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There are few inventions as beneficial to dance enthusiasts as a portable dance floor. Portable dance floors make it simple for everyone, from little ones in their first dancing class to seasoned dancers traveling to events.

Where Can You Use Portable Dance Floors?

With a movable dance floor, the possibilities are unlimited! To provide a professional yet welcoming ambiance for guests, several venues such as museums, convention centers and schools use portable dance floors.

How to Choose a Dance Floor

Portable dance flooring is a great addition to any event, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or a get-together with friends and family. With a durable and cost-effective dance floor, you can dance the night away knowing that your visitors will remember it as both attractive and comfortable underfoot.

They’re ideal for dancers who want to work on their craft in the comfort of their own homes or on the fly.

Pros and Cons of Portable Dance Floors


  • In terms of installation, interlocking portable dance floors are straightforward to put together and take apart after a practice or recital.
  • Portable dance floors are made of lightweight materials, so you don’t have to spend as much time moving them about as you would if you were using a traditional dance floor.
  • It can withstand years of dancing practice and recitals thanks to high-quality flooring materials such as PVC, rubber, or vinyl.
  • Dance on a portable dance floor if you want to avoid the discomfort of regular flooring like tile or laminate. To ensure that your floor stands out in any setting, we use only the best materials.


  • Portable dance floors can be expensive to purchase for large venues. They will last longer, though, if you save them for special occasions such as upcoming nuptials, family get-togethers, and birthdays.
  • To speed up installation time, we recommend putting it together with two or three pals if you plan on covering a significant area of space.

Practice Dance Tiles - Portable Dance Floor

Portable Dance Floor Materials

Marley Vinyl

Marley vinyl is a popular choice for dance studio floors. Multi-layered sheet vinyl dance flooring is referred to as “Marley” in the broadest sense. Vinyl dance floors are perfect for all levels of dancers, from the absolute beginner to the most skilled professional.

Marley vinyl flooring is favorite for several types of dance, including tap dancing. Tap-approved Marley vinyl will ensure you obtain the appropriate tap sound while also providing a sturdy, professional floor.

Hard Plastic

Marley vinyl flooring is a popular choice for tap dancing, among other forms of dance. Marley vinyl, which is tap-approved, provides the necessary tap sound and all the benefits of a long-lasting, professional floor.

Practice at Home and On-The-Go

When you leave the class, your dancing doesn’t end. It follows you everywhere you go. We at O’Mara make it simple to bring a better level of performance and safety into your house with our portable dance floors.

Portable Wood Dance Floors

An O’Mara sprung portable dance floor is a wonderful choice for any dancer or athlete because of its beautifully sturdy wood, cushioning foam blocks, and tiny manageable sections.

When O’Mara performs, he doesn’t just go where the audience is; he follows them. Our portable dance floors and tap boards come in standard sizes ranging from 2′ x 4′ to 8′ x 8′, making them affordable and easy to assemble. Our portable dance floors are manufactured to the same high standards as our bigger studio dance floors, ensuring that your health and performance will benefit from their use. Closed-cell foam blocks preserve your joints and the floor underneath by suspending the dancing surface above your current floor. The materials used in the production of all of our products are sourced and produced entirely within the United States.

How to Maintain Portable Dance Floors

A portable dance floor’s easy-to-clean material is one of its best features. Sweeping or vacuuming up stray crumbs, dust, and debris is a good idea for weekly maintenance.

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Avoid using floor cleaners with strong components and mop up spills with a moist mop for tough clean-ups. The manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is usually an excellent place to start.


We have a wide selection of dance floors to help you find the perfect partner! We’re confident that they’ll fit right in, so there’s no need to worry.