Should You Wear Gloves When Cleaning A Toilet? Tips for Before Wearing Gloves

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Common household cleaning products often include dangerous chemicals to brush away. Windowsprays, bathroom cleansers, laundry detergents, and drain clog removers all contain harsh chemicals, such as bleached chlorine. These compounds can cause skin irritation, blistering, and even sickness. That’s why keeping a pair of cleaning gloves handy in the kitchen is a good idea. We’ll address typical questions like, “Should you wear gloves while cleaning a toilet?” in this post.

Should You Wear Gloves When Cleaning A Toilet?

When cleaning a toilet, do you need to wear gloves? Aren’t you just going to do it? Wearing cleaning gloves is a must when dealing with tough stains and filth. You should wear gloves to clean the toilet for the following reasons:

Serves as a Barrier for Your Skin

To be sensitive, soft, and gentle, our skin intends to be. Repeated exposure to difficult circumstances over time transforms our hands into the exact opposite of what we started with. In our haste to get things done, most of us neglect to consider the long-term effects of all those chemicals on our skin. It’s easy and cheap to use your favorite cleaning chemical to get rid of filth, limescale, and other gunk. It’s probably not a smart idea to do the same thing to your skin cells now.

Should You Wear Gloves When Cleaning A Toilet | Cleaning Guide

Even if you don’t feel the effects right away, they can have a long-term detrimental effect. A pair of rubber gloves should shield your hands from several toxic substances during rigorous cleaning tasks.

Increase Your Grip

Using the safest and most effective cleaning method in the world might simultaneously be the most dangerous because of the increased likelihood of slipping and falling. Disposable rubber gloves give you a much better grip, making it much easier to get the task done, whether you’re doing the dishes or cleaning the toilet. What exactly does it mean to have a firmer hold? Washing that’s hassle-free and mess-free so you can get more done and move on to other things.

Easy and Comfortable Cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen with a brush and a scrubber is quite safe. It’s full of pathogens, but they’re hard to find. Our stovetop is covered in a thick layer of sludge, which can be found in the round drain pipes. During “dirty” weeks, it’s enough to turn your stomach. That being said, it’s necessary to get rid of items, but you don’t have to be content with the dirt that’s strewn throughout your home.

Cleaning your home will be a lot easier if you have a pair of rubber gloves on. In spite of your sink and your gut telling you that it needs a thorough cleaning, you manage to finish the job.

Prevents Diseases and Infections

Grit and dirt may be downright revolting. That is common knowledge. A buildup of bacteria and other microorganisms isn’t what we see in the ground. Disease and infection. Chipped finger sounds more serious than this. When you’re washing and come into contact with smelly surfaces, a pair of cleaning gloves is the obvious choice. Make sure you’re protected from germs by wearing rubber gloves whenever you clean.

Other Benefits of Why Should You Wear Gloves When Cleaning a Toilet

Hopefully, this article has convinced you to buy a pair of great old-fashioned rubber gloves as a result of their usefulness. When in doubt about whether or not to wear gloves while cleaning a toilet, there are a number of other uses for your trusty cleaning tool:

  • You can dye your hair using it. There’s no need to worry about dark stains ruining the look of your home.
  • jars that are airtight sealed can be opened with this tool. You feel like a superwoman when you have the grasp.
  • Cut your rubber gloves into small pieces and use them as zip ties for extra-strength zip ties.
  • With this tool, you can separate recyclables and protect your hands from sharp steel and broken bottles.
  • With gloves on, it’s a lot easier to go through the piles of paperwork.
  • They can be used to get rid of pet dander. You can use your cleaning tool to remove debris from hairy surfaces by slipping your hand over them.
  • You can use it to make bread dough with. You can avoid sticky fingers by using clean gloves instead of rubber gloves.
  • Placemats and vases can be used in the same way. Cut the rubber gloves into mats and position them underneath the vases to prevent them from cutting even an inch.
  • To remove thorny stems, you can utilize these tools. Planting can be sped quickly by using a super-strength grip and protecting your hands at the same time.
  • You can easily draw the needle through thick cloth with the powerful grip.

Tips for Before Wearing Gloves

To be on the safe side, check your gloves thoroughly before using them to see if there are any flaws. Disinfect your gloves by rubbing a little baking soda into them once you’ve taken them off. Wearing them, you may also wash the outside with soap and water, then flip them over and wash the inside the same way. You should allow the gloves to dry completely before reusing them. Gloves that have been properly cared for will continue to smell better and last longer.

Best Cleaning Gloves

Cleaning gloves might help you get the job done more quickly and with less aggravation. Before purchasing the eight vehicles in our fleet, we investigated more than 20 of the top models currently on the market. With so many possibilities, finding the correct glove can take some time and effort. All of the models were put to the test and graded for their functioning, design problems, and overall usability. Here are our top picks, which have been thoroughly tested and graded so that you can discover the perfect glove for your needs.

Other cleaning supplies, such as garbage bags and sponges, have also been put to the test. To fulfill your various demands, we’ve covered a wide range of gloves, from the basic disposables to gardening gloves.

Best Overall Cleaning Gloves

Casabella Premium Waterblock Cleaning Gloves

Latex | Material Type One pair of gloves per pack.

Dripping cuff



Waterblock Cleaning Gloves from Casabella are fashionable and well-fitted. The cuff feature, which prevents water from dripping down the arm, is one of their best design decisions. When not folded down, the end of the sleeve includes a lip to help prevent water from dripping down. Fitted wrists and fingertips ensure that the gloves don’t gap or need to be adjusted, making them more comfortable to wear. The material is thick, yet it stretches well, so it’s still pleasant to wear. The gloves include a thin interior lining that makes them more comfortable to wear and makes them easier to put on and take off.

The cuffs of the Casabella Premium Waterblock are a little hefty, and they have the tendency to slide down to the wrist when scrubbed for long periods of time. Even though it was a nuisance, it didn’t occur frequently enough throughout testing to warrant much attention. Other than the outer being softer and more slippery, the gloves have no other flaws to worry about. In terms of improving your grip, this is a vital thing to bear in mind; the texture aspects on the fingers mitigate the negative effects of this. They look great, feel great, and were made with the wearer in mind.

Best Length and Coverage

Elgood Long Cuff Reusable

PVC Material | 2 pairs of gloves per pack

Longer than usual


Intuitive and easy to use

The process of putting it on is more demanding.

Both the length and quality of the Elgood Long Cuff Reusable Gloves are remarkable. This is a well-thought-out design that addresses issues like sweaty hands and wish-list items like longer sleeves. Finally, we found a glove with extra-long sleeves after a long search. The sleeves are held in place by elastic bands that can be stretched to fit over even the heaviest of sweaters without causing any discomfort. We had no issues with the glove slipping over our hands while clutching objects, which is a nice feature. An additional layer of comfort is provided by the soft lining. Sharp items and hot water are both protected by the material’s thickness.

Because of the long sleeves and elastic band, these gloves are a little more difficult to put on and take off than other gloves because of the extra effort required to put them on and take them off. At the time of testing, the price per pair was more than most of the others. Our tests have shown that this is the most protective glove we’ve found yet, and we attribute that conclusion to the additional length of the sleeve.

Best Bang for the Buck

Vgo Reusable Household Gloves 10-Pairs

Latex | Material Type Gloves per package: 10 pairs


Considerable heft


10-Set Vgo Reusable Household Gloves 10-Pairs are yellow gloves in a ten-piece pack. As a cleaning glove, the Vgo hasn’t much in the way of standout qualities. In place of what we thought to be flimsy and sticky, we were surprised to find substantial, unusually thick material with a pleasant finish. In order to put on and remove the gloves, the insides of the gloves are made of a smooth material. Water will not run down your arm because of the sleeve’s thin lip, which is perfect for kitchen duties and other activities. Despite utilizing steaming hot water, they are breathable and do not become overheated. As a result, they are easy to move between and handle more complex cleaning chores.

Cleaning Toilets the Proper Way | Glen Martin Limited

Slightly shorter sleeves are an issue with the Vgo, especially if you’re in the market for work gloves that will keep your hands clean. Using soapy water to wash dishes might cause the glove’s outer surface to lose some of its grip strength, thus this model’s grip rating is a little lower than average. If you’re hoping for a luxurious, cozy feel on the inside, you may want to search elsewhere. As a whole, the Vgo is a convenient and reasonably priced option with only a few notable drawbacks.

Best Latex-free for Cost

Pacific PPE Latex Free

Gloves per package: two pairs, PVC


Intuitive and easy to use

There is no lip to prevent spills.

Several other gloves have been tested, including the Pacific PPE Latex Free gloves have a similar design with additional features that make them more comfortable to wear. Fits the hand well, keeps fingers in place, and is easy to put on and take off. The thicker material shields the hand from scalding hot water while still allowing the user to move their hand freely. Wearing these gloves is made more pleasant by the fact that they have a plush interior lining that prevents hands from sweating. Objects are more easily grasped when the fabric has a rubbery feel to it and has patterns on the outside of the fingers.

The sleeves of these gloves offer the most potential for use. The sleeves’ average length means they’re not very water-resistant. To prevent water from dripping down the arms, the gloves lack a cuff or other feature. Even if they are well-designed, they may not be the greatest choice for complex and time-consuming cleaning jobs. As a whole, these gloves are a wonderful option for rapid cleaning activities thanks to their comfort, design, and versatility.

Best Latex-Free for Comfort

Elgood Reusable Dishwashing Gloves

PVC Material | 2 pairs of gloves per pack


Intuitive and easy to use

There is no lip to prevent spills.

Comfort and fit make the Elgood Reusable Dishwashing Gloves a great latex-free option for cleaning. Because of the lining’s softness, I was able to wear them for long periods of time while cleaning the house and doing heavy dishes. Small, gripping strips of cloth on the inside of the fingers help keep these gloves from slipping. The Elgood Reusable holds in place and fits better than many of our other vehicles. Gripping slippery objects is made easier because to the matte-like exterior.

The Elgood’s lack of a lip or cuff to prevent water from draining down the arm is a drawback. This may or may not be a drawback, depending on your level of attention to detail as a cleaner. Additionally, the non-slip function makes it seem a little uncomfortable to wear, which should be taken into consideration. These latex-free gloves are soft, well-fitting, and provide good protection.

Excellent for Heavy-Duty Tasks

UXglove Chemical Resistant Gloves

Latex | Material Type One pair of gloves per pack.

Resilient to chemicals


Absence of an inner lining


In terms of protection, durability, and comfort, the UXglove Chemical Resistant Gloves are an outstanding choice. They’re light enough to be comfortable, yet thick enough to keep you safe from the scalding effects of hot water. Since the latex material is extremely elastomeric, it is more resistant to being poked or cut by sharp objects. Our hands were well protected from chemicals, oils, and other grimy jobs thanks to these gloves, which offer adequate dexterity and length. To help with dishwashing and other water-intensive chores, they have a lip on the top that helps prevent water from dripping.

To be clear, these gloves are labeled as heavy duty, but they don’t claim to be resistant to sharp things or harsh temperatures. There are a few drawbacks to keep in mind if you’re thinking about using these gloves for various cleaning activities. Because there isn’t a lining, your hands will get sweaty and uncomfortable. If you’re looking for something that’s a little looser and more “one size fits all,” this isn’t it. Soapy water can also cause the material to become slick on the outside. The majority of cleaning and heavy-duty jobs can be accomplished with these gloves.

Best for Comfort and Light Tasks

Mr. Clean Bliss Premium Latex-Free

Exclusive, latex-free material is used here. One pair of gloves per pack.



Sleeves that extend past the elbow

There is no lip to prevent spills.

Comfortable latex-free gloves are available in the Mr. Clean Bliss Premium Latex-Free Gloves. The quality and comfort of these gloves are highly rated by several designers. They are well-fitting and have a luxuriously soft interior that prevents hands from sweating even when worn for extended periods of time. Gloves with a matte finish provide the impression of a high-quality product. Thickness benefits in heavy-duty jobs by increasing protection and durability. The wrists are meant to fit loosely and fade into a wide sleeve, making it easy to wear. For those who need a glove that can be worn over clothing without causing discomfort, a broad sleeve is a good choice.

Although the fabric’s overall composition is beautiful, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. The sleeves are too short and lack any design features to prevent water drippage when performing messy jobs. If you’re searching for a “barely there” fit, the thicker fabric and lesser elasticity of this garment may not be ideal. The wide wrist design doesn’t help, since there are no mechanisms to keep the fingers in place, and the gloves can slide about a bit during intricate activities. Because not everyone will have this issue, it’s crucial to get the suitable size. These gloves offer decent protection and comfort, and are ideal for light housework.

Best for Versatile Kitchen Use

LANON Wahoo Series PVC Gloves

PVC is the substance used to make this product. There are three pairs of gloves per carton.

Food is safe


There is no lip to prevent spills.

There was a pleasant surprise when we discovered the LANON Wahoo Series PVC Gloves. We never expected cleaning gloves to be able to do everything from food prep to dishwashing and counter-top cleaning. Because they are latex, DEHP, lead, and cadmium-free, they are promoted for kitchen usage only. This is a convenient feature for people who want to move freely between food preparation and kitchen cleaning without having to worry about stains or odorous foods getting on their hands. The hands and sleeves are both thicker in construction than the rest of the garment. Testers found the LANON Wahoo to be quite comfortable. The outside of the fabric is a little matte, while the interior is soft. The gloves are made to be ventilated by their light weight and flexibility. We put these gloves to the test while cutting, washing, and cooking onions and garlic for a handmade pasta sauce. Flexible and thin, the gloves were capable of handling most things.

Peeling and chopping the onions was a pain, but cutting them was a breeze. It wasn’t until we tried peeling and dicing garlic with these gloves that we realized this was a problem. For cleaning, the sleeves are a little short, and high-concentration chemicals aren’t recommended. Other warnings include not wearing sharp rings or using them in close proximity to sharp things like toothpicks. Also, keep in mind that washing dishes will leave stains on the white cloth. Most culinary duties benefit from the inclusion of these gloves, which may be used on a wide variety of tasks.

Notable for Good Grip

Playtex Living Reusable Rubber Gloves

Polyethylene neoprene and natural latex | There are three pairs of gloves per carton.

Wristband to catch any dripping water

The length of the sleeve

Tightly knitted

There is a thin lining to this

With the Playtex Living Reusable Rubber Gloves, the ordinary cleaning glove experience is enhanced. The drip-catch cuff is the most notable feature because it prevents water from flowing down the arm. Cuffing the gloves a few inches won’t significantly reduce their length. For those times when you’re washing dishes or reaching high to scrub a shower wall and find yourself spilling water down your arm, this is a useful function. Additionally, the interior of the glove is lined with an anti-sliding rough material. The rubber texture on the exterior provides exceptional grip, even when covered in filthy water, thanks to its flexibility.

Despite being a bit thinner and less substantial than some of the other reusable fabrics we examined, the Playtex Living Reusable fabric doesn’t wow us. They appear to be more susceptible to puncture and may not last as long. The fabric has a rubbery and slightly sticky feel to it. Because the wrists are larger, tiny hands may slip a little when playing. The gloves, while being made of an ordinary material, provide adequate protection for messy work and a reasonable deal of grip.

Notable for Heat-resistance

Tusko Products Best Nitrile

Nitrile is the substance used to make this product. One pair of gloves per pack.

Fabric with a greater density

There is no lip to prevent spills.

Unlike most cleaning gloves, the cloth of the Tusko Products Best Nitrile cleaning gloves feels robust. A scorching water and puncture-resistant fabric is provided by this garment. The cloth, despite being thicker, is nevertheless pliable. The gloves are easy to put on and take off because of the way they fit in the hand. Our recommendation is that these gloves are best suited for fast household chores, as they protect against household chemicals and water.

There are certain issues with the glove’s fit and sleeve design. In comparison to other gloves, these don’t exactly fit as well. Water can drip down the sleeves because there is no cuff or device to block it from doing so. Splash and dirty work aren’t well protected by the sleeves’ typical length. With no lining inside, sweaty palms adhere to the gloves, making them uncomfortable over a long period of time. Although the fabric’s outside is rough on the fingers, its overall slip-resistance is not as high as that of some of the others we tried. To get things done fast and easily, this pair of gloves is a fantastic option.

Notable for Length Coverage

YSLON Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Rubber is the primary material. Two pairs of gloves are included in each set.


Absence of an inner lining

The fact that these gloves have the longest sleeves of any of the ones we examined makes them a clear winner. In order to improve grip and flexibility, the YSLON Rubber Cleaning Gloves are comprised of a thinner material and have textured fingers. As a result of their length, they can be used for a variety of different household cleaning tasks, including dishwashing and shower cleaning.

Note that the long sleeves are narrow, which may make it difficult to get a good fit if you like more room in the arms. Because they lack an inside lining, these gloves are uncomfortable to hold and can easily sweat through. When worn for an extended period, the gloves get warmer and less breathable because of their length and the lack of lining. As a result, there are no features or design objectives to keep the hand from moving around. There were no quality faults found throughout our testing, despite the fact that the cloth is so thin. Despite the fact that there are some design issues, we were happy to discover a cleaning glove that is actually long.

Why You Should Trust Us

Lael Martinez, our primary tester and reviewer, is an extremely detail-oriented person and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cleanliness. Because she is the second oldest of 11 children, she is no stranger to difficult or messy duties. Now that she’s a homeowner, she has her own to-do list, including dishwashing, deep cleaning, gardening, and more. Getting the job done effectively necessitates the use of the best available equipment.

After conducting extensive research on over 20 various cleaning gloves, we came up with a shortlist of eight that we believe are the best on the market. It was important to us that each glove performed well when we put it to the test in a variety of domestic cleaning jobs.

Analysis and Test Results

To see how well they worked, we put them through their paces by having them perform a variety of household chores and rating how much of a hassle or how simple they made the process was. While utilizing the gloves, we discovered a number of unexpected benefits.

Quality and Durability

We evaluated the glove’s fabric, thickness, and flexibility throughout our quality and durability testing. We put the gloves through their paces to make sure they were completely waterproof and didn’t break when stretched. We looked for smart details like a lip on the sleeve to protect water from dripping down the arm.

Among these gloves, Casabella and Playtex cleaning gloves stood out because of the extra-long sleeves, while Elgood Long Cuff gloves stood out because of their pleasant and functional extra-long sleeve lengths. Other gloves, such as the Vgo and UXglove, have little lips on the sleeve to circumvent this problem. When it came to glove length, there were only two standouts. Unlike the Casabella, the Playtex glove stayed on my hand when I took it off my wrists. In terms of overall length, we found the Rubber Cleaning Gloves to be the most useful.


A person’s ability to adapt to a wide range of tasks was an important aspect in their success. We wanted the gloves to be easy to go from one work to another without having to take them off frequently. When it came to cleaning up after a spill in the kitchen, we put the robots through their paces as well.

The LANON Wahoo gloves proved to be the most useful in the kitchen because to their food-safe construction and adequate coverage. They weren’t as long-lasting as the Casabella Waterblock gloves and the Elgood Long Cuff gloves, which were highly rated for their ability to prevent water from dripping when doing duties like cleaning the shower and washing dishes.


Some adjustments, elements that would help keep the glove in place, and any lining and design options were all things we were looking for while evaluating each glove’s comfort. Hands-down, the Casabella Waterblock and Elgood gloves from LANON came out on top in this category. Even though the Vgo and UXglove were built with comfort in mind, we were pleasantly pleased by how well they fit and how stretchy they were despite their simplicity.


The fit and substance of each glove were critical in the testing process because clumsiness can lead to shattered dishes and other disasters, such as spilled drinks. When it came to gripping objects, we discovered that matte-finish gloves like the LANON Wahoo and Elgood performed best. Since the Playtex had a more rubbery and sticky feel, it earned top honors in our poll. Grip was reduced by the Mr. Clean because of its matte texture, which didn’t seem to fit as snugly in the hand.

Premium Photo | Clean up your house. woman doing chores in bathroom, hands in yellow gloves cleaning of water tap, steel sink witth blue rag and detergent spray.

Why Is It So Important to Wear Gloves When Cleaning?

When we’re hurrying around the house doing chores like washing the dishes, disinfecting the kitchen, and cleaning the bathroom, we don’t have time to stop and think about our own health.

The usage of rubber gloves is a simple, effective, and time-saving technique to protect our hands and skin when doing domestic activities like dusting and mopping.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should always wear gloves when cleaning your home, and how they can help prevent certain severe side effects.

Hot water

In spite of the fact that hot water is required for most domestic cleaning duties, it is bad for the skin and can cause our hands to dry up. While washing and cleaning, rubber gloves protect our hands from the damaging effects of hot water, keeping the vital oils in our skin intact.

Cleaning products

The chemicals in common household items like bleach, while useful for keeping our houses clean and sanitary, can have severe side effects if accidentally applied to the skin. In addition to causing rashes, peeling, and even chemical burns, the caustic properties that make cleaning products effective can also cause corrosive effects when exposed to our hands.


For example, we are exposed to the highest concentration of E. Coli and Salmonella bacteria while cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets. We can protect our skin from harmful germs by wearing rubber gloves when cleaning, which produces a barrier that shields our skin from infection and disease.

Get in touch

Why be concerned about germs and hot water when we can wear the gloves?

A wide variety of domestic cleaning services are offered by Domestique, which may be tailored to meet your individual needs, with a variety of packages to choose from.

Our helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available by phone at 0845 625 9895 if you’d like to learn more about how we can assist you with your cleaning needs.


What is the use of cleaning gloves?

Putting on gloves protects the hands from the harsh detergents and other cleaning agents that are commonly used in the house and elsewhere. It is common for consumers to use these gloves when cleaning their homes, but they are also popular with professional cleaners and those who clean public locations like cafés, shops, and other businesses.

What is the importance of wearing gloves in the laboratory?

Keep your hands free of chemicals, heat, lacerations and cryogenic liquid exposure by wearing gloves. In a laboratory, finding the right hand protection can be difficult.

Can you wash cleaning gloves?

A light soap, like dishwashing liquid, is all you’ll need…. Dish soap can be used to clean the gloves’ exteriors. To remove any soap suds, repeat the rinsing process with clean gloves. Allow them to dry naturally.

How do you disinfect cleaning gloves?

The antibacterial soap or solution and warm water used to wash the outside of the gloves should be used to wash the gloves inside out. Drying the gloves is as simple as rinsing them with warm water. For best durability, gloves must be thoroughly dried before usage.

Do you need gloves to clean toilet?

All-purpose cleaners contain detergents and solvents, as well as vinegar, chlorine, and bleach, which can irritate your skin. You should always use gloves when cleaning a toilet, regardless of whether or not you do it yourself.

What gloves should I use for cleaning?

When it comes to precision work, latex and nitrile gloves are favored since they can be molded to the shape of the hand. When it comes to protecting your cleaners from germs and viruses, vinyl gloves are a good option.

What are toilet gloves?

These gloves are specifically designed for this purpose. The gloves are both water-resistant and flexible, so they’ll keep your hands dry while you scrub toilets to a gleaming shine!

Are latex gloves good for cleaning?

Gloves should be worn by everyone who works with chemicals on a regular basis to protect oneself from the damaging effects of chemicals on the skin. Disposable gloves made of latex, nitrile, or vinyl are adequate for most cleaning chores.


All-purpose cleaners contain detergents and solvents, as well as vinegar, chlorine, and bleach, which can irritate your skin. You should always use gloves when cleaning a toilet, regardless of whether or not you do it yourself. The first line of defense is a pair of gloves. Here are some helpful tips for using gloves while cleaning the toilet!

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