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Machines that are both beautiful and unusual can be found in some of the most unexpected places. Isn’t it incredible that they’ve been sewing for 50 to 70 years? Even after nearly 90 years of service, several of them are still going strong.

Beginning in 1932, the Pfaff 130 sewing machine’s prime years were from 1932 through the early 1950s. There are a few models that cost approximately $400, while some are closer to the $200 mark. These equipment are coping well with the demands of the job at hand.

To learn more about this sewing machine model just continue to read our article. It contains all the information you need. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this sewing machine.

A Brief History of Pfaff

This company’s history has previously been chronicled by us, and you can read it here. But the story is worth recounting because it shows what can be accomplished if you set your mind to it.

A musical instrument manufacturer named GM Pfaff began experimenting with sewing machines in 1862. His first model, which may still be seen in the Munich Museum of Science and Technology, was created in the same year.

About a year after his son returned from the United States, where he had been studying sewing machine manufacture, the new technology he had seen were applied. The company went from hand manufacture to assembly line production and machined parts.

Unfortunately, the inventor of Singer, who had passed away in 1893, did not see the production of the one millionth sewing machine, which took place in 1910. Thereafter Pfaff continues to upgrade and develop high-quality sewing machines over the world as a result of their research.

What Year Was the Pfaff 130 Made?



As early as 1932, a 130 sewing machine was produced for sale. When it was released, it was one of the earliest high-performance sewing machines. Its ability to sew through thicker materials was one of its main selling points.

Additionally, practically all of the parts of this sewing machine were fashioned out of metal, making it a popular model. The only thing that needed to be done was to clean the parts, and changing them was quite rare.

It’s possible that your sewing machine was built between the 1930s and the 1960s, or even later, depending on the serial number it has.

Its simplicity is one of the first things that catches the attention. The 130, unlike previous sewing machine models, had a sleek black body that was emphasised by the lack of gold adornment on the exterior.

Additionally, the clean, uncluttered design is free of dials, pins, and the like. Users could easily access any dial or bobbin that they needed to work with or alter because all of the pieces were in the appropriate place and were not packed together.

How Much is a Pfaff 130 Worth?

Owners may place a high value on their machines because of the machine’s simplicity and beauty. If they are in good shape, they have a one-of-a-kind and magnificent appearance. There is more to value than looks, and individuals might be deceived by excellent looks.

It’s important to keep in mind that this sewing machine is vintage, not antique, when estimating its market worth. As a result, the price will be a little lower. According to other reports, the value of this equipment decreases even more because it has been manufactured for decades.

Having said that, a well-maintained sewing machine can fetch up to $200, with some models fetching much more. We’ve seen a pricing of $400, but that’s either an unusual occurrence or the owner was just trying to get a little wiggle room.

You may also see some selling for between $200 and $400 because some vendors believe their models are unusual enough to justify the higher price tag. In the end, the worth of your Pfaff 130 will be determined by the price your buyer is willing to pay for it.

As long as you’re not offended or astonished by the low price and harsh critique of your sewing machine, you’ll be fine.

Will a Pfaff 130 Sew Leather?



This machine is rumored to be capable of sewing thicker fabrics as well. Since leather was not out of the question, numerous sewers have been able to sew it on this top vintage sewing machine.

This model’s success with leather could be attributed to the usage of metal parts. Despite the fabric’s toughness, the components were able to pass the needle through it with no trouble at all.

Lighter threads were handled considerably more effectively by the machine. When sewing light fabrics, the manufacturer recommended using fine thread and a fine needle. With this machine, sewing these fabrics would be a piece of cake.

The most important thing to remember is to check your tension before you begin sewing. In addition to being able to stitch both leather and lighter textiles, this machine could also be used to embroider with delicate yarn.

It was a versatile machine that could sew, embroider, and handle thicker materials like leather. Since a result of this, it was not a flawless sewing machine, as it occasionally suffered from the usual sewing maladies such as thread breakage, missed stitches, and poor stitches, among others.

Download Pfaff 130 Manual

The owner’s manual can be purchased on eBay. Shipping to your residence is available for an additional $15. However, if you’re in a pinch and need a copy right away, it’s preferable to download one.

As you can see, the Pfaff 130 sewing machine manuals are readily available online, beginning with this one. Then there’s always one of our go-to manual sites. Get there by clicking this link.

Then there’s a 22-page download option, too. It’s not clear if this is the free version or not. In addition to those choices, this website provides a variety of variants. In the event that you have lost your copy and need it urgently, there are a number of options available to you.

As a final option, there is an online version that you may just read whenever you arrive at their website. You won’t have any trouble understanding the content because the language and graphics are both clear. You only need to be able to scroll down and up once to be considered technically literate.

Finding Pfaff 130 Attachments



Since this equipment is so popular, various accessories and parts are easily accessible. If you’re in a rush, eBay is the place to start. There were a number of accessories and components for sale, and a short search on their website should give you an idea of what is now available.

The things we’ve seen on eBay may already be sold out by the time you’ve finished reading this post. It’s no secret that Rover Bay, a parts and accessories store, has a large presence on eBay.

If it doesn’t work, you can consider frugal farm girl, which specializes in sewing machine components and accessories. This link will take you to their web profile. Pfaff, of course, can be contacted to see what they have to say. They may be able to point you in the right direction if you don’t know where to look yourself. This is the URL to their website.

Another Pfaff parts and accessories dealer is Performance Sewing. We were able to locate the 130-6 on the model list. Visit this page to see what they have to offer. If everything else fails, click on this link. It appears to specialize in pre-war and pre-war Pfaff accessories and parts.

Just keep in mind that if you order something online, it may take a little longer to arrive because of the current global health crisis.

How to Thread a Pfaff 130

Designed to make your sewing time go as smoothly as possible, this machine is incredibly easy. That’s why this sewing machine is so easy to thread. There is a graphic and comprehensive instructions in the final link in the download manual section that can help you if things go wrong.

Putting the spool on the spindle and drawing out a small amount of thread is the first step. Afterwards, you’ll take that thread through the hook guide (1) and around the circular guide (2). (2). When you’re done with the tension discs (3) and the check spring (4), you shift the thread around (4).

Around guides 5 and 6, then into take-up 7, then through needle guide 8, then to guide above needle, this is how you proceed from there (9). When you’ve completed the other steps, you thread the needle from front to back.

This diagram’s numbers match those on the one in the link we just provided. Getting the job done isn’t difficult at all, as you can see from this. Eventually, you’ll be able to accomplish it without having to look at the instruction booklet.

How to Oil a Pfaff 130



This Pfaff sewing machine model’s oiling instructions can be found at the same link. The oiling points are illustrated in great detail, just like the needle threading and bobbin winding procedures.

The arrows pointing to the oiling points on the diagram are quite dark, which makes them difficult to notice. All nickel-plated and polished parts should be lubricated with rust-proof lubricant before oiling the machine.

Clean the remaining grease with a damp cloth after that. Use Pfaff sewing machine oil in Figures 1, 2 & 3 of that diagram at this website to apply the oil.

We counted 27 oiling points, however we could be missing a few. That’s how difficult it is to make out the arrows. Then, elevate the presser foot and run the machine without any thread. Then, if you observe any dripping oil, simply wipe it away and apply a drop of oil to any friction spots.

In addition, the instructions recommends putting a drop of oil on the hook before operating the machine for the first time. However, you should check to see if the Pfaff sewing machine oil recipe has changed over the years like Singer’s did.

Make sure it is sewing machine oil just if you have to look for a compatible recipe. If you have a vintage sewing machine, you should not use any other kind of oil.

Some Final Words

It’s possible that Pfaff hit a home run with this popular sewing machine. There are still running machines about 90 years after they were invented. If you take good care of it, you may expect it to endure a long time.

Even if the more modern, technologically advanced computers have a slew of extra features that these older ones lack, they still aren’t the same. They have a unique quality that sets them apart from newer devices.