Roll Out Cheer And Gymnastics Mats: Which Is Best For You?

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Helen Skeates
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Cheer mats and gymnastics mats may be rolled out in seconds to transform your living room, basement, or playroom into a practice area.

Take a moment to imagine how easy it would be to transport a yoga mat. As an alternative to yoga, you could try cheerleading, tumbling and gymnastics.

These may be heavier than yoga mats, but the same principles of portability and ease of use still hold true, so long as you’re not performing anything more complicated than back tucks and cheer throws.

What should you look for in a roll out mat?


Without the perils of the incorrect mat, cheerleading and gymnastics are already dangerous. As these are high-impact activities that are typically practiced at home by younger children and teens, safety is of utmost importance.

Is your mat safe for the activities you intend to perform on it?

You’ll find out in the product description if it’s appropriate for your intended use if you buy from a reliable retailer. It’s not going to state, “Excellent for practicing back layouts” on a yoga mat. Advanced tumbling requires a mat that is specifically created for that level of tumbling.

The Best Cheerleading & Gymnastics Mats - Carpet Roll Out Mats

Besides the thickness and shock absorption, you should also look into this. Shock-absorbing mats are required for higher jumps, tosses, and other advanced moves.

Easy Maintenance

If you’re anything like me, cleaning takes up a tiny fraction of your time since it’s the absolute worst. So, it goes without saying that I am a huge fan of simplicity and zero effort!

Most of the time, all you have to do is wipe down our roll out mats with a damp towel to keep them clean. That’s all there is to it.

Finished with your mat? To make things even easier, there’s a feature called “roll out”! You can easily put them away when you’re done with them and need to create room for the next activity.

Types of Roll Out Mats

A “one size fits all” mat is not available. An Olympic hopeful will require a different mat than someone who wants to begin a home core workout routine.

Find the best mat for you by checking out our selection of roll-out mats.

3/8” Soft Mats

This would be considered a beginner’s mat. Beware, though; it’s still incredibly durable and can take a lot of punishment.

Suitable for stretching, yoga and basic tumbling, this mat is soft, warm, comfy and long-lasting.

Because they are waterproof, cleaning them is a breeze. Even if you throw them in the pool, they’ll float. Even with a cup holder, I haven’t tried using them as a raft in the pool. Please let us know if you go ahead and do that.

You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with our 38″ Soft Mats if you’re searching for a low-cost and multipurpose mat for your home workouts and beginning tumbling.

Home Cheer Mats

An intermediate-level mat is what you’ll find here. It can be used for cheer, tosses, back handsprings, martial arts, wrestling, and whatever else you can think of.

Among our most popular mats is our cheer mat. They’re so adaptable that they’re a good fit for just about everybody, and they’re made to last.

If you don’t know what you need, they come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Don’t waste your time and money on a mat that’s too big for you!

You don’t have enough mat? That’s fine! Multiple mats can be velcroed together to cover a huge area quickly and easily. When you’re done training, simply roll each one up and store it – it couldn’t be easier.

You can count on our Home Cheer Mats to stay with you as you go through the ranks of gymnastics, cheer, and martial arts.

6′ x 42′ Cheer Mats

You know what I mean, don’t you? The King of All Roll Out Mats is finally here.

The 6′ x 42′ Cheer Mat is the best of the best when it comes to high school and college cheer and gymnastics competition matting. Is this mat necessary for anyone? While professional gymnasts and cheerleaders will adore this roll-out mat, even beginners will appreciate its sturdy structure.

You’ll be protected when doing complex maneuvers thanks to a cross-linked polyethylene foam. With the addition of a carpeted top, you have the perfect combination of style and traction.

Additionally, this mat folds up in a matter of seconds, making it extremely convenient to transport.

Your gymnastics or cheering career has reached a crossroads, and it’s time to meet our 6′ x 42′ Cheer Mat, your answer to that question.

Highlights of Roll Out Mat

  • Portable
  • Weightless (in most sizes)
  • Clean, transportable, and easy to store
  • Superb on every level.
  • Durable and built to last

Limitations of Roll Out Mats

  • Durable and built to last
  • dependable and long-lasting

Ready to get started?

Today is the day to get your roll out mat!

Types of Cheer Mats

Cheerleading, as you may have guessed, is a multi-faceted sport. So much jumping and advanced tumbling are included in this video. Our range of folding mats, roll-out mats, and crash mats are designed to accommodate a variety of cheerleading styles, as well as varied levels of difficulty in the routines.

Folding Mats

When shopping for a tumbling mat or cheer mat, look for phrases like “portable,” “soft,” “safe,” and “fun” in the description. Folding crash mats and junior folding mats are available for our infant cheerleaders in training, as well as standard folding mats for more advanced tumbling and stunts. You may choose from a number of colors for these folding mats that can be used in a practice space that can also expand thanks to the Velcro sides.

These foldable mats aren’t needed throughout your practice, are they? That’s fine! Fold your folding mats up and store them when not in use. Folding mats are also easy to maintain and clean because they are topped with a durable, sweat-proof vinyl. When properly cared for, these mats will withstand all of your practice jumps and round-off back handsprings as long as they are stored in a temperature-controlled atmosphere.

With Folding Mats, you get a lot of advantages

  • Folding mats are incredibly adaptable, as they come in a variety of colors and sizes and may be used just about anyplace.
  • Fold these mats out when you need them and put them away after you’re done with them.
  • Folding mats are easy to clean and maintain because they are made of closed vinyl fabric. As a result, the folding mat will be impenetrable to liquids, and it will also be incredibly durable.
  • In order to cover a wider area, you may simply join additional mats together.

Mats for Folding at the Very Top

  • Folding Mats 4’x8’x2″
  • Eco-Folding Mats 4’x8’x2″ in size

Roll Out Cheer Mats

We sell a lot of carpet-topped foam cheer mats, which are great for tumbling, gymnastics, and, of course, cheering. They’re also very durable. The heavy-duty construction of these mats ensures that they will not move during even the most strenuous of exercises. Even better, velcro strips may be used to join roll-out mats together to create larger mat sizes, which are ideal for competitions. : Cheerleading/Gymnastics Roll Mats, 42' x 6' x 1-3/8", Blue : Sports & Outdoors

Why You Should Use Roll-Out Mats

  • Protective: These mats are designed to absorb the force of your landings, reducing the risk of injury.
  • It’s simple to set up: Your mat can be rolled out and placed in any desired location. Done!
  • Cleaning and maintaining vinyl or carpeted surfaces is a simple matter of wiping down the surface and vacuuming up any loose dirt and dust.
  • Stunt practice at home and bodyweight and high-impact training can all be done on these mats.

Mats that can be rolled out from the top

  • Cheerleading Mats for the House
  • 6-by-42-foot Sports Mats for the Audience

Crash Mats

Crash mats aren’t your standard cheer mats, but when you’re working on large feats or even a human pyramid, they really come in handy. For when you need a softer landing, these mats are what you’re looking for. Shock absorption is provided via a mesh that releases air upon landing in these 8″-12″ thick stand-alone mats. There are also 4″ thick foldable crash mats that can be used as a portable crash pad.

Crash Mats: A Smart Investment

  • This material is resistant to mildew and mold, so go ahead and sweat all you want!
  • You’ll be less likely to sustain injuries because to the mats’ high level of shock absorption when you land.
  • Air is released when you land, reducing the mat’s stiffness and making it easier to get up and go again.
  • Crash mats are made of long-lasting closed vinyl fabric, making cleanup a breeze. As a result, the folding mat will be impenetrable to liquids, and it will also be incredibly durable.

Mats that can be rolled out from the top

  • Rubber Mats for Crashing
  • Mats for Arrival and Departure

Cheer Mat Sizes and Thickness

Our mats come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, so you may use them in your team’s practice facility or at home.

It all depends on what you intend to use your mat for. Large roll out cheer mats are a good choice for competition mats. If you are practicing at home, however, a 4′ by 6′ mat will do. To make things even better, our roll out cheer mats are available in a number of sizes. Your practice mats and competition mats will be ready to go with sizes ranging from 4 feet by 6 feet to 6 feet by 42 feet.

  • Cheerleading Mats for the House
  • Folding Mats 4’x8’x2″
  • 6-by-42-foot Sports Mats for the Audience

It is also possible to choose from several thicknesses when purchasing our cheer mat products. Cheer mats that are thicker tend to last longer and prevent injuries from tripping over them. Check the mat’s thickness before purchasing to be sure it’s adequate for your intended application. The following thicknesses are available:

  • 1-3/8”
  • 2”
  • 14”
  • 16”

Cheer Mat Material

Cheer mats are known for their high quality. As long as you’re protected from injuries and have a softer surface to land on, you’ll be fine. Foam cross-linked polyethylene is used to create our roll-out and folding mats, as well as our landing mats, which are then covered in either real vinyl or non-slip carpet.

Both strong vinyl, commonly seen on folding mats, and a thick carpeted top are options for the surfaces of our roll out cheer mats in addition to the shock-absorbent foam. These surfaces enhance the mat’s longevity while providing the necessary support for the foam.

Polyethylene Foam that has been “cross-linked” thanks to the grid-like substance gives this foam its name. It is flexible and ready to take on the big guns. Its high shock-absorption capacity allows it to withstand tremendous pressure while yet resuming its original shape.

Although this foam is stiffer, it is also more flexible than other foams. Afterwards, roll or fold it up to keep it handy for future workouts. Is there anything more you’d like?

Cheer Mat Colors

Cheer mats are designed to be a joy to use! Although we do provide a black cheer mat, we believe that you should be able to choose from a variety of colors in order to obtain exactly what you desire. Do you want to practice in the colors of your favorite team? You’ll be able to choose a cheer mat that matches your gym’s color scheme thanks to the wide range of solid and multi-colored alternatives available.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Multi-color

Cheer Mat Reviews

Home Cheer Mats

My 11-year-old gymnast is in love with her mats. We purchased three 6′ mats to make it more flexible for her requirements. It’s okay if it’s cold or rainy outside if she can still stretch and tumble inside on two mats. A complete running pass can be made by putting all three together outside. A fantastic combination of softness and firmness. These mats have her in a trance!”

— Gaffney, SC resident Anonymous

4’x8’x2” Folding Mats

For my two gymnasts, these mats were just what I was looking for.” They can do handstands, cartwheels, and other acrobatics with no problem. I’d be willing to buy more in the future if necessary.”

In Coral Springs, Florida, Carpio

6’ x 42’ Cheer Mats

Exactly what we wanted in a floor! It was a huge success. Handstands are a breeze with this prop! Added bonus: It reduces noise pollution!”

Crystal from Kent, Washington

How to Clean Cheer Mats – Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Watching cheerleading is an exhilarating experience! If you’re a fan of gymnastics and dancing, you’ll have a great time at a cheer competition or performance. Because of its high-impact nature, cheering is not without its risks. When it comes to practicing and competing, cheer mats are a necessity since they help reduce the risk of catastrophic injury. Cheerleading tumbling and stunt training practice necessitates the use of a tumbling mat.

There are different types of cheer mats designed to help the athletes master specific skills. Although these mats are an investment, they are necessary and also long-lasting, as long as they are kept clean and well cared for! Greatmats offers numerous types of cheer mats for home gym, school or professional settings, all of which are top quality at a great price and made to last if cared for properly.

How to Clean a Poly Flexible Cheer Floor

Various cheer mats are available, each with a distinct function to aid the athletes in their development. The good news is that if you take good care of these mats, they will last for years to come. Cheer mats from Greatmats are available in a variety of styles for use in the home gym, school, or workplace, and all are of the highest quality and value for the money.

Greatmats’ roll up mats have a 26-ounce needle punch carpet on top, which is flame-bonded to a cross-link polyethylene foam base layer, making it the finest quality material mix available. Other manufacturers simply glue carpet to a cheap foam mat.

For competitive teams, high school squads, and college teams, Greatmats offers flexi roll cheer mats with a three-year warranty. To perform any kind of trick or tumble, they provide excellent support and cushioned landings, and they are highly durable, standing up to constant leaping and stunting.

Vacuum them as needed, just like you would a carpeted floor, to keep them clean. Periodically, the cheer mats should be cleaned with a hot water extraction or steam cleaner and disinfectant.

How to Clean a Home Cheer Mat

Choose a home cheer mat if you are looking for a lightweight, sturdy, and portable cheer mat that is manufactured from high performance, carpeted sports foam and boasts a roll-up design. Different thicknesses and sizes are available, such the poly flexi roll mat. A one-year limited warranty ensures that they will hold up to frequent use whether they are used indoors or temporarily outside. A slit in the foam backing on these mats makes it simple to wrap them up and store them.

Vacuuming the carpet’s surface is all that is needed to remove dirt and debris. You can use a rag and a carpet cleaning product to remove spots. Avoid wetting the carpet top of the mats with water or liquid cleansers.

How to Clean Panel or Landing Mats

Gymnastics mats from Greatmats come in a range of shapes and sizes, some of which are flat and others which fold up and lay flat so that they may be attached to one another with velcro. They’re free of lead and phthalates and made with a vinyl exterior and durable foam interior. As a rule, these are created in the United States from the finest materials. A wide variety of colors, sizes, and thicknesses are available. They’re made to last and provide excellent shock absorption, making them an excellent tool for developing cheerleading skills.

This set of cheer mats are likely to see a lot of wear-and-tear and will need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep the mats fresh and sanitary. To ensure that the mats last as long as possible, they must be cleaned and disinfected according to the necessary techniques.

The matting can be swept or vacuumed to remove any loose dirt or debris that has accumulated. The mats can then be cleaned with a moist rag and mild soap and water. Using abrasive cleaners, brushes, or procedures should never be necessary; a mild scrub should be sufficient. Never use more water than is necessary in this process, as excess water can get into the foam layer and allow mold and mildew to grow, potentially damaging your mat or ruining your carpet. You can also use a moist, antibacterial cloth for a quick clean up.

How to Clean an Incline or Cheese Wedge Mat

Incline gymnastics mats, which allow athletes to train along the inclined portion of the wedge, are another excellent tool for learning and developing new cheer skills. This aids the athlete in learning how to do a particular skill or activity on a flat surface until they are strong enough to do so. Athletes who are working on specific maneuvers like the walkover, cartwheel, tumble, dive roll, forward roll, and handstand roll may find these drills extremely helpful. Foam and vinyl are of the greatest quality, resulting in a product that will last for years.

Keeping incline mats inside and cleaning them with a mild cleaning solution and water are the best practices because they are not waterproof. To clean the mat, simply dampen a rag with the solution and wipe it down. These are easy to maintain and keep looking their best!

Numerous Cheer Mat Options at Greatmats

Greatmats has a wide variety of possibilities for cheer mats, and these are just a few of them. Contact the courteous and professional customer service team at Greatmats if you have any questions about these or any other options. There are several alternatives available to you and your athletes when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the facilities in which they train.

How To Clean Gymnastics Mats

In any gymnastics facility, gymnastics mats are a need. It is possible to get gymnastic mats geared toward a specific skill set. As long as they are cleaned and well-cared for, these mats are worth the investment because they are so important.

All of Greatmats’ gymnastics mats, whether used in a home gym or a professional facility, are of the highest quality, affordable, and long-lasting if properly cared for. Here’s a breakdown of the different sorts of gymnastics mats, what they’re used for, and how to clean them.

Specialty Mats for Skill Learning & How to Clean Them

A gymnastics octagon mat is a high-quality vinyl training mat that may be used to learn and perfect any gymnastic technique, from a forward roll or tumble to a leap or back handspring. For torso bending workouts, the mat’s form is ideal. Because the gymnast will have a gentler landing if he or she trips or falls on a mat like this, the gymnast can perform difficult skills without additional protection.

These octagon mats are available in a wide range of sizes from Greatmats, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your training needs. A wide range of custom color options are available as well. Polyurethane foam filling provides a long-lasting mat that can be used for many years if properly cared for.

How to Clean Vinyl Ocatgon Gymnastics Mats:

Because they are not waterproof, it is critical that you do not leave these mats outside or immerse them in cleaning solution. You may easily clean them by scrubbing the vinyl exterior with a damp sponge or rag and a light soap solution.

Prices begin at $130 and include a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

These gymnastics mats are available in a range of colorful colors and sizes, and can be folded or non-folded.

How to Clean Incline Gymnastics Mats:

Keep these indoors and clean them with a light cleaning solution mixed with water like the octagon mats. To clean the mat, simply dampen a rag with the solution and wipe it down. These are easy to maintain and keep looking their best!

Costs begin at $155

Vinyl Covered Mats & How to Clean Them

Several gymnastics mats from Greatmats are comprised of high-quality foam with a vinyl coating. Mats like this are likely to get a lot of heavy use, requiring frequent washing to eliminate dirt and sweat as well as maintain the greatest possible hygienic condition. Mats must be cleaned and disinfected in the correct manner to ensure their integrity and lifespan.

Promat Carpet Roll Out Mats | Gymnastics Mats | Foams4Sports

How to Clean the Following Vinyl Covered Gymnastics Mats (including landing, panel, folding and crash mats):

The matting can be swept or vacuumed to remove any loose dirt or debris that has accumulated. The mats can then be cleaned with a moist rag and mild soap and water. Using abrasive cleaners, brushes, or procedures should never be necessary; a mild scrub should be sufficient. Never use more water than is necessary in this process, as excess water can get into the foam layer and allow mold and mildew to grow, potentially damaging your mat or ruining your carpet. You can also use a moist, antibacterial cloth for a quick clean up.

The greatest solution for cushioning landing places and preventing falls from bar or beam equipment is a landing mat. A good combination of shock absorption and footing makes them ideal for tumbling passes and cheerleading jumps.

Non-folding, bi-fold, or quad-fold mats are available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Our landing mats are built to last and deliver years of reliable service.

A 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty is included in the starting price of $449.00.

An all-purpose gymnastic mat is a typical panel mat, which is versatile, robust, and dependable. A wide variety of colors, thicknesses, and sizes are available from Greatmats, making it easy to protect any area – large or little – with these mats. They are made of high-quality foam and covered in durable vinyl. They have a medium density and are lightweight and portable, making them great for moving around. There are folding and non-folding variants, as well as a wide range of custom colors and sizes.

The cheapest option is $144.00.

Thick, cushioned surfaces like safety mats are ideal for landing or crashing. Every gymnastic or athletic action or exercise that requires additional assistance when learning a new skill has an appropriate size and thickness.

Flat or folding mats are available in a variety of thicknesses and widths, and costs start at $238.00.


Greatmats is a one-stop store for all of your gymnastic mat requirements. There are a plethora of options to choose from, allowing you to acquire exactly what you want or need. The products are second to none and come with a price-match promise, and the customer support team gives nothing but the best. With Greatmats, if you take great care of and clean your mat, you can expect it to last for many years to come.


What kind of mats do gymnasts use?

In general, gymnastics mats are manufactured of impact-absorbent cross-link polyethylene foam, which is then wrapped in a tough vinyl shell. No matter how much traffic they get, they won’t readily tear or puncture because they’re made to be easy to clean and sanitize. In some cases, the tops of the mats are carpeted to help with floor routine traction.

How thick are cheerleading mats?

From 4 to 12 inches thick, cheerleading mats are available. Connect them together to make a room of any size.

Can you paint gymnastics mats?

Acrylic exterior house paint adheres nicely to most surfaces and maintains its flexibility for light-duty applications. Use a fast-drying oil- or shellac-based primer for the initial coat to prevent rubber oils from bleeding through water-based paint.

What is making mat in cheerleading?

To fight for a spot “on the mat” in the NCA national championships in Daytona, these 40 athletes must battle against one another after their season begins.

What is the mat in cheerleading?

Designed for experienced athletes, these mats are made of shock-absorbent EVA foam and have a carpet surface for optimum impact protection.

How long do cheer mats last?

If something happens, we’ll take care of you for the next three years. These mats are perfect for gymnastics instructors and studio owners of all levels. You don’t need them for basic tumbling, but they will be your closest buddy when you land from 10 feet in the air.

Why do gymnasts use floor mats that are very thick?

What is the rationale for gymnasts’ use of such thick floor mats? The first step Using thick floor mats helps gymnasts reduce their impact by slowing their fall to the floor, which reduces the impulse and hence the impact. Gymnasts will avoid injury if they use a thicker mat on the floor.

What size gymnastics wedge mat should I buy?

Wedge mats should always be at least one foot longer than the gymnast’s height. This means that the medium incline tumbling mat is ideal for gymnasts who are 50 inches or shorter. A large incline tumbling mat may be more appropriate if they are taller than 50″.

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