Reclining Sofas: How to Put Them in the Family Room?

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Including a reclining sofa in your living room is a great way to make it more comfortable and welcoming for your loved ones to spend time together. But if you don’t position it properly, it can look out of place and detract from your overall design.

How to decorate with these sofas without making the room look cluttered or disorganized is the topic of today’s post.

Benefits Of Recliner Chairs And Sofas

Stress Relievers:

Today, stress is generally accepted as an everyday occurrence for most people. The primary cause of back discomfort is anxiety. Migraines, tension headaches, memory problems, and fatigue are all caused by mental stress. If you want to avoid back and neck problems, you shouldn’t sit straight for more than an hour at a time. Recliners are ideal and convenient for this task. Stress relief is the fundamental goal of a chair. Recliners provide extra back support so you may lie back and rest whenever you want. You also get a massage chair and heated pad. Do you feel discomfort in your back? In this article, we take a look at the 8 top rated recliners for back pain in 2020.

Pain Relievers:

You can also get some relief from a recliner. Constant muscle strain is a common cause of injuries and pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. Constantly lugging around heavy loads, being pregnant, or spending too much time in front of a computer screen are all potential causes. Whatever the root of your discomfort, a recliner can be a welcome relief. There is a vast range of recliners to choose from, and each one has its own unique features and comfort levels. If you suffer from back pain, look no further than this thoroughly researched and updated list of recliners, and don’t forget to read the customer reviews before making your final decision.

Elegant Comfortable Recliner Sofa Sets For Luxurious Living Room - YouTube

Improves Blood Circulation:

If swollen joints and heavy feet have become your daily complaints after work, then it needs a one-stop remedy. Bradington Young recliners offer great assistance in this context. The main reason behind this trouble is sitting or standing for a prolonged time. Resultantly, blood flow is affected by gravity, and it worsens with time. Recliners are the best option to avoid such issues.

Help In Aching Joints:

If aching muscles and feet have become your standard post-work problems, a comprehensive treatment plan is in order. The aid of Bradington Young chairs in this regard is substantial. Extended periods of sitting or standing are the primary cause of this problem. In turn, this has a negative impact on blood flow, which only gets worse as time passes due to the gravitational pull. In order to avoid these complications, recliners are the ideal choice.

Building A Comfort Zone Around You

When it comes to relaxation and relief, recliners are a great choice. They are flexible, so you can find a position that’s exactly right for you no matter how long you plan on sitting. Recliners allow you to rest and relax in a variety of comfortable positions, from standing to sitting to putting your feet up. If you change the settings, it will comply with your preferences.

Recliners With Accessories:

Recliners come in a wide variety, some of which even have storage space within the chair itself. Magazines, books, and even snacks can be stashed away for easy access.

Most recliners provide these comforts, but the most cutting-edge ones also provide perks that you probably wouldn’t have considered. You may improve the comfort and utility of your personalized recliner by adding various optional accessories.

Finally, for persons who deal with stress on a regular basis, a reclining chair is a solid and dependable option. No matter where the extra pounds are coming from, relaxing in a recliner chair is good for your body and mind. In addition, lounging in a recliner is a stress-relieving activity that the whole family may enjoy. Everyone in the family, from the oldest to the youngest and naughtiest, may unwind in a comfortable reclined position.

A recliner can be the answer to the prayers of young moms everywhere who struggle to put their restless toddlers to sleep. Both the elderly and the injured can find relief from their aches and pains, and the latter can begin to heal at a more manageable pace. In addition, a recliner can be a useful tool in the classroom. Preschoolers can be shown how to take some time out to de-stress on a mental and physical level. It’s a lesson in life preparation that you can provide them. When getting in and out of chairs is a problem, a recliner is the best friend of those with mobility issues.

4 Ways to Arrange Your Recliner Sofa

Organize Your Recliner Sofa to Maximize Function

Think about the space you have available for your reclining sofa. You should make sure that your reclining sofa complements the space. Reclining sofas, for instance, should be chosen with the room’s dimensions in mind. However, a recliner sofa may quickly become the focal point of a space, which is why it’s important to consider the room’s size before making a purchase.

So that we can help you choose the perfect recliner couch configuration for your living room, we need you to complete a few questions regarding the space.

  • Where will your reclining sofa be placed in your home?
  • What does that space mean to you and your loved ones?
  • Do any other features of the room stand out to you?

If you want your sofa to be tucked away and comfortable, place it in a corner in a reading nook or warm room. If your family regularly gathers on the reclining sofa for get-togethers and movie evenings, set it up so that everyone has plenty of elbow room.

Just like regular couches, recliner sofas are available in a wide variety of fabrics and designs that add to the aesthetic and practical value of a space. You may avoid a lot of hassle by arranging your reclining sofa in accordance with the way you intend the area to work.

Arrange Your Recliner Sofa Around Focal Points

You should think about the room’s other key points when placing your reclining sofa in the main living area. A huge television is a common fixture in today’s living rooms. There are also amenities like a fireplace. Your reclining couch should complement the space without taking away from it. Moreover, it might serve to draw attention to several other features in the room.

  • Place your reclining sofa in such a way that the television is the focal point. Arrange the couch such that it is perpendicular to the TV set and centered in the room. Reclining sofas are versatile pieces of furniture that may be placed anywhere from the center of the room to the far back, against a wall, depending on the available space.
  • Place the reclining sofa so that it faces the fire. As with the TV, the sofa should be positioned in the middle of the room with its back to any walls. If your living space is limited, you can situate the sofa next to a wall and yet have it face the fire place.
  • Put your favorite recliner in the middle of the room. Arrange your reclining sofa so that it draws more attention than the television or any other features in the room. Put the reclining couch in the middle of the room and arrange the coffee table, end tables, and area rug around it.

If you want to put a reclining sofa up against a wall, make sure there’s enough space for it to recline fully without bumping up against the wall. Your reclining couch will not work correctly if it is pushed up against a wall. Moreover, if you recline against the wall, you could end up with a dent.

Most likely, your reclining sofa will take up the most floor space. Don’t bother trying to conceal your reclining sofa in any manner with your furniture placement. This will come across as forced and unnatural. You may avoid having your reclining sofa dominate the room by strategically placing it.

Balance Other Furniture Around Your Recliner Sofa

You should place your recliner sofa first if it is the largest piece of furniture in the room, and then add other sitting around it if necessary. You may achieve this most effectively by positioning your reclining sofa dead center and filling in the space on either side with similar items.

  • Position the reclining sofa in the room’s middle so that it faces the feature you want to highlight. Reclining sofas can be accessorized with rugs by placing them directly on top of a large rug or by adding a rug in front of the sofa.
  • Make a “L” with the recliner sofa and a love seat placed next to it. If you want to make sure that all sides of your reclining sofa are equally loaded, you can put another love seat, two armchairs, or a chaise lounge on the empty side.
  • Set up the reclining couch with a coffee table in front of it and two side tables on either side. Both the reclining sofa and the adjacent loveseats or armchairs can benefit from these end tables.

If you have a large room with a variety of seating options, then you can use the above layout. However, not everyone can afford both a loveseat and an armchair. If you want to center your room around a recliner sofa but lack the additional seating options discussed above, you can still do it.

Initially, choose on a sectional recliner sofa. You can now lean more heavily on one side of the reclining couch. The reclining sofa should be placed in the middle of the room with the face toward the point of interest. Improve the comfort of your reclining sofa by placing end tables at both ends. After that, place your loveseat or armchair on the side of your reclining sofa that is not next to the sectional’s throw pillow.

Give Your Recliner Sofa Enough Space

Your sofa’s main selling feature is its ability to recline. Remember that your reclining sofa will need some extra room in front of it so that it can fully recline while you’re organizing your living room. Put your couch in its most reclined posture, and use the space between it and the wall or other obstacles as a measuring tool.

However, you also need to leave some breathing room between your various pieces of furniture. Avoid crowding your living space to the point where you and your family members have trouble moving about. Not only is it unsightly, but having too much furniture around can make it difficult to move about in your home and can cause accidents if someone trips over it.

Arrange your reclining sofa with other seating so that individuals sitting in it and on it don’t feel cramped or uncomfortable. When arranging furniture, a decent rule of thumb is to leave at least 18 inches between pieces.

Types of Reclining Sofas

There are a variety of reclining sofas to choose from, but they may be broadly categorized into three categories: manual, power, and adjustable.


Traditional sofas are the manual reclining variety. They have a catch or lever on each end that, when pressed, allows a spring to be released, so raising a footrest and reclining the seat back. Because they have fewer moving components, manual reclining couches are more likely to survive a long time and function reliably for many years.

Their low cost and simplicity of repair stem from the fact that a broken one usually requires nothing more than a new spring. Compared to power recliners, manual recliners have fewer customization options.


Sofas that recline electrically are called “power reclining sofas.” Pushing a button on the sofa or on a remote control will raise the footrest and recline the back. There is a wide variety of recline positions and settings available on some power reclining sofas.

People who have trouble grabbing a latch or pushing down a footrest may find it simpler to use a reclining sofa that has automated capacity. A power reclining sofa has the advantage of being easier to use, but it can be more expensive initially and to repair if the motor fails. A cord will extend from the sofa and into an electrical socket, powering the motor.


Sofas with movable recliners take design cues from futons and sleepers. The seat and backrest are hinged together, so that the user may just lean back and recline the chair without the need for a motor or springs. A comfortable reclining sofa position can be found by adjusting the recline angle.

This style of reclining sofa isn’t as comfortable as others because it doesn’t offer as much space for your feet and legs to relax. On the other hand, their prices are typically lower.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Reclining Sofa

Size, upholstery type and materials, design, positioning, and extra features are just few of the considerations that go into finding the perfect reclining sofa for your home.


Whether a sectional or a loveseat is the best choice for you depends on the size of your living room and how many guests you often host. Reclining sofas are available with seating for two or as many as six persons. In order to avoid being trapped with an impractically enormous sofa, it’s important to think about how much room it will take up while fully reclined. Many online sofa retailers sell their products in pieces that must be put together before delivery. Verify that the pieces can be moved freely via all of your entrances and hallways.

Complement The Style And Decor With A Comfortable Recliner Sofa Set

Frame Material

The durability and capacity of a recliner depend on the frame’s material. Metal is the best choice for a frame because of its durability and longevity. Cushions on a metal frame might become unpleasant if they aren’t restuffed on a regular basis. Hardwood is a wonderful option because it is long lasting and has some give to it, which can help avoid pressure points. Manufactured wood is the other frequent choice for couch frames, although it is the least sturdy and can usually only support the lightest of weight loads.

Upholstery Material/Fabric

Upholstery can be either leather or fabric, with the latter category including a number of subcategories. You can improve the longevity and level of comfort of a recliner by selecting a higher quality upholstery material.

  • Sofas upholstered with polyester are a common choice because of the fabric’s resilience and water resistance to spills and stains.
  • Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, mimics the look of leather but is more durable in wet conditions.
  • It’s also common to use polyurethane as a fabric. It can endure water, stains, and cuts and punctures thanks to its higher torsion strength and lack of elasticity.
  • Leather can last for many years despite being used often. In addition to being the most expensive, this upholstery is of the greatest possible quality.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Ergonomics play a significant role in the production of a reclining sofa that most people seek. For optimal comfort, choose a sofa with high seat-back cushions that run the length of the spine.

Make sure the sofa’s seats are deep enough for the user to sit with their feet flat on the floor if they are particularly tall. Wide, padded armrests are also beneficial since the weight of one’s arms is distributed away from one’s lower back.


Sofas that recline come with a wide range of customization options. As well as reclining, certain versions of this furniture may also rock or glide. Some power reclining sofas also come with massage functions, temperature controls, and multiple recline modes, making them much more versatile than their manual counterparts. Reclining sofas with an expanded footrest are ideal for those of greater stature. As with most things, reclining sofas increase in price as more features are added.


One’s back stretches and takes up more space when resting on a sofa. Reclining sofas require more room than a standard sofa so that the back and front can fully recline. Most sofa models require at least five inches, and preferably one foot, of clearance between the back of the sofa and the wall for appropriate recline and to prevent wall scuffing.

Some sofas and chairs with reclining backs also feature a forward-expanding footrest. If your reclining sofa has an outstretched footrest or many footrests, you may want to give yourself at least a foot of space in front of the furniture. Reclining with the back of the sofa toward a wall in a room’s corner is a simple method to make the most of limited space.


You can get reclining sofas with handy extras like cup holders, foldable consoles, movable headrests, and hidden storage space in the armrests. Luxurious couches may feature built-in LED lighting, power outlets, movable headrests, and USB charging ports. Remember that reclining sofas with additional functions will cost more.


In today’s market, you can get a reclining sofa in a wide variety of forms and colors to suit your specific needs and the design of any room. Traditional designs are the most widely found, and they typically have high, waterfall backs, luxurious cushions, and a rounded appearance. Modern furniture tends to be roomier in general, with sharper edges and fewer decorative flourishes, such as decorative pillows. The two types can be found in a wide array of hues and materials.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The ease with which a reclining sofa may be cleaned and cared for depends on the materials used for the upholstery. Polyurethane and polyester are suitable options for homes with children and pets since they are resistant to water and stains.

They are simple to maintain with only some water and soap. Leather is easy to care for since it resists stains, lasts a long time, and can be cleaned with a leather cleaner. Sofas can be protected from wear and tear with the help of covers. Your sofa needs frequent dusting and vacuuming regardless of the fabric it’s composed of.

The Best Reclining Sofas of 2022

West Elm Enzo Leather Reclining Sofa

Detailing the Features and Benefits of a Product

  • Type: Powered
  • Genuine leather is used for the upholstery.
  • Inches: 30 wide x 41.5 tall x 31 deep
  • It has enough room for two persons to sit comfortably.


  • Pine and engineered wood construction for durability.
  • Height-adjustable headrests that pop up
  • Leg rests that are raised above the ground
  • Storage compartments in the armrests


  • Constraints on color palette

Pottery Barn Ultra Lounge Upholstered Reclining Sofa

Detailing the Features and Benefits of a Product

  • Type: Powered
  • Fabric choices abound for upholstery projects.
  • The item’s measurements are: 109.5 x 43 x 31 inches.
  • Three seats available.


  • Choices in fabric are plentiful.
  • Working with an electric current
  • Ruggedly constructed wooden framework
  • Saves on floor space


  • Exorbitant cost

Christopher Knight Home Halima 2-Seater Recliner

Detailing the Features and Benefits of a Product

  • Type: Manual
  • Upholstery: Microfiber
  • 37 x 46 x 39 inches
  • It has enough room for two persons to sit comfortably.


  • Easily within budget, a pair-seating sofa
  • Fabulous for confined quarters
  • Comfortable footrest that’s built right in
  • It’s available in three different hues.


  • Some putting together required

La-Z-Boy Brooks Power Reclining Sofa

Detailing the Features and Benefits of a Product

  • Type: Powered
  • Fabric choices abound for upholstery projects.
  • Size: 84 by 40 by 41 inches
  • Three seats available.


  • Parallel side-mounted control panels
  • Many different patterns and hues to choose from
  • With USB ports built right in


  • Design on a smaller scale may not be ideal for many consumers.
  • The middle seat does not have a reclining function.

West Elm Enzo Reclining Chaise Sectional

Detailing the Features and Benefits of a Product

  • Type: Powered
  • Upholstery: Polyester
  • A 108x68x31-inch package.
  • Three seats available.


  • Adaptable layout
  • A stowable armrest and chaise
  • With USB ports built right in
  • Multiple colorways and upholstery options

Numerous upholstery and paint schemes to choose from

  • Overexposure to UV light can cause fabric to deteriorate.

RecPro Charles Collection 67” Double Recliner

Detailing the Features and Benefits of a Product

  • Type: Manual
  • Faux leather upholstering
  • Measures 37 inches by 67 inches by 39 inches.
  • It has enough room for two persons to sit comfortably.


  • Economical couch and love seat
  • Only needs 3 inches of horizontal room to recline comfortably
  • Contains a cupboard and a pair of cup holders.
  • In four distinct hues


  • Preparation and assembly are needed

Signature Design by Ashley Power Reclining Sofa

Detailing the Features and Benefits of a Product

  • Type: Powered
  • Faux leather upholstering
  • Inches: 39.25, 71, and 44.63
  • It has enough room for two persons to sit comfortably.


  • Including a Storage Console
  • Ports for USB charging
  • A total of four stainless steel cup holders


  • There is a need for minimal assembly.

Andover Mills Edgar Reclining Sofa

Detailing the Features and Benefits of a Product

  • Type: Powered
  • Faux leather upholstering
  • The item’s dimensions are 38.5 by 81 by 38 inches.
  • Two or three persons can fit.


  • Inexpensive, Powered Couch
  • Outsized style
  • Optional center console
  • Accessory control hub


  • Preparation and assembly are needed
  • Only 1 upholstery color

Wade Logan Stanwood Reclining Sofa

Only 1 upholstery color

  • There’s only one option for upholstery.
  • Cotton, polyester, velvet, microfiber, or microsuede can all be used for upholstery.
  • Inches: 29 Length: 85 Width: 40 Height
  • Three seats available.


  • Plush cushions
  • Pillows with a back and a front
  • With USB ports built right in
  • Choices of 130 fabrics and colors


  • The stain resistance was low, according to some users.

How We Chose the Best Reclining Sofas

With so many manufacturers to select from, it can be challenging to find a reclining sofa or loveseat that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally adequate. The greatest reclining couches were chosen based on a variety of factors, including type, materials/upholstery options, size, features, and assembly time.

A wide range of options, including both powered and manual recliners, are presented above to accommodate a wide range of tastes. The majority of the aforementioned options are constructed with stain-resistant and multicolored soft fabrics like polyester or microfiber, while others include genuine or faux leather for durability and comfort. Different sized sofas are available to easily fit into any house or office, no matter how big or tiny.

4 Ways to Arrange Your Recliner Sofa – Furnishing Tips

Many of the aforementioned options come with extras like USB ports, storage spaces, cup holders, footrests, headrests, and even throw pillows for your comfort and convenience. When it comes to putting together difficulty, the majority of choices need almost no effort on your part. However, several of these designs are cumbersome to transport due to their size and weight.


As you have now observed the processes involved in the production of the finest reclining sofas, it is time to address any concerns you may have about making the proper selection for your house. More helpful details on reclining sofas and what to look for in stores are provided below.

Q: Are reclining sofas good for your spine?

Yes. Couches that recline can be helpful for people who sit for long amounts of time because they alleviate back strain.

Q: Are reclining sofas bad for leg circulation?

To the contrary, if you lay your legs on the footrests of a reclining sofa for longer than 15 to 20 minutes, you may experience an improvement in blood flow to your legs.

Q: Do reclining sofas come with charging stations?

Yes, some models do include USB ports in the design.

Q: Can reclining sofas go against the wall?

No. Allow a few inches of space between the sofa and the wall for the chair to recline comfortably.

Q: How long should a reclining sofa last?

Sofas that recline typically endure between 7 and 15 years.

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