Where Can I Buy the Sierra Reclining Console Loveseat? Best Answers To FAQs!

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Helen Skeates
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Sierra Reclining Console Loveseat is a common tag on furniture stores, isn’t it? Even if you’re shopping on Amazon, you’ll notice this. Many words like “recliner,” “console,” and “loveseat” are being used to feed us. It everything comes together in a single piece of furniture.

So, what exactly is this loveseat with a reclining console? How do you spell it? How would you describe it? All of these and a legitimate website to purchase your Sierra Reclining Console Loveseat will be covered in this article.

Recliners, consoles, and loveseats all have different connotations. This will give us a general idea of what the rest of the furniture looks like. If you want to know how to mend your loveseat recliner console, you’ll need this information.

What is a Recliner?

A recliner is a couch or armchair that can be made to recline by lowering the back and raising the seat. It has an adjustable backrest. There may also be a footrest that may be raised manually or automatically when the chair’s back is reclined through a lever on the side.


What is a Console?

A console table is a type of side table that is typically attached to a wall and only requires legs or other aesthetic support at the front for its stability.. When only viewed from the front or sides, the back was left unadorned; the top was often built of marble.

In 17th-century Italy, the console table was a prominent representation of the craze for show furniture. It was common practice to carve specimens from this era and utilize them for both sculptures and furniture.

What is a Loveseat?

In the beginning, loveseats were simply larger versions of the armchair. Living room or family room furniture layouts may include love seats (also known as double chairs) and larger sofas.

They can also be found in libraries and coffee shops as nice places to sit and read, as well as small spaces for people to gather.

What is Sierra?

JB Home Upholstery makes the Sierra line of sofas and loveseats. Two pieces of Sierra Furniture are included in the set: a sofa and a loveseat.

Generous fitting and comfort are hallmarks of their furniture. Although it has the look and feel of leather, the synthetic fabric has the ability to breathe like a cloth. The topstitching is likewise one-of-a-kind and meticulously done.

Detachable backs make it easy to go into even the tiniest of places. Their line now includes memory foam seats.

Thus, the reclining console loveseat was created. Sierra Reclining Loveseat is 81 inches wide, 40 inches deep, and 42 inches tall. This brown loveseat is made entirely of polyester and is available in a variety of colors.

They used sinuous springs and padded sides and backs to ensure your comfort as you relax on this piece of furniture. Additionally, it contains two USB ports or outlets and a contrasting welt design. Per seat, it can support up to 350 lbs. of weight.

What are sinuous springs? Are they good?

Sinuous springs are the most common suspension system in mid-tier sofas. When they were made, they used heavy-gauge steel wires bent in a vertical S-shaped sequence of coils.

Using cushioned clips and screws, horizontal metal tie rods support and stabilize the woven fabric while preventing movement and drooping. Get a sofa with strong springs rather than one with loose ones if you don’t know how.

It takes less time and money to create this “no-sag” suspension design than an 8-way hand-tied spring suspension, but it has shown over the last 30 years to provide a comfortable “sit” while still being extremely durable and of good quality.. This type of spring can be found in the Sierra reclining console loveseat.

Where Can I Buy the Sierra Reclining Console Loveseat?

The following websites sell the Sierra Reclining Console Loveseat:

Badcock Home Furniture and More

About 370 furniture stores are part of the Badcock Home Furniture & More network in eight southeast states.

Robert B. Burnette, a former chief operating officer of Badcock Home Furniture, is the company’s president.

The Sierra Reclining Console Loveseat retails for $999.00 on the company’s website. However, the shipping fee is not included in this price. Shipping costs may vary depending on where you live. To learn more, take a look at their website.

On their website, you can also find a variety of Sierra furniture. Sierra Reclining Sofa and Sierra Swivel Glider Recliner are two examples.

Home Zone Furniture

Furniture producer and retailer Home Zone Furniture is situated in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. They are reinvigorating the customer experience by bringing back the human touch.

There are now 17 Home Zone sites across Texas and Oklahoma, where they continue to offer personalized service and attention.

They have a webpage where you may buy a Sierra Sofa and Loveseat Set for your home. The total cost of the bundle is $998. The Sierra Reclining Sofa and the Sierra Reclining Loveseat are included in this collection.. Shipping costs may vary depending on where you live. To learn more, take a look at their website.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Reclining Loveseats

Because a reclining loveseat is an expensive purchase, it’s critical to do your research before making a final decision. Recliner loveseats come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide range of functions, so it’s important to know what to look for when purchasing one.

Types of Reclining Loveseats

Even though they look like any other loveseat while they are upright, regular reclining loveseats have a secret: each side can recline individually, creating a lie-down seat. Reclining loveseats are larger than typical loveseats but smaller than a sofa or sectional, but they still provide a recliner’s level of comfort and convenience.

A “zero clearance recliner” or a “zero wall clearance reclining loveseat” may be an option for persons with a limited amount of floor space. In order to save room, these wall-hugger loveseat recliners extend out in front of themselves rather than behind them. When not reclined, they fit next to the wall, leaving greater room in front of them.


It is possible to find a love seat in a number of styles and sizes. In contrast to overstuffed recliners, which are normally larger and have a cozier appeal, slim or conventional alternatives suit nicely in smaller rooms.

When looking for a reclining loveseat, it’s important to think about the chair’s overall size and where it will go in the space. So that it won’t obstruct anything when reclining, consider both the non-reclined and the reclined footprints.

The proportions of the recliner’s seat and back should also be taken into consideration by taller and heavier users, who may want to compare the recliner’s measurements to seats they are already familiar with. Large reclining loveseats can also be found in a variety of styles and sizes.

Reclining Mechanism

Depending on the model, reclining loveseats can be powered or manually reclined. Using a lever or tab pull handle, buttons, or a remote, you can adjust the recliner’s height and recline.

Manual recliners tend to be more cost-effective and long-lasting because of their simple construction. They’re available in a variety of stylish styles and may be placed virtually anyplace in a room without requiring an electrical outlet.

For those who don’t want to lift a finger, a power recliner provides a more effortless way to recline. Some people like them because of the added comfort and portability they provide, but keep in mind that they tend to be bigger and require a nearby outlet (or battery pack) in order to operate.


Loveseats with reclining features can either be fully or partially reclined. A reclining footrest can be found on some models, while a reclining backrest can be found on others. From 120 to 180 degrees can be achieved with an adjustable backrest of the loveseat. The ability to recline independently on each side of a reclining loveseat is one of its many advantages.

Loveseats with manual and motorized reclining mechanisms can have one or more pre-set positions, and some offer independent controls for back and leg rests.


Upholstery and Cushions

Fabric, leather, imitation leather, and vinyl are all common materials for reclining loveseats. While choosing a fabric, keep in mind factors such as ease of care, breathability, and aesthetics when making your selection.

Cotton, polyester, and microfiber upholstery and cushions are available. A wide variety of color and texture options are available in this category. Even though fabric loveseats tend to be sturdy and easy to clean, accidents sometimes happen.

In addition to being supple and easy to care for, vinyl, leather, or faux-leather loveseat recliners can also be incredibly comfortable. There aren’t as many color possibilities and a sleek, modern style when it comes to leather-upholstered reclining loveseats as there are for fabric-covered ones.


To endure everyday use and direct weight, reclining sofas are constructed with a robust structure. With a sturdy metal or wood frame, reclining loveseats may comfortably accommodate two or more persons at a time.

It’s advisable to look at the weight capacity of the frame, which can range from 300 to 700 pounds, in order to determine how sturdy it is. The maximum weight capacity of most reclining loveseats is usually advertised.

Additional Features

It is possible to enhance the comfort of a reclining loveseat with additional features. For taller people, headrests that can be removed or adjusted can make a big difference in comfort. It is safe and convenient to put drinks in cupholders. Storage cubbies in the arm or pockets on the side of some loveseats can be used to put remotes, books, and tablets close at hand.

A console in the middle of some reclining loveseats allows for a more typical single-recliner experience. Even USB ports for charging gadgets can be found in the center console.

Our Top Picks

With the ideal reclining loveseat, you can create a space-saving seating solution that is also easily adjustable and comfy. On this list, you’ll find some of the best reclining loveseats for any decor.

Andover Mills Edgar 61” Reclining Loveseat

  • This is made of faux leather.
  • dimensions (inches, centimeters, and centimeters):
  • 600-pound weight limit


  • Minimalist style that’s aesthetically pleasing
  • Medium-firm cushions for further support.
  • Top-of-the-line pillows


  • Major assembly is necessary.

Red Barrel Studio Krout 57” Home Theater Loveseat

Product Specs

  • Material: Microfiber
  • Approximately 37.5″ x 57.5″ x 38.5″ in size
  • 600-pound weight limit


  • A design that crams into the corners
  • a cupholder and a storage compartment are both included.
  • Simple to put together
  • To choose from a variety of hues,


  • Some people may find it too small.

Flash Furniture Harmony Series Microfiber Loveseat

Product Specs

  • Material: Microfiber
  • It has a 35-by-56-by-38-inch dimensions:
  • Capacity in lbs. : 300


  • Perfect for confined spaces
  • Effortless elegance
  • More than enough padding


  • Having a low weight limit.

Andover Mills Edgar 81” Reclining Sofa

Product Specs

  • This is made of faux leather.
  • Size: 38 by 81 by 38.5 inches (38x81x38)
  • 750 pound weight limit


  • For two or three individuals
  • Center console is an add-on option.
  • Aesthetic appeal


  • There is no reclining in the middle seat.

Signature Design by Ashley Game Zone Reclining

Product Specs

  • This is made of faux leather.
  • 40 inches by 75 inches by 44 inches are the overall product measurements.
  • Weight limit: We don’t know


  • Electric reclining chair
  • Power-adjustable power headrests.
  • USB power supply built-in


  • Weight capacity that is unknown
  • A large swath.

RecPro Charles 58″ Double Recliner Loveseat

SIERRA RECLINING CONSOLE LOVESEAT | Badcock Home Furniture &moreLoveseats with wall-hugging recliners can be placed almost flush against the wall without restricting their reclining range. Instead of the up to 20 inches of clearance required by standard reclining loveseats, these seats just need a few inches of space. RecPro’s compact loveseat is designed for RVs and other small areas and requires only 3 inches of back clearance to recline. Polyurethane faux leather is easy to clean and comes in a variety of neutral hues to match any decor. Using a lever, the couch goes from a standard loveseat to a recliner.

Product Specs

  • This is made of faux leather.
  • Size in inches: 30.25 by 58.25 by 38 inches
  • A 350-pound weight limit


  • Only 3 inches of back clearance are required.
  • Simple to put together
  • Cleans up in a jiffy


  • Having a low weight limit.

Lark Manor Ermera 76” Pillow Top Reclining Loveseat

Product Specs

  • Microfiber and imitation leather are the materials of choice for this project.
  • A 37-inch-by-by-by-by-by-by-inch product
  • 600-pound weight limit


  • Cupholders are built in.
  • A secret chamber for storing things
  • Comfortable seat cushions with pocket coil springs


  • Some users may find the center console to be too hard.

Red Barrel Studio Aum 60” Reclining Loveseat

Product Specs

  • Microfiber is the material of choice.
  • A 35-inch-by-60-inch-by-40-inch product.
  • 500 pound weight limit


  • An up-to-date look
  • Seating in ultra-plush microfiber
  • Multiple shades of gray are available.


  • Cupholders and storage are both absent.

Our Verdict

The Edgar 61″ Reclining Loveseat by Andover Mills features a contemporary style, dark faux-leather upholstery, and a typical loveseat size. The Red Barrel Studio Krout 57″ Home Theater Loveseat, which incorporates cupholders and built-in storage in a wall-hugging design, may be a good option for those searching for convenience features at a reasonable price.

How We Chose the Best Reclining Loveseats

In comparison to typical sofas and recliners, reclining loveseats are more compact and less expensive, and we considered these factors when compiling our list of the best recliners. Loveseats of all shapes and sizes can be found on the list at reasonable costs. We also added a few larger and more expensive choices, such as power reclining chairs, in order to appeal to a wide variety of customers.

A few must-have qualities were sought regardless of the style or price of the recliner. All of our picks for the best reclining loveseats appear inviting, and several of them have received high marks for how comfy they are. They’re made of high-quality, eye-catching materials in enticing designs. Options with additional amenities like cupholders and extra chairs were also provided….


A reclining loveseat is a great option if you’re searching for extra-comfortable seating for two. Larger couches and sectionals take up more space, but these smaller couches and sectionals can recline. Frequently asked questions regarding purchasing and maintaining a reclining loveseat are answered below.

Q. Where should I place my reclining loveseat?

In any part of the room where the backrest and footrest can be reclined, place a loveseat with reclining backs.

Q. Are electric reclining loveseats available?

Yes, the reclining mechanism on a motorized reclining loveseat is powered by electricity.

Q. How wide are reclining loveseats?

If the design and style differ, the width will vary. 54 to 72 inches broad is the typical width of most reclining loveseats.

Q. How do I clean my reclining loveseat?

However, most reclining loveseats may be cleaned by simply wiping them down. Before beginning to clean the material, make sure you know what the preferred procedure is.

Conclusion on the Sierra Reclining Console Loveseat

Let us know what you think about Sierra Reclining Console Loveseat by leaving a comment below. We broke down the terminology and focused on each of the keywords in order to properly comprehend. Wishing you the best of luck on your quest to purchase one!

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