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The swivel pedestal for the captain’s chair could be exactly what you need if you’re sick of sitting in the same old uncomfortable chair. It’s much more convenient to get up from a seated posture on a swivel chair rather than one that requires you to turn around or move in any way.

Any captain’s chair with armrests can have this pedestal attached, and this manual will show you how to do it.

What is Universal Swivel Seat Base?

The Universal Swivel Seat Foundation is a pair of swiveling pedestals attached to a welded steel base.

You can choose from a variety of lengths to get the perfect one for you! One of the pedestals will have a seat attached to it; to prevent the seat from moving as people sit and get up, you can use heavy-duty bolts, screws, and washers.

Swivel Pedestal for Captain Chair: DIY Installation Guide - Krostrade

What is a Boat Seat Pedestal

You can think of a boat seat pedestal as a three-part assembly: the base, the post, and the mount, all of which are designed to be fastened to the floor. The part that rests on the ground and is secured with screws is called the base. The joint between the two pieces is the post. The seat is attached to the post via the mount.

The chair can be turned around if you so choose. With a swivel mount in place, the seat can be turned round a full circle. You can also install a slide that allows the seat to be moved laterally.

The most notable distinction from a standard boat seat is that this one cannot be moved. Fixing it to the floor is as easy as screwing it in. Standard boat seating can be relocated whenever and wherever it is needed.

With a sturdy pedestal installed on your boat, you can safely navigate rough seas. Since the base is secured to the floor, your chair won’t move around. It serves multiple purposes, including security, comfort, and the avoidance of nausea and vomiting brought on by travel.

Types of Boat Seat Pedestals

Finding a pedestal for a boat seat can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Despite the abundance of alternatives, never rush into something. You should be familiar with the many options, such as the ones we’ll go through below.

  • As a Class A Pedestal, it can be used at any speed. In light of its greater adaptability, I think you’ll find this to be an excellent choice. The seat won’t move around even if your boat is going really quickly. It’s a good option for captain’s chairs or other high-use seats.
  • Class B Pedestal: Go with this if your boat doesn’t go very fast. It’s made for travel at speeds of no more than five miles per hour. Seats that aren’t designed to be occupied while the boat is moving, like those used for fishing, go in here.

It is possible to further categorize Class A pedestals into two subcategories, Class AD and Class AP. Class AD is the superior choice if you need a raised platform for the steering wheel or driver’s seat. The American Boat & Yacht Council’s highest standards have been met as well. The latter calls for a swivel with a positive lock and the ability to sustain tension of up to 150 ftlbs. It also has to be able to be adjusted up and down.

However, Class AP is reserved for passengers. A swivel locking mechanism that can withstand 30 lb-ft of torque is one of the necessities, as is a locking mechanism for each axis of motion.

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when using the pedestal. Don’t put it in the driver’s seat if it’s meant for the passenger seat, and vice versa.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Boat Seat Pedestal

Is it necessary to invest in a boat seat pedestal? Do you think it’s a worthwhile investment, or is it a waste of cash? I’ll give you a quick rundown of some of the benefits and drawbacks to help you make up your mind.

The Good

  • Stay Comfortable: A pedestal gives you a comfortable place to sit on. This is especially handy when you are fishing. Your legs and back will receive the necessary support from this. If you don’t, you can be in terrible pain.
  • Rest Easy: A pedestal provides a supportive seat. For those who enjoy going fishing, this is a must-have item. It will give your legs and back the support they need. Otherwise, you risk experiencing severe discomfort.
  • Reduces the Feeling of Being Rocked Back and Forth by the Ocean’s Waves You will feel uneasy due to the swaying of the boat. You can reduce the effects of seasickness by sitting in a more steady position thanks to a quality seat pedestal.
  • Sturdy: A quality pedestal will last for many years. Most commonly, it is crafted from aluminum or steel. Anodized or powder-coated metal framework is also widely used. The core material will be shielded from environmental hazards including saltwater and ultraviolet light.

The Bad

  • Some people may find it annoying that setting up the pedestal takes some time and effort. Putting the base in place is the most challenging phase. In order to prevent the platform from moving about, you will need to drill holes in the floor and screw it into place.
  • No Seat Included: If you’re trying to save money, you might not want to spring for a pedestal. You’ll need to purchase a seat separately, as this is only the base. Still, there are many advantages, so the price shouldn’t be a deterrent.
  • Seat pedestals from well-known manufacturers might run you a pretty penny. Don’t let that dampen your spirits, though. These products are high-priced, but they are well worth it due to their superior quality and innovative design.

Steps on Installing Swivel Pedestal For Captain Chair

First, if your armrest has nuts on either side, unscrew them to take it off. A wrench is required for adjusting these screws.

Second, drill into the chair using a bit that is the right size for your drill. The swivel pedestal for captain chairs requires drilling through the seat.

Step 3: Once the four holes have been bored, secure the brackets around them with the screws provided in the hardware package, using a Phillips head screwdriver or hex socket wrench if necessary. Check that the pedestal can easily slip into the area between the chair and bracket.

The fourth step is to use the provided screws to secure the swivel pedestal for captain chairs to the brackets you just put into the underside of your captain’s chair. Fasten them as tightly as possible. If you’re a tall person and this is your chair, you might need some help.

As a fifth step, you should take the seat in your hands and spin it around to determine how tightly the screws need to be tightened so that the seat doesn’t move when spun.

Tighten it up with your Philips head screwdriver one more turn if it’s too loose (usually about a quarter of an inch from how tight you can get it with your hands).

Step 6: If the seat won’t spin, unscrew the screws and try again. Repeat the process until the desired level of snugness is reached, if necessary.


As a general rule, this is easier to accomplish with two people: one on each side of the chair, holding the ends of the seat with their hands.

Putting the chair on its wheels makes this easier, but if you need to make fine adjustments to screws that have already been fully tightened and don’t want to loosen them again, you can do it while seated (but only with a lot more difficulty).

How to Install Clamp-on boat seats

Use this guide to learn how to install a clamp-on boat seat and save money by not purchasing one from a boat dealer.

The distance between two of the holes in your seat should equal the minimum length of the clamp you purchase.

Screw it in so that one end is flush with the board, and then drill or hacksaw it to fit lengthwise across all but one hole.

Splice a scrap across the final hole and glue it on top of the bolt protruding from the unfinished side. Place the clamp over the holes in the seat and tighten until you can no longer turn it.

Put a screw through the pilot hole you drilled in all three pieces of wood.

You can give your clamp a more industrial look by spray painting it, or you can cover it with contact paper in the color of your boat’s seats.

Install the screws through all three holes in the seat frame, then turn the seat over so the screws are protruding from the underside.

Insert a screw through a pilot hole drilled in the seat frame.

The screw heads should protrude to rest against the clamp. When you’re cruising or just taking it easy between sails, your seats won’t rotate around.

Steps on Mounting Boat Seats to Floor

First, secure the seat in place, and then drill pilot holes into it.

Step 2: Use screws or bolts to secure a bracket to each hole, and then use a third piece of metal attached at an angle to the first two to prevent the brackets from sliding when weight is applied to the chair.

The third step is to screw anchors through the underside of the flooring so that the threads are hidden from view.

After that, you’ll need to attach a bracket to the two screws on one side, so that the L-shape is formed in the space between them. Anchor brackets screwed through the floor and into this bracket will complete the installation.

List some benefits of installing an extra set of swivel seats

There will be more space for everyone to spread out and relax as they pedal their way around the water on a Hobie catamaran. This layout might also be used to guarantee sufficient lounging space for all attendees.

In addition, the pedestal can be turned away from the boat so that you or your children may safely step on and off without disturbing your passengers. It’s also a fantastic method of ensuring their safety while they engage in whatever activity currently holds their interest.

Thirdly, it facilitates easy access for individuals to shake hands and pass around refreshments, sunglasses, towels, and other necessities for mingling.

What if someone has to go below deck for something, but they don’t want to keep everyone waiting? The additional chairs are perfect for our needs.

The Best Boat Seat Pedestals

1. Attwood 91320-ADJ Boat Seat Pedestal

Attwood has been producing high-quality naval equipment for more than a century. Just the reputation of the company behind this pedestal sets it apart from the competition. It has several advantages, from the quality of the material to the ease with which it may be installed.

This seat pedestal, for example, is great because the height can be changed to suit the user’s needs. The height can be modified between 11.5 and 17.5 inches. To adjust the height of the seat, just pull and lock a guiding pin.

The seat’s longevity is particularly noteworthy. Because of the reinforced joints, it will be able to survive even the most severe ocean conditions. In addition, it can withstand saltwater thanks to the black powder coating. When compared to regular paint, the resulting finish is much more durable and resistant to the kinds of wear that come from the elements.

The seat’s set up is quite simple. I like that it comes with the necessary mounts for the base and the seat. You may simply screw the pole-welded foundation into the ground. It is not necessary to drill anything into the pedestal’s top, save for the pilot hole for the screws.

What’s more, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything wonderful without breaking the bank. Because of how cheap it is, I won’t hesitate to get it. In spite of its low price, it offers a plethora of functions normally found only in more expensive pedestals.

The swivel pedestal is not functional out of the box, despite the name. The advertising is deceptive because of the name. It doesn’t spin without an attachment, which can be pricey for those trying to save money.


  • Branded by a reputable company
  • Modifiable in height to accommodate a variety of users.
  • Strengthened by reinforcing the joints
  • Excellent for thrifty shoppers.
  • Powder coat paint that can withstand oceanic conditions


  • Not a swivel

In conclusion, this Attwood boat seat pedestal is adjustable, sturdy, and reasonably priced. However, despite the fact that it may swivel, doing so requires the purchase of an additional attachment.

2. Wise 8WP21-374 Pedestal

Choose the best boat seat swivel pedestal based on criteria other than cost. This Wise pedestal is a wonderful option if you are willing to splurge a little. It’s worth your consideration just because it comes from a well-known producer.

When you take a look at the details, you’ll see how magnificent the thick walls are. A sign of its long-lasting quality. Also noteworthy is the anodized aluminum. It does double duty by increasing the thickness of the core material and bolstering its resistance to corrosion. As a result of the high quality construction, it can withstand weights of up to 300 pounds.

Additionally, I endorse this seat to anyone interested in adaptability. There is a universal hole design of 5.25 inches, so it may be used with almost any make or model of boat seat. It can swivel a full circle, making it simple to change the angle of any seat that is attached to it. The seat also has a fore and aft mechanism that allows for sliding.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, and it also has the necessary qualifications to sail under the American Boat and Yacht Council’s Class AD. That it can endure whatever speed at which a boat is traveling. Only high-quality hardware is awarded this rating, demonstrating the pedestal’s reliability.

This product from Wise is an excellent option if you’re looking for pedestals for Tracker boat seats. When fishing, you can utilize it whether the boat is moving or stationary.

I really like how simple it is to set up this pedestal. It is easy to set up a pedestal, even if you’re doing it for the first time. The included 9-inch-diameter base features pre-drilled mounting holes.

That this pedestal occasionally makes a squeaking noise is, perhaps, its only flaw. The unpleasant creaking noise it makes whenever it shifts or adjusts. Fixing the issue will be facilitated by regular and enough lubrication.


  • Extra-thick walls
  • Extremely long-lasting and devoid of rust and corrosion
  • Turns a full circle
  • Seats for boats can be used with any vehicle
  • Conforms to the seating specifications for Class AD vehicles.


  • Emit a squeaky sound at times

In conclusion, the materials used to construct this Wise-brand, height-adjustable pedestal are both reliable and long-lasting. It can be used in a variety of settings and is simple to set up. Sometimes it makes a squeaking sound, but that’s easily remedied by applying some oil.

3. Oceansouth Boat Seat Pedestal

When the seas are rough, boat rides are very unpleasant. This pedestal seat for a fishing boat does an excellent job of dampening vibrations and absorbing impact. It does a good job of dampening the impact on your lower body. These capabilities are made feasible by the high-tech suspension system.

I really appreciate how long this product lasts for, as well as how well it absorbs, shock. It will keep working at a high level even after years of use. The aluminum cast shaft is a key component in making this a reality. Because it is anodized in aluminum, it is also resistant to corrosion and other forms of environmental wear and tear. Also, it is resistant to the harm that salt and UV rays could otherwise do.

To add, it has a gas-powered lift mechanism, delivering easy seat adjustment. You can customize the height from 14 – 18 inches. There is a long lever that protrudes and extends under the seat, so you can adjust it easily. Regardless if you want the seat high or low, you can quickly change its height depending on what you are most comfortable with.

In addition, a gas-powered lift mechanism allows for simple height adjustment of the chair. There is a range of 14–18 inches available for the height. An extended lever under the seat allows for simple height adjustment. Whether you like a high or low seat, you can easily adjust the height to your preference.

Installing an Adjustable Pedestal Seating System for a Boat | Boating Mag

However, I think the seat’s stability could be enhanced. When the waves are strong, it becomes really messy. This may be adding to your distress.


  • High levels of stress absorption, enhancing protection.
  • Fabricated from elements that are resistant to corrosion
  • Features a saltwater- and UV-resistant coating.
  • Modifiable in height for a customized fit
  • Sufficient gas pressure for lifting reliably


  • incompetent in stormy seas

This sturdy, corrosion-resistant pedestal has a gas lift that allows you to modify its height to suit your needs. It has great shock absorption, even in stormy waters. However, the seat’s steadiness may be an issue for some users.

4. Attwood 2385400 Boat Seat Pedestal

The pedestal mount for a boat seat is a fantastic option due to its longevity and steadiness. Furthermore, Attwood is a company that has been around for almost a century, so you know the quality is top-notch.

The anodized post and extremely smooth finish contribute to its long life. Anti-corrosion and other external damage protection is built into the anodization process.

For durability, the post is welded to the floor. When compared to pedestals where the base and the post are two separate parts, this design is superior. Similarly sturdy is the 9-inch aluminum boat seat base.

Its set up is simple and does not require much time or energy. You can connect the seat in as little as 15 minutes. Installing a boat seat is a breeze because the pedestal kit comes with a mounting bracket.

Also, it’s worth noting that it complies with all of the American Boat and Yacht Council’s strict regulations (ABYC). That’s because it proved its quality and functionality by withstanding the most stringent of testing. This is a Type A pedestal per ABYC guidelines. Because of this, you can use it at any speed with complete confidence that it will remain stable. Note that it is not meant for a steering wheel or driver’s seat.

The plastic seat adjustability has its uses, but I personally don’t like it. The bolt and nut used to attach it to the seat are woefully inadequate.


  • Excellent longevity
  • Attach base welds to posts
  • Easy set up
  • Constructed to the specifications of approved bases


  • Reclinable plastic-based seats

These pedestals are built to last with an anodized finish and welded base. Stability at high or low boat speeds is ensured because it is compliant with ABYC standards.

5. SeaSense Economy Pedestal

This boat seat mount is a good option for those on a tighter budget. It’s one of the most reasonably priced options here. However, keep in mind that its low cost means that it lacks advanced functions. It’s not fancy, but it gets the job done for the vast majority of consumers.

This product’s reliability is another another compelling argument in its favor if your boat is on the smaller side. The pedestal is shorter than most of the other options in this buyer’s guide at 7-3/4 inches in height. Because of this, it’s also a wonderful option for those with shorter statures.

I have sat on many a boat seat or jon boat seat that sways uncomfortably when the seas get severe. In addition to being annoying, this also makes me feel awkward. This pedestal, thankfully, doesn’t wobble. Your boat won’t become flimsy even if it has to face huge seas and heavy winds.

It’s tough and doesn’t break the bank. Thanks to its sturdy steel structure, the pedestal is sure to last for years. Steel is well-liked due to its durability, but it adds a bit of weight to the equation. In addition, there are four pre-drilled holes in the base for secure installation. The top of the pedestal is slotted to accommodate a wide variety of sizes.

However, the fact that the height cannot be adjusted was a major drawback for me. Having the ability to adjust the height of the chair to suit the needs of the user is preferable.


  • Perfect for those on a tighter spending plan
  • In other words, it’s perfect for kayaks and other small watercraft
  • Continues to be steady
  • Produced using strong steel


  • Not height-adjustable

In my opinion, this boat seat pedestal is a great buy for the money. While inexpensive, the quality is satisfactory. You can ride out rough seas in comfort because to its compact and sturdy design.

6. Attwood SP-37904 Wedge Extension Post

The pedestal post for your boat seat is made by Attwood, a trusted name in the nautical industry. Even though the product is a bit pricey, I think this justification stands on its own. The price tag is high, but well justified.

The pedestal extension for a boat seat allows you to raise or lower your seat to find the ideal height for you. The seat can be raised or lowered between 13 and 19 inches.

I appreciate the high quality of this pedestal. The post’s smooth surface shields it from environmental factors that could hasten its deterioration. This item has been anodised to prevent corrosion. In addition, it has been bead blasted to eliminate any aluminum porosity. The surface has a high gloss since it has been brushed.

The solid foundation is especially noteworthy because of its longevity. The pedestal post’s strengthening ribs ensure it will remain stable in even the most treacherous of seas. The pedestal will not be affected by the high waves you may face while out on the water. Not like others, which sway uncontrollably at the slightest change in water current.

The post’s cap is just as stunning as the base. The attachment point for the seat is designed to securely fasten to a vertical pole. The wedge shapes allow for a snug fit with minimal effort. Because of this, the seat won’t be shaky in the end.

Meanwhile, I’d like to point out that the pneumatic riser on it has room for development. Weakness in its construction is noticeable. That’s assuming it’s up to pace with the rest of the seat, which it probably is.


  • Easy set up
  • Keeping the seat from coming loose
  • Structured with a solid foundation
  • The aluminum coating is designed to last a long time.


  • Pneumatic lift that is flimsy and easily broken

This Attwood pedestal seat post is pricey, but it is well worth the cost. There are a number of advantages to using it, including its longevity and how simple it is to set up.

7. Wise 8WP21-18S Boat Seat Pedestal

This pedestal by Wise is designed to hold a boat seat and can be adjusted in height from 12 to 18 inches. My favorite feature is the big knob instead of the standard lever for adjusting the settings. The height may be adjusted by turning the knob clockwise or counterclockwise and pulling. When you’ve reached your desired position, release.

That it doesn’t tip over when the seas are rough is one of my favorite features. If you find that your seat is shaky, you can stop the movement by tightening the top knob. The swivel feature, on the other hand, is activated by loosening the knob.

The large base contributes to its durability, as it won’t tip over even in the face of enormous waves or other stresses. Its nine-inch diameter means that it can hold whatever seat you want to attach to the mount. The recessed holes also simplify the mounting process.

The durability is indisputable, much as that of many of the products I discussed in this manual. As a result, it’s money well spent. Because of the increased stability afforded by the thick wall. This aluminum post has been anodized to prevent corrosion.

Nonetheless, if there is one thing I could change about this pedestal, it would be the noise level. When I shift my position in the chair, I can hear a cracking sound.


  • keeps its stability even when the boat rocks
  • Proportionately simple height regulation
  • A solid and sturdy wall
  • Strong and wide foundation
  • Designed to survive extreme use and abuse


  • It’s very noisy.

Another sturdy pedestal by a well-known manufacturer; the waves don’t seem to bother it at all. It has a stable design with a wide base and a sturdy post to minimize the need for constant repositioning.

8. Springfield 1632013 Stand-up Pedestal

This model is just one of many that Springfield has made famous in the nautical sector because to its innovative designs. Its slim profile makes it an excellent option for those concerned with saving floor space.

For the long haul, this pedestal should serve its purpose. It is not like other products, which will soon need to be replaced, due to its sturdy structure. It’s solid from top to bottom. Since this is the case, it can accommodate many people without becoming unstable. The pedestal won’t move even if the sea is choppy.

This pedestal has a lot going for it, but the fact that it can rotate a full circle is particularly appealing. That’s why it’d be an ideal location for a casting chair. The chair can be rotated so that you can simply turn around.

The fact that the Springfield boat seat pedestal can be adjusted in height from 22.5 to 29.5 inches is another reason why I like it so much. Its dual functionality as a leaning and sitting post makes it a versatile accessory. A conveniently placed lever on the pedestal makes it possible to do so.

Please note that a Kingpin threaded base, which is not included, is required for usage with this product. No base that isn’t threaded will work with it.


  • Construction that lasts
  • Solid foundation holds even the heaviest loads.
  • Turns a full circle
  • featuring a height-adjustable design
  • Structures for small boats that are surprisingly roomy


  • A threaded base is not included.

This seat pedestal is an excellent choice if money is no object. Superior craftsmanship and durable materials are used in its construction. It can rotate a full 360 degrees and fold up small, making it a great choice regardless of how much room you have aboard your boat.

9. AQUOS Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal

You have a limited budget yet you don’t want to sacrifice quality or efficiency. This pedestal for seats should be considered seriously. Compared to more expensive models, it lacks convenient extras. However, the majority of customers will find that the quality is satisfactory.

It may be a cheap pedestal, but the material is quite remarkable. The pedestal foundation of a boat seat is manufactured from composite materials. Although it’s made of plastic, this item is sturdy enough to last a long time.

It is also resistant to corrosion, thus it can be used in saltwater without fear of deterioration. In contrast, low-quality steel rusts and corrodes quickly when subjected to the sun and ocean water.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time or effort setting up a boat pedestal, then I highly recommend this adjustable model. It has holes predrilled all the way from the seat mount to the bottom. Installing the floor bracket and connecting a suitable maritime seat to it is a quick and easy process.

The pedestal’s height can also be modified with the use of a gas lift, which allows adjustments between 13 and 18 inches. The height adjuster is made from stainless steel and has a positive-locking grip. For quick and easy fine-tuning, it functions flawlessly. It is also sufficiently lengthy to allow for convenient access from wherever, including under the seat.

A different pedestal is suggested if your weight is more over 200 pounds, though. If you weigh more than the maximum allowed, the seat may become unstable and lose some of its longevity.


  • Crafted with the highest-quality technical materials
  • Modify your height with ease.
  • For the thrifty shopper, this is a dream come true.
  • Easy assembly due to pre-drilled holes.
  • Assists that have handles for easy transport


  • Lowest weight limit

The plastic but sturdy base of this inexpensive pedestal makes it suitable for use in saltwater. Additionally, the height is modifiable and the gas lift is quiet and smooth.

10. Leader Accessories Boat Seat Pedestal I

There are a lot of pricey boat seat bracket mounts available. Lucky for us, this Leader Accessories pedestal is not only reasonably priced but also of high quality. There are a ton of benefits to using this product, including how simple it is to set up.

The pedestal’s sturdy construction is the first thing that caught my eye. You can tell it will hold up well over time just by looking at it. Because it’s made of anodized aluminum, it’s impervious to rust and other environmental hazards. The brushed satin and matte texture also serves to conceal flaws like scratches.

You can start using it right away because of how easy it is to put together after opening the package. The swivel’s corner holes are pre-drilled, making it easy to attach a suitable marine seat to the swivel’s 5×5 square base. There are six mounting holes spread throughout the base’s 9-inch diameter for easy installation on any boat’s deck. The boat seat pedestal holes measure 2 3/8 inches.

It also has a sizable base, so it can support even the heaviest of seats. 13 inches in length and 7 inches in width describe the base. The larger size of this pedestal compared to the others in this evaluation ensures a more secure seat.

The pedestal’s height is modifiable between 14 and 20 inches. There is no gas piston or lever to raise it. As an alternative, you can adjust the height of the pedestal by loosening the knob, moving it up or down to the desired level, and then locking it back into place.

The quality of the build is remarkable, but the slide is rather shaky. This will cause it to rattle, which can be dangerous in rough seas.


  • Superb build quality and reliability
  • Simple construction
  • Elevation that can be modified with ease
  • Larger than average foundation


  • This slide has a tendency to shake when in use.

This boat pedestal is a superb buy when you factor in its many positive qualities. It can be set up quickly and is well-made to boot.

11. Attwood Economy Pedestal

You won’t find a more trustworthy producer of boat equipment than Attwood, and any boater will agree with me. That’s why I can confidently endorse their Economy Pedestal. If you’re on a tighter budget, this is a better option than the other Attwood products I recommended.

The pedestal’s solid construction is a major plus. The strengthened welds make it look as if the post is made of a single piece of metal. Additionally, the marine-grade black powder coating ensures its durability. In my opinion, black is the most practical color because it hides dirt and wear so well. It’s fantastic at masking flaws.

In addition, you won’t have to do much work to get the seat installed. The mounting plate and the base both feature four holes in each corner. The screw is supposed to go in here.

It is also important to note how sturdy the pedestal is. That’s something I put down to the item’s form and function. The pedestal won’t shake, even in rough seas, thanks to the base’s square shape and width.

The fact that metal may rust is perhaps the only thing keeping you from really loving this pedestal. They should have made the seat rustproof as it will be used in saltwater.


  • Cost-effective base for a chair
  • Combined welding and reinforcing ensures a solid connection.
  • Discrepancies are less noticeable against a black background.
  • Maintains its stability even in rough seas


  • Occasionally rusts

If you have this boat pedestal, you won’t be jolted around by the waves, even if they’re really large. It’s built to last with a welded frame and a powder coat for protection.

12. Sport Master Bass Boat Seat Pedestal

Finally, one boat seat pedestal that I recommend offers good value for the money. Only this one comes as a pair, unlike the others I’ve listed. Although it may seem steep at first, the pricing is actually rather fair when you realize that you receive two separate pedestals.

This pedestal has such a creative design, and it has won me over. The overall constructed height is 14 inches, and it consists of a base, a post, and a mount. What makes it stand out is that the post may be removed to make it shorter. Thus, you will be down to just the mount and the base.

In terms of materials, it is built from aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum used to make the post is brushed. However, the base is made of sturdy stainless steel. With its e-coating, it is also very corrosion-resistant.

Just like with many of the aforementioned pedestals, setting this one up is a breeze. You won’t have any trouble putting together a pedestal, even if this is your first time doing it. It’s simple to install the seat into the bracket. The holes for mounting are already drilled.

There is one tiny flaw with this pedestal: it is missing screws. Despite their low price, some people find it inconvenient to have to hunt for screws in order to secure the base to the floor and the mount to a chair.


  • Available as a pair only.
  • Acceptable without further ado
  • Enhanced resistance to corrosion
  • The setup is simple.


  • Does not come with screws

It does not include screws.

Buyer’s Guide

You can’t make up your mind what to buy. Here are some of the most crucial factors to think about when you limit down the options.


The quality of the material should be considered just as carefully as it would be when shopping for any other type of boat accessory. For better or worse, it sets the standard for the pedestal’s cost and quality. Consider using cheaper materials if you’re working with a tight budget. They don’t cost as much, but they don’t last as long as their more expensive alternatives.

Boat seat pedestals are often made from aluminum or steel. Steel is up to 250 times denser than aluminum, but it is also heavier. What this means is that steel has a longer lifespan. Nonetheless, aluminum’s greatest strength is that it resists rust and corrosion. Particularly in coastal areas, where saltwater and sunlight can hasten the deterioration of seat pedestals, this is a significant consideration.

Powder coatings are frequently used to increase durability. It improves the durability of the structure by reducing its exposure to damaging environmental factors. It gives the pedestal a more polished look and feels more substantial.

Ease of Installation

It’s fantastic news if you’re planning to get a seat pedestal for your boat because you won’t have to shell out extra cash to have it mounted. You don’t need any help from anyone. Choose one that can be set up quickly and easily.

Most available pedestals will have mounting holes already drilled into them. The bottom and top of the mount are where you’ll discover these. This makes it simple to fasten the pedestal to your boat’s floor and the underside of the seat you want to mount.

Swivel and Slide Functions

One of the primary uses for a pedestal is to fasten a boat seat to a stationary post that won’t budge, even when the waves are high. However, certain pedestals have other features. A swivel pedestal, for instance, is quite common. As a result, the chair will have complete freedom of movement in all directions.

Pedestals often include a sliding feature as well. If you have a lot of room, this is a nice option. The pedestal can now be swiveled to the left, right, front, or back. It works well as a helm or driver’s seat.


When riding in heavy seas, a pedestal can help keep your seat in place. To prevent it from wobbling like regular boat seats do, a pedestal is screwed into the floor.

It’s important to note that not all pedestals provide the same level of astounding stability. Having a large group of people to draw from is a strength. In addition, the mount needs to be securely screwed into the seat’s base to eliminate any wiggle room.


The shock-absorption properties of the pedestal add to its stability, enhancing your comfort. Potentially dampening the impact of sudden changes. That’s because it dampens vibrations and pressure so they don’t make it through to your body. This comes in handy when sailing through turbulent waters.

No matter how much the boat rocks from the strong seas, the pedestal can’t budge. You could feel uneasy because if it moves, so do you.


You should check the pedestal’s compatibility with the boat seat you intend to attach to it before making a purchase. In a fortunate turn of events, the vast majority of products will work with all models of maritime seats. Make sure the pedestal’s mounting bracket fits the seat base by checking the location of the holes and the type of connection.

Examining the seat mount bracket style is also necessary for compatibility analysis. Which pedestal you go with depends heavily on whether your bracket is swivel, Jon clamp, permanent, or quick-disconnect.

Height Adjustability

For maximum flexibility, seek for a pedestal seat that can be adjusted in height. The seat’s height can be adjusted up or down so that it fits your needs. For the most part, pedestals will use a gas lift or pneumatic riser to achieve this. Having a lever or handle conveniently located for tweaking is essential.

Seat Location

Prior to purchasing a boat seat pedestal, you should determine the precise location on your boat where it will be mounted. When mounted at the steering wheel or driver’s seat, for instance, a special pedestal is required. Consider this when deciding whether you want a temporary or fixed pedestal.


Though it’s the chair itself that’ll draw people in, the pedestal’s style is just as significant. It’s not just the material that matters when it comes to fashion, but also the color and finish. Pick one up that goes well with the cabin and deck of your yacht. However, you shouldn’t choose a pedestal just for its aesthetic value. The greatest choice is the one that satisfies both aesthetic and practical needs.

Care and Maintenance

To get the most out of your boat seat pedestal, no matter how high-quality it is, you will need to be diligent about giving it the care and maintenance it deserves. Some recommendations include:

  • If you are not going to be using the boat for a while, cover the pedestal and seat to prevent them from getting dirty. This will prevent accelerated deterioration from the sun, rain, snow, and other elements.
  • Get into a routine of frequent cleaning. The pedestal is often neglected in favor of the seat during cleaning. Clean the surface with a gentle cleanser with a sponge or soft bristle brush. It is recommended to use wax or polish to get a shiny, immaculate finish.
  • Use a barrier spray. In order to prevent the pedestal from deteriorating due to environmental elements like sunlight and sea water, a commercially available product has been developed. A protective barrier will be created.
  • Remember to follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines and precautions. If you want to avoid issues in the long run, be sure to strictly adhere to the instructions. Without proper maintenance, the pedestal risks losing its strength and eventually collapsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Allow me to address a few concerns you may have concerning boat seat pedestals before I wrap up this little guide.

Pedestal for RV Captain's Chair - RecPro

Who makes the best boat seat pedestals?

When shopping for a boat seat pedestal, some of the best brands to look for are Attwood, Wise, and Leader Accessories. If top-notch performance is a priority for you, go no further than the brands I mentioned. The cost of many of their pedestals may seem high at first, but rest assured that you will not be disappointed. You can’t go wrong with either of those manufacturers if you need a pedestal for a seat on your Lund boat or any other make of boat.

How do you get a stuck seat out of a pedestal?

Seats that are elevated on pedestals are inconvenient. Sometimes the seat won’t swivel or you’ll have a hard time taking it out of the mount when you wish to remove it. Not enough lubricant is a big factor. Additionally, sitting in one place for too long causes the seat to harden and become trapped.

Oil or lubrication spray is the quickest and most convenient option. Use it immediately on the immobile area. You can also loosen the seat by tapping the base with a plastic mallet. Increase your effort to dislodge the seat from its mounting bracket.

How do you mount a boat seat pedestal in an aluminum boat?

First, make sure the floor and pedestal are both stable and in good condition. Make sure you accurately mark the baseplate by inspecting the hole pattern and total number. The next step is to make holes in the base of your aluminum boat. Attach the base to the stand by using screws. You can start using the pedestal as soon as you fasten the seat to the top mount.

The procedure varies with the make and type of the pedestal seat you’re using. Be sure to read and strictly adhere to all warnings and guidelines. There will be a variety of mounting options for various sorts of seats. Be sure the pedestal mount and the seat base are compatible with one another.

How do you install pedestal boat seats?

Putting up a pedestal boat seat is simple. You will need some patience and time in addition to the standard tools. There is no need to hire an outside service. Just do what I say:

  1. Figure out where in your boat you’d like to put the pedestal. Just keep in mind that some pedestals won’t work in some settings. For instance, if you need one for your car’s driver’s seat, you’ll want to look for one in that particular category.
  2. Prepare the floor by placing the pedestal there. Create some openings on the surface with a marker. The number and size of holes in the pedestal base will determine how far down you need to drill.
  3. Make holes of one inch in diameter at the marked spots. As soon as you’re done drilling, seal the holes with marine-grade epoxy resin. It needs to sit for three days to cure before the installation can be finished.
  4. Once the epoxy patch has hardened, you can drill holes in it. You can’t use screws that are bigger than the base, thus it has to be exactly half as big.
  5. Marine adhesive can be used to secure the pedestal to the top of the mount, and then the seat can be attached. Hold the pedestal firmly in place. Check if the post is stable by wiggling it. In that case, you should probably tighten the screws.

How do you adjust the height of a seat pedestal?

The make and model of your pedestal will have an effect on this. Usually, all it takes to make a simple adjustment is a press of the lever or pull of the pneumatic riser. To adjust the height of the seat, simply press and release the handle.

As an alternative, you can lower the seat by sitting in it and pressing down on the handle. Maintain a downward force until the required height is attained. However, there are variants available with manual controls. To adjust the height of the post, you must first spin it and then either raise or push it.

Where to buy boat seat pedestals?

Replacement seat pedestals can be purchased with the greatest convenience from an internet retailer. Get it from retailers like Amazon.com. Because of the accessibility of the internet, shopping online is a practical option. It is not necessary to run out and buy anything right now.

To inspect the pedestal in person before making a purchase, you can also go to traditional retailers like Walmart. The latter improved by launching Walmart Academy, an initiative that provides training for employees to improve customer care. This will ensure that you get the most helpful service possible while shopping for a pedestal.


Add some flair and luxury to your boat. The problem is easily solved with the top-rated boat seat pedestal. A simple modification that will make boating vacations more enjoyable! As a result of having so many choices, some of you may make hasty decisions. The above suggestions are meant to aid you in making a wise decision.