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With the right tools for laundry having the right laundry tools, this could be stepping back in time, and then using older items such as mangle irons. There’s nothing wrong with that because the old-fashioned tools were constructed of more durable materials and could handle tough work easily.

What is the mangled iron perform? Mangle irons is a massive mechanical device made up of two rollers and applies even pressure, to ensure lots of clothing was made in a brief duration. It was in vogue around 70 years ago but lost its popularity over the years.

To find out more about what the mangled iron is and the way it functions, continue to read our post. We bring back this classic gadget that has helped people save a lot of hours and time. It is possible that you will discover something new and become just as enthralled by the laundry machine.

What is An Ironrite Mangle Iron Model 85?


This is a rather traditional machine intended to make the household chores of a wife which included ironing, much easier to accomplish. The basic idea behind the machine is that it has a large metal plate that is placed underneath the huge roller.

The roller is supported by two arms that allow some movement in the event that you require to adjust it for a more slender fabric. When your clothes are dry it is recommended to turn this device on and take your clothes that are not ironed by the bottom of the front.

Then the roller would press the clothing, removing wrinkles and the clothes would be pressed out to the opposite side. All you needed to do was to pick up the item and hang it on an iron.

The most effective way to speed the process of ironing was, to begin with, basics like placemats, tablecloths, sheets, etc. One of the disadvantages of the device was that it was massive and required open space for it to be used.

How Much is A Mangle Iron Worth?


The value of a particular machine is in the depend category. It’s dependent on the person selling it and the way they choose to market the iron. If you’re lucky, you could discover a remote area with one and you can get it at no cost if you take it away. it away.

eBay offers a broad range in prices. The cheapest cost is $25. The most expensive price we’ve seen is about $300. There are numerous price ranges between $100 and $200. One person even has found one available for sale at $180.

The only certainty is that if find one for a bargain, you’re not making an investment of a lifetime which will leave you financially secure for the duration of the rest of your existence. They aren’t diamonds hidden as that of a Van Gogh painting under another painting.

Their value is determined by the value you get from it, and also what buyers are prepared to offer.

How Does a Mangle Iron Work?


Be aware that this isn’t an old device that relied on manual labor and waited for electricity to be developed. The first models of the device were developed around 1928 and made use of electricity from the beginning.

They are housed inside a cabinet. To start the process, you need to open the lid, locate the power cord for the electricity and connect it. Then, you have to press the start button in order to get the roller to move.

One other note about the cabinet. Some models had or had a metal structure, while others had a wooden cabinet that was quite appealing to admire. After the roller began to rotate, you fed the clothing through the bottom, then reached to find the pressed object on the opposite side.

Naturally, it is important that you have been wary when you reached the clothing that has been pressed since you wouldn’t want what you’re wearing to be pulled up on the roller. The button to turn off is located at the front, so if this happened, you’d end the power quite quickly.

How to Use a Mangle Iron


There’s nothing much that can be done with the mangled iron. It was an item of equipment for laundry, which occupied lots of space. The cover was opened and then sat on its hinges.

It was impossible to remove it and put it away. The cover functioned as an organizer for clothes in the event that you were moving a bit too slowly to reach your pants, shirts, or other items. The toughest part of operating the old machine was figuring out how to feed your clothes enough to get wrinkles taken care of without causing further.

It takes a bit of practice to master this tool for laundry. You can create an excellent crease in the pants of a couple and iron your blouse that has pleats to look brand new.

The overall experience is simpler to use in comparison to flat irons or ironing boards. If you do not have room in your home, you can purchase the iron mangle without a case. It could have saved you one or two feet in the process of putting it in the proper location for easy use.

Mangle Iron For Sheets


Sheets are in the category of basic garments or fabrics you must begin with. There’s nothing complicated about removing the wrinkles of a sheet. Their dimensions were flat, normal, and simple to use.

The mangle’s design iron made pillowcases, sheets, and other similar items the top items to put to the roll. They were so easy to handle and the machine produced perfect ironed sheets, without doing lots of work.

Heating elements did much of the work. It was able to be lowered and raised at the touch of a button. You could lower it to allow the clothing item to be fed inside, then lift it once it was time to place the roller.

You also had control of where the wrinkle took place while the heater ensured the wrinkles went away quickly.

Ironrite Mangle Parts


Finding the right parts to repair the Ironrite mangle iron is the most challenging aspect when you own one of the outdated ironing machines. With the rise in hand irons as well as wrinkle-free clothes Mangle irons were not popular anymore, and the company began to face financial difficulties.

Maytag did collaborate with the company that joined the previous Ironrite business to create their smaller version of this machine. However, the production of spare parts was likely to end in the year 1959.

The best source for spare parts is to search for older Ironrite mangle iron models 85 machines. take off the parts that work and replace the non-working ones.

There was a site a few years ago that was named Mr. Mangle but it was either shut down or away or moved its website to a new website. The old URL did not take anyone to any place.

Another problem is that even if you find the correct components there is a chance that you will not be able to find someone to fix the problem. There are not many repairmen who repair mangle iron today.

Ironrite Mangle Roller Cover


There is a rumor that there are lots of Ironrite mangle irons to be found all over the United States. That’s positive news since they continue to make beautiful covers for them. They might not be made of wood or metal, but they are made of cotton.

The price on one site is $36, which is believed to be quite a costly price for something that does not require much effort to create. If you’re on eBay expect $36 to be the minimum amount the cover will fetch.

The covers shouldn’t be too difficult to replace and should slide across the roll in a short time. Don’t expect much assistance from Amazon in this regard. Our search did not yield any results.

The most effective thing you can do when you are looking for an alternative cover is to allow your fingers to wander around and then call the stores you come across on the Yellow Pages or via the internet.

Mangle Band

This section does not talk about the Mangled group that was formed in the latter part of the 80s and recorded two albums in the 90s. Also, it is not about the film Mangleorn released in 2014, and starring Al Pacino and Helen Hunt.

When it was used on a domestic washing machine is consisted of two rollers located high up which squeezed water from freshly cleaned clothes. The rollers were positioned on cogs that could be turned manually or by electricity.

The initial European mangle was an enormous rolling pin with the damp clothing piece covered. The rolling pin was positioned on a flat surface and the water squeezed from the fabric. The first model was introduced in 1444.

The mangle band fitted to the washing machine’s first incarnation came into use around 1843. It was an electric model that was manually operated. Mangles aren’t offered to the population in America and, if used, they are used for commercial purposes only.

Ironrite Mangle Troubleshooting


Repairing the older Ironrite mangle iron isn’t likely to be that difficult to fix if you’re mechanically skilled and adept at working on older equipment. The reason for that is that you can locate service and operation guides on eBay.

The price for the manuals is around $24. Another cost is $31. The secret, of course, is to locate the correct manual for the type that you currently own. Ironrite mangle iron that you currently have.

It isn’t known the extent to which his sites it still operating or is it not? The owner at the time created several PDFs of various operation guides to Ironrite machines. We checked the main page and it appears to be working.

The company is listed on Facebook therefore there is an excellent chance that you will obtain an operation and service guide from them as well as solve the issue with your Ironrite Mangle Iron Model number. 85.

A Word About Ironrite Oil


The company did offer its own oil inside its oil cans bearing the Ironrite brand name. The good thing is that it’s not a special oil manufactured from the 1930s until the 60s. It’s a product that was packaged by the Gulf Oil company for Ironrite.

The SAE was just 50 and it was a light oil. The most important thing to remember is that you must make use of about 6 ounces of this oil to ensure that all parts are lubricated. Car oil is not suitable for the old machinery.

The 3 in one oil is also the ideal kind of oil to perform well with the Ironrite Mangle Iron. The last thing you must be aware of. When you change the oil, the paper you discover in the gears or the gears, etc. is actually meant to remain there.

Its goal is to shield the machine from spills of oil that might occur.

Some Final Words

Older machines are fascinating particularly when they’re still in been in use to this day. If you can locate one that you can get working again, the old Ironrite mangle irons are great additions to your laundry routine.

They’re easy to operate and it just takes a few minutes to master the method that will yield the most effective results. They are also an excellent conversation piece that for you and your family to discuss whenever they come to come over.

There appear to be many of these machines that are still operating, so finding parts for them might not be a problem in the least. You’ll never know until you test.