How To Wash Ferret Playpen Mat? All You Need To Know

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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While each ferret has its own distinct personality, all ferret owners can agree on one thing: their furry companions enjoy nothing more than a good game of fetch.

Ferrets have a great time being active and having fun whether they’re dooking, burrowing, or just running around your house. Furthermore, they enjoy going to different locations.

You can buy your ferret the freedom to run around and play inside or outside in a playpen without worrying about it getting too far away.

However, not all playpens are the same, so it’s crucial to find one that works well for your ferret. Here is a list of the top 10 playpens for ferrets to help you make the right choice.

What Are the Advantages of a Ferret as a Pet?

Having a ferret as a pet is beneficial in many ways. They are a joy to have as guests because they are so energetic, active, friendly, and full of wonder. They are great pets for people who spend most of the day at work or school, as they are quiet and sleep during the day. Because of their long lifespan, small size, and ease of litter box training, ferrets also make wonderful pets.

Being a pet ferret has its perks, and one of them is that they are a lot of fun because they are so active and interested in their surroundings. This is a win-win for both the pet and their owner. Toys are a big deal to them, and they are easily captivated by anything novel they encounter. Ferret owners are sure to get a good chuckle out of their pets’ uninhibited enthusiasm and inquisitive nature. Ferrets are no exception to the rule that having a pet can improve your health because of the joy they bring.

How To Wash Marshall's Ferret Playpen Mat - Krostrade

When looking for a pet that is also a loving and sociable companion, a ferret is a fantastic choice. Like humans, ferrets thrive in communities, so it’s usually advised to adopt multiple pets. These pets are social creatures who get great joy from interacting with one another, and their owners will have a great time observing them at play. These pets will still have plenty of energy for their owners to play with, even if they have access to other ferrets.

A quiet environment is another perk of having a ferret as a pet. Despite their jovial demeanor, these creatures rarely make any audible noises. A ferret will only make a sound loud enough to be heard by its neighbors if it is hurt or very frightened.

Because of their small stature, ferrets also make wonderful pets. When they run around the house and inevitably bump into things, they won’t do too much damage because of their small size. Since they are so small, they require less space in their cages. Even the largest ferret cages don’t take up too much room because they are tall and have multiple levels. It’s hard to resist the cuteness of these pets, especially given their diminutive stature.

The fact that ferrets can be litter trained is a major perk of having one as a pet. There will inevitably be accidents when litter training a ferret, but at least they can be trained, making them one of the few pets capable of doing so. This demonstrates how exceptionally bright they are.

Having a long lifespan is a major benefit of having a ferret as a pet. Relationships with ferrets can last for a long time, as they typically live for seven years. They also have a reputation for maintaining a youthful sense of playfulness well into old age.

Steps on how to wash ferret playpen mat

To begin, throw the playpen mat into the washing machine.

Second, fill the washer to the maximum water level setting and add a small amount of detergent. If the mat is extremely dirty, soak it for 20 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly until the soap is no longer visible. Allow to dry thoroughly before re-rolling.

Third, use the top-mounted control knob to select the washer’s hottest wash cycle. – A small amount of detergent and the highest water level setting in an empty washing machine will get rid of any stains or odors. Additional rinsing may be necessary. whole, then roll it back up again.

Fourth, if you don’t want to wash pet cages separately, you can put down some thick towels or rugs to catch the water.

Why Should you Buy a Playpen for Your Ferret?

Even if you already have a nice cage for your ferret, a playpen is a worthwhile addition for several reasons.


Free movement and activity is highly valued by ferrets, as was mentioned above. They have a strong desire to discover the world around them by digging, playing, and exploring. They can run around and play in a safe enclosed space like a playpen while still being contained to one area.

If a ferret is taken to a new environment and never taken anywhere else, it can become bored very quickly.

If your ferret hasn’t been allowed outside in a while, it may try to sneak out of its enclosure in an attempt to kill boredom.

A playpen will serve as a portable enclosure for your child, allowing you to take them to new places with ease while never worrying about their safety.

A playpen will allow your ferret the freedom to explore without completely exposing them to their environment, whether you’re moving them to a new room or a new part of the yard.

It’s even more true if you spend money on add-ons like canopies, which block the sun and keep the birds away.


Investment in a playpen is highly recommended for the sake of safety. Even though they are formidable hunters, ferrets are vulnerable to larger predators such as foxes, bobcats, and badgers, as well as birds of prey such as hawks and eagles.

If let outside, they might flee as well. Without having to worry as much, you can still give your ferret some freedom by using a playpen.

You don’t need to keep a watchful eye on your ferret 24/7, but you should.

Don’t ever leave them in a playpen unattended, especially for extended periods.

Now that you understand the many benefits a playpen can bring to you and your ferret, we’ll show you the 10 best options so you can make an informed decision.

Marshall Ferret Playpen 8 Panel -

Top 10 Playpens for Ferrets

1) Tespo Pet Playpen

This easy to install playpen has become quite popular with social influencers due to the minimalist aesthetic of the translucent panels that allow up to 20 square feet of space for your ferret.

The playpen’s panels are interchangeable, allowing you to customize its size and shape to fit in any room.

The anti-slip mat pieces it comes with help keep things in place once they’ve been set up and shield your floors from scratches.

Keep in mind, though, that a particularly crafty ferret could squeeze through the tiny openings in the Tespo Pet Playpen’s corners.

Fortunately, this is a problem that can be quickly fixed by simply purchasing some stakes to firmly anchor the area in question.

Make sure to use the zip ties provided to keep your playpen in place, as a toppled playpen could mean disaster for your ferrets.

2) Marshall Small Animal PlayPen

The Marshall playpen is a popular option for all small rodents – everything from rabbits to chinchillas to, you guessed it, ferrets!

Assembling it and dismantling it require no special skills or equipment, making both tasks quick and simple.

With over 12 square feet of space and plenty of ventilation provided by the barred panels, your ferret will have plenty of room to run around and have fun.

In order to make your ferret more at ease during travel or long-term setups, you can also purchase a playpen mat and cover to coordinate with their cage.

Your ferret will have plenty of room for their litter box, bowls, and toys.

While most reviewers find this playpen to be very secure and safe, a few have mentioned that their ferrets have figured out how to open the door and latches.

Owners have reported success after trying zip ties or other forms of locking mechanisms.

3) Ware Clean Living Small Animal Playpen

This playpen is made of 8 large panels constructed out of chew proof and waterproof wire to ensure the safety and security of your ferret while they are playing.

Worried that there won’t be enough room for your ferret and all of their stuff? No problem! Simply link together several Ware Clean Living pens to increase the available space and accommodate all of your ferret’s gear.

It comes with a matching canvas piece that can be used as a mat to safeguard your floors or your ferret’s feet when you take it outside, or as a covering to shield your pet from the sun and rain.

Your ferret could easily escape from this pen if you left it outside.

You should only use it indoors and under close supervision, such as when you are cleaning out their main cage.

4) MidWest Homes for Pets Small Animal Pen

This small, inexpensive pen is perfect for playing and exercising small animals such as ferrets, gerbils, and even rabbits.

This enclosure for your ferret features six panels constructed from durable bars and coated in epoxy.

It can be assembled in minutes without any special tools, and it collapses for easy storage or transport.

However, at only 6 square feet in size, this playpen is on the diminutive side, so if you’re shopping for a play pen for multiple ferrets, you may want to look elsewhere.

The manufacturer backs this playpen with a 12-month guarantee. It’s important to keep an eye on your ferret, whether they’re in or out of the playpen, because of the height of the walls.

5) ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen

This spacious playpen offers full security and safety while also allowing your ferret to roam and play.

It is constructed similarly to a tent, with zippered entrances, a floor, and a roof to keep your ferret dry and warm if you choose to leave it outside.

Even though they are confined, they are still able to smell and interact with their environment thanks to the mesh panels. The lowered airflow is the only factor to watch out for.

Your ferret’s health should be closely monitored despite the mesh panels’ ability to allow for some ventilation.

Provide plenty of water for your ferret, and don’t leave it outside in the heat for long.

6) Idepet Small Animals Cage Tent

The Idepet small playpen is another fully enclosed, tent-like playpen, but, due to the mesh design of this one, it offers a different amount of both debitliation and protection.

Your ferret will be safe and secure in this playpen made primarily of mesh, which also allows for plenty of air circulation. There isn’t nearly as much cover, though, because it’s mostly mesh.

With its simple, tool-free folding design, assembly and disassembly are breezes.

This playpen, like all mesh or canvas playpens, is not chew proof.

If your ferret is destructive and likes to chew on things, a wooden cage may not be the best option.

7) PawHut 87” x 41” Outdoor Metal Pet Enclosure

The PawHut Outdoor playpen is more of an enclosure than a playpen.

This spacious playpen, styled after a chicken coop, provides a secure environment for your ferrets or any other small pets to run around in while you tend to other chores or enjoy the outdoors.

The galvanized metal frame is strong so that it doesn’t require frequent repairs or replacement, but it’s still easy to move if necessary.

With its spacious interior and large door, this cage has everything you need to keep your ferrets healthy and happy.

8) Pet Camping Tent Playpens

This popup mesh tent is perfect for supervised play sessions outside with your ferret.

This playpen is ideal for your ferret because it is fully enclosed with mesh and has a mat bottom, providing them with ventilation and allowing them to enjoy the outdoors or your home.

Assembling and storing it away is a breeze and doesn’t call for any special equipment. Keep a close eye on your ferret, as you should with any tent-based playpen, while using this one.

While your ferret will benefit from plenty of ventilation and fresh air, the mesh will not shield it from the sun or the sharp teeth of nibblers.

9) PETMAKER Portable Pop Up Pet Play Pen with Carrying Bag

This tent style playpen is available in two colors – either blue or pink – and is designed so that you can wash it with a damp cloth.

The included carrying bag, likened by one customer to a “large laptop bag,” makes transporting your ferret convenient and easy.

This playpen doubles as an excellent enclosure or resting spot for free-roaming ferrets, thanks to the door’s ability to roll up and stay held in place by velcro.

10) KOUSI Small Animal Pen Indoor Fence

This sturdy indoor playpen is made of 12 clear plastic panels that are fully customizable, allowing your ferret to roam and play anywhere.

The KOUSI playpen is simple to assemble, and it can be joined with others to create a large area with a variety of layout options.

The stainless steel components won’t rust and it’s impervious to water, so you won’t have to worry as much about keeping it in good working order.

This playpen is not only safe for your ferret, but also looks great in your home thanks to its modern, minimalist design.

Top Pick

When you factor in things like cost, quality of construction, flexibility, and safety, you’ll quickly realize that not all playpens are made the same.

Playpen Mat/Cover 40096 Prevue Pet Products

In light of this information, the Tespo Pet Playpen is my top pick for playpens suitable for ferrets.

This cage is ideal for housing ferrets because it is made to accommodate a wide variety of small animals, from puppies and toy dogs to rodents like gerbils, rabbits, polecats, and hamsters.

Also, I think it’s great that you can alter the size and shape of the cage to suit your needs, especially if you intend to relocate it frequently.

While it’s not the cheapest option on this list, the transparent walls will make your ferret feel at home without compromising security.

Final Thoughts: Best Playpens For Ferrets

If you want to make sure your ferret is as safe as possible while playing and exploring its new playpen, it’s important to spend money on high-quality materials.

If you live in a particularly sunny or hot area, or if you intend to leave your ferrets outside for extended periods of time, a playpen with a canopy to provide shade is a crucial addition.

Your ferret will be much happier and healthier if it has access to a playpen, and whether or not it can express its gratitude to you is another matter.

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