Serger With Coverstitch: Can a Serger Coverstitch?

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If you’re looking for strength and stretchability, you switch to an overstitch to manage both of these tasks simultaneously. This is a stunning stitch pattern that you can use in addition. It will make your sewing projects appear like an expert did the work.

Does a serger have the ability to cover stitch? Although a cover-stitch machine appears much like a sewing machine rather than the serger machine it is not a loss out when you switch towards the former to aid you with sewing tasks. There are at minimum five excellent serger sewing machines which can make a wonderful cover stitch.

For more information regarding serger machines as well as cover stitching, simply keep reading our article. The article we have written on this topic to give you the knowledge you require. When you have to perform an over-stitch make sure you are using your serger. They can do an excellent job of creating one.

Is a Coverstitch Machine the Same as a Serger?

The short answer is they aren’t identical. This distinction is made between the serger and the overlooker in the sense that Americans call these sewing machines sergers whereas the rest of the world considers them an overlooker.

This machine appears more like a sewing device but it manages the cover stitch effortlessly. It produces excellent jobs and can finish seams and various sewing tasks with ease and elegance. So the clothes you wear will look stunning when you utilize the sewing machine that covers.

However, there are top sergers with a cover stitch option. The only downside is that when you use the cover stitch option, you will have to do an extra amount of work in order to switch into the “cover stitch” feature when using a serger and combination.

Many sewers who are experienced avoid switching over due to the fact that it’s not practical to carry out. They prefer two separate machines instead of needing to switch in their swing time.

What is Coverstitch Serger?


The cover stitch is the name of a machine that is able to handle various threads at once. While doing this, the sergers can be altered to use the cover stitch features that are available on certain models.

The best 5 serger machines that have the cover stitch option are still able to perform between 1,500 and 1,000 stitches per minute, as well as run between 3 and four threads at the same time.

This is basically the attempt of manufacturers to make sewing easier for people who can’t manage more than one piece of equipment. They’re providing the widest range of options even though switch-overs are not easy to accomplish.

If you are able to handle the awkward switchover, you ought to consider getting one that has the cover stitch. In the long run, it could be the most suitable option for you as well as your projects.

What is a Coverstitch Machine Used For?


One of the tasks a cover stitch machine can be used to do is hem. Hems can be a challenge to complete, and an automatic cover stitch machine will do it in the most efficient way for you. This is the sole job that you’ll require a cover-stitch machine for.

A few experienced seamstresses think that the machine used to cover stitch to be more of an extravagant device and isn’t actually needed. However, those have the exact same sewing machines and utilize them when they have lots of hems to finish.

The simple design of the machine is what makes it worthwhile purchasing. It is not necessary to change the tension that is required, they can be threaded easily and you don’t have to purchase special threads to use them. In fact, you could make use of regular threads or serger cones if wish to.

The cover stitch machine simply removes the hassle of making a hem any hem. It’s quick and makes the process more enjoyable than any other device or performing a hem manually.

If you’d like an additional task that this machine performs is to manage top stitching when you’ve got a lot of elastics that you need to sew into different kinds of clothes, such as swimwear. This machine is fast and will make a difference in time, particularly when stitching knits.

Cover stitch machines are useful and can be used for constructive purposes which makes sewing a wonderful hobby to get involved in.

Can a Serger Coverstitch?

Yes, it is possible but it could take some work before you can get rid of having to use the cover stitch feature. Here are the instructions to finish the cover stitch using a serger machine

  • After you’ve set up your serger, turn the wheel in your direction 1 full revolution.
  • Put the fabric you’re sewing right-side-up underneath the foot. Then you are able to begin sewing.
  • This is a critical thing to look out for. Don’t sew the fabric in order to make chains. If you fail to stop at the edge of the fabric the thread will break. If the thread breaks, you must re-thread the machine once more.
  • When you have reached the end of your thread and have finished sewing, spin the handwheel once more until your needles reach their maximum. Once you’ve completed this, let the thread go.
  • Utilize tweezers and then move the needles in your direction. Be sure to raise the presser foot prior to you begin pulling the needles.
  • Once that’s done after that, you must ensure that you have four inches of tails across both needles. It is possible to cut the threads to make the tails.
  • At this point, you need to pull the fabric away from the presser foot and be careful when pulling it. This raises the thread of the looper so that you can trim off the looper thread. The needle thread will be pulled to the opposite side to secure the cover stitch.

If this seems like a complex process, you could save time with a serger that has a cover stitch feature. You can also purchase a cover stitch machine to which will save a lot of time.

Difference Between Soverstitch and Serger


Although they both work extremely hard to aid you in making the perfect sewing project they have distinct features and uses. One of the main distinctions is that the machine for cover stitches is equipped with just one thread looper. The serger comes with two looper threads.

Another distinction in the serger is the fact that it has around two cutting knives that cut off fabric in order to keep the fabric even and looking great. A cover stitcher doesn’t come with this feature.

Additionally, this cover-stitch machine could have 3 needles, whereas the serger typically comes with 2 needles. Also, the needle plate might be bigger in the case of the cover machine than it is used at the serger.

Space is the final differentiator you can enjoy. The serger is usually limited just to the edge of your fabric, whereas that of the machine for cover stitches doesn’t. This allows you to have greater sewing options and more room to work.

How to Make a Coverstitch With a Serger

If you do not own a serger that has the option of a cover stitch You will discover that stitching a cover on a serger machine can be difficult and complicated to master. It requires some expertise to master the cover stitch, but when you’ve got it down, the process could accelerate a bit.

The trick to doing the cover stitch using a serger machine, without the additional feature is to make sure you don’t sew across the edge of the fabric. If you do this, the thread could break and force you to re-thread the serger machine.

Additionally, you must keep a 4-inch tail while you go to cover the stitch. It’s a lot of effort and requires an excellent cover stitch that will be able to work correctly using your serger.

Best Serger With Coverstitch Combo

There are a variety of top serger combos currently available. If you have the money to buy the Bernina this could be the ideal machine for you. However, like many other options that are available, the Bernina isn’t an easy machine to change to.

Here are some HTML0 Serger combos which could help make your sewing life a little simpler:

  • Brother Serger 2340CV Cover stitch is advanced It sews with 1,100 stitches in a minute, and employs 4 threads
  • Januaryome Cover Pro1000CPX Coverstitch Machine – sews at 1,000 spm, and employs 4 or 3 threads
  • SINGER PROFFINISH 14CG754 Serger Speed: 1,300 spm and has up to 4 threads
  • J 1 Needle Overlock from uki Machine MO-623 It is equipped with 1500 spm speed and is capable of handling 3 threads at a time.

Some Final Words

If you’re looking for a professional appearance for your sewing projects, you must cover stitch. cover stitch. You can purchase a cover stitch machine to reduce your energy and time. If you don’t have the money for this, you can utilize your existing serger machine to accomplish the job.

It’s yours however don’t rule a sewing machine out because it is capable of handling many sewing tasks in various ways.



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