notice filling the room they’re in.

A strong aroma throw can be noticed as the wax pool goes deeper, as the fragrance becomes more stronger. This lamp features a dial for adjusting the lamp’s heat output, making it simple to personalize your experience with it.

What Are Candle Warmers And Why Do You Need One?

This candle warmer not only works well, but it also looks nice in the home. In either black or white, the lampshade and base may be easily incorporated into any home decor. The bases are also available in marble or rubberwood, so you have a choice of two distinct sorts of materials. A gold rod connects the base to a lampshade. Here is the link to my entire review on this item.


  • This product’s power cord has a dial that allows it to be customized.
  • Enjoy your candles without the risk of a fire.
  • This product’s aroma has the power to permeate a vast space.
  • This has a minimalistic design that may easily fit into any style.


  • It takes longer to disperse the scent of a warm candle than it does to ignite a scented candle.

2. Candle Warmers Etc. Hurricane Lantern Candle Warmer

On our list of contenders is the Candle Warmers Etc. Hurricane lantern candle warmer. In our previous discussion, we mentioned several different types of lantern candle warmers.

At the top of the Hurricane candle warmer is a 25W bulb, which promises more efficient melting and a longer-lasting smell. Hurricane lantern candle warmer is a beautiful metal lantern body, making it an excellent choice for any decor.

Even though the Hurricane lantern candle warmer is a bit pricy, the high level of craftsmanship and the effectiveness of the lantern’s design justify the cost.


  • Beautifully weathered appearance.
  • Conveniently removes wax from burning candles.


  • Pricey.

3. Candle Warmers Etc. Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp

This candle warmer lamp looks and functions almost just like our hurricane lamp from earlier. With the heat source located above the candle in both lanterns, they are both extremely energy-efficient.

There are certain operational similarities between the two Candle Warmers Etc.

If you want a more contemporary look, the Aurora candle warmer lamp may be a better choice than the Hurricane lantern, which has a more rustic style. We believe that the Hurricane is best suited for country-style decor, although it can also be used in more contemporary settings.

The two candle warmers are fairly comparable in terms of price, so picking the one that you prefer is the most important consideration.


  • Design that is both elegant and sophisticated.
  • Candles are quickly melted thanks to this product.


  • It’s a little on the pricier side.

4. Darice Large Candle Warmer

This Darice candle warmer may be the perfect choice for you if you’re on a budget and seeking for a quality candle warmer.

There is no heating element on top of this candle warmer, which is more traditional plate form. The Darice candle’s plate design may not be as effective as lantern candle warmers in terms of efficiency and long-lasting aroma, but it can nevertheless serve as more than simply a candle jar.

Warming liquids, such as soup, can be accomplished with the heating plate at the base of the unit. Even if you tried the same method with a lantern-style candle warmer, the distance between the heat source and the cup meant that the tea would not warm as quickly.

The Darice candle warmer is capable of melting jar candles with a diameter of up to 4 inches. This can hold the great majority of the world’s jar candles.

With its felt-covered feet, this candle warmer from Darice can be placed on even the most delicate surfaces without fear of scratching them.

In terms of its style, the Darice candle warmer does not rank as one of the most visually appealing candle warmers on the market. While simplicity has its advantages, if you want your candle warmer to look its best, you’ll need to take extra care when selecting the jar candles you use.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Much more than a simple heat source for a lighted sconce.


  • An unattractive candle warmer

5. Hosley’s Ceramic Candle Wax Warmer

In terms of price, the Hosley candle and wax warmer is a better option than the Darice candle warmer. The ceramic base of this candle warmer makes it suitable for a wide range of decors.

The red power indicator on the front of this candle warmer, on the other hand, is a little off-putting against the ceramic surface. The power indication may have been more organically designed by Hosley’s. However, we could be being very picky here.

Like the Darice candle warmer, this one uses a plate heating element that does a decent job of heating things up. As a result, Hosley’s makes no mention of the fact that this product can be used to reheat beverages.

The ceramic base of this candle warmer raises some concerns about its brittleness. It doesn’t matter how your candle warmer is manufactured; you should never throw it around. However, you should exercise extra caution when using this particular candle warmer.

You may also want to be careful when handling the ceramic base because it can get rather hot while in use.


  • It’s a bargain, too.
  • Excellent use of ceramic materials.


  • The pottery is prone to breakage because of its delicate nature.
  • The bottom heats up quickly.

6. Candle Warmers Etc. Illumination Fragrance Warmer

Lastly, Candle Warmers Etc. has created a stunning mason-themed candle warmer. This candle warmer is one of the most visually appealing on our list. Beyond that, it differs significantly from the previous candle warmers we’ve examined.

Jar candles cannot be used in the Illumination candle warmer, which is made for wax melts and tarts. With a little dish on top, it is different from the rest of the candle warmers reviewed. To put it another way, you’ll have to replenish your wax more often.

The Illumination candle warmer’s top dish may be readily removed for cleaning.

The halogen lamp in this candle warmer is a standout feature, as it functions as both a source of heat and a source of ambiance. This candle warmer’s mason theme may be diminished by the bulb, but it still manages to stand out as the most visually appealing option on our list.


  • Mason jars in a stylish theme.
  • When in use, this lamp emits a lovely glow.


  • Jar candles should not be used.

Why Buy A Candle Warmer?

What’s the point of spending money on a candle warmer? Surely, a burning candle may provide your space with a pleasant aroma. Candle tunneling can also be solved using this method.

As it turns out, switching to a candle warmer has a number of significant advantages. We’re going to focus on three things.

Candle Warmers Pose A Reduced Fire Risk

Candle warmers have a lower danger of starting a fire than traditional candles. This is due to the fact that the jar candles are not heated by fire in candle warmers. You’re dealing with an exposed flame that might easily start a fire with conventional candles.

You’re still dealing with a heat source that could create an explosion if you’re not careful, even if you use a candle warmer. Candle warmers, on the other hand, are much easy to monitor.

Candle Warmers Can Serve As Room Decoration

Aside from their practical use, candle warmers can also be used as a decorative accent in the home. Candle warmers enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home dcor even farther than standard candles.

With our top 5, you can see that some of these candle warmers are quite amazing and eye-catching, which is why we included them in our list.

Candle Warmers Deliver Longer-lasting Fragrance

Candle warmers, on the other hand, are capable of delivering a longer-lasting scent than candles. Candle warmers, in general, have a longer-lasting aroma than candles, however this depends a lot on the type of candle and the type of candle warmer you use.

Types Of Candle Warmers

While there isn’t much to look for in candle warmers, it’s worth discussing the many types of candle warmers that are available. Their functions are similar, yet their appearances differ greatly.

Plate-style Candle Warmers

The most basic candle warmers are those in the plate form. Plate candle warmers can be found at a reasonable price, but they aren’t always the most visually appealing.

A heating base is used to melt candles in plate-style candle warmers. Put your jar candle on top of the heater and allow it to do its magic!

Candle Warmer VS Traditional Candle: What's the Difference?

Warming beverages on a plate-style candle warmer is an option. As a precaution, make sure your tea cup can handle being heated directly over an open flame before you try using a candle warmer for this purpose.

You’ll have to pay extra attention to the type of jar candles you’re using if you’re concerned about how your room looks with plate-style candle warmers.

Candle Crock Warmers

Candle crock warmers are essentially jar candle holders. The bottom and sides of the jar candle are heated by these warmers, resulting in a considerably faster melting and heating process.

This means that candle crock warmers may quickly fill a space with a pleasant aroma when they are lit. Candle crocks, on the other hand, may not be the ideal option when it comes to extending the scent life of jar candles.

Candle crock warmers aren’t the most visually appealing, but if you’re willing to search, you can discover some stunning ones.

Lamp & Lantern Candles

The most effective, complex, and expensive candle warmers are lamp and lantern candles.

Lamp & Lantern Candles, as the name suggests, resemble a lamp or a lantern. Candle warmers can be a great addition to a room’s decor because they frequently have a beautiful design.

Lamp & lantern candle warmers are one-of-a-kind not just in appearance, but also in the way they work.

Warmers like these feature a heating element that sits above the jar candle socket. For example, a design like this enables for more effective burning and a longer-lasting fragrance.

Lamp and lantern candles won’t be able to fill a room with smell as soon as crock warmers. Lamp and lantern candles, on the other hand, provide a more gradual discharge of fragrance.

Tart vs Jar candle Warmers

If you’re looking for a candle warmer, keep in mind if it may be used with jar candles or tarts. There is a major distinction between candle warmers and warmers that accept candle tarts, despite the fact that they are theoretically the same thing.

Generally, when discussing candle warmers, we are referring to warmers that accommodate jar candles.

Candle tarts and jar candles can both be used in some candle warmers. There is a little dish on top of these candles that can hold candle tarts. You can replace the dish with a jar of candles if you’d rather.

Other space heaters will only accept one of these two types of fuels. As a result, when looking for a candle warmer, be sure to pay attention to the details and acquire exactly what you want.


How long can you leave a candle on a candle warmer?

As long as the aroma lasts, a tealight wax warmer can be left on for up to 8 hours at a time. Up to 10 hours or until the scent of the wax melt has faded can be used in an electric warmer.

Is it better to burn a candle or use a warmer?

Using a candle warmer instead of a traditional candle decreases the risk of a house fire, as there is no exposed flame and many warmers have an auto-off feature. Candle warmers, in addition to its safety advantages, do not produce any soot and burn candles more efficiently.

How does a candle wax warmer work?

When the wax melts in wax warmers begin to melt, they release their scents. Their melting point is determined by the type of heat source used. Electricity or light bulbs may be used in certain warmers, while others may use a tealight candle that must be extinguished after the melting process is complete to ensure fire safety.

Is it OK to leave a candle warmer on all the time

Even if an open flame is no longer a fire hazard, it’s still not a good idea to leave a candle warmer burning unattended or for long periods of time. In addition to overheating and electrical wire damage, there are also dangers such as a tripping hazard due to the cord and electrocution from water spills.

Are wax warmers safer than candles?

A wax burner is historically used to heat wax melts. Candles, on the other hand, have a visible flame, which might pose a risk to your home and your children’s safety. Using wax melts instead of a lit candle is significantly safer because the wax melts do not emit any flame.

We have these great candle warmers, but which one should you choose?

The Aurora candle warmer lamp from Candle Warmers Etc. has earned our endorsement. First and foremost, the top heater on this candle warmer is highly efficient, as we discussed in our buyer’s guide. Its sleeker form makes it a better choice than the Hurricane lantern candle warmer from Candle Warmers Etc. for a wide range of interiors, too.

Cozyberry dimmable candle warmer is an excellent choice as well. It’s a wonderful addition to any home, and it’s easy to fill the air with aroma. This is an excellent option for candle enthusiasts if you can’t light a candle for whatever reason, such as because you have pets or children or because you are contractually prohibited from doing so. This device is perfect for anyone who wants to utilize their candles without lighting them because of its stylish style and impressive features.

Does this mean that the other candle warmers are bad?

If they were bad, we wouldn’t include them in our compilation. They are simply not the same.

We’ve tried to provide a more in-depth description of each candle warmer so that you can easily identify its most important characteristics. A candle warmer like the Darice, for example, is a good choice if you appreciate the features it offers better than those of any of the other models we’ve looked at so far.

In the end, you should be able to locate the greatest candle warmer for your money if you know exactly what you want.


If you’ve read this far, it’s time to invest in a candle warmer. There are a variety of ways to use a candle warmer because there are so many distinct varieties. With these, you’ll be able to enjoy the aroma of lavender in your room while being protected from a fire.