Ways on Building an Inexpensive Loveseat. Everything You Need To Know!

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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You can save money when making your own loveseat by using one of the several options listed below. How to make an affordable loveseat is the topic of today’s tutorial.

You may make your own couch from household items and supplies. Loveseats can be made in a variety of ways.

Ways on Building an Inexpensive Loveseat

Method#1: Loveseat from old doors

Get your preferred throw pillows. We’ll only be making a loveseat frame in this manner. Make sure your loveseat is the right height and depth for you by taking measurements of the doors you’ll be framing.

It is possible to have three doors, one for each side and one for the front. Although this isn’t needed, it isn’t very noticeable. You can make a decision on your own.

How To Build a Sofa for $100 - On House and Home

Strip and sand the piece after cutting it. Finally, build it with wood glue and recycled screws. If you’d like to cover up the screws with some 3/8″ doweling, drill a bigger hole before you start installing them.

Wood filler can be used to fill in the visible holes on the doors. After that, apply a coat of mahogany-colored polyurethane stain, sand it down, and apply another coat of the stain. Decorate the couch’s sides with antique swinging door plates once it’s dried.

In the end, cut one of the leftover cushions to make an elbow-resting pillow.

Method#2: Loveseat from pallets

Pallet loveseats are a second option for making a cheap couch. A big number of pallets must be gathered in the first place. Gather a minimum of nine pallets of the same size. Because you want your loveseat to last as long as possible, choose with the best quality you can afford. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some with a cool brand carved or imprinted into the front. You can’t go wrong with a dash of color.

Pallets should be measured to the desired size. Pallets can be chopped to a width of 27.5 inches to make it easier to mix and match them. Cut the slats straight across, then cut off the few inches that dangle over the edge after measuring.

Slide them into a new location and nail them back into place. 78 inches by 78 inches would form a perfect L when set out.

Lay out your pillows on the pallet to figure out how much overall length you’ll need. If you have any old pillows lying around, you could use them. Additionally, there are cheaper alternatives to cushions.

It is your goal to learn how to make a cheap couch from scratch. Instead than purchasing new materials, consider recycling some of your old ones.

To fasten the panels together, insert a few fasteners into the backs. Screw the pallets together in a corner by overlapping them. 2-inch screws can be used. You must do this in order to ensure the safety of your sofa.

Method#3: Loveseat from an old crib

Making a low-cost sofa out of an old crib is also an option. Dismantling an old crib requires first putting the parts away. We came to the conclusion that you don’t need any more hardware or side rails for this modification aside from a few bolts.

Measure and make a note of your projected cut lines before disassembling your crib. For clarity, we’ve highlighted the lines and phrases that have been omitted.

As soon as you’ve settled on a strategy, begin disassembling the crib with great care. At this point, it’s vital that you organize your workspace.

Determine the couch’s depth first. Because it’s the industry standard, we’ll go with a seat depth of about 17 inches. Depending on how much room you want for your butt, this number could alter.

Make a list of the chairs in your house and use the measurements to decide which ones you want to turn into a loveseat. You can utilize the front half of the crib as a sidewall by cutting it to the desired seat width.

You’ve cut everything you’ll need, so now you can lay everything out and see what needs to be attached. Using this, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’ll need and whether or not any of it is missing.

It is then screwed into place in sections of two to four to ensure that it is perfectly square. Set up the skeleton of your couch by drawing a rectangle. Make sure it’s big enough for two people.

Then you may buy a huge board from Lowe’s that has already been glued together. Decorate it to match the chair. Using one of the left-hand pieces, you can create a curved border on the front of the item.

Personalize your couch by painting it and picking cushions that match your particular style. You have a choice; use your imagination.

It’s important to remember that the purpose of repurposing a crib is twofold. It’s a way to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture while also providing a comfortable resting spot for our young ones.

Make sure that all of the corners on the outside are rounded. The finish should be free of burrs and all hardware or fasteners should be well coated.

10 Stylish Loveseats We Love Under $500

Among our favorite things to do at Apartment Therapy is to look for low-cost furniture, especially sofas and small-space furnishings. That’s why loveseats are so popular with us. Even the tiniest of apartments can benefit from a little table and chairs, which are typically less expensive than their larger counterparts. Loveseats were once considered of as part of larger furniture sets, but now they are becoming more popular as standalone pieces of furniture as well. To find the greatest loveseats for under $500, we did what we do best and scoured the web for the best selections. This list of ten bargains will wow you with the style and quality you can obtain for a low price.

DIY Sofa Bed Plans: https://gumroad.com/diycreators Looking for a great a spacing idea for a multipurpose room? Perhaps … | Diy sofa bed, Diy sofa, Furniture diy

Davidas 54” Square Arm Loveseat


From the beige tone to the classic button tufting, there’s a lot to like about this Wayfair piece. It’s ideal for those who prefer a minimalist or neutral color scheme but don’t want to commit to a white sofa. Bright throw pillows are an easy way to inject some personality into the look. In addition, the smooth upholstery makes it exceptionally comfy, and it looks incredibly luxurious for the price.

Garren 52.4″ Loveseat


Beautiful square arms with a price tag under $400? Certainly! There’s little doubt that this piece from the ’60s is deserving of its place in the spotlight. For a bedroom or home office that is smaller, this piece is a wonderful option. In other words, why sit at a desk when you can read essential documents while relaxing on a sofa?

Ghia Square Arm Loveseat



Wayfair has a vintage loveseat with a distinct mid-century modern look. Make a statement without going over the top with this piece’s aggressive angles, exposed wood frame and stain-resistant fabric. Adding throw pillows and a decorative rug can soften the edges and lend an eclectic vibe to the room.

Kerby Recessed Arm Loveseat


An Art Deco vibe is given off by the curving arms and tufted back of this item. It’s also a steal for just under $500. It’s easy to assemble and has a robust construction, and you’ll appreciate the variety of upholstery possibilities as much as the others who have used it.

Aisha Square Arm Loveseat


When you buy this Steelside loveseat, you’ll have the look of luxury leather without the hefty price tag. A faux fur blanket draped over it is the perfect complement to make a tiny space feel extra cozy (or two). This sofa is a great option if you’re not a lover of velvet or linen.

Christopher Knight Home Bridie Loveseat


Style, charm, and an affordable price make this love seat a winner. Plus, who can say no to such a stunning shade of blue? A couple more throw cushions look great on its unexpectedly deep seat, and it instantly elevates the style of any room (no matter how small). It’s also available in gray, orange, and purple if you’d prefer.

Carter Linen Loveseat



Maintain a clean look with this linen-upholstered item that goes with many different decors. Its simple design means it can be transformed into anything you choose. A bohemian aesthetic can be achieved with the addition of patterned throws in bright colors, or a more formal appearance can be achieved with an ivory bulky blanket. It doesn’t get any better than this. It has a built-in USB port for charging while relaxing in your favorite chair or sofa.

Modway Prospect Loveseat



A full-sized Chesterfield sofa may be out of the question if you only have a small amount of space (or money) to work with. This Amazon-purchased couch could be the answer. Despite its diminutive size, this chair exudes sophistication thanks to its rounded back and tufted design. For an old-school library vibe, use it in your office or use it in your living room as a compact seating option. It comes in ten colors as an added bonus.

Celestia Flared Arm Loveseat


This loveseat is a perfect example of why Wayfair is a top choice for customers searching for high-quality furniture at an affordable price. You can acquire it for under $300, which is one of our more affordable picks. An wonderful choice for a first apartment or a high-traffic area, it’s also a good investment.

Tackitt Velvet Round Arm Loveseat


Are you all set to exude a certain air of opulence? Any living area may benefit from the modern flair this velvet and brass Wayfair loveseat brings, and it won’t take up much space in the process. My personal favorite is the emerald green shade, but any of the other 11 are also stunning.

The Best Sofas Under $1,000, According to Interior Designers

You spend more time on your sofa than any other item in your apartment, especially during the pandemic, so it’s a good idea to invest in a good one. Even though you could spend thousands of dollars on an item from Knoll or Minotti, we challenged interior designers to pick out their favorite inexpensive couches and love seats (and ones that won’t notoriously break apart). For less than $1,000, we’ve compiled a list of 16 of the best.

Article Cirrus Briar Gray Sofa

The Cirrus sofa from Article also received two nods from our creatives. When it comes to upholstery, Allison Whitt of DesignX Interiors, a hospitality design business in San Diego, prefers the gray fabric above (also available in ivory), while Venturo prefers the green velvet (which costs $100 more; the velvet is also available in gray, navy, and “pacific” blue). “It has just enough intricacy to anchor a room without weighing it down,” Whitt says of the sofa. In Ventura’s opinion, the tufted style “adds a beautiful touch without the big price tag” to any setting. While the sofa has an ornate tufted back and armrests, they are all the same height, creating an overall geometric and minimalist look. For Whitt, the “large depth” serves as a perfect backdrop for personal details like cushions and a throw, which she calls out. According to Venturo, this outfit can be dressed up or down with ease and still look sophisticated. It’s a couch you won’t have to replace for a long time, says Whitt, because “the construction holds up to commercial use.”

Taupe Tufted Nail Head Myles Sofa

Floyd suggests the Myles sofa from World Market if you like the design of the Cirrus sofa but don’t want to spend as much. She described it as a “stately garment” that is also really comfy. Seat, back, and sides all have tufting, much like on the Cirrus. It has a tuxedo silhouette, with the same height for both the arms and back as the original. Nevertheless, the slightly bulkier frame and the nail heads on the arms give it a more classic look and feel.

Joss & Main Kaiden 86” Square Arm Sofa

Devin Shaffer, the designer of Decorilla, says this three-seater from Joss & Main, which is similar to Article’s Sven but more cheap and longer, “beautiful.” It’s crafted of solid eucalyptus wood and features a honey-tan faux-leather upholstery and a tufted seat and back with matching bolster pillows (like the Sven).

Crate & Barrel Skylar Apartment Sofa

Chanae Richards, the designer and CEO of Philadelphia-based lr interiors, recommends a black-and-white sofa from Crate & Barrel for a tiny apartment to lend a subtle pattern to your area. This is a great opportunity to experiment with pattern without going overboard if you have white walls and are hesitant to paint or hang art in a dramatic color. Sleek, polished metal legs and a streamlined silhouette further enhance the piece’s understated elegance.

Article Mirage Yarrow Gold Sofa

Two of our panelists recommend Article’s Mirage sofa in a “deep gold velvet,” which is described as “just stunning.” The “delicate slope in the armrest,” in the words of designer Meghan Noyes, “stands out from other modern sofa shapes.” “Super stylish,” says Emerie Forehand, a Decorist designer who appreciates the velvet’s vintage vibe. She particularly likes the tapering legs’ attention to detail. For the same price, you can have it in a blush pink color.

Harriet Modern Classic Beige Cushion Brown Teak Wood Cushion Back Outdoor Sofa - 90"W 81" W - 90" W | Kathy Kuo Home

AllModern Kelly Sofa

Shaffer recommends AllModern’s modernized version of a Victorian “fainting couch” for something even more theatrical. The “sweeping design” of the 86-inch sofa, as well as the built-in ottoman and splayed legs, appeal to him. This velvet comes in a silver champagne velvet, black, and navy, as well as this beautiful blue.

CB2 Tufo Tufted Daybed

While a daybed isn’t a sofa, Richards says it’s just as comfortable and multifunctional. The Tufo’s textured fabric and solid frame are two of her favorite features.

Chamberlin Velvet Sofa

In Forehand’s opinion, this velvet three-seater is no less appealing because of its “vintage mood” and the affordable price it offers for a custom-made sofa. Seven jewel-toned colors are available for just under $1,000, and she believes they’d “make a focal point in any environment.”

Modway Remark

Designed by Josh Greene, “you might have stumbled upon it during a trip to Copenhagen,” he adds. This is a steal at $600 “particularly for its aesthetic,” he adds. Tufting on the back, flared arms and wooden legs make it an eye-catching centerpiece. If you’re looking for something a little less pricey than the blue color displayed, it’s also available in a variety of other colors and styles.

Modway Engage Right Arm Loveseat

The interior designer Vicente Wolf recommends this cheap alternative from Modway that “fits well paired with higher-priced pieces.” Its “solid sitting with considerable width” is one among its many appealing features, according to him. If you remove the armrests, it can be used as a daybed or a divan for a more relaxed seating arrangement. Color options include blue, beige, dark gray, teal and wheatgrass — all at varying rates — for this one.

Skyline Furniture Doyer Linen Armless Chair

As Floyd explains, the Doyer line “is wonderful because it is modular, so you can choose precisely how many parts” you want to construct your sofa out of, it’s ideal for decorating oddly shaped or extremely small spaces. “This sofa is one of my favorites because of its adaptability,” she says, referring to the linen-viscose blend upholstery. A three-piece couch is the cheapest ready-to-order configuration (costing over $1,000), but you could potentially combine two of these armless chairs to form a love seat for under $1,000 — or a corner chair and armless chair to create an open-ended sofa for only a hair over $1,000..

The Floyd Sofa

While this two-seater from Detroit-based furniture company Floyd is technically above $1,000, it’s still a great deal, according to Richards, who says that the company’s price points “continue to be impressive when considering their craftsmanship and style.” Plus, she adds, “their customer service is top notch.” It’s also a good option if you’re looking for something a little bit industrial. And it ships flat packed, making delivery hassle-free. While the two-seater measures 60 inches wide, the sofa is also available in a three-seater or three-seater with chaise, measuring 87 inches wide, for $1,295 and $1,695, respectively.

Ivory Feather Filled Brynn Sofa

As far as price points go, Floyd’s are “amazing when considering their craftsmanship and style,” said Richards, who noted that this two-person couch from the Detroit-based furniture business goes for more than $1,000. “Their customer service is top notch,” she continues. For a more industrial feel, this is also an excellent choice. Flat-packed shipping makes it even easier to receive. Sofas with three or four seats and a chaise are also available, but they are 87 inches wide and cost $1,295 and 1,695, respectively.

Two of our designers, Forehand and Floyd, suggest the Brynn couch for individuals who prefer a more traditional look, describing it as “more conventional, with the slipcover style.” The feather-filled cushions make this “like a big cozy bed,” she says (that also happen to be reversible). And it is a sofa that Floyd loves as well, because it is reminiscent of Restoration Hardware’s ($4000+) Cloud sofa collection, but for much less money. That “casual, laid-back feel” is a big plus for her, as well.

At the World Market, it costs $900.

West Elm Harris Sofa

For a price of $899

Similarly to the Brynn, Venturo suggests the Harris, which has a boxier design but more defined cushions. She considers it to be one of the most adaptable options available. Described as a “neutral object” by Venturo, it can be used in any setting, from a contemporary flat to a more traditional farmhouse. The sofa’s “clean, modern lines and ageless no-fuss design” are to blame for this, according to her. Cushions are reversible and removable for easy washing, making it both comfy and functional. According to Venturo, it has a “perfect mix between fitted and comfy,” and you can choose from dozens of fabric combinations and a deep-seat design for resting. Starting at $899, the 66-inch model is available in a variety of fabrics.


Ikea Ektorp Sofa


Designer Ryan White suggests the Ikea Ektorp as a less priced, yet equally versatile, alternative. “Comfy and cozy,” he exclaims with first sight of the sofa. In addition, he points out that the slipcover is simple to remove and wash in the machine, allowing you to change the look of the chair at any time. This is a great option for anyone, from those just out of college to those with young children. Additionally, it is available in a variety of colors and pricing ranges. There are a variety of colors available, such as white ($499) or beige ($399).

Conclusion on building an inexpensive loveseat

When constructing a new piece of furniture, there are numerous materials that can be utilized. If you want to learn how to build a low-cost loveseat, consider repurposing outdated items. Good luck with your loveseat voyage and have fun putting your ideas to the test!

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