Kenmore History: Who Manufactures Kenmore Sewing Machines

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The lessons of history can be very valuable it

There is a lot to consider when it involves sewing machines. Knowing who manufactures them for which department store will affect your purchase choice. Like other department store chains, Sears has used a range of sewing machine manufacturers to make the Kenmore Sewing machines.

Who Manufactures Kenmore Sewing Machines?

Your guess could be just as accurate as any other. What we’ve discovered is that Janome was the manufacturer of their Kenmore sewing machine, but discontinued the production about six years ago. It is now possible that the maker could be one from the following companies: Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux, Panasonic, Cleva North America along with Daewoo Electronics.

For more information about who manufactures this Kenmore sewing machine, continue to read the article. This is a long-standing mystery that has to be solved, and this article will help.

Are Kenmore Sewing Machines Still Made


In 2019, it doesn’t seem like Sears has Kenmore sewing machines produced. They were made by Janome however, that brand has started to make its name without the Kenmore brand.

Every list and page we inspected did not have a single Kenmore sewing machine. According to what we’ve learned, Sears stopped selling the Kenmore brand a few years ago, and began selling their old competitors’ machines, such as Singer Brother, Singer, and, of the course Janome.

It is possible to purchase Kenmore sewing parts and accessories, however the machine itself appears to be gone. We’ve even looked on Amazon to determine if there was something we missed but there are only Singer, Brother and Janome brands are listed on the sales pages we looked at.

It seems that Sears has abandoned their sewing machine , and this is not surprising given the difficulties the store has faced in recent times.

Kenmore Sewing Machine History


The Kenmore has a fascinating background to at least. The first time the Kenmore name was incorporated into the sewing machine of Sears was in 1913. The name was removed in 1919 due to a reason, but the reason hasn’t been clarified.

In 1934, the name was revived, only to disappear with the beginning during the Second World War because of the shortage of material. Between 1933 and the year 1958 Sears signed a deal with White to make their Kenmores.

The company then entered into agreements with a variety of Japanese manufacturers to lower their costs. In the beginning, the store only had a couple of models of the rotary-style Kenmore before expanding its offerings in the 1950s, offering 17 models. This model’s model number grew to 100 models by the 1960s.

The contract to manufacture Kenmores was handed over to Janome who held the contract until about 2013. Since then, a number of firms could be accountable for the production of Kenmore sewing machines, if they’re still being made.

When Was My Kenmore Sewing Machine Made


The most effective way to determine the date the date your Kenmore sewing machine built is to determine your model’s number. For instance, if your model says 117.101 it was produced in 1934. If it’s 117.123 the version was produced in 1939.

Here’s a link that goes over the early years that were the earliest years of Kenmore sewing machine that was manufactured from 1934 to. If your sewing machine is equipped with the model number 385 It’s likely that it was designed by Janome or after 1965.

The 340 was produced by Nechhi however it isn’t certain when they made their Kenmore in order to sell it at Sears. The 516s were produced by a firm called Gritzner Kaiser and possibly were manufactured from 1958 to 62.

How Much is a Kenmore Sewing Machine Worth


The worth for the Kenmore sewing machine is contingent upon the person who owns it or whether someone is keen on purchasing the machine. For some , the Kenmore is extremely important for them and holds an extremely emotional significance.

These people would set their Kenmores extremely high. However when a collector is looking to purchase the machine, they would put a very low value on the machine as they are looking to earn a profit. You can try to purchase the same sewing machine from a collector and its price will skyrocket.

The value of a machine will depend on the model, make model, and the year it was built. If you want to get an estimate of the value you can figure out it that Kenmore sewing machines are worth between $100 and $500. Kenmore sewing machine could be valued between $100-$500.

A collector might purchase it by you at $100, and later offer it to the public for $500. It is not always the highest value for many things unless they are individual or the purchaser is driven to purchase the item.

Where are Kenmore Sewing Machines Made


Sears was one of the different companies that made the Kenmore sewing machine. In the beginning, the manufacturer was American. White was located in Massachusetts but moved to Cleveland later. However, when it became too expensive, they moved back to Massachusetts.

Sears attempted to use an German company for a time before relocating their competitors to Japan. The latest sewing machines were made from the exact same Japanese firm that manufactured Singer machine sewing.

Department stores that don’t produce their own items will choose to buy from the producers who offer the most affordable manufacturing cost. Sears is just like every other department store, and will require a reasonable purchase price so they can offer the sewing equipment to their customers for an affordable price, and still earn money.

It is likely that China may have taken the place the place of Japan within Asia in the low-cost labor and manufacturing cost department. However, there is no evidence that Sears has made the decision to join this company.

Are Kenmore Sewing Machines Good

It is a valid question to ask , and the answer will be based on the experiences a customer has encountered in dealing with Sears as well as Kenmore products. Customers who have experienced Kenmore sewing machines that perform well above or beyond expectations and over a long time frame will defend the Kenmore name until the end of time.

Customers who didn’t have a positive experience won’t suggest Kenmore to their pet. With that being said the 158 series was constructed entirely of metal. This ensured that the machine was robust and made to keep it running for years. It also was able to stitch very efficiently.

The more modern, plastic-based versions weren’t so great and it’s doubtful that you’ll see a lot of use from them if often use them. Some models made of aluminum were decent and lasted more time than plastic models.

To determine if they’re excellent or not is dependent on the person you are and your experience with the models. Many people will discover the plastic lighter or aluminum models just as good as the more expensive all-metal models.

Best Kenmore Sewing Machine Ever Made


If you believe the advice of experts , the greatest Sears Kenmore ever produced was the model from 1914. Experts also ranked the 1914 model in the same category as the industry-grade sewing machine. They believe that’s an excellent review for an sewing machine.

What was it that made it great and special? The 1914 Kenmore included a 1.2 amp motor and a free arm. It created button holes using templates, and could also create monograms, and used cams to create decorative stitches.

It was also constructed with metal, giving its longevity. Additionally, it has the advantage of it being able to cut through jeans as if they never were present. However, despite all the wonderful features, the opinion of users is divided.

There is a belief that certain models 158 and 385 were superior to 1914. The reason for this belief is due to better feeding of thread and fabric and belts that were well-cogged and much superior to other belt designs and the list goes on.

Although those models were made of plastic they performed to the standards they had set and their expectations. Therefore, they chose to support the models of 1914. Finally, there are people who believe in the entire line of Kenmore sew-on machines.

They believe that every model is the top regardless of year they were manufactured or the construction materials employed. However, they might prefer the Kenmores manufactured in those years, they are, they are the most effective. They may have their own reasons as to why they don’t like the 1914 model, but every individual will be happier with one model over the other.

It’s based on the kind of sewing technique they use and what kind of fabrics they choose to use, which will influence their recommendations.

Some Final Words

The purchase of the latest Kenmore sewing machine could be impossible right now. Given the financial problems that Sears has faced in the past few years, it’s possible that they shut down outsourcing their manufacturing. They may have transferred the brand name to a different company.

In spite of this it is possible to be able to find parts for your old Kenmore sewing machine. These are still being produced to fit more modern models. Kenmores are still excellent models and if you can find an older, all-metal model, then you’re doing good. They will last for an extended time, even though the models were manufactured several decades back.



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