All-in-One: Is There a Sewing Machine and Overlocker Combo

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Everyday people are trying to figure out how they can simplify their lives more than it used to be. The sewing industry isn’t more or less the same as over the years the various sewing companies have benefited from technology to improve their products and simplify your sewing experience much simpler.

IIs there an overlocker and sewing machine combination? Technology is capable of changing the world of sewing. In the past, there was no combination of a sewing machine and an overlocker. However, today, Janome seems to have made one, though it’s not the cheapest machine to buy.

For more information about the sewing machine and overlocker combination, continue reading our article. It will do the research for you to help you find out what options are suitable for your sewing needs. Making sure you have the latest machines is always beneficial.

Can Sewing Machines do Overlocking?

Technically, the answer for the question is that it is possible. There are machines in the market that can create the overlock stitch. This can be used for cutting, edging and hemming tasks that are reserved for machines that are able to do one overlock stitch.

But, they don’t have the strength of stitch and stretchiness that genuine overlockers can provide. Furthermore, ordinary sewing machines equipped with overlock capabilities are unable to cut, sew, or overcast all at the same time.

The output of your sewing machine equipped with an overlock feature might not look as professional as you’d want it to.

Do All Sewing Machines Overlock?


The most straightforward answer is no, they don’t not all perform overlock work. There are some models there that can, but they’ll slow down compared to an overlocker and are not in a position to perform at an equal level to the overlock model.

It must be noted that sewing machines and overlock or serger do not belong to identical machines. They are two distinct sewing machines, each with completely different uses.

The speed and speed of both machines aren’t identical. This can affect the decision to purchase a sewing machine more difficult for you. Of course, you’d have to look over your sewing projects to determine the frequency you’ll need the serger machine.

Sewing Machine and Overlocker Combined Pros and Cons

If you’re looking at the various sewing machines on the market and the combo model could possess a few benefits that could help you the decision-making process to their advantage. This is especially if the pros overpower any negatives that could be associated with the combination over two machines.


  • It saves spaceIt is not necessary to build extra space to accommodate the additional machine.
  • This is the furniture part of the equation. If you have two units, you might require additional furniture to support them , which can increase your expenses a bit.
  • Saves money: instead of having to pay for two machines, you pay for the purchase cost of one.
  • It’s faster- you only need to set it up on one device instead of two.


  • Quality of stitching- quality of stitching on the combo might not be as high as what an independent serger could accomplish.
  • These combos have slower speeds and might not be as efficient or fast as an individual serger or the overlock sewing machine.
  • The machine isn’t as effectiveIt’s a sign that you won’t be able to use the cutting, sewing and other features the independent overlock machine has.

What Sewing Machines Have an Overlock Stitch?

There are several brand names that have an overlocker option on a sewing machine. option. This is a short list:

The Brother 1034D Thread Serger with Differential Feed


The machine is equipped with the speed of 1900 stitches per minute and a retractable table that gives you some flexibility in your work. A LED light lets you stay focused on the task at hand. The only downside appears to be that it requires to be pre-oiled prior to use.

SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish 2-3-4 Thread Serger


It comes with a six stitch option with this machine, and an affordable cost. The color-coded system will ensure that you have the thread where you need the thread to go. In addition there is a storage area onboard that will keep your items in order and at a handy location. The only issue is that it’s not designed to work with leather.

Brother Designio Series DZ1234


The machine is not just equipped with a color-coded control system, it also is also pre-threaded, which will save you both time and effort. To achieve the optimal results, it is recommended to use spandex or knits and it has a 1,300 stitches per minute capacity. The main disadvantage is that it was designed to operate only in only the American electrical system, and only.

Brother Serger, 2340CV


After bringing the model home, you will have the option of using one three or two needles simultaneously. It also features an adjustment for the differential feeding, as well as 2 additional feet. In addition, it comes with the 1,300 stitches per minute rate. Its disadvantages include the absence of free arms and manual tension is only available.

JUKI MO644D Portable Serger


If speed is what you’re after, this 1,500 stitch-per-minute machine will allow you to finish your sewing task faster than you’ve ever. It also works very well with layers, and has a an easy-to-operate style. However, it doesn’t work well with fur, plastic furniture, canvas and leather.

Best Sewing Machine Serger Combo

The models listed above are excellent and can take care of many of your sewing requirements without even batting an eye. However, using the top outperforms using a quality machine. But of course, your preferences is always superior to any machine we put in this class.

The best sewing machine combination will always be one that you effectively use and be satisfied with. That being said we have a recommendation for the top sewing machine serger combination.

SINGER | Professional 5 14T968DC


The built-in roll hem option of 4 is a great place to begin to show how efficient this machine is. It also has 1300 stitches every minute, speed-shave speed that will take the time off the sewing chores.

Additionally, you have many stitches, and this machine can manage up to five threads simultaneously. The tension adjuster on the machine allows you to focus on what you’re working on. The only issue is that it cannot be connected to American and Canadian standard 110 volt electrical outlets.

Singer has always created amazing machines that can help you create beautiful sewing projects.

The Differences Between a Sewing Machine and A Serger

We’ve already stated that sewing machines and overlocking machine aren’t exactly the identical. There are a few differences that need to be noted here to help you to make decisions.

  • The overlock can operate using multiple layers at the same time, while sewn and cutting them all at once. The machine has to be able to cut the layers before sewing the layers together.
  • The sewing machine is able to utilize one or two threads at once. Sergers are able to use up to five threads in the event of a need and simultaneously.
  • These machines are able to sew twice as fast as standard sewing machines used in the home. If you’re working in a hurry then this is an excellent feature to have.
  • The telescopic bar on the needle can help guide the many threads that an overlocker can use. The device isn’t present on nearly all sewing machines.
  • The neck of a normal sewing machine will be smaller than the neck of serger machines.
  • Sewing machines are a bit more flexibility. They can be sewn either to the left or right side of the needle. If you use a serger, you are able to sew only onto the left-hand side.
  • Each machine has their own distinct attributes that, while they share identical is not the same on any machine. The button holes on sewing machines as well as lettuce edging can be found on the serger, to mention some examples.

When to Use These Machines


Every machine will have its specific times that they should be used. If you are using the serger or the overlock machine, it is recommended to look to this machine in the event that you have a lot of clothing to make.

Speed of this machine can cut the amount of work you have to do. Furthermore, the machine can help you become more efficient. The efficiency is evident by the way the serger can cut, sew, and perform more simultaneously. It is the reason you need to put your sewing down in order to get the majority of the work completed in the event that you decide to make use of a sewing machine.

The only time you should choose an ordinary sewing machine instead of the serger is if there are button holes, zippers sewing topstitching and quilting, and decorative stitching. The serger is not designed specifically for these kinds of sewing.

Where to Buy a Sewing Machine Serger Combo

Many people want to know how they can access these types of combos located near to them. They want the ability to afford them since sewing machines aren’t affordable anymore.

It’s not the same with all the modern technology and features that are built into various models. Technology might have made your sewing somewhat more convenient, but it did not significantly reduce the cost of the sewing machine.

The first spot to search for a suitable combination is on the brand-name websites. A majority, if certainly not all, manufacturers of sewing machines offer a shopping cart option which allows you to buy items directly from them. If you are familiar with what model machine you’re looking for, you’ll be able find it in the cart.

If you want to, then go to the more traditional department or box stores to view the range of sergers and sewing machines they’re displaying. If they don’t have one available you can be sure that they’ll locate it and provide you with the specifications and give you a price. The internet is the next avenue to look for.

A lot of companies that sell sewing equipment maintain an online presence to keep its market share. It should take only just a few seconds using the appropriate search terms to locate one of these businesses. Just search their sites to find the details you’ll need to be aware of.

Another way to find leads on a sewing machine-outlocker combo is to join one of the sewing circle forums on the web. Members of these forums should be able to assist you locate what you’re searching for and offer some advice on what to look for and the things to look out for.

You can also look through the classified advertisements. You are never sure when someone will want to trade in their machine and serger combination, and you might receive a fair price in the event that you are able to convince the buyer.

Some Final Words

Technology is a great factor and can become your best friend. If you’re looking to enhance your sewing skills and experience, you can trust technology to deliver the items you need for making your sew experience even more enjoyable.

The combination of a sewing machine and serger is one of these upgrades and if you research enough, you ought to be able to locate one that is suitable for your needs. However, you must keep in mind that combination may not work the same way as two separate and distinct machines.

Before buying, be sure you read the pros and pros and. This will determine if the machine is the right machine best suited to your requirements. Separate sergers are able to sew more quickly than a sewing machine and is a crucial aspect to take into consideration.

Also, look over the sewing project you are working on to be sure the combo works for you, or not. Although technology has made the combination possible but it has not done much to reduce the cost. Check the purchase price carefully to ensure your new equipment will be within your budget.



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