5 Things To Know About Fake Grass For Pets

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Pet owners love artificial grass because it’s a surface that’s appealing to both animals and people. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of installing synthetic grass: it can be used all year round, requires no mowing, and resembles genuine grass in appearance. If your lawn is looking a little dull, this product can help bring it back to life. What more should you know?

5 Things To Know About Fake Grass For Pets

1. Pets Take to it Pretty Quickly

Re-carpeting an old, worn-out play area with a soft, dense carpet can make a huge difference. Dogs are lot like humans in their desire for comfort, and they rapidly adapt to artificial grass. It looks and feels just like actual grass, except that it can’t be dug up or muddy. Our synthetic grass is also pet-friendly because there are no toxic layers on top of it. The appearance and feel are simple: soft and natural.

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2. It Can Make a Big Difference to a Small Dog’s Life

Overgrown grass can be a challenge to little dogs’ delicate paws as they make their way around the planet. As a result, it may encourage your dog to go outside more frequently, get more exercise, and may even make it easier for them to do their business. The life of a large dog, of course, can be improved in this way as well!)

3. Shorter Pile Heights Are Easier to Clean

With a dog, you know how difficult it is to clean up their messes when the grass is overgrown. This is why synthetic grass for pets is a great solution. Shorter grasses like Trulawn Continental are ideal for pets since they mimic a freshly cut summer lawn without being as enticingly lengthy.

4. Shock Pad Isn’t Meant For Pets

Children’s play equipment is often surrounded by a cushioning surface known as a “shock pad,” which is typically found in schools. Pet pee can leave odors in the frothy layer that might develop over time, even when it drains rainfall. Shock pad may not be necessary if your installation is intended for children or pets.

5. It Can Cope With Your Pets’ Habits

Is your pet a fan of a certain spot? However, if you frequently compact it, you may need to rake it up a little bit more frequently. If you have outdoor furniture or playground equipment, the rules apply. Preferably in the same location? It is recommended that these regions be washed with warm soapy water to maintain them clean and to prevent unpleasant odors. Fortunately, the area won’t become yellow or die of neglect. Kicking their legs up is a favorite pastime for many people. It is composed of plastic with a robust backing that is resistant to digging by dogs. Grass Activated children or animals will not ruin it.

When it comes to maintaining a fake grass, brushing it sometimes is all that’s needed, just like you would on a real lawn to keep the pile vertical and to remove pet waste. At our FAQ sections, you can discover additional information. If you’d like to learn more about artificial grass for your pets, please give us a call at 0800 2100461 or send us an email.

Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Dog Owners

When you have a dog, maintaining a healthy garden might be difficult. When they go potty, they leave behind odors and stains by digging and clawing at the grass.

People with dogs are increasingly turning to artificial grass for their gardens because of this. It’s a simple and stress-free approach to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your pet.

Not convinced artificial grass is worth it? Here are a few good reasons to consider it for your pet.

It’s easy to clean

The smell of your dog’s feces in your garden is one of the worst things you may experience. These odours can stay on actual grass even after the offending chemical has been washed off, due to the fact that genuine grass can absorb them.

However, synthetic grass does not retain these odors. It’s easy to clean up after your dog thanks to drainage holes in the grass and the ability to simply wipe away any stains. Everything is back to normal after a quick hose off with your yard hose.

Synthetic grass doesn’t become dirty like real grass, so there’s less cleaning to perform inside the house. So you won’t have to deal with cleaning up muddy paw prints from the floor after your dog comes in from the cold.

As a result, you’ll have more time to play with your dog and less time cleaning up after him or her.

It’s long-lasting and durable

Dog runs, kennels, and other areas where your dog spends a lot of time are good sites for synthetic grass. Even if your dog has a favorite patch of grass to romp around or sleep on, you don’t have to worry about it getting thinner with use with synthetic grass. Brushing your grass every now and then will help maintain it lush, but other than that, it should look just as good as the day you got it. It.

Even if your dog has a tendency to dig up your grass, you shouldn’t be alarmed.

It’s good for your dog’s health

Your dog’s health can be negatively impacted by having artificial grass in your yard.

There will be less anxiety.

It’s unlikely that your pets will become anxious about being in the garden if they know you aren’t worried about the grass getting trampled on.

2. More physical activity

No pesticides or herbicides are used in the garden.

Artificial grass isn’t just for homes

Dog daycare and kennel facilities can also benefit from artificial turf.

  • You may create a play area for your dogs where they can all feel comfortable and have a good time together.
  • Because you won’t have to water, feed, or mow your outdoor space, you’ll save money on lawn care.
  • Having no muddy paws or filthy fur for your customers to clean when they pick up their dogs will make them happy customers.

Even if you have a dog, you may keep your lawn lush and green by using artificial grass. It looks and feels much like genuine grass, and your dog will love having a nice place to play all year long.

To choose the best grass for you and your dog, you can order a free sample from our website.

Learn the Benefits of Artificial Turf For Dogs

Playing in the yard is a favorite pastime for dogs, and it’s no secret. Running about, going to the bathroom, and getting their hands dirty are some of their favorite past times.

Watching your dog play and have a good time is one thing, but having to clean up after them is another. Then there’s the inevitable paw prints on the floor and a hurried bath time!

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Artificial dog turf eliminates these hassles, allowing you to spend more time playing with your dog.

Some of the benefits of fake grass for your dog will be discussed below!

Installing Artificial Turf Means Less Digging!

A familiar scene from “The Lady and the Tramp” has Jacques examining his pile of bones that have been dug up, replenished, and then dug up once more by a determined tramp. What a case of life mimicking art!

A dog’s favorite pastime depends on the type of breed. Dogs’ ability to cause a sloppy mess is severely curtailed on artificial turf. No more holes to plug and muddy footprints in the house to clean up.

Fewer Pests and Bugs

Pests flourish in moist soil and feed on long blades of grass, depending on the type of lawn. The prevalence of fleas and ticks is particularly high in urban settings.

When your dog is playing in the grass, you can be assured that he won’t be bitten or infested by parasites thanks to fake grass.

Artificial Grass Needs Minimal Maintenance

Let’s take a look at the usefulness of synthetic turf:

  • There will be no mowing or trimming of any kind today.
  • There is no need for weed control.
  • Only a very small amount of muck or grime

What’s the most advantageous feature? There will be no insecticides used. You’ll not only protect your dog from toxic chemicals, but you won’t have to wait for the pesticides to dry so that they can play.

Comfortable and Inviting

Your dog will love the softness of artificial turf. It’s no longer necessary to deal with unsightly dry brown patches caused by dryness or decay, or rough patches of grass.

Your dog can play in the grass for hours without fear of getting dirty or treading on anything unpleasant because he has no fleas to worry about.

Excellent Drainage

Wet and cold grass is a dog’s best friend! Using a rinse-clean technology, FieldTurf Landscape’s synthetic lawn can dry quickly after rain or snow.

Tunnels in the base of the artificial grass help to increase water movement, but also divide the turf from the earth.

Artificial dog turf not only keeps your house clean, but it’s also fun for your canine! Find out more about our pet-friendly artificial turf here!

Pros and Cons


There are numerous advantages to using synthetic grass if you’ve made it this far in your research. Water saving and low-maintenance landscaping are all part of this plan. The only problem is that you have no idea if it will work on a dog or not.

No mud, clean dog

Your dog will be cleaner if there is no mud in your backyard. You won’t have to rinse your dog off if you use fake grass. When you’re away from the house, you don’t have to worry about your pet running around in the muck.

No ticks and fleas

You can keep your pets safe and itch-free by using artificial grass to discourage ticks and fleas.

No fertilisers and pesticides

You don’t have to worry about your dog’s health because you don’t have to use fertilizers and pesticides on your lawn. A happy and healthy dog means less work for you.

Synthetic lawns are tough and durable

Because there are no holes to be dug, there will be less mess. In contrast to your natural grass, your dog won’t destroy your lovely green lawn by digging it up.


In spite of its advantages, synthetic turf will never be flawless.

Extra upfront costs

Of course, you’ll want to have the greatest yard possible for you, your family, and your pets as well. In order to keep your artificial turf smelling and looking new, you may have to pay extra for specialized infill and cleaning supplies.

Toxic grass

The quality of a Chinese-made goods may be questionable if you take the chance. Toxic materials, such as lead, could be used to make the grass, putting your pets and perhaps yourself at risk.


How to clean fake grass if you have dogs is one of the most common queries we get. They have solid waste, which will not disintegrate in your artificial lawn the way natural grass does. You’ll also want to keep dog urine out of your green lawns.

Synthetic grass is simple to clean. It’s as simple as raking up any debris and hosing down the lawn to remove any liquid or solid waste that may have accumulated while you were out for a walk.

Of course, you’ve seen all the options for fake grass infill. To avoid unpleasant pet odors and to ensure thorough cleaning, it’s best to use the proper type of vacuum cleaner.

And here’s a final piece of advice for perfectly manicured lawns. You may re-create the look of actual grass on your artificial turf by sweeping it up after you’ve hosed it off and allowed it to dry.

Best Pet-Friendly Products

After learning about the benefits of fake grass for dogs, you may be wondering which items you should purchase.

The following are a few of our all-time favourites:

Pet Premium artificial grass

Because of the proprietary COOLplus technology of Artificial Grass Online, the Pet Premium artificial grass can reduce surface temperature by up to 20%. It includes a high-density tufting for easier trash collection and twin perforations for better drainage. It is hypoallergenic, repels fleas and ticks, and has a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Pet Premium infill

Zeolites, which are naturally occurring minerals, are used in Artificial Grass Online’s Pet Premium Infill to absorb animal urine. Helps minimize bad odors by keeping ammonia gas from being released. Pets and people will not be harmed by this infill as it falls to the ground in a safe and discrete manner.

P-Off Cleaner

Enzymatic cleanser P-Off is a powerful synthetic grass cleaner. It’s the ideal complement to the Pet Premium Infill because it not only eliminates unpleasant odors, but it also removes any stains. P-Off is safe for humans and the environment.

5 Things People Get Wrong About Artificial Turf - SGW Sacramento


1. Is artificial grass safe for dogs?

Do artificial turfs pose any danger to dogs? Dogs’ claws, paws, and nails can wreak havoc on real grass, but fake grass for pets can survive it all. Many professional dog kennels and pet owners choose artificial grass for dogs since their pets can’t dig through it.

2. Does artificial turf have harmful chemicals for dogs?

Dogs and other pets can be protected from dangerous lawn chemicals by installing pet turf in their backyards. Weeds cannot grow in synthetic grass like they can in real grass. As a result, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and weed killers are no longer necessary.

3. Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

It’s true that dogs can play and roll around on artificial grass, but they can also relieve themselves there. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, does not absorb or break down all of the constituents in dog excrement like natural grass does. Pet urine can seep through the surface’s porous backing and drain away, but dog poop must be manually cleaned and scooped, just like any organic lawn care. After storing the waste, rinse out the leftovers to remove any odor or mess that may have lingered.

4. Does dog pee ruin fake grass?

When a dog defecates on fake grass, it will not die or wither. In order to maintain the area smelling fresh, you will need to rinse it down frequently. Installing dog-friendly designated poop patches allows you to lift a small part of the synthetic grass and completely clean it. These pet turf installation characteristics provide the best possible absorption and drainage for your pet’s new turf installation..

5. Can fleas and ticks live in artificial grass?

Fleas and ticks are notoriously difficult to get rid of completely, even with the best efforts of an expert. These parasites are not able to thrive on artificial grass. However, it does not ensure a complete eradication of all traces of it. The collection of garbage and leaves can provide a breeding environment even if there is no soil available to support their nesting. You may greatly lower the risk of fleas and ticks if you maintain a clean artificial lawn.

6. How do you maintain artificial turf for dogs?

To maintain your lawn smelling fresh and clean, hose it off once a week. As you would in a natural yard, scoop up the feces and dispose of them in a trash can. You may assist keep your dog’s favorite location clean by using a high-pressure hose. All you have to do to keep your dog’s artificial grass clean and healthy is hose it down.

7. How do you get stubborn dog pee odor out of fake grass?

It’s not unusual for dog owners to find their dog peeing in the same place every day. Even after rinsing the pet grass, odors sometimes linger. This is normal. That lingering odor can be easily eradicated. You’ll need the same amount of each liquid to make a solution. Using this natural concoction can help to get rid of any residual odors.

8. Is artificial turf resilient and long-lasting?

In order to withstand the test of time, artificial turf has been professionally formulated. For more than 20 years, artificial grass can be expected to perform well. Pets and children can play freely on synthetic grass without harming it. There is no need to worry about your pets damaging your natural grass when you have synthetic grass. No matter how long the pet turf is left out in the elements, it will always maintain its fluffy appearance and brilliant color. Traditional grass requires a lot of time and effort to maintain, whereas synthetic grass doesn’t.

9. How cost-friendly is artificial grass?

It’s not cheap to buy artificial turf when you first start using it. However, with all the water and maintenance savings, it’s practically free over time.

10. What can I put under artificial grass for my dogs?

Dogs’ artificial grass can have an additional layer of infill added to it. Choose from crumb rubber, sand, or silica grains for your infill. Silica granules are preferred by most pet owners who want to pamper their pets.

Pets enjoy roughing it outside, but if you’re looking for a playground that’s both safe and fun for your family members and pets alike, look no farther than our special synthetic grass.

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