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Glimmering objects aren’t always gold. There are several faux suede textiles on the market that are neither faux nor even created from real leather. Leather-like fabrics have long been a goal of fabric manufacturers since the Industrial Revolution. People may be put off by the high expense of natural materials.

The origin of suede and alcantara’s fibers is the most significant distinction. Leather or the hide of various animals is used to make suede. To give it the appearance and feel of suede, Alcantara is created in a laboratory using a range of chemicals and other items.

Continue reading this article to learn more about both textiles. It has all the information you need to tell the two apart. You can make an educated decision after you are aware of the distinctions.

Are Suede and Alcantara the Same?



There is no comparison. One is a genuine work of art, while the other is merely a facsimile. Fabric makers are now able to produce imitations that look and feel almost identical to the real thing, so you could assume they’re the same.

Both fabrics, however, come from different sources and contain different elements. As you may be aware, suede is derived from the opposite side of the hide from which leather is derived. It’s incredibly plush and, despite its sturdiness, appears delicate.

To minimize expenses, conserve animals, and so on, several fabric makers have created numerous suede replicas, like Alcantara. No natural components are used in its production. A polyester/polyurethane blend may be more resistant to wear than suede ever was.

What is the Difference Between Suede and Alcantara?

Here is a comparison chart to show you the differences between the two textiles. If you’re pressed for time, this graphic can help you quickly see the main distinctions between the two groups. Then, when you have more time, continue reading the text.

Suggested Use: Alcantara Suede

polyester and polyurethane polymers are derived from a wide range of animals.

years of continuous usage since the dawn of time, even as recently as the 1970s or possibly the 2000s

Category Suede Alcantara
origin a variety of animals found throughout the world polyester & polyuerthane
years of use since the beginning of time maybe the 1970s at best or even the 2000s
durable not that strong very durable
stain resistant no, it can stain easily very stain resistant
Applications found in cars interiors, clothing, shoes and a host of other applications usually found in cars as a replacement for suede or leather
feel & texture soft, natural and has a great appearance can be soft but artificial in texture and feel
manufacture made all around the world by many different companies is a trademarked brand name like other modern synthetic fibers and made exclusively in Italy by a Japanese company
Price can be both inexpensive and costly mostly costly as the price per yard ranges from $40 to $99 and up

Suede vs Alcantara



There’s no way to compare the two. Petroleum materials and harsh chemicals are used to make Alcantara, a synthetic textile that is meant to resemble suede. However, it is more expensive by the yard than you would anticipate a synthetic material to be, even if it is more durable and flexible.

People who don’t want animal products in their cars will love this material. This cloth is more commonly used in high-end automobiles than any other material.

However, suede is a soft, natural material that may be used for handbags, coats and shoes as well as in your luxury or not-so-luxury automobiles.

Alcantara has a longer lifespan, but suede is still the superior material.

Faux Suede vs Alcantara

Apparently, imitation suede is the same as Alcantara, according to one source. As far as we know, Alcantara and Ultrasuede are the same material. Another name for imitation suede is Ultrasuede.

Just like Ultrasuede, Alcantara is only created in Italy, but that’s the only actual distinction between the two. Ultrasuede’s creator simply renamed the material, shifted production to a country recognized for high-quality materials, and then raised the price.

Alcantara, on the other hand, is Ultrasuede at a premium price. For whatever reason the inventor of Ultrasuede received an award from the Italian government for making a few minor tweaks to the product’s design.

Uni Suede vs Alcantara



Like ultra-suede, which is likewise a synthetic material, uni suede can be used in a variety of diverse applications. They can be used in the interiors of business and residential seating as well as boats, automobiles, and more.

Essentially, you will receive the same cloth, regardless of the brand name you choose to purchase it under. Oil and harsh chemicals are the source of all of these manmade materials. Some of the differences between the two may be due to the way they are made.

Another distinction would be the price tag attached to it. Uni suede costs between $30 and $35 a yard, making it a more affordable option. A microfiber-based fabric must meet flammability standards, and both of these fabrics do so.

Changing the name of the fabric the salesman refers to from Alcantara to ultra or uni suede may help you get a better price for the car. Everything is made up of the same stuff.

What’s Better Suede or Alcantara?

Your preferences will play a role in this. Alcantara is the material of choice if you need a long-lasting product that will not be stained. When it comes to the interior of your car, suede is the way to go.

Also, suede has a wider range of uses than Alcantara, making it a more versatile fabric. The price of a yard of suede can range from $30 to $40, depending on its quality. Higher quality Alcantara may potentially exceed the $99 price we had previously mentioned.

Natural fibers have always won out over synthetics in our book. Natural materials, despite their imperfections, are more sumptuous, better to touch, and safer to hold in your hands or put near to your body..

There is a place for synthetic materials, but when they cost as much as the actual thing, stick with the real thing.

Suede vs Alcantara Steering Wheel



When your automobile is left in the sun, Alcantara has an advantage over suede in that it does not get as hot as suede. In addition, it provides a better grip than suede, allowing you to better manage the vehicle.

Because of this, the material is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and gentle to the touch. ” As a result of this breakdown, the material will eventually become glossy. You may end up choosing suede over Alcantara because of the higher expense.

When it comes to steering wheels, suede is a popular choice, but there are a few drawbacks to consider. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you’re already aware of the drawbacks of suede.

When it comes to your health, natural is always better than synthetic.

Alcantara Suede by the Yard

The price of this fabric will vary depending on where it is being sold. Depending on the fabric shop owner’s status, you may be paying more than the $99 per yard we originally suggested.

The closest we could locate was microsuede, which was selling for roughly $47 a yard on Amazon. You may probably guess from the &75 per yard price on eBay that this material won’t be inexpensive.

Fabric prices at big-box stores like Hobby Lobby or Joann’s can vary widely depending on demand for the fabric and whether or not they have it in stock. You may be able to find it at a lower price at those locations.

For our Australian readers, the price per yard ranges from $77 to $200. Despite being synthetic, the cloth is not inexpensive.

Some Final Words

Even though Alcantara is superior to suede in many respects, the synthetic material remains a synthetic material. What you buy will depend on what sewing project you intend to use it for, and how much you can afford.

In spite of its expensive price tag, keep in mind that it is the same substance as Ultra Suede, Uni Suede, Microsuede, and other similar materials. Make sure you don’t get fooled by the trademarked name. You’re only paying more because of the brand name and where it was made.