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Rearranging your furniture is another method to add interest and dimension to your space. We’ll be looking at a standard loveseat and an ottoman in this article. We’ll talk you how to turn a loveseat and ottoman into sectional furniture as we’ll be doing the setting up.

Let’s first describe a conventional loveseat and an Ottoman before we get into how we might arrange these two into sectional furniture. This gives us an idea of how things might turn out.

What is a Loveseat?

This is why a loveseat was created in the first place: because women wore so many layers of petticoats, an ordinary chair couldn’t support them. Date nights in loveseats date back to the 17th century and have taken place all over the United States and beyond.

Ivy Bronx 66

This is mostly owing to the fact that a loveseat is often only big enough to fit one person and their significant other comfortably. Think about the size of the ottoman that will fit the loveseat while deciding on a size for the loveseat, as well.

What is an Ottoman?

Ottomans are a type of furniture. When it comes to most ottomans, they do not have backs or arms. For example, you might use one of these cushions to serve as a table, stool, or footstool. They could also be used as a low-upholstered couch.

Seats with hinges and a lid can be used to store linen, magazines, and other items in the inside hollow. It is common to use the smaller version as a fireplace seat or to place it near a sofa or armchair in the living room.

It’s common for ottoman footstools to be marketed as part of a set with other furniture, such as armchairs or couches. In New Zealand and Newfoundland, this piece of furniture is known as a footstool, tuffet, hassock, pouf, or Humpty.

The ottoman is a timeless piece of furniture for the living room that is often disregarded. Furniture that can serve multiple purposes, from cocktail table to decorator footrest to stowaway storage. Whether they’re covered in tufted fabric, leather, or suede, these ottomans illustrate how versatile this small but significant piece can be in a design.

How to Arrange a Regular Loveseat and Ottoman into Sectional Furniture

This section is for you if you want to set up a conventional loveseat and ottoman. In order to organize your living room furniture, start with the biggest piece. The sofa is appropriate for this situation. Ensure that the item is placed in front of the room’s most prominent feature, such as a television or fireplace.

Keep the sofa away from a window if at all possible. As a result, some of the sunlight will be blocked. Incorporate a few accent elements into your design.

Set Up Around a Fireplace

The fireplace is a living room’s natural focal point. Place the standard loveseat and ottoman in the middle and the other two on either side of the space. Open the door on the side opposite the fireplace to allow entry to the living room’s seating area.

Setup for a Small Living Room

To maximize space in a small living room, don’t cram everything in close to the walls. Creating an awkward central region calls emphasis to the room’s tiny dimensions. At this angle, both a standard loveseat and an Ottoman will look nicer.

Draw furniture closer to the center of the room to give the sense that it is more open. To put it simply, a loveseat and an ottoman are all that is required.

Set Up on a Rug

Use a large area rug to incorporate a seating area into a larger room. Major pieces of furniture can sit on top of the rug as a rule of thumb.

The sofa will do just fine in this context. If the rug isn’t big enough, place the furniture’s front legs on it if the backs aren’t as long. A good rule of thumb is to put the ottoman right in the middle of the rug.

Changeable Living Room Arrangements

Depending on the situation, feel free to move your living room furniture. An easy-to-transport chair can be placed in a spare space to provide extra seating if needed. Keep in mind to include the ottomans that can double as side tables for beverages and extra seating for guests.

Set Up for a Large Living Room

With careful furniture placement, you can create a cozy and personal vibe in even the largest of living rooms. To create a cozy atmosphere, divide the area into two conversational sections, with a pathway connecting the two.

This walkway serves as a barrier between the two sections of the room. And the ottoman in front of it, allowing for a tiny passage.

Lounging Arrangement

In living rooms where viewing TV is the primary activity, a loveseat offers a versatile and comfortable place to sit. Sectionals can be used with a loveseat and ottoman.

The loveseat in this living room acts both as a barrier and as a place for numerous people to relax.

Open Living Room Arrangements

Split an open-concept living space into different activity areas with the help of furniture placement. One side of the room features an ottoman and couch that may be used to host informal dinner parties or board game nights. Another loveseat and an ottoman gather around the fireplace on the other side of the room for conversation.

A standard loveseat and ottoman can be transformed into sectional furniture by following these steps. In the end, it’s your choice. Your standard couch and ottoman will take some time to transform into a sectional.

These Sleeper Loveseats Are a Dream Come True for Small-Space Dwellers

Henry Sleeper Sofa


Our favorite loveseat sleeper at West Elm is the Henry Sleeper Sofa, which is available in two sizes: a twin and a full. This sofa offers a sleek modern design and can be personalized in your choice of fabric and color to be a timeless addition to your decor. It doesn’t get any better than this. It is available in a basic (spring mattress) and a luxury (foam mattress) configuration (memory foam mattress).

Novogratz Brittany Loveseat Sleeper Sofa


For a company known for its inexpensive designs, Novogratz packs a lot of style into each item. Case in point: the Brittany Loveseat Sleeper Sofa. When folded up, this olive piece transforms into a mid-century-inspired loveseat with clean lines, wooden legs, and contemporary linen upholstery enhanced with piping elements and a ribbed tufted backrest.

Jaxx Zipline Convertible Sleeper Loveseat and Ottoman Set



Have a soft spot for modular sofas but are unable to find the perfect fit for your confined living quarters? Small-space dwellers will love this Jaxx sofa since it can be transformed into a bed in a matter of seconds! This three-piece sleeper loveseat and ottoman set comes in eight colors and has everything you need. It can be transformed into a bed that sleeps two people in a Queen-sized bed.

Nora Apartment Size Sleeper Sofa



You don’t have to forgo style because you live in a small space. Designed for tiny areas, the Nora Apartment Size Sleeper Sofa by Ashley is a comfortable option. You’ll instantly fall for its elegant Art Deco styling — complete with a tufted-channel high back — and then go gaga for the full-size deluxe innerspring (or memory foam mattress) that turns your living room into a guestroom in a snap.

Olivia Apartment Size Sleeper Sofa

There is no need to forgo style because you have a small room. Designed for tiny areas, the Nora Apartment Size Sleeper Sofa is the perfect choice. Your living room will be transformed into a guest room in no time thanks to the full-size deluxe innerspring (or memory foam) mattress, which comes with a stunning Art Deco design that features a tufted-channel high back.


You’ll see why Apt2B calls the Olivia Apartment Size Sleeper Sofa “the stylish sofa bed we’ve all been waiting for” with just one look. It has a distinctive look thanks to its knife-edge cushion coverings, squared-off arms, deep sitting, and a strong wood base. The best part is that it can fit a Full-size mattress.

Amazon.com: 52

Merax Leather Sleeper Sofa


When it’s time to get some rest, the Merax Leather Sleeper Sofa transforms into a Twin-sized bed, along with two USB outlets for easy charging. It’s one of the tiniest options on this list, at only 51 inches wide.

Dren Velvet Square Arm Sofa Bed



Stylish, comfortable, and available in a broad range of colors, the Dren Sofa is a fan favorite on Apartment Therapy. To ensure that your guests have a comfortable stay, this convertible futon features an antique design with button-tufted seats, square arms, and velvet upholstery.

Mayes Square Arm Sleeper


Check out Corrigan Studio’s Mayes sleeper if you’re searching for a three-in-one. The under-seat storage area is ideal for storing everything from extra blankets and linens to other items that need to be hidden from plain sight.

Novogratz Leyla Loveseat


As previously stated, it’s difficult to beat Novogratz when it comes to style on a budget. The Leyla Loveseat boasts a revolutionary design that allows the armrests to fold down, changing the sofa from a loveseat to a sleeper in a matter of seconds. If you don’t want to sleep on your back, you can raise one of the armrests so that you can prop yourself up. In addition, did we not notice the armrest pockets that store magazines? Isn’t it amazing how much one person can do?

Stalbridge Armless Sofa Bed



Choosing an armless sofa for your living room will give you the coziest seating option, both in terms of comfort and aesthetics. To provide the ideal sleep experience, this Ebern Designs selection reclines back into a flat posture like a large pillow.

The Best Ottoman to Add to Your Living Room

Features to Look for in the Best Ottoman

Consider these factors as you shop for an ottoman. Making a list of the things that matter most in your life before making a purchase like an ottoman might assist ensure you’re happy with your purchase.


No matter if you buy a pre-made ottoman or build your own, the most important thing is that it fits your living space. Make a strategy for where you want to put the ottoman and how much room it will need.

It is generally recommended that an ottoman be at least half the width of the couch it will accompany. Allowing numerous people to raise their feet at the same time will provide a more even look in the room. Alternatively, you may get two smaller ottomans for your couch instead of a single long ottoman.


Its principal function is to provide a place for people to put their feet while they relax. The legs of a person sitting on an ottoman that is too high for the rest of the furniture can be unpleasant. In the same way, if an ottoman is too short, people won’t be able to raise their feet to the right height. Ottomans should be one inch lower than the seat on a sofa, reading chair or other piece of furniture they’re partnered with. Your guests will be able to relax on their seats.


It’s critical, as previously mentioned, to know both the available space and the dimensions of the piece of furniture with which the ottoman will be placed. If you do this, you may be confident that the ottoman you buy will fit your needs.

Make a plan for where you want to put the ottoman before you buy it, and make sure you have enough room to accommodate it. Make sure there’s enough distance between the ottoman and the sofa or chair for people to wander about comfortably.

Color and Upholstery

Consider the color scheme of your room when selecting an ottoman. You should be able to choose an ottoman in a color that blends in with the rest of your living room’s design because there are so many options. Instead, some people choose an altogether different color for their ottoman from the rest of the room’s decor. Make the ottoman a focal point or add color to the room by doing this.

Upholstery can also affect how well an ottoman works with other items in a room, so pay attention to what you choose. It is possible to select from a variety of upholstery options:

  • Leather is a long-lasting material that may be used in a variety of settings, from the casual to the dressy. Leather, on the other hand, is pricier and more prone to staining or damage from pets or youngsters.
  • Leather can be more expensive, thus vinyl is a less expensive option. It looks and feels like leather, but it’s a lot easier to keep clean. Vinyl, on the other hand, is extremely long-lasting and will not exhibit any indications of use.
  • Durable and simple to clean microfiber is a popular fabric choice. It’s soft and cozy.


Think about whether or not you’re looking for an ottoman with additional storage space. The top of many ottomans can be hinged open to reveal a hollow interior that can be used to store linens, toys, and other objects.

Small-space dwellers will appreciate the added storage provided by storage ottomans. You can quickly clear your home before guests arrive with the help of storage ottomans, which cover up and conceal the objects stored inside.


A wide variety of Ottoman styles are available, from casual to more formal. In order to make sure the room where the ottoman is going to be put looks well, it’s vital to pick an ottoman that suits the style of the room. An ottoman with a tufted appearance, for example, would have a more eye-catching appearance.

As well as square, rectangular, and round Ottomans are also available. You may find that some shapes are more visually appealing in your area than others, in addition to their physical compatibility with the place.

Our Top Picks

These ottomans are among the best available on the market. Each of these items is made with care and attention to detail and can be used to enhance the look and utility of a living area.

SIMPLIHOME Harrison 36 inch Wide Square Coffee Table

The Harrison ottoman from SimpliHome is built by hand to ensure long-lasting quality. Sturdy, cushioned, and upholstered ottoman frames are made from solid and engineered wood. Upholstery and color options include damaged black faux leather, flaming red faux leather, mink brown twitter cloth, and platinum tweed.

36-inch square ottoman with a height of 16.5 inches As an ottoman, this product may also open up to provide storage space for bedding, books, and other items. Because of its flat top, the ottoman can double as a coffee table. Individuals seated on a sofa will appreciate the model’s unique split lift top design, which allows half of the lid to be raised and locked in place.

Seville Classics Foldable Storage Footrest Toy Box

The Seville Classics folding storage ottoman is a good option for those on a tight budget. Using this 15.7-inch cube as a footrest or stool in a living room is a perfect fit. The ottoman is built to withstand 400 pounds of weight, making it ideal for a variety of uses.

This ottoman also has a built-in storage area to keep a person’s stuff out of sight and organized. To save space, the ottoman can be folded and collapsed when not in use. The ottoman’s top is padded so that people can sit on it or rest their feet on it with pleasure. Gray or light gray synthetic tweed upholstery is available. To clean the synthetic fabric, simply apply soap and water to a moist cloth.

Christopher Knight Home Alexandria Bonded Leather

Christopher Knight Home’s Alexandria ottoman features brown bonded leather upholstery with a tufted finish for an elegant touch to any room. In addition to the four short wooden legs, the ottoman is made of solid wood. Using a dark stain on the wood frame, the leather is well matched with the color.

This 31-inch-square ottoman stands 18.6-inches tall. Gas shock hinges open the top to reveal a big storage room for linens, games, books, or any other personal possessions.

HomePop Large Button Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

You can add flair and dimension to your living space with this round ottoman from HomePop. With solid wood legs and a sturdy frame, the ottoman can hold up to 250 pounds of weight. It is possible to choose from seven different upholstery and wood stain combinations to match various styles, such as berry velvet fabric with cherry finish, dark gray weave fabric with dark walnut finish, and brown and teal paisley fabric with cherry finish.

Throw blankets, pillows, and novels can all be stored inside the ottoman thanks to the lift-off lid. In all, it has a 25-inch circumference and a 15-inch height. This ottoman can also be used as a coffee table because of its bigger size.

Ornavo Home Modern Round Velvet Storage Ottoman

Ornavo Home’s round storage ottoman is the perfect addition to a contemporary living room. The circular, smooth design of the ottoman lends a modern feel to the room. The velvet upholstery on the ottoman provides further durability and comfort. Black, pink, cream, dusty blue, emerald green, gray, silver, and teal are the other seven options.

With its removable top, you may access a storage compartment on the ottoman’s interior to keep your stuff neatly arranged or hidden from plain sight. It can also be used as a coffee table by flipping the ottoman’s cover over. The solid wood serving tray on the underside of the lid provides users with a flat surface on which to lay drinks, food, and other items.

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4-in-1

The Vonanda Ottoman can be converted into four distinct shapes. Besides being an ottoman, it can be used as a sofa or lounger. People can alter the ottoman’s position by folding it open and putting it in their preferred position. An very sturdy metal structure can hold up to 440 pounds, making it ideal for resting.

It has a high-density spring sponge cushion for sitting, resting, or lying down that’s comfortable. The sponge is covered with breathable linen fabric, which is available in dark gray, light brown, or velvet gray. This model is 37 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 17 inches high when used as an ottoman. The lounger is 74 inches long, 37 inches broad, and 32 inches high when it’s folded up and rolled up.

BELLEZE 48″ Rectangular Faux Leather Storage Ottoman

There are numerous ways in which the Belleze rectangle storage ottoman bench may help people obtain their money’s worth. The ottoman can accommodate two or more people comfortably in a living area with its generous size. For those who wish to sit down while putting on or taking off their shoes, this could be a useful addition to an entryway. In addition, the ottoman’s hinged top lifts to reveal a spacious storage compartment ideal for storing and organizing a wide range of objects.

46.9 inches long, 16.53 inches wide, and 16.7 inches high. Brown faux leather, light brown faux leather, rustic brown faux leather, rustic gray faux leather, dark gray linen, gray linen, natural linen, and purple linen are available in eight various color and upholstery variations.

FAQs About Ottoman

If you still have questions regarding ottomans, take a look at the following frequently asked questions (FAQs). The following questions and answers may help you choose or use the best ottoman.

The Nomad Fabric Loveseat with Ottoman | Burrow

Q. Which shape ottoman should I choose?

The design of an ottoman might be influenced by the amount of room you have to work with. The sort of furniture with which the ottoman will be used, for example, can have an effect on your decision. Square ottomans are ideal for chairs, rectangular ottomans for sofas, and circular ottomans for sectionals.

Q. What is the best fabric for an ottoman?

Ottomans made of leather are a popular choice since they are easy to clean and can be used in a variety of settings. With children or dogs, microfiber is a popular choice because of its softness and ease of cleaning.

Q. Can I sleep on an ottoman?

The majority of ottomans aren’t big enough to sleep on comfortably. Some ottomans, on the other hand, can be transformed into a bed.

Q. Do all ottomans come with storage?

No, not all ottomans are storage ottomans, just like only some beds are storage beds. Standard ottomans do not have a hinged top that may be opened to reveal storage space for personal goods.

Q. What is the difference between an ottoman and a pouf?

A pouf is softer and less stable than an ottoman. Poufs are huge floor pillows with a squishy interior. Poufs, on the other hand, don’t have legs. However, ottomans and poufs both fulfill the same role as a footrest or a seat: they can be used as either.

Conclusion on arranging a regular loveseat and Ottoman

This question can be answered in many ways, but it all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. There are numerous ways to arrange your ottoman and sofa. How big or small a space should be is a function of both the room’s purpose and its size. Now it’s up to you to decide which one best suits your requirements.