Singer Spartan Sewing Machine Review: Price and History

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One thing is for certain. If you’re a lover of sewing, you’ll be able to locate the machine that can make everything come together for you. One of these brands is Singer. Singer is a sewing machine company that has been in operation for quite a while and has a long background. The most well-known and well-used singer sewing machines are from the late 19th century. Th and in the early 20s. The Models with treadles from the century. They are being used even though they are more than hundred years old. What is it that makes them so popular is not just that they are an excellent machine is that they they are easily and rdable. For more information concerning how to use the Singer sewing machine as well as the Spartan series specifically, you can read our review. It’s packed with useful information about the company as well as its sewing machines.

What is a Singer Spartan Sewing Machine

It’s a fantastic small sewing machine that makes every person that hears of it enthusiastic. If you take a look the machine doesn’t appear like anything fancy because it’s a basic sewing machine, just like the 99 however it has all of the features that the model has. In the 50s and 60s, the machine was sold for about $60 since it was created to compete with cheaper imports that were flooding the market during those years. It was equipped with a base made of plastic and had no cover. However, what you received was a high-quality sewing machine. According to experts, it was a reliable machine that produced excellent stitches regardless of the material you put through its needle. Another benefit that this machine has is the ability to transform it into a hand crank ease and put it to use almost everywhere.

Spartan Sewing Machine History

It is the Singer sewing machine maker is a long-running and extensive story that has made it be recognized as a leading maker of sewing machines. The Spartan is another excellent sewing machine within the long line of sewing models it made. It is said that the Spartan machines and Singer company could be compared to”the” Rolls Royce automobile company. The company is famous for making luxury cars that stand the tests of time. The Singer also did the same with the sewing machines it made. Today, Singer making the Spartan is like Rolls Royce producing a Volkswagen bug-like automobile. There’d be no frills and no technology, not extravagant, and all the new car, but in order to compete with the low-end import cars, Rolls Royce had to create their own. Singer made exactly that in the field, however they didn’t make the Spartan for a very long time. But 60 or fifty years later, people are still excited to own one since Singer didn’t make an inexpensive machine that was reflected in the price of the machine. It’s still a high-quality sewing machine that works great even today.

Spartan Sewing Machine 192k

If you check the dictionary, you’ll discover that the word “spartan refers to a simple, low-cost lifestyle and is a no-no to extravagantness and luxury. That’s the kind of thing Singer made when it created it the Spartan sewing machine. It’s a straightforward machine that isn’t costly and does not have any luxury things to provide its users. The thing that Singer did was to get the 99 and take away all non-essential pieces from the 999, and renamed this the Spartan. The only thing that the Sparta had in common with the 99 was the same size, and it is a 3/4-sized machine and it was able to sew as well as the 99. Sewing projects that are heavy-duty are not a substitute for the Spartan. In other words the sewing machine was able to live up to its name without even attempting to do much.

Spartan Sewing Machine Price

The price now is contingent on the place you purchased it from and whether it’s an original item or not. If you’re lucky, you can find an original from an old-fashioned shop or at a garage sale less than $10, with the possibility of some pennies. The initial price was contingent on the year in which it was produced and the person who sold it, but you can find an original Spartan from 1959 at around $70. The next year, you could get an original model for less than $60. These were not the most expensive models as they were made to compete with the imports that were cheap and invading western nations at the time. Through the years you could purchase an example for around $40 in the right place.

Where to Find Spartan Sewing Machines for Sale

This is a great inquiry, as based on our research we’ve found that a lot of owners of old Singer sewing machines have been unwilling to let them go. Many have hung onto the Singer machine for more than 35 years. One of the most ideal locations to purchase an antique Singer Spartan would be an antique shop. The proprietors of these shops are always looking for high-end products such as this one. The only downside is that you’d have to pay more than $10 for it. You can try second-hand shops for furniture or even thrift stores. Every once in a while, you might be fortunate enough to locate an Singer Spartan. Be aware that only a few were produced and one year’s production was approximately 100,000 units. Garage sales, classified ads or even estate sales are probably the best option. Sewing machines are reasonable priced if you beat all dealers.

Some Final Words

If you’re looking for a quality machine that continues to sew like it should, you could consider an Singer Spartan. They may be simple machines, but they stitch well and will continue to sew. It could have been designed to compete with less expensive and lesser models, however Singer ensured that its reputation was not damaged by the making that was made of the model. It continues to perform like a pro even though it is between 50 and 60 years old. Make sure you grab them before they all vanish in the midst of history.



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