Recover Patio Cushion For Wicker Loveseat

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Helen Skeates
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Are your love seat cushions looking a touch forlorn after a long winter? Have you thought about getting new patio cushions for the season? But the question is how to restore the cushion for the wicker loveseat.

Great Reasons to Buy Cushions for Your Wicker Furniture


Adding cushions to your wicker furniture will likely increase its comfort for you and your guests. Exposed wicker is brittle and unforgiving. Over time, it might create soreness and discomfort if you use it for seating. Adding a cushion to the wicker to act as a buffer between the two will do wonders for your comfort. As a result, you may stay sat for a considerable amount of time and maybe even read a few more chapters of that book you’ve been meaning to get to.


Personalize your outdoor lounge by adding cushions to your wicker furniture. When incorporated into a design, even the most stunning wicker furniture might appear dull. While wicker’s neutral tones make it adaptable to a wide range of aesthetics, the material itself is somewhat bland. Nonetheless, the furniture looks fantastic after bright cushions are added to it. Adding cushions to wicker makes the furniture look more deliberate and intentional, rather than like random pieces put together.

Reupholster or Recover Outdoor Patio Cushions (how to) - Renee Romeo - YouTube


To prevent damage to your wicker furniture, use cushions as a barrier. Put a cushion on the seat and back of a chair, and it will be able to take the first wear and tear without showing any signs of wear and tear. People have a bad habit of sitting down roughly on the furniture. In addition, it is also uncommon for youngsters to misappropriate outdoor furniture by using it as toys. Even the most durable pieces of wicker furniture will be destroyed by treatment they were not designed to withstand if they are not properly preserved. A cushion, however, can take the impact in its stride and save your furniture from destruction. Furthermore, bare wicker can be quickly destroyed and in need of repair or replacement if someone spills on the furniture. If, however, the accident occurs on the cushion, it may be easily taken out, cleaned, and replaced.

Cushions are mold and mildew resistant

You should always presume that an item will be exposed to water if it is primarily intended for use in the outdoors. Water can be repelled by wicker seat cushions, but that is not sufficient. It’s a relief to know that outdoor cushions can withstand the elements without succumbing to mildew and mold. These characteristics can reassure you that the cushions will remain mold- and mildew-free even if they absorb some water over time. Homeowners may be assured that their new outdoor furniture cushions will survive for many seasons thanks to this fact.

Cushions are easily changeable

Cushions are a terrific addition to wicker furniture since you can easily switch up the design from season to season. It’s simple to switch from summer’s vibrant and tropical colors to fall’s muted earth tones if that’s your preference. It’s as easy as taking out one pair of cushions and putting in another. For those who enjoy switching up home decor with the seasons or just because, this is the ideal answer. Covers for wicker furniture are available in many styles, colors, and price ranges, making it easy to update the look of your outdoor space whenever you choose.

Cushions for your wicker furniture can provide the flair you’re looking for while still serving practical purposes. Cushions are a great way to personalize your outdoor space, bring color and life to your wicker furniture, and keep it in pristine condition. Try Design Furnishings before you buy cushions from a large box store. The superb cushions we sell are suitable for a wide range of patio themes and decor styles. There is currently no way to purchase replacement cushions online. You may still count on our help, though. Give us a call or start a live chat on our website if you’d like to place an order for cushions from Design Furnishings.

What is a loveseat?

A loveseat is a two-seat sofa that was originally designed as a more spacious armchair. In the living room or family room, a loveseat (also known as a double-chair) is a common complement to a larger sofa.

In spite of this, they can also be used as seats in cramped quarters, as informal office break-out spaces, and as private reading nooks in public places like libraries and coffee shops.

Since it’s possible to tailor the dimensions of a loveseat to suit your needs, there’s no set length for this type of sofa. However, the distance from arm to arm on a loveseat should be no more than 72 inches.

Despite its name, the loveseat is not intended for two people who are romantically involved to sit side by side. Instead, it was designed to give ladies a place to sit that would be comfortable in their elaborate ball gowns.

As social mores shifted, the loveseat grew to become the perfect spot for a couple to cuddle up and have a private chat.

What is a wicker loveseat?

Because of how it’s put together, a loveseat that’s “wicker” can be made out of synthetic rattan, real rattan, bamboo, cane, or any number of other materials.

The 1970s were the heyday of wicker furniture, one of the oldest furniture-making techniques in history. Wicker furniture has its origins in Egypt. Durability, longevity, what have you.

Now the question is, how do you repair an outdoor cushion for a wicker loveseat?

You may want to recover your wicker loveseat’s cushions if they’re looking a touch faded and old. If you want to avoid spending money on brand new cushions, repairing the old ones with new fabric is a great option.

Step 1:

It would be best if you had a cushion. The length and width of your cushion must be three inches longer and wider than the outside canvas you choose. That’s enough to cover the cost of two cushions. Next, a dozen pins and scissors/rotary cutter. At long last, the necessity for needles, thread, and a sewing machine has emerged.

Step 2:

Before you put the patio cushion on top of the fabric, you should lay out your fabric with the design facing up. Then, position the patio pillow in the upper left corner of the fabric, back side up, and leave enough room on the side for the fabric to wrap around the side of the patio pillow. If the fabric is overly long or wide, cut it now.

Step 3

Bring the fabric up and over the patio seat cushion. The pinnacle of your work is where all of your ideas and concepts will finally converge. Leave a space of three inches at the top and finish the edges.

Step 4

Once the fabric is in place, you may pin the cushion’s sides together to complete the project. If the back of your cushion is sloping, you can avoid pinning it all the way down by placing buckles on either side of the cloth where the last pin would have gone. But don’t slam it completely. It’s important to not only pin one side of your patio cushion, but both.

Step 5

The seat cushion must now be carefully taken out of the sofa. If your patio cushion is like mine and is tough to remove since it tapers at the rear, curl it within the cloth like a taco and pull it out.

Step 6

Take out the pins and finish sewing along the marked lines. To finish, place the patio cushion back into the fabric “envelope” you just made, but this time with the wrong side facing out. Keep in mind the excess material on the two front corners of your patio cushion. Make sure the cloth is taut against the pillow by pinning the corners.

Step 7

Repeatedly taking the fabric away from the cushion, sew a line along the pinned corner. Just pull the pins out.

Step 8

Now, flip the fabric right-side out. That’s how you put the cushion in. Incorporate your patio cushion into the cloth by curling the buffer to make it fit inside the envelope.

Step 9

As if you were wrapping a present, fold up the leftover material on the back of the patio cushion. It ought should secure it in place. Hand sew the fabric closed to secure it. Simply double the amount of thread you’re using will quadruple its strength.

That’s it, you’re done! You’ve accomplished a great feat: you’ve rescued a cushion for a wicker loveseat for outside use. Relax in the sunshine with your lovely new recovered pillow on your loveseat.

DIY patio cushion covers – Heather's Handmade Life

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Cushions

There are many aspects to think about while selecting patio cushions for outdoor use. It’s important to take into account aesthetics and dimensions when choosing new outdoor furniture to complement current pieces. The goal might be either a colorful or neutral color scheme for high-back patio chairs, lounge chairs, and patio benches, and the color scheme isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to maintenance. Comfort is especially important for those who spend long periods of time sitting outside.


It’s crucial to take measurements of your existing patio furniture before going shopping for replacement cushions. Using these specs, you can zero in on alternatives that are a good fit in terms of size. Some chairs don’t conform to the industry standard for chair cushion size even though they are sold with standard-sized seats. It doesn’t matter what color or material you choose, if the seat cushion doesn’t fit properly, you may end up regretting your purchase.

Measure your furniture to determine the best thickness for the cushions. Cushions used in the outdoors typically range in depth from 19 to 23 inches. Consider 24–26-inch-thick cushions if relaxation is a top priority.

Cover Material

Patio cushions spend a lot of time in the elements, so it’s important to choose a durable cover material. There are practical advantages and disadvantages to using various materials.

  • Vinyl (also known as PVC) covers are one of the more budget-friendly choices. Vinyl has excellent durability, water resistance, and stain resistance. PVC is nonrecyclable and can cause this fabric to overheat in direct sunlight.
  • Like polyester covers, these will not absorb moisture or stains. Polyester is more mold- and mildew-resistant than vinyl because it dries more quickly. Polyester may be cheap, but it is also one of the most harmful substances to the planet.
  • Another inexpensive fabric that holds up well to machine washing is cotton canvas. Because of its low water resistance, this fabric is easily stained and can promote the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Textilene is a polyester yarn woven onto a PVC coating. Although this man-made fabric is waterproof and long-lasting, the sun will cause it to heat up and cause the color to fade.
  • Olefin (also known as polypropylene) is an extremely resilient material that doesn’t fade or discolor over time. Unlike vinyl and texteline, this fabric is made from recycled materials, making it more eco-friendly.
  • Sunbrella may be left outside in the rain or shine and can be cleaned with just soap and water. To top it all off, it resists mildew and mold. Protect yourself from the sun and prevent fading with this UV-resistant fabric.


The quality and lifespan of a cushion can be affected by its filling. Foam and polyester are the two most used filling materials for outdoor cushions.

  • Denser foams tend to be more supportive. For instance, Dacron foam is particularly solid and contributes to the full and well-kept look of cushions.
  • Polyester fiberfill is softer and more cheap than foam, and it provides the same level of comfort. These cushions will lose their shape over time unless they are stuffed with more material or made of a hybrid of polyester and foam.


If you have outdoor cushions with ties, you won’t have to worry about them sliding around when you sit, stand, or walk. The ties, which are typically fashioned from the same material as the cushion cover, serve two purposes: they keep cushions in place on furniture and off the floor, where they are more likely to collect dust, and dirt, and they protect the cushions from being blown off by the wind.

The variety of cushion and its accompanying tie count might vary widely. Cushions designed for chaise lounges and settees typically feature multiple ties, whereas those meant for chairs typically feature only two. If you’re looking for outdoor cushions with ties, keep in mind that not all of them are made with this feature.


Cushions are a simple way to freshen up a room, and you can get outdoor cushions and covers in a wide variety of colors, prints, and patterns. A bright color or eye-catching print can draw attention to an outdoor space, while a more muted color scheme might help it fit in with its surroundings or complement existing outdoor furnishings.

Cushions look more attractive thanks to the attention to detail and other design features. Some cushion covers are embellished with tufts or welting, which is a narrow piping along the edge of the cover that emphasizes the contours of the pillow inside.

Ease of Cleaning

Finding cushions that can be washed in a machine will make maintenance a breeze. Furthermore, the detergent will be able to thoroughly clean the cushion because it will be able to permeate the fabric.

Even if the covers of some cushions are machine-washable, the pillows inside may only be suitable for spot cleaning. Moreover, there may be cushions that need to be vacuumed or washed by hand but don’t have covers that can be removed.

Take the time to read the care labels and clean the items as directed. Cushions may be kept cleaner if they are stored away when not in use, either in the home or in a patio storage bench. Cushions can be maintained for a longer period of time by regular cleaning and care.

The Best Outdoor Cushions of 2022

Quality Outdoor Living Deep Seating Chair Cushion

The olefin material can withstand exposure to the sun’s rays for up to a thousand hours without deteriorating or losing its original color, and it is also waterproof, mildewproof, and moldproof. If you want to give the cushion a thorough cleaning, take out the foam insert and clean just the cover. Available in 25 different color and pattern combinations, these deep seat cushions are reversible.

Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Chair Cushion

The polyester material is waterproof, stainproof, fade-proof, and mildew-proof, and it can be attached to chairs safely with the included string ties. This cushion will last longer if you keep it indoors, in a deck box, or under cover when it’s not in use. Use a slightly diluted soap solution to spot clean as needed.

Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Tufted Seat Cushions

The outside fabric is constructed from long-lasting polyester that is proof against the elements and fading. The square cushions are 19 inches on a side, and the rounded back means they won’t work with all types of patio chairs. It’s recommended that you simply spot-clean these seat cushions with water and a gentle detergent.

Comfort Classics Inc. Set of Sunbrella Chaise Cushion

The 5-inch-thick cushions are made with a waterfall edge, giving them a sleek, rounded appearance without any visible seams. Cushions can be easily cleaned using warm water and mild soap. The cushions come in a wide range of colors, so it’s possible to find a combination that works with your current outdoor furniture. The cushions can be fastened to a chaise lounge with the help of the top and center ties.

Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Bistro Seat Cushion

The plush poly fiberfill used in the overstuffed cushions is derived from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and offers plenty of support. The string ties and round tacks stitched into the middle help secure them. You can spot-clean the cushions with a light detergent and some warm water. The pillows should be kept in a dry place when not in use.

Classic Accessories Montlake Patio Furniture Cushion

The bonded inside seams and double-stitched exterior provide extra durability. The high-quality construction of the Montlake couch cushion ensures that it will last for years to come, providing outstanding value. This seating accessory comes in three sizes and ten hues.

Quality Outdoor Living Loveseat Cushion

The foam cushions are permeable to water and the water-resistant olefin fabric covering the set eliminates the risk of mildew and mold. The cushions can stay out in the sun for up to a year without deteriorating thanks to the weather coating. The variously colored and patterned cushions can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and some gentle soap.

Classic Accessories Montlake Bench Cushion

If you’re looking for a patio seat cushion that will last for years, look no further than the Montlake. There are ten color options and five bench/sofa size configurations to choose from. This cushion must be cleaned on the spot only.


Selecting new cushions for a patio, deck, or porch can be a challenging endeavor. Please read on if you still have queries about outdoor cushions. See the following for explanations of some frequently asked questions concerning outdoor pillows.

Q: What are the best-quality patio cushions?

Sunbrella covers for cushions are impervious to moisture, harmful ultraviolet rays, fading, mold, and mildew. foam fillings of varying densities provide varying degrees of comfort and support.

Q: Are patio cushions waterproof?

The majority of patio cushions are water resistant, and some are completely waterproof.

Painted outdoor cushions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Q: Are patio cushions washable?

Some outdoor pillows can be washed in the washing machine, but the vast majority can only be cleaned by hand with a little detergent and some warm water.

Q: Can you leave outdoor cushions outside?

When not in use, certain cushions can stay outside while others must be brought inside. For further information, please refer to the product’s manual.


And with that, we have reached the end of our discourse on recovering patio cushions for wicker loveseats. Recovering cushions for a loveseat made of wicker in an outdoor setting is a quick and easy project. It’s not necessary to do it every day, but even sometimes showing some love can make a big difference.

Covering your patio wicker loveseat cushions while not in use is the easiest way to keep them looking like new for a long period. You can put them away in a dry, safe place if you live in a region that experiences long, hard winters and won’t need them for a while.

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