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There are numerous high-quality furniture brands to choose from. In spite of the quality of their products and services, some businesses are no longer in business. You can find out how much a Southwood loveseat costs in this article.

As an added bonus, we also created mockups of these products. It’s nearly impossible to track down these objects, let alone have an idea of what they’re worth due to their scarcity. The Southwood loveseat is an example of this. In the event that you’re trying to find a Southwood loveseat, you’ve found the appropriate place.

There are a few things we need to know before we can figure out how much a Southwood loveseat costs. The best loveseats can be found in a variety of ways. Here are some alternatives if you don’t want to spend time going through those points.

What is a Loveseat?

Wide seats can accommodate a large number of people. It’s not a brand-new idea. By the end of the 1700s, one-person upholstered chairs had also become fashionable. This is because of the broad clothes that were in vogue at the time.

Southwood Furniture Co. Chippendale Camelback Mahogany Sofa | Chairish

These first appeared on the market in the early 1800s and were marketed as “loveseats”. There are often two upholstered seats on this type of vehicle. The two chairs are arranged in a S form in this kind of two-seat furniture.

As long as they’re within arm’s reach, two people can communicate while maintaining eye contact. Typically, they keep a small distance between them while doing this.

What is Southwood Furniture?

Hickory, North Carolina-based Southwood Furniture Corporation makes furniture. One hundred sixty-five individuals are employed by Southwood Furniture Corporation in all of its sites. A total of $17.87 million is earned by this business annually (USD).

Five firms make up the Southwood Furniture Corporation family. In 1973, Southwood’s construction began. Authentic, museum-quality antique copies and traditional upholstered seats were among the company’s goals. The Historic New England Collection’s licensee, SPNEA.

Custom-made upholstered furniture by Southwood Furniture was offered in some of America’s most exclusive stores. The owner chose to auction off all of the company’s assets due to conflicting interests. Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc., based in Rockingham, North Carolina, conducted the sale.

What is a Southwood loveseat?

For the most part, a Southwood loveseat is just that: a loveseat created by Southwood, the furniture company.

Because the original Southwood loveseat manufacturer has shut down, the only loveseats available now are pre-owned. These loveseats can be found on eBay and other internet marketplaces.

In addition, it’s now more expensive than it was at launch. Again, the reason for this is because it is either antique or old. For Southwood loveseats that have been well-cared for, like new and are antique, the retail price is more than normal.

So how much is a Southwood loveseat?

On eBay, you can find some of the following Southwood loveseats:

The Southwood Loveseat Ball & Claw Mahogany Camelback Loveseat

This loveseat’s condition is classified as used. Even though it’s been used, the seller states it’s in outstanding condition and still has its original finish. However, the loveseat’s seat is a little soiled.

Cosmetically, the item may exhibit signs of wear, but it is still functional and does what it was designed to do It’s possible that this is a display model or a pre-owned return from the retailer.

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The asking price for this antique couch is $1,795.00 USD.

It has these features.

The Southwood brand

Color: Various hues Type of furniture: Loveseats.

Seating Capacity: Up to 2 Time Post-1950 as a date of manufacture

All of the rooms in the house are decorated in Chippendale style.

The item is 37.5 inches tall and made of mahogany.

Its width is around 65 centimeters The item is 35 inches long.

MPN: This is not applicable. Armrest Inches tall: 32.5 inches.

Does not apply to UPC The ISBN is irrelevant.

Age: Around the Age of 20

Specifications: The feet are ball and claw. It’s made using premium materials and is well-built. The Chippendale style, in which it is designed, is a traditional design. It measures 65 x 35 x 37.5 inches. It has a 32.5-inch arm height and a 23-inch seat height.

The Southwood Chippendale Mahogany Settee Ball and Claw Feet

This item has been used previously. It costs $1,195.00 in the United States. It has a floor-to-seat height of 20 inches and measures 36 12 inches high by 67 12 inches wide by 32 12 inches deep.

Unfortunately, the vendor just provided eBay with those few item specifications.

Southwood 4 Seater Velvet Sofa - Tetrad - Furniture Village

How Much Is A Southwood Loveseat?

The cost of a loveseat is influenced by a wide range of factors. A Southwood loveseat can cost between $1,000 and $2,000, going by the prices listed above. There are, of course, a number of variables that influence the prices. The item’s condition is one of these factors.

Generally speaking, if the Southwood loveseat is in excellent condition, it is more expensive. There are stains, defects, tears, and the like on the Southwood couch item. They lowered the cost of the product. This is a commercial rule of thumb. When it comes to pre-owned products, the state of the item is really important.

Conclusion on Southwood Loveseat

The price of Southwood loveseats has risen because there are fewer of them available. This is the result of the company’s closure, which halted manufacturing. If you’re wondering how much a Southwood loveseat costs, expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 USD. Now is the time to buy!