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Helen Skeates
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While swivel chairs are commonplace in the workplace, how many of you have discovered that they are too shaky to sit comfortably on? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. You may have back pain by sitting on a swivel chair for an extended period of time if it is not flexible enough. However, how do you strengthen them?

A swivel chair can be made more stable and snug in a number of ways. In this article, we’ll go through eleven different techniques for making swivel chairs more solid and long-lasting. If you take this advise to heart, you’ll be able to spend the most of your workday comfortably seated.

All You Need To Know About Swivel Chairs

Is the concept of a swivel chair familiar to you? Read this article for the most complete answer to your inquiry and to find out everything there is to know about swivel chairs.


A swivel chair allows the user to change their position in the chair’s seat without having to move their legs. Rolling casters attached to the base of swivel chairs make it easy to maneuver the chair around the work area without getting out of the chair.

This type of chair, which is also known as an office chair, is ubiquitous in today’s workplaces. The seat height of most office swivel chairs can be adjusted with a gas lift, just like most computer seats.

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Where to use it?

Living room

Everyone agrees that a swivel chair in the living room is a fantastic addition. A swivel chair is an excellent option for a living room chair since it can be rotated to create several different conversation areas, each with a silhouette that is as attractive and inviting as an armchair.

Traditional homes with a relaxed, rustic aesthetic can benefit from the addition of linen-skirted swivel chairs. Swivel leather armchairs are a staple of the man cave. Since they allow you to easily pivot toward the center of the action, swivel chairs are a great addition to open floor plans.


In the same vein, a swivel chair is a wonderful addition to any private quarters. Put one in a cozy corner by the window for some quiet reading time.

You may create the perfect late-night reading nook for you and your significant other by placing two swivel chairs next to each other in a larger bedroom suite. A swivel slipper chair is a fashionable addition to a bedroom vanity or desk.


Easily switching from one task to another is a big reason why swivel chairs have become so common in the workplace.


A swivel chair’s sphere of application has expanded to include locations outside the home. Lovely swivels we’ve seen in outdoor settings wouldn’t be complete without mention. Pic yourself relaxing on a cushioned rattan swivel on your front porch with a cup of coffee in the morning (or a bottle of wine in the evening).

Benefits Of Using Swivel Chairs

Work is easier with swivel chairs

If you spend most of your day in a chair, whether it be to see clients or at your desk, a swivel chair is a great option. The fact that a swivel chair may be easily swiveled from left to right is one of its most appealing features.

Doctors and other professionals can remain seated while speaking to clients and customers on one side of the room. A swivel chair is convenient because it allows you to easily turn around and face other people without having to get out of your seat.

Another perk of swivel chairs is that you can easily get paperwork out of a file cabinet and then turn around to work at your desk. The whole thing can be finished without anyone having to leave the room.

Swivel chairs are a practical addition to any office since they encourage continuous movement and interaction.

Casual seating at its finest

While accent chairs add style to any space, swivel chairs make people feel more at ease. Instead of using a fixed accent chair in your living room, try a swivel chair.

These comfy seats are perfect for marathon sessions of your favorite shows or movies. Because of their effortless motion and full range of motion in all directions, these chairs are ideal for lounging in comfort and luxury.

You’ll find that swivel chairs come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and fabric options. These one-of-a-kind chairs will bring sophistication and easy comfort to any room in your home, whether you’re more into a contemporary or traditional aesthetic.

Ergonomic and efficient

When it comes to sitting for lengthy periods of time in the office, swivel chairs are the most comfortable and supportive option.

In spite of the fact that swivel chairs are more costly than other types of office chairs, they actually end up saving you money in the long run by reducing the likelihood of health issues including cervical spondylosis, back pain, poor posture, and inadequate blood flow.

How do you fix a wobbly swivel chair?

When a chair begins to rock, it may be due to a problem with the armrests’ location or attachment to the seat. To correct this, put one of the arms on a stable surface to eliminate any slack, and then snug up the screws.

Why is my gaming chair so squeaky?

When you’re trying to get some work done in peace and quiet, a squeaky chair is the last thing you need. In most cases, this is due to the design of the seat itself, namely the attachment and positioning of the arms. Simply reattaching the bolts or having the armrest touch another portion of the chair while it is in motion will do the trick.

The armrests can be taken off and placed on a firm surface to eliminate the shakiness. All the screws should be tightened until the system feels secure again.

How do you stop a squeaky chair without WD-40?

The first step in fixing a squeaky door is finding its source. Is it a sound that comes while sitting in the chair as well, or does it only occur when turning? If the problem occurs just as you start to move, check the wheels’ attachments and tension. You can get rid of that annoying squeak by tightening the fasteners.

Best ergonomic office chairs 2023: Herman Miller, Ikea and more for working from home | The Independent

How do I stop my chair from rocking?

How unpleasant is it when someone rocks back and forth or gets up from a chair and leaves a small wiggle behind as if that was their purpose all along?

Beginning with the chair’s placement on the floor, you can then move on to other adjustments. If it’s set too high, it’ll rock you back and forth. Locate a leveller or shim and lower it until it is flush with the floor.

What should I look out for when buying a chair?

Security features should be your top priority. The second is how the chair feels perched atop your desk and how pleasant it is to sit in for long periods of time. The third important consideration is how flexible the seat is. How much wiggle space do you get in the back, and how wide is the seat?

How do you lubricate a hydraulic chair?

Typically, oil is used to lubricate a hydraulic chair. For one thing, the oil will keep the joints from getting sticky and corroded metal will not corrode. High-quality hydraulic fluid, made for hydraulic systems, should also be utilized for this process.

How do you remove stains from a hydraulic chair?

Water mixed with liquid dish soap should be used to rinse the discoloration. Scrub hard and repeat the rinsing process. Remove as much moisture from the surface as possible with dry towels, then dry it in the sun for 24 hours.

How do you stop a swivel valve on a hydraulic chair from leaking?

When a swivel valve develops a leak, it’s usually because the seal has been worn or fractured. Replace it with a like-new model if you have the resources to do so.

How to Clean and Maintain an Office Chair

Vacuum Dust and Debris

It’s recommended that you use the wand attachment of your vacuum cleaner on your office chair once every few weeks. Assuming the wand attachment is smooth, it should be able to pick up most dust and dirt from your office chair without scratching it. Simply set the vacuum to a low suction setting and run the wand attachment over the chair, back, and armrests to clean them.

Regular vacuuming will help your office chair last longer, no matter what kind you have. With the wand attachment, you may remove the tough dirt and debris that would otherwise accumulate on your office chair and hasten its demise.

Look for an Upholstery Tag

Check the tag sewn into the fabric of your office chair if you haven’t done so already. Most office chairs, but not all, will have an upholstery tag. The manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining the office chair are included on a care tag, often called a care label. In order to identify the safest and most efficient method of cleaning your office chair, see the upholstery tag.

The upholstery label is typically located under the seat of an office chair. Once you find it, see if there is a code there for a cleaning. The office chair’s fabric can include a cleaning code of one or two letters that indicate how to clean it.

The following is a breakdown of the various upholstery cleaning codes and what they indicate:

  • The most frequent cleaning code seen on furniture tags is “W,” which indicates that the chair may be cleaned using water or a product containing water.
  • If the cleaning code on the upholstery tag is “S,” then a water-free solvent should be used to clean the chair. Cleaning office chairs upholstered with natural fibers like cotton, wool, or rayon is best done with a solvent that doesn’t use water, as prolonged contact with moisture might weaken the material.
  • Office chairs with the W/S cleaning code can be cleaned with either a water-based or solvent-based cleaning solution.
  • Finally, an X cleaning code indicates that just vacuuming or brushing the office chair is acceptable maintenance. If the label on your office chair reads “Cleaning Code: No Water or Solvents,” you shouldn’t use either of those cleaning methods on it.

If your office chair does not have a cleaning tag attached to the upholstery, you can refer to the handbook for assistance. If a desk chair doesn’t have an upholstery tag, it should include care recommendations in the owner’s manual.

Spot Clean Using Soap and Warm Water

Aside from what may be specified in the owner’s handbook or on the upholstery tag, soap and warm water are suitable for spot cleaning your office chair. A spot or smudge on your office chair can be easily removed by blotting the damaged area with a damp washcloth and a drop or two of liquid soap.

If you need to clean your office chair, you don’t have to go out of your way to find a specific kind of soap. Simply use a dish soap with a mild composition. Put a few drops of dish soap on a clean washcloth, then rinse it under running water. Next, dab the soiled area or areas instead of scrubbing them with a sponge or towel. The substances that produce stains can be removed from the fabric by blotting. Scrubbing the stain will only push the stain-causing components further into the fabric. So, when you spot clean your desk chair, don’t forget to blot it!

Test Stain-Removing Products in a Discreet Area

Surface stains on an office chair should be easily removed with soap and warm water, but more pervasive stains will require a more powerful cleaning agent. There are several solutions on the market designed to remove stains, and many of them use strong cleaning chemicals. You should try out any of these things in a hidden part of your office chair before committing to their use.

It’s not enough to simply spray the entire seat of your office chair with stain remover. Instead, try it out in a hidden spot where no one will be looking. You can observe the effect the product has on your desk chair by doing so. Examining a stain-remover, for instance, can be done by sliding it under the seat of your office chair. If the product does leave a permanent stain, which we certainly hope it doesn’t, at least it won’t be noticeable.

If you want to clean your office chair, you should test a small, inconspicuous area before using any stain remover on the entire chair. If the fabric of your office chair is not damaged or altered in any way, you can move on to the next step.

Apply Conditioner to Leather

To keep your leather office chair from cracking and drying out, condition it once every few months. Full grain, rectified grain, and split are just a few of the many varieties of leather available. If you want the best quality leather, go with full-grain, and if you want the next best, go with corrected grain. Natural leather, in all its forms, has a porous surface that absorbs and retains moisture.

Natural leather has millions of tiny holes that only become visible under a microscope. Porosity is the leather’s ability to retain moisture. When it rains, the moisture will collect on the surface of a leather office chair and seep into the pores, preventing the leather from drying out. The pores will dry out and the moisture will evaporate over time. The leather will eventually peel or even shatter if the problem is ignored.

Applying a leather conditioner to your office chair will keep it safe from spills and stains. Mink oil and saddle soap are two examples of leather conditioners used to replenish lost moisture. They help prevent leather from drying out and cracking because of the water and other compounds they contain. Applying a leather conditioner will help keep your office chair’s upholstery from cracking and flaking due to dryness.

To further assist you in caring for your leather office chair, I offer the following suggestions:

  • Avoid spilling drinks or other liquids on your leather office chair.
  • You should keep your office at a relative humidity of 40–55 percent. Your leather office chair could crack if the humidity is below 40%. However, if the percentage is above 55%, it could become overly saturated with water.
  • Leather furniture in the workplace shouldn’t be conditioned more frequently than once every several months. When leather is over-conditioned, it absorbs too much moisture and becomes ruined.
  • Try a leather conditioner or protector. Different from conditioners, leather protectants work to fortify the material’s outermost layer.
  • If you have a leather office chair, avoid putting it in front of a heat source or vent.

Clean and Lubricate Casters

The wheels on an office chair require regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Casters are the pieces inside of which the wheels of an office chair are housed. Plastic, rubber, steel, aluminum, cast iron, and polyurethane are just some of the elements that go into making wheels. In contrast, the actual house units are typically metal constructions.

Most modern office chairs glide easily and with no effort. However, if you’ve used the same office chair for more than a year, the casters may get clogged with dirt and dust, making movement across the floor difficult.

Ways to Make Swivel Chairs Stiff - Krostrade

Turn your chair upside down to access the casters and remove any lint, hair, or dirt from the wheel housing components. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any excess debris, or you can use bottled air to blast the debris out of the casters.

Apply some WD-40 or other lubrication to the casters of your office chair after you’ve cleaned them properly. Once you spray some lubricant into the housing units, your office chair should glide more easily. If you want your office chair to roll smoothly, you should clean and oil the wheels at least once every six months.

Tighten Fasteners

In addition, you should check the bolts on your office chair and make sure they are secure. If you don’t regularly tighten the screws or bolts (or both) on your office chair, it could become unsteady and even fall over. If a screw or bolt is missing, for example, your office chair will wobble.

When trying to figure out where all the fasteners are, it’s best to consult the instructions. Some office chairs contain a handful of attachment points, while others have dozens. You may tighten the bolts on your office chair by using a screwdriver once you’ve located them.

Turn the screwdriver to the right to tighten a screw or bolt. If you turn a fastener to the left, though, you will loosen it. “Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey” is a handy mnemonic for keeping track of which way to tighten or loosen a screw or bolt.

Replace Gas Cylinder

Does the moment you raise your office chair off the floor, it immediately return to its original position? If this is the case, the gas cylinder may need to be replaced. Standard on most chairs with the ability to alter their height is a gas cylinder that generates pneumatic lift. A pressurized gas cylinder filled with nitrogen is used to raise and maintain the raised position of the office chair.

You won’t be able to lift your office chair if the gas cylinder is leaking or malfunctioning in any other way. In a positive turn of events, most gas cylinders are readily available and inexpensive to replace. Turn your office chair upside down, unscrew the gas cylinder, and replace it with a new one of the same size and type using the screwdriver. After replacing the gas cylinder, test its functionality by lifting your office chair.

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Avoid having your office chair in the middle of the day. Most textiles and materials, including those used to make office chairs, degrade when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) sunlight. You can’t expect instant results. However, if an office chair is left in the sun for too long, it might fade and dry out.

To prevent sun damage to your office chair, it is not necessary to work in complete darkness. Put your desk chair somewhere that will be primarily shaded during the day. Your office chair will be exposed to less sunlight if you partially close the blinds or drapes. Taking these measures will prevent your office chair from fading or drying out as a result of exposure to sunlight.

Replace When Necessary

It’s possible that your office chair will eventually need to be replaced, even if you’ve been keeping it clean and well-maintained. One estimate places a chair’s useful life in the office anywhere between seven and fifteen years. Office chairs should be replaced if they become too worn or broken to be repaired.

The manufacturer’s guarantee is a must-have for a high-quality office chair. While the warranty is in effect, the manufacturer will fix or replace any defective parts at no cost to the customer. When shopping for a new office chair, it’s important to find one whose maker stands behind its quality with a warranty.

Keep these cleaning and upkeep guidelines in mind after purchasing a new office chair. Taking these precautions will lessen the likelihood of its failing before its time. Additionally, a well-cared-for office chair can greatly enhance your productivity.


Swivel chairs, once seen only in offices and cheesy retro hangouts, have made a resurgence in interior design and are now a top seller on several e-commerce platforms. As much as we’d like to deny it, we must admit that we, too, like these highly sought-after items.

Because of its versatility, comfort, and overall class, swivel chairs are quickly becoming a customer favorite in the realm of interior design. Now that you know so much about swivel chairs, you should probably acquire one for yourself.

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