What Kind of Rubber Flooring Should be Used in the Garage?

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Does your garage have lofty ambitions in store for it? A home gym or a workshop in your garage may be what you have in mind. There’s a lot of promise in all that extra room!

That is, if you have the proper flooring.

Rubber flooring is an excellent choice for converting your garage into a home gym, as you may already be aware. Rubber isn’t just for gym floors, either. It’s a great way to create a workshop or any number of creative garage decor ideas.

The sort of rubber flooring you select is crucial if your goal is to maintain your garage functional as a place where you can park your car. Under parked automobiles, not all rubber garage flooring tiles and rolls will hold up.

For a garage, what is the best type of rubber flooring to use? Keep reading to find out what to look for when maintaining the optimum condition of your garage rubber floor.

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What Kind of Rubber Flooring Should be Used in the Garage?

My husband and I built up a great home gym in our garage when we initially bought our first property. The rubber mats on our concrete surface made the garage seem and feel like a true gym, even though we had a squat rack, TRX bands, weights, and a good bench. To resist our (mostly his) intense workouts, we had purchased an inexpensive product that was extremely durable.

It didn’t matter what kind of rubber it was, because I had no notion. A full garage was needed for our gym, which meant that we couldn’t store our cars in there. Although it was not the best choice for Midwest winters, our gym was a great place to work out!

The truth is that automobiles and rubber flooring aren’t necessarily best friends. Rubber and oil, on the other hand, don’t get along. If you want to park your automobile in your garage yet prefer rubber flooring, you’ll have to pay attention to the sort of rubber you buy.

The Problem with Most Rubber Flooring for Garage Use

Most of the rubber flooring in the United States comes from recycled rubber. Polyurethane-based glue is used to bind rebonded rubber together.

Over time, the oil from your car’s engine might weaken the glue that holds your new flooring together, causing it to fall apart. It’s just not right! Let’s make sure you don’t use the wrong materials and have to start over after spending a lot of time and money on your dream garage.

The Best Rubber Flooring for Garage Use

We propose vulcanized rubber flooring or virgin rubber flooring if you plan to park your car on it. Instead of using glue, these components are melted together with heat, creating very durable flooring that is impervious to oil and solvent break down.

The drawbacks? This type of rubber garage flooring tends to be pricier, but you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. Your investment in vulcanized rubber flooring will last a long time because it is significantly more resilient than a conventional rubber mat. (Plus, there are no longer any excuses for skimping on your routines.)

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How to Maintain Rubber Garage Flooring

Is there a disadvantage to this? You get a lot for your money with this sort of rubber garage flooring, which is a little more expensive. Your investment in vulcanized rubber flooring will last a long time because it is far more durable than a conventional rubber mat. (Plus, there are no more excuses for slacking off during your workouts! ).

  1. Get rid of any loose crumbs, dust, or dirt with a fast vacuum.
  2. Use a gentle soap and water cleaning solution to damp mop the floor from time to time.
  3. Relax and take it easy! Get back into the swing of things!

In terms of gentle soaps, both Tide laundry detergent and Dawn dish detergent are excellent choices. Our cleaning and seam-protection products are all in one location for your convenience.

  • All-in-one rubber floor cleaner.
  • In order to prevent liquids from penetrating your subfloor, seal the joints using rubber floor finish and sealer.

Pine-Sol, Lysol, and other solvent- or oil-based cleaners should not be used. WD40, Murphy’s Oil Soap, paint thinner, etc. Over time, the floor could be damaged by these cleansers.

How to Install Rubber Garage Flooring

Installing rubber garage flooring yourself or with the help of a few friends is a snap. You have a few options when it comes to installation methods.

So What is Rubber Good For?

Self-installing or co-installing rubber garage flooring couldn’t be easier. In terms of how you want to go about installing the software, you have a few different alternatives.

If you’re looking to establish a multipurpose office, garages are a great option. Rubber is an excellent choice for garage floors in the following situations.

A non-slip garage floor covering for any garage size can be found thanks to the wide variety of rubber shapes. For big areas, garage flooring rolls are ideal, whereas mats and tiles are better for smaller areas.

In addition to the ease of installation, most rubber flooring come with a long-term warranty.

Rubber Floor Installation

Rubber floors from Greatmats can be easily installed in any garage, regardless of its size, design, or intended purpose. Rubber floor tiles with a simple interlocking method produce seamless seams over time. Simple dry-laying of other matting, such as tiles and rolls.

It’s also possible to utilize double-sided floor tape or adhesives for long-term installations. Rubber flooring rolls can be quickly rolled up and stored if you need a short-term solution.

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Tiles and matting can also be simply removed.

Moisture is an important factor to consider when choosing a multi-purpose flooring material for your garage. Rubber mats do not absorb water, but if they have a flat bottom, they might trap water beneath the floor. Mold and mildew might grow as a result of this. It is a good idea to consider a raised modular garage floor tile option if your floor is prone to condensation or water seepage.

You may not think of your garage as anything more than a place to park your car or store things you don’t know what to do with. Garages, on the other hand, may be so much more with the addition of a slip-resistant floor.

It’s easy to turn your garage into a home gym, entertainment area, or game room with Greatmats rubber flooring and the Greatmats team on your side. In addition to rubber flooring, Greatmats also carries a wide variety of commercial grade vinyl flooring and pvc plastic tiles that may be custom cut to meet your garage’s dimensions. Slate grey is one of many colors and surface textures, including coin patterns, that can be applied to many of these.



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