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With just one machine to work with, you’re stuck with the complexities, challenges and other issues that come with it. There are several concerns and problems that can be avoided if you have a wider variety of fabrics to pick from.

These quilting machines can be a great deal if you can get one on sale. One sewer bought hers for $500 at a garage sale when it was the last one left. Prices will vary depending on how much you want to quilt using this machine.

See if this sewing machine is suitable for quilting by reading our review. The Mega Quilter is thoroughly examined, and the most up-to-date information is provided.

Our Husqvarna Mega Quilter Review



This model should be on your short list if you’re looking for a nice quilting sewing machine. To begin with, the speed control switch allows you to go from slow to medium to fast and back again.

When set to its fastest setting, this sewing machine can sew at a rate of 1600 stitches per minute. With a working space of 9 by 6 inches, it can accommodate the largest quilts you desire to make. If it isn’t, you can always use the 24 by 16-inch extension table to give yourself more room to work and sew in.

That’s not all: There’s also a built-in thread cutter, an adjustable knee lift, and a needle threader on the machine. A silent motor powers all of these features and functions, as well as several we haven’t even discussed yet, so your work isn’t disrupted by the machine vibrating.

If it isn’t enough to persuade you, the up/down needle button, the huge reverse lever, and the lengthy 6 mm stitch size should.

For a reasonable price, you get all of the features of a high-quality quilting sewing machine from a well-known brand like Husqvarna Viking.

You will receive all of the necessary sewing and quilting supplies with your order, as well as an assortment of extras if you feel the need for them.

Viking Husqvarna Mega Quilter Price



To begin, there is some unpleasant news. First, we discovered that there is no Mega Quilter for sale on eBay at the moment. As a result, it’s difficult to have a decent idea of how much a product will cost in the future.

On the other hand, we searched the website of Husqvarna and found a page that shows what you’ll get if you trade in different models and the value isn’t good enough. The corporation will pay you $200 if your machine is only 2 to 3 years old.

If your machine is between three and four years old, you’ll receive $100, but if it is more than four years old, you’ll only receive $75 when you trade it in. Those numbers don’t bode well, to say the least, and here’s a link to check them out for yourself:

In private sales, we’ve seen machines go for between $500 and $750, so that should give you an indication of how much your equipment is worth. Several people are selling their machines for between $600 and $1000, if the frame is included, on a particular forum.

Where you find it will have a significant impact on the price you spend. In comparison to secondhand outlets or classified ads, flea markets may cost more. Sellers who don’t care about making a sale are more likely to hold out for the appropriate buyer to come along.

This type has been around for at least a decade or two, so if you truly want one, you shouldn’t have to take out a mortgage to get one. You should be able to find a wonderful machine in excellent working order for a fair price.

Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter Pros and Cons

Regardless of who creates it, no seeing machine will be perfect for everyone’s tastes. There will be things they like and things they don’t like about the machine that make them wish they had bought something else. The following are some advantages and disadvantages of this quilting machine:


  • Is it possible to afford?
  • A frame or an extension table can be used.
  • Sews at a rate of up to 1600 stitches per minute.
  • Contains a wide range of standard options.
  • Stitch length that is quite lengthy
  • A bobbin that can be loaded from the side.
  • Incredibly useful for free-motion sewing
  • Has a light to aid in the reading process.
  • Multiple layers are sewn together.
  • The harp is a 9-inch instrument.
  • Despite its size, the reverse switch is easy to access.
  • It’s backed by the Husqvarna Viking name.


  • There is only a straight stitch on this garment.
  • Needle selection is restricted. (Hlx-5 needles are used)
  • The straight stitch and darning choices are only available with the use of two foot.
  • Feet do not click into place; they must be replaced with a screwdriver.
  • It’s difficult to thread, so watch the DVD that comes with it.
  • It can be difficult to lift.
  • A sturdy table is required to sit on.
  • Could rip the thread apart.

What Husqvarna Mega Quilter Reviews Say?



When it comes to full-sized quilts, the 9-inch harp is supposed to be excellent, but some users found it to be a little too tiny. Most users, however, believed that the 9-inch harp was the perfect size for their projects, therefore this viewpoint was in the minority.

The machine’s three speeds, on the other hand, impressed others. Between 800 and 1600 beats per minute were the low and high points. The machine’s high pace is taking some time for one user to get used to.

Then, a reviewer noted that the sewing machine’s lighting was a little lacking, but she was able to overlook this tiny difficulty because of the many advantages she discovered while using it. The Janome 1600P QC and the Pfaff Grand Quilter, which are all built in the same factory and are essentially the same sewing machine, are some people’s favorite Mega quilters, but that’s not the case for everyone who owns one.

The majority of the evaluations are positive, despite the fact that the machine has issues with thread and other issues. It’s a great sewing machine when it’s operating, making quilting more enjoyable.

Having to stop and re-thread or replace your thread because of sewing machine problems makes quilting less enjoyable. As you will see in the following section, the advantages of this particular sewing machine far exceed the disadvantages.

If you acquire a used model, keep in mind that you are taking on the troubles of the previous owner.

Common Viking Mega Quilter Problems



The thread may break on you pretty frequently when using this system, which is one of the most typical issues. In order to stop this from happening, even re-threading does not work.

There are instances when you need to replace the tension unit as a whole, however even with a fresh unit, the thread will still break or shred on you. After that, you need to pay attention to the sort of needle you employ. When it comes to the thread, it can break on you or help it break.

You may also discover that the machine is skipping stitches or stopping altogether. In order to determine the source of these problems, you may need to hire a repairman. When it comes to thread and needles, this sewing machine appears a little finicky.

There are a few drawbacks to this particular model of sewing machine as well. Even if you do everything else correctly, the needle must still be inserted accurately, tension must be monitored, and so on.

Cleaning it out and adding a few drops of oil are also necessary to keep it running smoothly. These are the only two options available to you. In order to ensure that nothing has been overlooked or that the machine hasn’t degraded further, you should get it serviced annually by a professional repairman.

Finding a Husqvarna Mega Quilter for Sale



As a rule, we’d send you to Amazon to find what you’re looking for. The bad news here is that the marketplace doesn’t currently have one of these sewing machines for sale.

On eBay, we came across one that we think is a little overpriced at slightly over $1000. Private sales are your best bet, and you’ll probably get a better deal. Private sales of these sewing machines have fetched between $600 and $800, give or take $100, as previously reported.

You can find the best bargains by checking for sales, as one owner spent $500 for a new model because the store was trying to get rid of it. There are several places where you can go to find a secondhand Mega Quilter: flea markets, garage sales, repair shops, and more.

If you’re in the market for a Mega Quilter, don’t forget to look in the classifieds first to find the most motivated vendors. There were a few internet retailers selling these models, although one advised customers to contact their local dealers for the price.

Many of these equipment were unavailable for purchase at this period.

Mega Quilter Manuals and Parts



Getting these products should be much easier than getting a good deal on a model. You can find owner’s manuals for sale on eBay, but you’ll have to visit the site to see what’s available and how much it costs. There will be a wide range of sellers.

If you’re looking for a certain handbook, you can search the web at this link, where we keep a list of our recommended buys. You don’t have to download or pay to read Husqvarna’s online. It can be found here. Finally, you can take a peek at some at this site.

If you’re looking for parts, you may find it easier if you search online. As a modern machine, parts for the Mega Quilter may be found all over the internet. Sewing machine spare parts should be easy to come by, depending on the model you own.

More locations can be located by following this link, and you can also find them at this site. If you type in “Mega Quilter Parts” into the search engine, you’ll get a slew of other alternatives.

Consult the Husqvarna Viking dealers or reps in your area or the local sewing machine repair businesses to see what components they have on hand.

Some Final Words

Despite its age, this sewing machine still performs admirably. Many Mega Quilter users are so attached to their machine that they won’t give it up for anything. In addition to the features that make quilting easier, this sewing machine provides the speed you need if you’re working under a tight deadline.

Check out a used one today for a fantastic deal on a high-quality machine.



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