How To Waterproof Loveseat? Comprehensive Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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A high-quality loveseat is one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make in the furniture department. It’s almost inevitable that a spill will happen in a place where friends and family congregate. The upholstery of your loveseat may be kept spotless by following a few simple steps on how to waterproof it.

There’s a good chance that you’re guarding your new sofa because you just bought it. When it was in style and cost a moderate amount of money to protect, it matters. To determine how much it would cost to resale a stained loveseat would be a waste of time, as the price would be lower.

However, regardless of whether you have children, pets, or are simply prone to spills, it is often necessary to clean up after yourself. Protecting your furniture from water spills helps extend its life and keep it looking new for a long time to come. Read on to learn about seven of the best ways to protect your furniture against stains and water damage.

Can you take a sofa to the dump?

The only thing stopping you from carrying the sofa to the landfill is a lack of physical strength (it’s nearly always a two-person operation) and a vehicle large enough to accommodate the sofa. In most cases, your sofa will be accepted by most tips or Local Recycling Centres (as they’re formally named) and, where possible, recycled or reused.

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sofa loaded into a vanIt’s possible that you’ll need to pre-book entry to the Local Recycle Centre’s official website if you plan to carry your sofa in a van.

Transporting a sofa to a landfill on your own is difficult due to the weight, the need for a car, and the difficulty of finding a Local Recycling Center. Fortunately, most municipalities offer a furniture removal service, although this comes at a price.

How much does it cost to remove an old sofa?

The cost of having your sofa picked up by your local council can range from £23 to 63, depending on its size and where you live. Availability is first come, first served, and pickup dates are subject to change based on the level of demand.

It is possible for some authorities to offer a rota-style service, where free pickups take place in each site every two weeks or two months, depending on region.

Unless you are elderly or listed as disabled, in most circumstances, authorities run a collection-only service, and you will need to arrange for the removal of the sofa from your home before it can be loaded onto the van and carried away. You should always consult your local council’s website before making any plans.

How can I get rid of furniture for free?

Like most pieces of furniture, there are several options for getting rid of them for free, as well as plenty of people who are looking to make good use of them. Local charities can use sofas, settees, and armchairs to raise money for their causes by collecting, selling, and reselling them.

To be fully compliant, the furniture must still have the Fire Safety label attached and be in good enough condition to be used by another person. In most cases, the furniture must be left outside of your home, thus you will be responsible for making arrangements for the disposal of the sofa.

Often, there is a two-week waiting period before the collection may be made possible. However, there are numerous charities that provide this service, so you should be able to locate one within those two weeks to pick up your sofa. If you’re looking for a local charity, you’ll find many of them listed on our location pages.

How to Waterproof Loveseat?

Select The Right Fabric

If you have kids or even grandkids that visit on occasion, having a white linen sofa may be a bit much. With their dirty hands and poor coordination, your white material is at risk of being damaged. A material with a higher percentage of artificial fibers is superior to natural fibers in terms of stain resistance and durability.

This is due to the fact that synthetic fibers are more stain-resistant and long-lasting than natural fibers. Love seat owners will be thrilled to hear that the paint will be less likely to stick around now that this has been discovered. There are also some amazing materials readily available in a variety of textures, patterns, and hues.

Textiles that are both waterproof and water-resistant aren’t your conventional choices for sewing. However, there is no other choice for their purpose… Choose a material that will not allow water to seep through if you plan on covering outdoor furniture.

Waterproof Fabrics

Laminate Polyurethane (PUL)

With a polyester backing and a water-resistant or waterproof covering, PUL is an excellent choice for garments that need protection from the elements. PUL textiles have a cross-grain stretch and are waterproof, strong, and breathable all at the same time. As a bonus, they’re extremely supple, breathable, and comfortable to wear right next to the skin.

A PUL fabric can be purchased with a 1 millimeter or 2 millimeter plastic coating. Knit or woven, 100 percent cotton or a polyester/cotton combination, the fabric can be any of these. The best thing about PUL fabric is that it can be washed multiple times without losing its quality.

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Cotton Woven with Wax

With a paraffin-based wax coating, the waxed canvas is a cotton fabric with a dense weave. There are noticeable wrinkles and creases in the shine on its surface, giving it an older appearance. Depending on the weave density, canvas may be water-resistant in and of itself.

Textiles made of Polyester and Nylon.

These materials are not watertight by themselves. They are water-resistant because of their tightly woven construction. This is not the case, however, when it comes to rain umbrellas, which are the most waterproof of all.

Ripstop nylon fabric

Nylon strands form the basis of this wind- and water-resistant fabric that is unstoppable as a tough textile. During World War II, you can utilize it to make parachutes. Nylon ripstop can also be used to make various garments, such as coats and shawls.

A taffeta of nylon

A special coating on nylon taffeta ensures that it is completely waterproof. Rain umbrellas, patio umbrellas, and the like are most typically made of this material. It’s glossy and silky to the touch, with a fine weave.

A Cotton/Poplin Laminated

There is an alternative to PUL material, which is laminated textiles. A water-resistant coating is applied to the fabric. PUL, on the other hand, is more effective.

However, because the cloth on the other side is natural, it is more sustainable. It is common practice to employ laminated fabric in the manufacture of weather-protective clothing, such as raincoats, windcheaters, and ski gear. A user’s comfort and safety are ensured in every weather condition.

The water-resistant layer is attached to the fabric’s back through lamination. Incorporating lamination reduces the drape’s flexibility. There is a thin textile construction but a solid hand.


Cloth treated with linseed oil known as oilcloth is made of cotton duck or linen, and is waterproof. An earlier version of the oilcloth can be found here The term “oilcloth” is now used to describe a cotton or linen fabric that has had a clear vinyl coating applied to it.

Glossy or matte are the two options for the transparent coating. With its hard-wearing properties and ease of cleaning, this fabric may be used for everything from tablecloths and covers to luggage and tote bags. However, it’s not the best material for making clothes out of.


From the beginning, it is essential to use a stain-preventative solution to protect your furniture. Protects the upholstery against everything that comes into contact with it. Using this protection, you can wipe up the mess before it has a chance to set in.


Will this prevent urine/water/tea from soaking through onto the sofa?

YES, it includes a waterproof layer called TPU inside that should keep the liquid out. In order to avoid additional floor problems caused by water running down the surface, it is important to note that the fabric used on the surface is not water-resistant. Please exercise caution when making a purchase. Turquoize 100% Waterproof Couch Covers Sofa Cover for Dogs Pet Couch Protector Waterproof Non-Slip Sofa Slipcover for 3 Cushion Couch Furniture Protector for Pets, Kids,Dog, Cat(XL-Sofa 78

How to select the size?

Please see our MEASURING GUIDE of the photographs on our selling products page for help in measuring your couch or chair before placing your order.

  • Chair: 75-inch height, 65-inch width (with 22-inch side armrests), 21-inch seating area
  • A large-sized loveseat with a sitting space of 56 inches and a height of 75 inches and a width of 98 inches
  • The sofa is 75″ in height, 112″ in width, and 54″ in width when the arm rests are included.
  • Extra-large sofa: 86-inch height, 132-inch width (with 27-inch side armrests), 78-inch sitting area
  • Oversized recliner: 91-inch height, 84-inch width (with 27-inch side arm rests), 30-inch sitting area

Exceptional Functions

  • Incredibly plush and supple due to its extra-soft, box-stitched microfiber fabric on the front side and its five-layer design.
  • Silicon rubber prints on the back of the cover prevent leaks and hold the cover in place. ul>
  • Dishwasher safe. Do not wash with anything else. Fabric softener should not be used. Don’t use bleaching agents. Natural drying and light detergents are the best ways to get the most out of your clothes.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout your buying experience, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer polite, accessible service and a risk-free return policy for you.

  • Great protection from pet hair and fur, stains, dirt and spills. Keeps your chair, couch, recliner, or sofa looking new and attractive. In order to maintain its usefulness and utility, it provides a long-lasting strength and incredible durability.
  • PERFECT FOR PETS AND KIDS: Made with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology, this stunning quilted slipcover is more than just a pretty face. It provides actual waterproof protection for your sofa, so you can have fun with your pets and children in the comfort of your own home.
  • When compared to a standard slipcover with straps, this new sofa cover has more features to help it stay put. Silicone rubber with a dog paw print on the back keeps your cover in place, even on leather sofas, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.
  • Anti-skid silicone paw print keeps the cover in place without straps. Organically dyed with no color shifting or fading, chemical-free, and safe for children and pets. Your furniture will survive a long time thanks to this.
  • Do not use bleach while washing the garments in cold water on the gentle cycle; they can be machine washed. In the event that the anti-water silicone on the backside of the dryer is damaged, use a low-temperature dryer.


Those are the final words on how to waterproof a loveseat. We’ve previously covered all the best practices. Your loveseat should now be water-resistant.

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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