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Fold your legs inwards or not fold them.

That’s the question. Sewing comfort is much. For some people , sitting comfortably, it means that they can put their legs beneath them while sewing. Proper posture is crucial while sewing.

Do you think sitting with your legs folded in a way the covers of your legs harmful?

There’s a reason it is not advisable to sit on your knees with your legs folded, with your feet placed under your. If you do this, it can impede blood flow, which could cause damage to the muscles. The reason for this is an absence of oxygen.

To learn more about this intriguing topic, keep reading our article. It will address this issue and provides you with plenty of useful information that will assist you in sitting and sewing more effectively.

Is Sitting on Your Feet Bad for You?


There are many reports that suggest being on your feet all day or walking with your legs crossed is not good for your health. Of course, people react differently while some may not suffer any health issues , while others could.

One of the most significant effects that can result from being on your feet all day is that if you don’t shift positions for a while the feet and legs could become completely numb. If this happens you might not be able walk again until the blood flow is restored.

Some have suffered a dislocation of the hip joint. The dislocation is not as severe as breaking it, but having it move in a way that you could not be able to walk as normal until it is returned to the original position.

Another issue that could occur is that your blood pressure could rise while standing on your feet. This is the reason nurses require you to keep your legs crossed while they prepare to measure an assessment of blood pressure. The legs crossed could affect the results and provide you with more pressure than you would have.

Then, there’s the chance that your foot could be asleep and you have to get up fast. If that happens, which is very rare, you may break your foot. Keep in mind it is possible that the same thing that happens to other people might not happen to you , and you’ll be fine when you are in a seated position for extended periods of time.

Sitting With Legs Folded Under (Leg Tucked Under)


There’s a small chance of injury if you sit in a cross-legged position for a period of period of time. The first risk is not significant and could only impact your posture. When your legs are crossed under you your pelvis bone may rotate and tilt. This can lead to poor posture.

However, it’s far from the sole thing that it could cause. One of the ailments that can result from sitting in this posture for long periods of time is that it could cause your spine to go out of alignment, causing back discomfort.

When your muscles are trying to compensate for your poor posture, you could be in some problem as you’ll experience additional pains and discomforts. Let’s look at this slightly.

A short time of sitting on your legs won’t result in these problems. It’s when you are sitting in this position for a long duration that these issues begin to manifest. If you’re only sitting for an hour per day, you shouldn’t be concerned about it too very much. However, your blood pressure could increase, it will not be as much.

There’s also the belief that you can cause varicose legs while sitting upon your feet. As of the time of writing, doctors aren’t certain of the cause for varicose leg symptoms is. It could be caused by weight gain, pregnancy or aging, as well as your genetic makeup.

Two of these sources you shouldn’t worry about, and you shouldn’t be concerned about these sources. But that’s not the end of the story. There’s some positive news to be found. Doctors have learned that varicose varicose veins don’t happen by crossing your legs.

Now you can change your grandmother’s and mother’s opinion If they don’t agree. Varicose veins result from issues with the veins. Then we get to a second positive aspect. Being in a position for long periods of time will not cause these issues either.

Knee Hurts When Sitting on Feet


Today is the day to celebrate great news. You might feel that your knee is hurting while sitting with your legs crossed , or when you are standing on your feet. Make sure you are relaxed as sitting this way doesn’t cause pain.

Medical science isn’t always a precise science, and cannot always identify a specific factor that causes knee pain during sitting. However, it can assist in identifying possible causes, and this is among these instances.

Doctors are certain the fact that you’re sitting down isn’t the reason for the knee discomfort. There is instead an array of causes which start with being active, or obese, or you suffered from an injury to your knee in the past or your knee cap is not in alignment (which is a common occurrence whenever you are sitting in various postures).

These are the most common possibilities for sources. The more medical and severe causes are osteoarthritis, Osgood Schlatter’s disease bursitis and Baker’s cyst. The last is an inflammation of the bursa in the back of the knee. The discomfort comes from excessive pressure placed on it.

The knee bursitis is a type of fluid in the knee that creates a space between the tendons, and consequently. Schlatter’s disease is a condition that is an issue that affects the front part of the knee, and is typically seen in males who have been growing too fast and too quickly.

The conclusion is that it’s okay to stand on your feet if your knee pain isn’t due to that position.

Sitting on Feet During Pregnancy


In the beginning, feeling some discomfort when standing on your feet or when you cross your legs pregnant isn’t an excuse to stay away from becoming pregnant. While pregnancy is an element in knee pain, it’s an indirect reason.

The reason you will feel discomfort in your legs, pelvis, knees and other lower limb areas will be the shift in the centre of gravity when your pregnancy comes closer to its conclusion. As your uterus expands and larger, it alters your center of gravity and causes you to change the way you stand, walk, stand and the list goes on.

Remember that this modifications to your posture won’t cause harm to your baby or yourself. You must be relaxed and since your body is changing , your comfort zones are shifting. So, sitting on your legs will not cause harm to your child or you. It could be more comfortable for you in this moment.

However… You anticipated it Sitting on your feet can affect the swelling in your ankles, and can contribute the increase of leg cramps. If you observe these situations happening, you need to modify your seating position.

The position of sitting with your feet on the ground or sitting on a stool is the best option for you if you are expecting.

How to Stop Sitting on My Feet


It could take some time because one sewer broke an tendons over her knee. She was instructed by her doctor not to put her feet beneath her. However, she acknowledges that despite what she experienced and despite the advice from her doctor she is still doing it.

It is likely to require the most difficult choice on your part to get rid out of the habit of standing at your feet. The posture can be is extremely comfortable to be in. The ability to stay focused is a must because it is very easy to fall back to old habits.

Another option is borrowing the positions for sitting that are advised when you’re pregnant. You can purchase a stool for resting your feet on or place your feet on the floor with both feet straight to the floor. Another option might be odd, but you can buy an inflatable ball made of rubber and put it on your knees.

When that you’re sitting in a chair, you can work out by pressing the ball on your knees. It is essential not to fall over the ball, and you can be able to drop it if you shift your position. It is also suggested to set a timer, and then begin training yourself to cross your legs, and then set your feet on the ground.

This is done by giving you a specific period of time, perhaps two to five minutes, to lie on your feet with your legs under your feet. After the timer has gone off, you shift your position until your feet are flat on the flooring. You should remain seated for as long as you’re able before using the timer once more.

Another aspect is worth discussing in this article. If you’re short such as being less than 5’4″ tall the chairs, sofas, etc. might have to be a bit low to be able to sit comfortably on the flooring.

If this is the case and you’re in need of a solution, you’ll need to look for a smaller chair to seat in so that you can be comfortable in a seated position with feet resting on the ground. A final option addresses the warmth. Women tend to be colder than men.

This is why that they put their feet underneath them. Women want to stay warm and this position aids considerably. If you wear only slippers or socks you will be able to keep your feet warm and you don’t be compelled to put your feet on the floor.

What About Sitting On Leg in Chair


This position will result in the same outcomes as the previous one. According to experts in the field of health they say that you’re not likely create any medical emergencies sitting in that position.

What can result is that you might raise your blood pressure little, which will slow blood flow into your lower extremities, result in them going to sleep, and so on. If you sew for between 6 and 8 hours per day, it is a smart step to shift your position frequently so that you don’t trigger small ailments.

If you place your legs across your ankles as you sit at your desk, you don’t run the risk of creating excessive blood pressure. It’s a great alternative position to choose in case you’re going to be working on working on your machine a long duration of.

What you must remember is that the crossed legs and standing on your feet, and the rest of them do not cause various medical conditions. It’s okay to sit that way for a brief period of time. The only thing that makes it problematic is if you stay in this way for long periods at a stretch and aren’t moving.

There Are Benefits to Sitting With Good Posture

There is a chance that you do not enjoy sitting in a an ideal posture, as it becomes uncomfortable after a time. There are a few advantages which come from sitting correctly.

    • 1. Researchers have discovered that you can boost your cognitive capacity by sitting in the right place. This is an excellent reason to get off your feet.


    • 2. A good posture can protect your back. It is important to not misalign joints or bones which end in more damaging compensatory motions. Your back stays in good health and you feel better.
    • 3. It is believed that a good posture can make a difference to the overall health issues. It’s supposed to fight heart disease, diabetes, and enhance your lung function.


Some Final Words

You might not think about it that much however the way you sit may affect you in a way. It’s not as much as the old wives of stories that are often repeatedly repeated. They can help you to be more healthy and happier with your self.

It’s fine to place your feet under you or cross your legs. The positions you choose to sit in aren’t going cause harm to your health or take you to the hospital anytime soon.

A good posture can keep you in the hospital and allow you to sew for many years to come.