Places to Buy a Serta Loveseat. A Perfect Guide For You!

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Serta loveseats can be found on a variety of websites and locations. Mattresses, sofas, and loveseats are all available from Serta. If you’d like, we can assist you locate Serta loveseats on several websites.

What is Serta?

The Hoffman Estates, Illinois-based Serta company specializes in the design and manufacture of mattresses. More than 150 countries have benefited from their high-quality products over the past nearly 90 years as they have led the way in sleep innovation.

Serta Copenhagen 61

Even the award-winning Perfect Sleeper and iComfort ranges of Serta beds are great in terms of comfort and support. Customers are at the heart of every business decision made by Serta, and the company’s beloved Serta Sheep are an integral part of that process.

In the hospitality industry, Serta is a major supplier of beds. In addition to everyday necessities, this list features some of the most well-known hotel chains in the world.

So, where can you get a Serta loveseat? You can order directly from their website or purchase from Amazon and read customer reviews. Serta loveseats are available on Amazon as well.

Best-selling Serta Loveseat

  • 61-Inch Loveseat by Serta at Copenhagen

For maximum support and comfort, the Serta Copenhagen 61-Inch Loveseat has high-density foam and individually wrapped coils.

This two-seater couch, with rounded armrests and straight cushions, is both comfortable and practical.

With its neutral tone, the fabric upholstery can easily be paired with decorative cushions and other pieces of furniture. To ensure longevity, the timber frame and pillowed back cushions were meticulously constructed.

Perfect for dorms and apartments with limited square footage. Plush-textured fabric upholstery that is both long-lasting and easy to clean is included in this chair.

High-density foam and individually wrapped coils make for supportive and comfortable seating. Cushioned back cushions are designed to retain their shape even after long periods of daily use.

  • 73-Inch Serta Palisades Loveseat

High-density foam and individually wrapped coils make the Serta Palisades 73-inch sofa series ideal for optimal support and relaxation.

Track arms and straight cushions give this two-seater sofa a contemporary look that is both comfortable and practical.

The neutral tone of the cloth upholstery makes it suitable for a variety of settings. Because of the hardwood frame and the pillowed back cushions, this is a long-term investment that goes well with current decor.

Small spaces like apartments, enterprises, and dorm rooms can benefit from this two-seater sofa couch since it packs a lot of comfort into a small space.

Overall, the sofa is 73 inches wide by 32-1/2 inches deep, with a seat depth of 20-1/2 inches and an inner seat height of 20 inches by 59 inches wide.

Because of its square arms and custom-fitted cushions, the Serta Palisades Sofa is equally at home in traditional family homes as it is in sleek, contemporary apartments.

Upholstery options on the sofa allow you to mix and match with other pieces. Some throw pillows and existing decor may be all that is needed to achieve a cohesive style.

What kind of assembly does it need? Affixing feet? Or a more involved assembly?

No additional equipment is required. Using the tool provided, simply connect the couch’s two halves. It’ll just take you about 20 minutes to complete this task. Most of your time will be spent unpacking the contents of the box.

How to file for a Serta loveseat warranty claim?

To begin a warranty claim, go to their warranty claim website and fill out the form. You will be contacted by a member of the warranty team as soon as possible after submitting a claim, and they will walk you through the process.

What material should I look for in a Serta loveseat?

Modern armless couches and sumptuous, overstuffed recliners can both be found in loveseats, just like in other types of sofas. Choose a loveseat that is built to last and can handle a lot of use when buying. Take into account the following characteristics:

  • A kiln-dried solid hardwood or engineered wood frame with fastened, glued, and blocked corners.
  • A sinuous 8-gauge steel coil suspension with metal clamps.
  • Seat cushions made of high-density foam or innerspring coils

What Serta loveseat will be good for me?

The size of your space and the number of people that will be sitting on the loveseat will help you choose the ideal one. Trying to fit many seating arrangements into a small condo living/dining area is a waste of space.

In order to avoid overcrowding, measure your space and think about how your other furniture is arranged. Provide enough room when determining where to put your couch.

Allowing side tables and lighting is a need for this. To recline to its full length, a reclining loveseat necessitates additional available floor space.

The arm, leg, back, and seat heights should all be around the same if you plan on putting your loveseat near other seats. Armless loveseats are the best option for a small space.

Red Barrel Studio Serta Upholstery Martin House Modern Sofa Bed Review

For many people, entertaining friends and family in their own home is an enjoyable experience. But if they don’t have a place to sleep, a celebration can quickly turn sour. In the event that you don’t have enough room in your home for a separate guest room, a sleeper sofa, like the Martin House Modern Sofa Bed, can be an excellent alternative. Quality sofa beds are easy to assemble, comfortable for both sitting and sleeping on, and stylish enough to match the rest of your home design. Serta Upholstery Martin Modern House Sofa Bed was put to the test to see if it could be used for several purposes. Please continue reading for our thoughts.

Serta Palisades 2-Seat Fabric Loveseat Cream UPH2001341 - Best Buy

Setup Process: Delivered to your room of choice

The Serta Sofa Bed was delivered to our modest workplace via Wayfair, but putting it together still needed some effort. We had to elevate the couch slightly to hammer in the feet after removing all of the packaging. To get the job done, you’ll need to bring your own hammer or rubber mallet—but that’s all you’ll need for the task. If you have two persons on hand, like we did, it shouldn’t take long to put the sofa together.

Design: Modern silhouette

With its sleek design and tiny 36 x 81 x 35-inch frame, the Serta sleeper sofa is an exception to the rule. Clean lines and rounded square corners give the arms and back a contemporary flair.

Flyer Metal and Flyer Wine are the two hues of the sofa bed. You can easily match these colors with your existing home decor such as seasonal throws, accent cushions, and more because of their muted tones. In Flyer Metal, which appears grey in natural light, the sofa takes on a taupe hue at night. In addition to the sofa, two identical throw cushions were included, which was a nice touch.

Because it’s a queen-sized innerspring mattress, it’s wide enough to accommodate two persons comfortably. When we tried it out with our two toddlers, it was a touch too tight for more than two people to fit on it in one night. A 6-foot, 3-inch tall adult also slept on it, and his feet dangled off the end of the bed when he was completely extended. You may find the mattress too short if you are over 6 feet tall.

It’s worth mentioning that the back cushions aren’t removable, which is an additional thoughtful touch in the design. Our pillows had to be propped up against the sofa’s back cushions as we slept because of this We grew to appreciate this function over time because it helped us to gradually ease into sleep.

Ease of Use: Some muscle required

The sleeper sofa was very simple to remove, but it did necessitate the use of some muscle. When not in use, it folds into the couch under the removable seat cushions using the same hinge system as typical sleeper sofas. You can put on queen sheets even if you have a small bedroom because they fit snugly on the mattress. It’s simple to lift and fasten your fitted sheet because the mattress is light.

Comfort: Firm cushions with a mattress that holds in heat

The Serta’s cushions are firm enough for us. The back cushions are substantially softer than the seat cushions, which makes them ideal for laying back and reading a book or perhaps having a nap. In order to provide additional back support, you can utilize one of the supplied throw pillows, however this is optional.

The pull-out bed is extremely pleasant and supportive. When we added an extra mattress topper, our bed felt cozier and more sumptuous. In most cases, sleeper couches have a mattress that is thinner than a standard mattress. A mattress topper may be required if you desire a thicker mattress. Because of their back difficulties, we had guests who slept on the pull-out bed for three nights without experiencing any issues.

We also provide guests with an air mattress for the night. There’s a noticeable difference in temperature between the pull-out bed and the air mattress when fully filled. Our guests who slept on the air mattress always needed additional blankets, whereas our guests who slept on the Serta only needed a sheet and a blanket. The Serta was unanimously favoured by guests who slept on both the sofa bed and the air mattress. They cited the couch bed’s ability to keep them warm as a major factor in their selection.

Size: Great for small spaces

Finding the appropriate sleeper sofa can be difficult due to the fact that many of them are large, heavy, and take up a lot of room. 81 inches in length was just the right length for our little workplace to accommodate the Serta. Wayfair recommends a minimum door width of 37 inches to ensure that the couch can be delivered to your home. We had to carry this sofa up three flights of stairs from the third floor of our house, where it originally resided. Because of its slimmer silhouette, the sofa was a breeze to move across the room. In order to lift it, two adults must be strong enough.

We have a desk, bookcases, and filing cabinets in our home office. The Serta is just the right size for a couch, as well. It’s big enough for two adults to fit on it comfortably. When three adults sat on the couch, it seemed a little crowded, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. We had to rearrange a few things to allow the mattress to fully extend when being used as a bed. If you’re concerned about the sofa being too short, you can remove the feet. Even when put right next to a window, we didn’t need to do this.

Price: Great value!

The Serta Martin House Modern Sofa Bed, which retails for roughly $800, is a wonderful value because sleeper sofas can be quite pricey. It’s worth the money because this sleeper sofa doubles as both a sofa and a pull-out bed. Even though there are smaller sofa beds on the market that are less expensive, having a queen-size bed that can accommodate two adults is far more useful in our house.

Similar couch beds can cost anywhere from $500 (on sale) to more than $1,000, depending on the retailer. Sofa beds are judged by their cushions and mattresses, as well as how easy it is to put together. The cushions and springs of the Serta are made from environmentally safe foam, and the springs do not droop over time. Even at a low price, this high-quality equipment promises long-term value.

Competition: High- and low-priced alternatives exist

With a full price tag of about $1,150, the Andover Mills Deerpark Queen Sofa Bed offers the best of both worlds: a highly-rated sofa bed and a luxurious design. In addition to being more spacious, the sofa has removable seat and back cushions. One of the best things about this sofa is that it comes with an ottoman, armchair, rocking chair, and loveseat to match. As a result, a space will have a more coherent appearance. It does have a similar silhouette to the Serta Martin House Modern sleeper sofa, so you might not think it’s worth the extra money.

It’s hard to go wrong with the more conventional design of the Alcott Hill Tyler from Serta Upholstery Bed. Three hues and scrolled arms adorn the Tyler Serta Upholstery Bed. As a result, a modern décor plan may be hampered by its larger size and greater visual impact. It’s little more expensive, but still in the same price range, at under $1,000. It’s also of comparable quality, and it shares many of the same characteristics as the competition. To make it more difficult to fit into a small area, the sofa is 5 inches broader. Even so, it’s still a high-quality and well-known product.

10 BEST Serta Sofas

Serta Palisades Sofa, 73″, Sand

Featured Products

  • Modern, deep, and comfy seating awaits you.
  • Convenient locking mechanisms make it easy to assemble.
  • Incorporate full-size comfort into every setting, no matter how little.
  • Strengthening and extending the life of the single platform

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed, 66.1″ W x 33.1″ D x 29.5″ H, Red

Featured Products

  • Convertible sofa with tufted seat and back, high-density foam seat and chrome legs: this piece is a work of art. With the accompanying tools, this sofa can be put together in a matter of minutes.
  • Vacuuming and using a soft brush attachment to remove debris are recommended as maintenance methods. Prior to a comprehensive cleaning, do a spot clean. Use a dry cloth with soap and water and apply pressure in circular strokes; avoid using strong chemicals to clean.
  • Serta, the leading name in comfort, creates exquisite living room seating that is just as comfy as it is affordable. The rane sofa, a modern, convertible sofa, offers the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and design. The rane is a long-term investment.
  • Specifications: The couch is made of high-quality vegan leather and is 66.1′′ wide by 33.12 deep by 29.5′′ high. It is also convertible. The bed is 66.1′′ wide, 37.6′′ deep, and 15.1′′ high. Serta Rane Convertible Sofa Bed, 66.1

Serta Paragon Convertible Sofabed, 71.3″ W x 29.5″ D x 29.5″ H, Charcoal

Featured Products

  • In the name of comfort, serta hasn’t sacrificed beauty. The button-tufted back, square faux-wooden legs, and track arms give this convertible sofa a stylish silhouette. each piece is secured to a sturdy wood frame.
  • Vacuuming and using a soft brush attachment to remove debris are recommended as maintenance methods. Prior to a comprehensive cleaning, do a spot clean. Use a dry cloth with soap and water and apply pressure in circular strokes; avoid using strong chemicals to clean.
  • In terms of comfort, serta is not only the industry leader in high-quality mattresses, but it also creates luxurious chairs for the home. For a reasonable price, the modern paragon sofa gives a high level of comfort in a compact space.
  • The dimensions of this sofa are 71.3″ wide x 31.1″ deep x 29.5″ high. A strong kiln-dried wooden frame and faux wood legs support high-quality fabric and cushions.

Serta Palisades Upholstered Sofas for Living Room Modern Design Couch, Straight Arms, Soft Fabric Upholstery, Tool-Free Assembly – 73″ Sofa – Gray

Featured Products

  • Memory foam and pillowy back cushions give this couch a sumptuous feel that you can really fall into.
  • Modern sofas can be used for entertaining, reading, studying, or simply relaxing, making them ideal for any occasion.
  • Quick and simple setup is made possible by the use of no tools during assembly.
  • Modern flare may be added to family rooms, living areas, and more with this couch’s comfort in mind:

Serta Artesia Midcentury Sofa Collection Microfiber Couch Fabric, Easy to Clean, Durable Hardwood Construction, Ships in One Convenient Box, 73″ Sofa, Slate Gray

Featured Products

  • Midcentury modern style: a cozy sofa with a modern twist
  • Mix and match the artesia living room collection’s matching loveseat and armchair to create a cohesive living area.
  • The 73-inch sofa is ideal for spaces with limited square footage, such as apartments, offices, and college dorm rooms.
  • Fabric that feels like microfiber for velvety upholstery that’s easy to clean.

Serta Palisades Upholstered Sofa, Living Room Couch for Small Spaces, Ultra Sturdy Solid Wood Frame, Soft Pet Friendly Fabric, Pillowed Back Cushions, Quick Easy Assembly, 73″, Beige

Featured Products

  • Foam seat cushions and pillow back cushions provide sumptuous comfort that you can sink into on this plush couch.
  • The use of high-quality hardwoods in the building of this long-lasting design and platform foundation
  • Modern flair is added to family rooms, living areas, and more with this tiny couch designed for comfort.
  • The modern couch loveseat is perfect for every occasion, whether you’re hosting guests, reading, studying, or just unwinding.


To help you out, we’ve listed where you can buy Serta loveseats. Additionally, we included some of Serta’s most popular products to give you an idea of what to look for.

In addition to some tips on how to pick the perfect loveseat, we hope you found the information we provided to be useful.

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