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Finishing touches to your living room or bedroom design usually include pillows. Fun and easy ways to personalize a room that you’ve already decorated with your own unique style. The topic of choosing cushions for a loveseat will be addressed in this article.

The theme and color scheme of your room can be tied together beautifully with pillows. With so many options, it might be tough to tell which one is best for your home.

Pillows can also add texture and personality to your room’s decor. Let’s imagine you’re looking for a cream-colored couch. Pillows are a great way to add dimension and color to this piece of furniture.

How to Pick Out Pillows for Loveseat?

Pillows for a loveseat and the design of your space as a whole have a lot to do with each other. Choosing the appropriate pillows for your couch is essential. Make or shatter your space with with one decision.

Your Guide to Styling Sofa Throw Pillows


Color is probably the most obvious thing to consider when purchasing pillows. A pillow that contrasts with the surface it will be placed on is preferable. Cushions should be a distinct color than the loveseat they’re on, unless you’re going for a monochrome appearance.

Pillows come in a variety of colors. In general, if you have a loveseat that is a solid color, you can choose patterned or multicolored cushions.

Cushions with patterns should be avoided if your couch has a design on it. Your space will look cluttered if you do this.


Pillows come in a wide variety of designs. The most popular choices are as follows:

  1. The most versatile alternative, the square pillow offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of its level of coverage.
  2. A rectangular shape is used for the lumbar support pillows. They’re great for lumbar support, too.
  3. If you want to give your loveseat a more feminine appearance, try using round pillows instead of square ones.
  4. The armrests of a loveseat commonly have bolster throw pillows next to them.


The use of extra-large pillows on your couch or bed is becoming increasingly fashionable, and for good reason. Which size of pillow is best for you? Loveseats typically measure less than 72 inches broad, so here are some guidelines for pillow sizing.

  1. 17 inches to 20 inches is the best square pillow size.
  2. Best Lumbar Pillow Sizes – between 10 and 13 inches in height and 17 and 19, respectively.

It’s easy to see that throw pillows ought to match the furniture they are placed on. The smaller the cushion, the smaller the piece of furniture.


Loveseats and smaller couches benefit from having one to two layers of cushions on them. Two 20-inch square pillows will work well on your loveseat as a single layer. This will give it a polished appearance. As a first layer, you’ll want to place two 20-inch or 18 inch pillows, depending on your preference. On the second layer, add two 18-inch square pillows or one lumbar pillow.

Texture and Fabric

Investigate many types of materials, such as new types of textiles and different textures. A textured pattern cushion is a great way to add depth to a room. The use of texture and cloth is critical for creating a monochromatic environment.

For an area that is predominantly one hue, switching up the fabric can have a significant impact. In terms of pillow textiles, these are the most commonly used:

  1. Cotton is a great fabric for families with small children or pets because it is long-lasting, easy to clean, and casual.
  2. Adding a touch of velvet to a space quickly ups the cozy factor. Make advantage of it throughout the winter months to create a cozy ambience in your home.
  3. For couches and chairs, Mongolian wool or sheepskin has been fashionable in recent years because of its soft, sumptuous touch. Keep in mind, however, that fur pillows should only be dried cleaned.
  4. Pillows made of linen, like those made of cotton, require little maintenance because of the fiber’s long-lasting nature. Linen can be used to create an airy, summery feel in your home.
  5. The cable-knit or needlepoint look and feel of wool creates a chilly, alpine feeling. It’s best used in the winter or in the mountains during the off-season.

Decorative Elements

Feathers, trim, and buttons are common additions to pillows of many shapes and sizes. Be cautious while selecting a pillow with numerous embellishments. It’s possible that they’ll soon shift your focus away from the chosen focal point of the room.

Pillows with embellishments like tassels and pom poms work best in boho decor, but not always. You have to think about your whole room aesthetic so you can match it right with your loveseat. You will be able to decorate your pillows with different colors of furniture.


Tassels and pom pom pillows are ideal for bohemian design, but they aren’t always the greatest option. For your loveseat to look its best, you’ll need to consider the aesthetics of your entire area. You’ll be able to use different colors of furnishings to accent your pillows.

Spot cleaning is required for loveseat pillows with sewn-on covers. Some textiles may become discolored as a result of this. Depending on the material, pre-treatment may be required before using materials such as silk, faux fur, leather, or suede.

Pillows for a loveseat can be easily and affordably replaced, which is a real plus. As a result, you have nothing to lose by going ahead and doing what you want right now.

17 Great Tips to Arrange Pillows Like a Designer

Pillows are furniture’s jewels. Think about how you’d accessorize whatever outfit you were wearing. A black or grey accent scarf looks great with brightly colored clothing. If you prefer to dress in muted tones, consider adding some color to your outfit with vibrant jewelry or a pop of accent color. Do the same with your couch. Try a bright color in a neutral environment. You can also use black or white cushions if your home’s color scheme is more vibrant.

Address the Entire Room

As a group, your sofa, love seat, or armchairs are not lone strangers. Consider the pillows in your bedroom to be members of a family. The pillows on a chair don’t necessarily have to match the ones on the sofa, but they should have some sort of connection, whether it’s through color or design. This will unify and enhance your home’s decor.

It’s All About You

I believe your home should reflect who you are and what you like. Make an effort to pick pillows that reflect your personal style. Use a hamburger pillow as your star performer if you want to. Think about using handcrafted pillows to add a personal touch to your home’s design. If you want the matchy-matchy look, that’s fine, too.

Size Matters

Sofas with standard proportions can fit standard 20-inch squares. When using 22-24 inch pillows, the room feels more relaxed and lounge-like. Consider 18 inches if you have a modern sofa with a low back.

Make sure the pillows on the far right and far left are both 22 or 20 inches square. The cushions should get smaller as you approach closer to the middle of the sofa or love seat. Place your largest pillows at the furthest corners, and your smallest cushions in the interior, to create a nice visual and tactile experience.

Choose Your Colors

Keep to a single color scheme and stick to it. All your cushions should be of the same or complementary hues to maximize their visual impact. To help you choose the right color scheme, here are some tips.

Love the Pattern

Find a pattern that you love and stick with it. You can use this as a starting point for different fabrics. Because of the colors and patterns, it’s likely that your love pattern reveals a lot about your character.

Bold Solids

You can tone down the designs in your decor by using plain pillowcases instead of brightly printed ones. Solid pillows in brilliant colors are another option if you love color but don’t want to use it on large items (like your sofa or club chairs).

Touch and Feel

If bold colors and hectic patterns don’t appeal to you, consider a variety of cushion textures in a monochromatic palette. With the right blend of fibers and textures you may create beautiful garments that are both durable and luxurious.

Mix and Match

Start your pillow collection with hues that complement or match your sofa. For instance, if the majority of your sofa is blue. Look for pillow patterns that have a similar shade of blue in them. Find your color on a color wheel and look at it either next to or opposite of the color you’re looking for to complement it.

Pillow Recipe

Do you need a quick and easy way to combine pillows? Consider your room’s color palette and pick the one you like best as an accent. Patterns in this color can then be combined with these elements – Infallible pillow combination: 1 solid; 1 botanical; 1 graphic.

Color Families

Pillow color inspiration can be found in the room’s primary accessories. Pillows in a rug or curtains can be used to introduce a color scheme to the sofa. There is no need for the color that inspires you to be overpowering; a single strand of color can add sophistication to any outfit.

Formal or Casual

You may want to think about whether you want a formal or casual style for your room. There is a lovely beat to a collection of pillows that are all the same size, shape, or design.

Center Focus

Adding a different-shaped throw pillow to your ensemble can liven it up. Small rectangular cushions in a different fabric, but one that matches your color scheme, should be included.

Pillow Arrangements

These are the facts.

It can be difficult to figure out how many pillows to use. Consider the following suggestions. However, keeping things simple, make sure there’s enough space for relaxing.

One throw pillow

A single throw cushion on a chair is wonderful, but it can feel lonely on a couch..

Two throw pillows

One huge and one little throw cushion are placed in the same spot. The combination of a huge square and a smaller rectangle or square is ideal.

Three throw pillows

If you have three throw pillows, arrange them so that one square is in each corner. Tuck the third one into a different spot in the corner.

Four throw pillows

Two square, circular or rectangular pillows on each side of a matching pillow to fill up the corners of the room. Switching between different forms and sizes keeps things fresh and exciting.

Five throw pillows

In total, there are five throw pillows: two sets of squares and a rectangular pillow. You might try putting the smaller rectangle pillow on one side of the larger rectangular one.

The Best Throw Pillows To Finish Any Room

There are countless options for freshening up your living area, from painting the walls to selecting new furnishings. Do not worry, though, if you are seeking for simple answers rather than massive initiatives; there are several minor ways to improve your home in a significant way.

Throw pillows can be a simple and inexpensive way to update the look of a room. In the end, they’re your home’s decor’s cherry on top, tying a room together and providing a little of flair wherever they are placed. Fortunately, these decorative pillows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they range from sweet and simple to bright, vibrant, and textured in style. Check the dimensions, materials, and cleaning recommendations of each pillow to be sure it will fit in your room.

Here are some of the top throw pillows on the market right now..

Best Overall: Wayfair Basics Square Throw Pillow, Set of 2

It weighs 2.5 pounds; its dimensions are 18 x 18 x 4-inches; and its material is polyester and its filling is polyfill.

When it comes to our favorite things

  • Two pillows are included in the package.
  • Typical Dimensions
  • Inserts and covers that can be washed at home

What We Hate About It

  • Not all covers can be removed.

The Wayfair Basics Throw Pillows, which come in a pair of two, are an excellent choice when it comes to price, style, and functionality. The normal dimension for decorative pillows is 18 × 18 inches, and these simple pillows come with both an insert and a non-removable cover.

The Wayfair Pillows are available in a variety of classic colors, making it easy to select one that fits your decor. To keep them looking full, they’re filled with polyester foam and wrapped with polyester fabric. The fact that these throw pillows can be washed in the washing machine is probably the nicest feature of them all.

Best Budget : Mainstays Solid Chenille Decorative Square Pillow

It weighs about two and a half pounds, measures 18 inches by 18 inches, and is made of polyester chenille with an unspecified fill.

When it comes to our favorite things

  • Two pillows are included in the package.
  • Budget-friendly
  • There are numerous colors to choose from!
  • The bare essentials of design

What We Hate About It

  • Spot-clean only
  • There is only one size available.

With a tight budget in mind, throw pillows are a terrific way to give your home a fresh new look. Two throw pillows are included with the Mainstays Chenille Decorative Square Throw Pillow, for example.

The pillows come in a variety of colors, ranging from a bright yellow to a rich chocolate brown, so you can find the perfect match for your decor. The cherry on top? Since they are part of a set, you may either lay them together on your couch or bed for a coherent aesthetic, or divide them up into several places in your home.

Best Outdoor: Arden Selections Leala Outdoor Throw Pill

Dimensions: 16 x 5 inches | Weight: Unspecified | Material: Polyester | Fill: Polyester

When it comes to our favorite things

  • There are two of these available.
  • For outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements

For a long-lasting, fade-resistant finish

  • Throw pillows of a smaller size

For a second living room on your patio, you might use the Arden Selections Leala Outdoor Throw Pillows, a pair of two. These 16 x 16-inch decorative pillows may be smaller than most, but their weather-resistant construction means they’re perfect for any outdoor space.

They come in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as being water-resistant and UV-resistant to avoid fading from the sun. Polyester fibers are used to fill the pillows, and the business recommends storing them indoors when they’re not in use.

Best Boho: Anthropologie All Roads Yucca Pillow

Dimensions: 18 x 18-inches | Weight: Not stated | Material: Cotton, viscose, acrylic | Fill: Polyester

When it comes to our favorite things

  • Available in three distinct forms.
  • Combination of light and dark colors
  • Design with a textured surface

What We Hate About It

  • Dry cleaning is the only option.
  • Expensive

Embrace the bohemian aesthetic with the All Roads Yucca Pillow, which features a variety of different textures and patterns. In addition to the asymmetrical design with tassels, looped yarn, and other natural textures, there are numerous sizes available, including black and white as well as neutral.

This cotton, viscose, and acrylic blend bohemian cushion is stuffed with polyfill. A dry-cleaning is required if the pillow gets soiled, but its unique pattern is certain to draw attention in your home.

Your Guide to Styling Sofa Throw Pillows

Best Farmhouse: Better Homes & Gardens Button Square Decorative Throw Pillow

Dimensions: 20 x 20-inches | Weight: Not specified | Material: Polyester | Fill: Cotton

When it comes to our favorite things

  • Two pillows are included in the package.
  • Design with a rustic feel
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Budget-friendly

What We Hate About It

  • Spot-clean only

Better Homes & Gardens’ throw pillows come in a set of two and are perfect for a farmhouse-inspired environment. With a horizontal band “fastened” with a lovely button design, the 20 x 20 inch pillows have a farmhouse feel. In addition, they are available in a variety of shades, all of which have a neutral color scheme.

Cotton-polyester mix coverings with a zippered closure, and a feather pillow is included in the insert for extra plushness. Keep in mind, however, that they should only be cleaned in specific areas.

Best Oversized: AllModern Judy Textured Square Cotton Pillow Cover & Insert

5 lbs; 24 × 24 in; Cotton; Polyester fill; Dimensions 24 x 24 in

When it comes to our favorite things

  • The ideal solution when dealing with big furnishings
  • Shades of gray
  • Design with a textured surface
  • Closure with a zip

What We Hate About It

  • Dry cleaning is the only option.
  • Expensive

AllModern’s Judy Cotton Throw Pillow Cover & Insert would be a perfect addition to your collection, whether you have enormous furniture or wish to blend designs and forms. The abstract tufted pattern on the neutral throw makes it a great accent piece for any room.

The pillow is 24 × 24 inches, making it much larger than comparable products. Although the khaki hue is easy to match with other decorative items, it won’t dominate what you already have.. The cover can be easily removed for cleaning because of the zipper fastening.

Best Lumbar: Lulu and Georgia Arlo Linen Long Lumbar Pillow

Dimensions: 36 x 14 inches | Weight: Unknown | Material: Linen | Fill: Linen

When it comes to our favorite things

  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • For a luxurious feel, it’s filled with down feathers.
  • Zippers that are completely undetectable.

What We Hate About It

  • Dry cleaning is the only option.
  • Expensive

Like the Lulu and Georgia Arlo Lumbar Pillow, they have a long and thin shape that makes them ideal for any environment, whether it’s a bedroom or a living room. It is 36 x 14 inches and is composed of a linen fabric that comes in a variety of colors.

With its tone-on-tone stitching and flange trim, as well as its down feather filling, this pillow has a luxurious, lofty feel that’s sure to please. Invisible zippers allow you to reach the interior cushion, however they must be dry cleaned if they get soiled.

Best Leather: Strick & Bolton Lindi Leather 22-inch Throw Pillow

Dimensions: 22 x 22-inches | Weight: Not specified | Material: Leather | Fill: Feather

When it comes to our favorite things

  • Available in a wide range of hues
  • The bare essentials of design

What We Hate About It

  • Expensive
  • It’s easy for material to get scratched.

Strick & Bolton’s Lindi Leather Throw Pillow is a must-have for any stylish home. The pillow has a simple design that would look well in a farmhouse, mid-century modern, or even an industrial setting.

There are six neutral color options for this 22 × 22-inch pillow, ranging from chestnut brown to ivory. Regardless of what color you choose, you’ll receive a handcrafted cushion with a distressed, embroidered design that will look fantastic in your living room or bedroom. The cherry on top? You can expect the pillow to get better with age, just like your favorite leather jacket.

Best Modern: Society6 Arch Balance Green Throw Pillo

Dimensions: Various sizes | Material: Polyester twill | Filling: Faux down fabric, not specified in weight

When it comes to our favorite things

  • For both indoor and outdoor application, it can be created
  • In a variety of sizes.
  • Cut and stitched by human hands

What We Hate About It

  • There may be a delay in the delivery of custom orders.

Throw pillows are always a conversation starter, and the Arch Balance Green Pillow is no exception. It comes in a variety of square sizes, ranging from 16 to 24 inches, and you can even have it converted into an outdoor pillow if you so choose..

The pillow is made of polyester twill and includes a green half circle and a sequence of looping black lines. Every purchase is cut and sewed by hand and includes a faux down cushion insert.

Best Set: A&B Home Tan and Black Pillows

For a total weight of not stated, it measures 17.7-by-17.7-inches and is made of polyester.

When it comes to our favorite things

  • Two pillows are included in the package.
  • Colorful collection
  • Design with a textured surface

What We Hate About It

  • Expensive

Finding the ideal set of throw pillows can be a challenge. The A&B Tan and Black Pillow Set is a great example of a set that comes in handy for this. Decorating your home has never been easier thanks to this set of two cushions in matching hues.

Two 17.7-inch pillows are included in the set, each with a textured pattern. It doesn’t matter if they’re black and brown; they’re the perfect complement to whatever other cushions or accessories you already own.

Best Round: Gold Flamingo Teen Imani Round Cotton Pillow Cover & Insert

The item weighs two pounds, has unspecified measurements, and is made of cotton velvet with polyester fill.

When it comes to our favorite things

  • Available in a wide range of hues
  • The bare essentials of design
  • Cover that can be removed

What We Hate About It

  • Dry cleaning is the only option.
  • There is only one size available.
  • Expensive

Make a statement in your living room or bedroom by using different-shaped pillows on your sofa or bed. Gold Flamingo’s Imani Round Cotton pattern is a good example of a pillow with a round shape. The pillow is available in eight different colors and has a velvet shell made of 100% cotton. The tufted and buttoned midsection add a little of texture to the otherwise basic design.

A decision has been reached.

If you’re looking for a set of two throw pillows that are both economical and stylish, we recommend the Wayfair Basics Square Throw Pillows (see at Wayfair). Because it comes with two pillows, the Mainstays Chenille Decorative Throw Pillow (see at Walmart) can be a budget-friendly option.

What to Look for in a Throw Pillow


While the normal throw pillow measures 18 by 18, you may want to use a pillow that is the same size (or smaller) than the furniture it will be placed on. To create an eye-catching display, layer pillows of various shapes, such as round, rectangular or lumbar. These work great when you’re layering items.


Textiles such as cotton and polyester can be used to make throw pillows, as can more unusual materials like leather or velvet. You’ll want to think about which of these materials is ideal for your situation before making a final decision.

Cleaning Requirements

There’s a good possibility your throw pillows may get dirty if you have pets or children (or just like to dine on the sofa). In these cases, it’s ideal to choose pillows that can be machine washed. Some speciality pillows require spot or dry cleaning only, which makes them considerably more difficult to clean.

The Best Throw Pillows and Where to Find Them


A peek at Target’s furniture is a must-have on any trip to the store, whether it’s online or in person. We can’t get enough of their selection of throw pillows. Colorful and lively are what you’re looking for? Make Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow your go-to source. Want a rustic look? The Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line is one of their most popular. You’ll wish you had more couches, beds, and chairs to decorate because there’s so much nice stuff to select from.


Throw pillows and pillow covers can be found on Amazon in a wide variety of styles. Pillow covers are a great way to spruce up an outdated pillow that doesn’t fit into your current color scheme. Use Phantoscope velvet throw pillow coverings (shown below) or a luxury faux fur to give yours a new pink life.


Whether you’re looking for a throw cushion in a specific shape, color or style, Wayfair has you covered. Check out their ever-expanding variety of discounted items, including these textured chevron designs! (pictured below).


When it comes to throw pillows, you can’t go wrong with Etsy, the online marketplace for home design enthusiasts. At least one Etsy seller is ready to provide a little comfort and meet your plush fantasies, whether you’re seeking for simple linen like this one, vivid velvet, or wild pattern cushion covers.

Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily, a California-based company known for its beachy, laid-back design, offers a seemingly limitless selection of pillow covers in its signature style. Shopping for the right accessories for your house can be done quickly and easily by sorting by color, size, price, and indoor or outdoor application.

West Elm

You already know about West Elm if you’ve ever decorated anything. If you’re looking for throw pillow sets, covers, or inserts, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. The cotton velvet covers seen here are particularly appealing to us because they are machine washable.


Just about everything you could possibly need for your home decor can be found at Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow, which she started in her Brooklyn apartment. Their selection of bohemian throw pillows is extensive and full of character. Embroidery, vibrant colors, and a variety of textures (such as velvet, hook stitch, shag, and faux fur) can be found among the outdoor pillows and floor cushions available. As soon as you’re in need of an eye-catching piece of art and a splash of color, Jungalow is the place to go. It’s also a big plus because their prices don’t go over $100.


Food52 is our go-to source for high-quality kitchenware, but it also carries a number of independent pillow manufacturers that we love. Hawkins New York is the brand behind the 16-color linen variations shown. The site features pillows by Minna, Caroline Z. Hurley, and Farmhouse Pottery.

Bolé Road Textiles

Bolé Road Textiles’ pillows are all produced in Ethiopia by female craftsmen in collectives and tiny, female-owned businesses, all designed in Brooklyn by Hana Getachew, a former architect. There are a variety of colors and styles available from Bolé Road, but each one reflects the company’s dedication to using natural materials and intelligent manufacturing processes.

Made Trade

Home goods that are both environmentally friendly and ethically sourced may be found at Created Trade, such as this white-and-navy cotton pom cushion made in India. Aside from supporting artisans who are Fair Trade, BIPOC, female-owned, or what they call “legacy businesses,” the brand also focuses on collecting products from craftsmen who apply ancient techniques and practices that are in danger of being displaced by mass manufacturing and technology.

Amazon.com: Merax Contemporary Multicolor Loveseat Adjustable Split Back Futon Upholstered Foldable Sofa Couch Sleeper with 2 Free Pillows, Cotton Linen Fabric Colorful : Home & Kitchen


Dexter Peart, the younger brother of Byron Peart, founded Goodee to promote mindful consumption. As a Certified B Corporation, the company is dedicated to providing customers with products that are developed using sustainable practices, follow a circular economic model, and adhere to high standards of social and environmental responsibility. An example of this ethos can be found in the company’s own range of throw pillows Using textiles from Burkina Faso and Mali, the pillows are created by fair-trade collectives in Kenya, and are part of the UN and WTO’s Ethical Fashion Initiative. CeCe’s Wool, a non-profit that provides employment and services to people with intellectual impairments, provides the GOTS-certified organic cotton and muslin used in the pillow filling. These pillows are also beautiful to look at, thanks to their rich color palette and deliberate design!

Block Shop Textiles

Founded in 2013 by sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman, Block Shop Textiles is based in Jaipur, India and uses artisanal techniques and open manufacturing procedures. This lumbar cushion is made of Belgian linen, filled with a down insert created in the United States, then hand-sewn and hand-block-printed in Jaipur by a team of specialists.


It’s Nana Quagraine’s 54Kibo, a gathering place for the greatest and brightest artisans from the African Diaspora. ” Decorate your living area, baby’s nursery, or give a housewarming gift with thoughtfully crafted items from our collection. A simple crosshatch pattern and modest tassels adorn these Tunisian-made cotton pillows, making them suitable for a wide range of interior design styles.


54Kibo, directed by Nana Quagraine, is a gathering place for the greatest and brightest artisans from around the African Diaspora. Whatever your decorating needs, you’ll find well-considered design pieces to suit your taste and your home’s style at this site. Tunisian artisans have created a simple crosshatch pattern and soft tassels for this collection of cotton pillows, which can be used in any home decor.

Coterie Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Pillowcase Museum is a hidden gem. Grace Harris of Stitched by Grace has a large collection of original designs available at Coterie Brooklyn. However, Harris employs high-quality fabrics and intelligent materials, such as distinctive faux-leather accents, in his designs, which are clean and basic. There are over 150 of her designs available at Coterie for about $50, along with matching pillow inserts.


You can always count on Anthropologie to bring a little something extra to the table in any furniture or home decor category (macramé, tie-dye, tufted—you name it).

Eva Sonaike

As far as luxurious details go, the UK-based Eva Sonaike has a plethora of possibilities for those who want to add color and pattern to their wardrobes. When it comes to pillows, poufs, carpets, and lampshades, she’s a one-of-a-kind artist.


Using ancient weaving processes, Sara Berks’ Hudson, New York-based textile company Minna collaborates with artisans in Latin America to produce products that are manufactured in ethical workplaces. They take great care to show the people who made the products they sell. It is manufactured by craftsmen in Momostenango, Guatemala, who use pedal looms and nontoxic dyes to achieve the thick, luxurious finish on the pillows, as well as bright abstract area rugs.

Yinka Ilori

Unique homewares by London-based designer Yinka Ilori use color in a way no one else has done before. Throw cushions in elaborate, psychedelic patterns adorn his home decor.

Modish Decor Pillows

When it comes to pillows, Chantal Bradley is a master, and she has been since 2015. It’s easy to complement any room or style with her velvet pillows, which come in a wide range of colors, as well as animal print, metallic, and Mongolian fur alternatives.


When you think of Nordstrom’s home decor, you probably picture timeless classics in solid hues and timeless patterns. And you’d be right—they are. Nordstrom carries a wide variety of high-end household essentials, but they also have a selection of wacky items that allow you to express your individuality. For example, this linen cushion cover with a jungle cat had us purring in our seats.


All of Bläanks’ pillows may be washed in the washing machine. Besides their own designs, you can collaborate with them to make custom-sized, styled, and colored pillows to your exact specifications. Bläanks’ commitment to sustainability is another reason why we appreciate their fabrics, which are created in the United States utilizing recycled cotton yarn mixes.


To summarize, here is how you select cushions for a loveseat. Even so, it’s entirely up to you how you want to play around with the look of your sofa. When it comes to figuring out how to choose cushions for a loveseat and how to organize your own space, use these characteristics as a reference.