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It doesn’t take much to spice up an otherwise dreary workplace, from blandly colored carpeting to blandly colored walls.

There are several things that can lift your spirits during the workweek, such pulling your tape from a cheerful-looking tape dispenser or admiring some of the new office wall art.

Try investing in some unusual office goods instead of a whole office redesign if you don’t have the time, money, or energy to do so (or if you just want to make buying cool office products a little more enjoyable).

Check out this collection of 37 interesting office products that will brighten your workday!

In order to keep pricing as accurate as possible, we’ve listed the cost of each item.

What falls under the category of “Office Supplies?”

Items typically found in a workplace. Office supplies include paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, and even a computer, which I’m currently utilizing. Basically, anything that can be used to write on, color, or paint. Office, school, or home supplies that aid in education and/or literary enrichment.

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When do we use office supplies?

An office supply is used at least once every hour. When you use an office supply, you might not even be aware that you’re doing so. Take a few minutes now to keep track of how many office supplies you go through in a typical workday. I’m confident that you’ll be pleasantly delighted.

Why are they called Office Supplies?

Due to the fact that they were originally meant to be utilized only in the workplace, but it is clear that the concept has expanded far beyond that. They made their way from one office to another, to schools, to homes, and everything in between.

In today’s economy, office supplies are critical, and everyone relies on and benefits from them. We take them for granted to some extent.

Office Supplies vs. Stationery

Having an understanding of the importance of office supplies might help you become more productive. However, before purchasing any of these goods, make certain that they are up to the task at hand. You should also keep in mind the quality and comfort you desire when searching for these products. Please explain the difference between office supplies and stationery to us before we get started.

  • Office supplies include whatever you would need to get the job done around the office. Furniture, computers and other office equipment are all weighty items.
    • Paper and writing pad: This category includes both regular writing paper and letterhead.
    • Documents, bills, and other paperwork can be stored in files and folders.
    • A storage organizer is a device that aids in the documentation and management of information.

Importance of Office Supplies

Whether or if you are a professional, people like you like to base their decisions on the paper you use for writing and billing. Some reasons why office supplies are crucial:

  • When you use high-quality office supplies and stationery, your firm appears to be of a higher caliber. When it comes to what you order, appearances might be deceiving. Investing in high-quality products is a good way to boost employee morale. It’s time to ponder it. A paper that won’t feed into a copier machine is the pits.
  • Office Efficiency — When you utilize high-quality office supplies and stationery, everything just seems to run more smoothly. Everything in the office is better when it everything works as it should.
  • Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies – Nowadays, you may buy environmentally friendly office supplies. Recycled products are better for the environment. In addition, you’re doing your part to protect our planet, which usually gets people’s attention. They may prefer to do more business with you if they regard you as a person who takes responsibility.

You’ll be better able to choose the supplies you need if you know why they’re necessary. Learn more about office supplies by clicking here!

37 Cool Office Supplies & Gadgets For Your Workplace

1. Work • Space • Spark Home Office Box

With patience and a few good ideas, you can make the most of your home office space. The Work • Space • Spark subscription box provides working professionals with fashionable, hand-picked desk decor, productivity, and office supplies. Every month, a new WFH-themed box is sent to your door, bringing a dose of freshness to your work place.

The cost is $44.95

2. A mini USB vacuum

Even mundane chores like vacuuming are made more enjoyable by doing them in tiny. Even if you’ve been pretending to overlook the crumbs on your desk, a USB vacuum can help. If the vacuum resembles a ladybug, all the better.

Cost: $8.95

3. MoonPod

Rejuvenate your staff by providing them with a workplace device that serves both a practical purpose and a soothing function. The MoonPod is the perfect place to unwind while you communicate with your coworkers via email or Zoom. Modern workplaces can’t be better than this.

Prices start at $299 and go higher from there.

4. Zen in a package

When it comes to the office, a little bit of Zen can be the best thing you could ask for. Colorful geometric zen motifs are included in this customizable set, which promotes peace of mind.

The price ranges from $5.83 to $5.83

5. An otter tape dispenser

Here’s a cute one for you to enjoy:

After purchasing their otter tape dispenser, one customer had the following to say:

To put things into perspective when you’re scrambling to put together an emergency presentation, look no farther than this little man.

The cost is $15.79.

6. Remote-controlled vehicles

Are you sick and tired of receiving emails? Deliver your notes to Dave down the hall in style by attaching them to an RC vehicle. Organize a Friday afternoon grand prix on an office-supply track, inspired by these McClaren employees.

7. Healthy Snacks

Do you really believe that office snacks don’t count as necessary supplies? While only 16 percent of workplaces provide free snacks for their employees, a recent poll indicated that 67% of employees with free food access reported being “very” or “very” satisfied with their present job.

How many post-it notes have you encountered that can improve the well-being, productivity, and morale of workers?

We included nutritious snacks on our list because we know they bring a lot of happiness to your workplace.

8. Pens that nobody will want to borrow

Having your coworkers use your pens just to discover that you don’t have any of your own is one of the best feelings.

PaperJunkie’s pens, which feature wacky-named businesses, include:

You’ll get a few laughs out of them, but you’ll also be the last person anyone wants to borrow a pen from.

The cost is $6.99

9. Motivational posters

A excellent concept for a workplace motivational poster is this: The hilarious approach or Brit + Co’s list of 21 motivating posters you’ll truly want in your office are both excellent choices.

Starting at just $1.98, this product is an excellent value.

10. An extra hand

On this blogger’s favorite things list, this desk accessory can be used to help keep your other desk supplies in place:.

Any pencil holder can serve the same purpose as a disembodied hand.

The cost is $17.99

11. A desk set in bold colors

An assortment of office essentials, such as a tape dispenser and a pen cup, are packaged in a brightly colored set for convenience. Swag.com can print a personalized design on your office supplies, and the bright colors make a statement in any setting.

For $25.15 and more,

12. DIY zen gardens

Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to create a zen garden in the middle of the day. Easy-to-follow instructions for zen gardens like this one from Dream a Little Bigger may be found all over the internet.

Estimated cost: about $20

13. Awesome wall calendars

If you work in an office, it’s always a good idea to know the date. You must date all of your papers, keep track of the days until vacation, and plan ahead for the next vacation.

For those who work in an office, it can be difficult to remember the date. The following are some easy-to-make DIY wall calendar ideas.

The cost varies greatly.

14. Peel and stick googly eyes

To understand why peel and stick googly eyes made it onto this list, wait till Bill gets into his office and finds his computer staring back at him!

We give human characteristics to inanimate objects because we’re human, and it just feels good! Why not assist that innate tendency? Sticker sets like those found on this website are ideal for making a ridiculous face.

The cost is $4.95

Must-Have Office Supplies For Business Setup

15. A Dammit doll

There have been times when I have been so fed up at work that I have wanted to chuck something at the wall. We, of course, haven’t.

The Dammit Doll might be a better alternative if you ever find yourself feeling that way. To de-stress at the office, grab one of these dolls and fling it about. What else could you possibly do with them?

The cost is $15.87 per unit.

16. A dinosaur desk organizer

The dinosaur desk organizer has 290 reviews and five stars (as of the time of this writing), making it an essential for any office.

At a cost of $12.99

Bonus: Emoji stickers

Using emoji stickers, you can help your employees communicate themselves in a way that is universally understood.

There is a $12.00 price tag.

17. Tomato timers

It’s a simple kitchen gadget that can help you turn a tedious activity into a fun one..

Attempt to finish before the timer expires.

It could also be a fun method to stick to your resolution to master the Pomodoro technique.

Cost: $3.59

18. A solar-powered rainbow maker

A rainbow is a surefire way to brighten even the most gloomiest workplace. People sing about them, chase them, taste them, and so on. In a nutshell, they’re a source of joy for others.

This solar-powered rainbow creator is a neat little gadget.

The cost is $31.99

19. A posture monitor

It’s called Lumo Lift, and it was invented by our pals at Lumo.

When you start to slump in your chair, a little sensor attached to your shirt softly vibrates. Track your posture, steps, and distance traveled with an app provided by them.

We think it’s very cool!

a cost of $79.99

20. A vinyl portfolio

Even if you don’t have anything to put in this portfolio, it will still look polished and professional on your desk or in your hand. Swag.com can even deboss or screenprint this folio with your personalized design.

Cost: $17.79 and above

21. Kind pencils

Knowing your items are better for the environment is a great feeling. Because of this, every major business has been rushing to produce “greener” and more environmentally friendly versions of its products.

In addition to being a modern office supply, these recycled paper pencils save trees and reduce deforestation. Visit their website to learn more!

There is a $6.00 price tag.

22. A supply of stability balls and resistance bands

There is a strong desire among workers to have more options for improving their health. Keep a few stability balls and resistance bands on hand for that exact purpose.

It will be fun for your team to get some additional movement in, and it will have a significant positive impact on their health. Amazon has a great deal on this combo set.

The cost is $25.88

23. Color-coordinated office supplies

Make boring office supplies more exciting by following this one simple guideline. Try out a few vivid shades.

Poppin’s workplace accessories come in a variety of bright colors, including lime green, orange, and pink.

24. Undercover games

When the mood strikes, these notebooks can be transformed into paddles and a net for a game of table tennis.

At long last, you may play a rousing match of table tennis! even when the boss enters the room, you’re still taking meticulous notes.

The cost is $20.00

25. Plants

This isn’t so much an office supply as it is a requirement for a pleasant working environment.

It may take some time and effort to maintain this office decoration, but it will be well worth it when you notice how much better your workspace looks. SnackNation employees are aware of the health advantages of plants, thus our office is overflowing with them.

A little research can help you discover the ideal plant for your desk or work space, despite the fact that not every plant is the greatest option based on cost and maintenance requirements. You can also stop by your local garden center and speak with a knowledgeable employee.

CIPHR’s blog has a summary of the many benefits of having an office plant, so check it out for more information (Hint: it includes reduced stress, greater productivity, and even softened ambient noise).

The cost varies greatly.

26. Legos

Building blocks have a place in every workplace because they encourage the development of new ideas. Even if you wait a long time, you may be able to acquire Legos based on The Office. That’s the most office-appropriate toy I’ve ever seen.

The cost varies greatly.

27. Personalized anything

In addition to business cards, mugs, and post-it notes, there are a variety of other promotional items. Zazzle.com lets you customize almost anything with a name. What kind of office supply is more unique to each individual?

With the right office supplies, you can enhance employee morale and make your workplace a reflection of your company’s values.

28. Computer sitters

Having these guys around all day is a treat. In the event that somebody inquires, you might simply respond that they’re boosting your productivity… It’s clear that these are not toys.

In the $15-$20 range.

29. A palm-sized portable speaker

Dispose of it in any way you see fit, whether that’s throwing it away or spreading the word. Any office can be made more exciting with the latest kinds of small portable speakers available today.

Relax with some easy listening classical music during your midday coffee break or while jamming out on a Friday afternoon.

Price: from $29.00

30. Pens that scan things

A digital wand would be nice, don’t you think? Do you ever wish you had one? What if I gave you a pen instead of a pencil?

Using a USB, this model scans and digitizes physical things like photos and text blocks.

The cost is $49.95

31. These Super Mario Bros wall decals

Add a touch of nostalgia to any office wall with these decals.

This item will set you back $75.00.

32. Surface Skins from Blik

What else is critical to the workplace? When you’re ready to get down to some serious work, these are the tables you’ll be using.

A brand-new office table can cost a lot of money, but with these skins, any drab workplace surface can be given new life for a bargain price.

Up to a maximum of $42.00

33. Books

To help you achieve your goals, look for books that relate to your company’s aims, help you learn new skills, or inspire new ideas. Only one small package can provide so much informative and motivating content!

When it comes to inspiring your coworkers, you may even build a little library in your workplace.

The cost varies greatly.

34. Patterned Wall Tiles from Blik

If you want to spice up the look of your office without having to spend money or time on paint or wallpaper, these patterned wall tiles are a great option.

Price: from $24.00 to more than $30.00

35. Roller notes

Leaving a note on a roller could be the most enjoyable experience ever.

The cost is $10.00.

36. Cool trash cans

We all need trash cans in our daily lives, whether we’re at the office or not! Make the ones you keep in your office awesome because they’re a need.

This list of Oddee’s ten coolest cans is a great place to start. Infrared sensors allow these models to extend, compress, and even open. These aren’t the garbage cans from your childhood.

The cost varies greatly.

37. Vintage fountain pens

Employees will be transported to a simpler era of briefcases, typewriters and excessively expensive pens. Even if you simply use them to show off, these pens liven up the workplace.

$24.00 is the cost.

Bonus: A desktop party pack

You’ll never have to worry about running out of supplies for an office party again thanks to this convenient party kit. Knowing that you always have the means to make your employees feel appreciated is a comforting thought.

Cost: $8.99

It’s clear from the examples above that snazzy office supplies can make a workplace glow!

Is there anything you use at your office that is a little different than the norm? Let us know what you have in mind by leaving a comment below!

How to Do Inventory of Office Supplies

If your company keeps a supply of office supplies on hand for employee use, you’ll need to keep a running inventory of what’s been purchased and what’s been utilized throughout the course of a given accounting period. An correct inventory has two purposes: it ensures that your business does not run out of essential office supplies, and it allows you to properly account for office supply purchases as assets or liabilities under an accrual accounting system.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Stationery and Office Supplies — My Office Supply | by My Office Supply | Medium

Taking an Accurate Inventory

Step 1: Prepare an Inventory Log

Take an inventory of the supplies in your company’s supply closet using an inventory log form. Bring a laptop or tablet if your organization uses a spreadsheet or word processing table to keep track of office supply inventories.

Step 2: Group Supplies by Type or Location

Writers’ tools, notes, desktop objects and filing materials should all be grouped together. Your organization may have the ability to separate supplies depending on their product numbers or UPC codes, if you have multiple supply caches. A more detailed approach to supply management may be preferred by a larger organization with several departments using supplies, but generic categories are sufficient for the majority of small enterprises.

Step 3: Do an Item Count

In your inventory log, enter the item’s category or item number. In an adjacent column, note the number of units that are now available.

Step 4: Determine Reorder Levels

Assess your company’s consumption rate and how quickly the product can be refilled to determine a reorder level for each item. A company that consumes three boxes of copy paper a week, and it takes one week for your supplier to deliver a fresh shipment, should restock when their copy paper inventory decreases to four to six boxes. If your paper use increases or your supply is delayed, you’ll have more time if you reorder supplies before they run out. Make a note in your log of the item’s reorder level.

Step 5: Record Supply Purchases

As soon as new office supplies are purchased, keep track of them.

Accounting for Inventory

Step 1: Update the Company Ledger

Your company’s ledger should include the purchase price of office supplies as an asset. An accrual accounting method treats supplies that have not yet been used as assets rather than expenses. The cost of any new office supplies should be added to any existing asset column entry for office supplies.

Step 2: Perform Periodic Inventory Checks

At the end of each accounting period, examine the inventory in the corporate supply closet. Compare the current stock of each item number or category to the inventory log totals for that item.

Step 3: Update the Inventory Log

Make a new tally for each item in your inventory or category in the log.

Step 4: Calculate Unit Cost

The total inventory expense for an item or category can be calculated by multiplying the unit cost of an item consumed by the total number of units consumed. For example, if pens were $10 each and 12 were used, the item’s total inventory cost would be $120.

Step 5: Calculate Total Inventory Expense

Your accounting period’s total office supply expenditure can be determined by combining the sum of your individual item totals. This number represents the real cost of office supplies purchased and used by your company during the current time period.

Step 6: Update the Books

Subtract the current accounting period’s office supply expenses from the company’s office supply assets entry. In a journal entry, explain why the monies have been withdrawn. For instance, “January’s office supplies expense reduction.” In the liabilities area of your ledger, enter the entire supply expenditure for the accounting period.


Maintaining a detailed inventory journal and consistently tracking your office supplies purchases ease the burden of tax preparation by eliminating the need to account for a year’s worth of purchases and usage adjustments. Only updating your ledger at the end of the year is necessary. Maintain at least one week’s worth of office materials on hand at all times.

For a period of four weeks, conduct weekly inventory checks to determine the average weekly consumption of each item in your company’s supply closet. Your average weekly consumption or reorder level for an office supply is determined by these figures. When the amount of things you have in stock reaches your weekly consumption level, it’s time to reorder.


What is the meaning of office supplies?

A consumable item or product that is utilized on a regular basis in an office environment to carry out the duties of departmental employees is defined as a “Office Supply” (or “Office Supplies”).

Are office supplies assets?

When it comes to accounting, how to classify office supplies Until they’re consumed, supplies are generally regarded a current asset. Expenses are incurred when supplies are depleted. If the financial worth of a supply is large enough, it can be called a current asset.

What makes a cool office?

Rather than being cooped up in a sterile white-walled room, they are places where technical staff can concentrate in peace. According to her, “It’s just as bad as a room that’s full of offices and no collaborative space,” she says. “It’s just as bad.”

How do you manage your supplies?

Efforts to Improve Supplier Relationships

  1. To get the most out of your supplier data, you need to consolidate it from many sources.
  2. Improve supplier relationship management by collaborating with suppliers.
  3. Inquire about present and prospective supply chain capabilities.
  4. Find ways to reduce the danger of a supplier’s failure.

What can you bring to the company?

Think about your excitement for the job and the company, as well as your desire to leave a lasting impression. your character traits, such as your will to succeed and openness to new experiences. How you’ve proven these skills in the past should be a part of your response to the question.

The Backbone of the Company

Office supplies, or stationery, are sometimes referred to as the “backbone” of the workplace. If a company doesn’t understand the importance of office supplies, it will have a tough time succeeding in the marketplace. Every company’s day-to-day operations would be impossible without it. You’ll be more productive and efficient if you use the correct office supplies.