The Elna Lock Pro 5 DC Serger Review: Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to sewing projects, having a serger on hand can make or break a project’s timeliness. Make sure you’ve got the thread you need when it’s time to sew with these multipurpose tools. Their high price tag is justified by their value in terms of time savings.

Or, they don’t like them and switch to something better. That explains why it’s so hard to obtain a current cost for this model right now. However, obtaining a used model’s current price is more difficult than locating manuals and replacement components.

Continue reading to find out more about the Elna Lock Pro 5 DC serger. In order to determine if this is the right used serger for you, you’ll need to read this review. Buying a secondhand car may be a better deal than buying a new one.

Our Elna Lock Pro 5 Serger Review



With this machine, you’ll notice right away that it has a touchscreen. In addition to letting you know that it is a more contemporary model than previous sewing machines that have ceased manufacture, it also helps you establish the right tension.

Speed adjustment is one of the best advantages for those who prefer to stitch at a more leisurely pace. Nevertheless, this machine is capable of enhancing its power and speed to ensure that your work is completed on time.

To handle many different types of textiles, a differential feed kind of machine can be used. Depending on the model, you can use 2-5 thread cones at once.

Although the computerized nature of this machine eliminates a lot of the manual labor involved in sewing, it will take some practice to become proficient with it. In addition to the adjustable presser foot and stitch length and breadth, this machine has a number of other useful functions.

Sewers who want the rolled hem look may appreciate the Elna Lock Pro 5 Dc’s ability to perform this task. The knife has remained sharp for more than two decades, indicating that it is sturdy and long-lasting. Even though they bought the computer in the 1990s, several folks say they are still using the same one.

It’s a good time to buy a serger for individuals who enjoy sewing with them. Even though they still sew up a storm and don’t bother anyone, their pricing are really reasonable.

A good sewing machine if you want to switch to a computerized version but don’t want to spend the computerized cost.

Elna Pro 5 DC Price

According to our research, you could buy a sewing machine for between $125 and $200 12 years ago if you located a good seller. That’s good news until we came upon a more current price on eBay, which was a little less hopeful.

At the time of this writing, one costs just under $500. However, it is a 5-thread serger that appears to be in excellent condition. In this link, you may get a model for $250 and a model for $350, which is about half the price. In Ithaca, New York, you may buy both models.

That gives you an idea of what you should be paying for this computerized sewing machine. Sharpen up your negotiating skills if you come across a model that is selling higher than those figures.

How much should I expect to pay for this computer-controlled sewing machine? Any model selling for more than that will require you to practice your negotiating skills.

Finding an Elna Pro 5 DC for Sale



This may be more difficult than it appears, as our searches for Elna sewing machines have shown only a few results. Someone is either hoarding these or no one is offering to sell any of them at the moment.

This is the only one on eBay, and there are only two more to be located at the link we mentioned earlier. The old-fashioned method of searching and doing some legwork may be required in your case.

Vintage sewing machine shops, sewing machine repair businesses, antiques stores, and thrift stores will be among our first stopovers. Non-thrift stores may have a higher price tag, but you never know what you’ll find there.

Then look in the classified advertising, as there may be folks who are downsizing and need to get rid of their old sewing machines. There’s always Craigslist, which has a comprehensive set-up that lets you search across multiple states.

Afterwards, as always, there are a slew of garage sales and yard sales, as well as your neighborhood flea markets. It’s a risk, but if you locate a nice Elna pro 5 DC, you may also find additional treasures.

Download the Elna Pro 5 DC Manual

One of our go-to download instructions websites has been disappointing us recently. Although they sell a variety of owner’s manuals, the Pro 5 DC manual does not appear to be among them.

We will give you the link to it anyways in case you have other Elna sewing machines in your home or by the off chance they finally get one. This link is another alternative. We don’t know how much this option will cost, but it’s a PDF file.

The next option is this one, which costs only $4.99. Only one was available on eBay, but it was far more expensive there than it would be elsewhere. You’ll have to wait for the book to arrive before you can read it.

Download manuals are more convenient, faster, and less expensive than paper versions, but they’re not necessarily worse. In addition, we want people to know that they can get in touch with us directly.

It’s true that they have a support system that frequently pulls up manuals that no one else has. Elna is not a Singer, so you may have a harder time finding what you’re searching for on their support page.

Inquire about the quality of the electronic copies on Etsy.

Elna Pro 5 DC Parts and Accessories


Elna Pro 5 DC Serger Presser Bar Lifter

Before we get to that, let’s finish the preceding piece and tell you to try Elna right away, so we can get started. The Pro 5 DC model does not come with the accessories listed on their accessories page. Nonetheless, you never know what you’ll learn if you do get in touch with them.

Alternatively, you can check with their authorized dealers and repair businesses to see what they have on hand, what may still be accessible, or at least a lead to those products. They can help. This is a long shot because we’re talking about machines that were manufactured 30 years ago.

Fortunately, this firm advertises parts for the pro 5 DC model, so not all hope is lost. In addition, there’s a company that appears to offer a wide range of Elna sewing machine parts, including the Pro 5DC, on its shelves.

You’ll have to check these sites to see if they have the parts you need because supplies may be restricted. There were also some pieces for sale on eBay. Your search will likely necessitate a more focused effort if the part you’re looking for doesn’t already exist.

If you’re shopping at places like eBay, your options are limited since you have to wait for someone to advertise those parts, even if they’re already on the market elsewhere. A more traditional approach of locating spare parts and accessories is also an option.

If you want to stay close to home and save money, your best bets are yard sales, estate sales, and flea markets. That is, if you can find any parts at those locations. If a full machine is available at a thrift store, it may be less expensive to use that as a source for replacement parts.

The only downside to having an extra machine for parts is that the identical part you previously used may break down and you’ll have to start the search all over again.” This solution has its advantages and disadvantages.

How to Thread the Elna Pro 5 DC



To begin, let us point out that finding someone to write on how to thread one of these models is a challenging task. You may learn more than simply how to thread a sewing machine by watching an excellent video series. The graphics in these videos will make it easy for you to follow along.

The first episode of the series discusses the various needles and stitch plates you’ll need to avoid needle breakage. This video, which is only five minutes long, will show you exactly what pieces you’ll need.

About 8 minutes long, the second part of this tutorial shows you how to thread the Pro 5 DC sewing machine. It’s part of the series. Click on the link to watch the video.

With up to four to five threads that need to be threaded, we decided it would be best to simply show you and not confuse you with a lot of words without graphics instead of going into a lengthy explanation.

The Elna Pro 5’s color-coding will make threading much easier for you. To access the chart, you’ll need to open the book’s front cover. Because you have to remove the lid to thread this machine, you should have no trouble finding it.

As the higher looper, you’ll begin by threading cone #3. Be careful to follow the color of the threading option.

Where are Elna Sewing Machines Made?



The origins of this company can be traced back to Switzerland. During their early years, they produced some excellent sewing machines. Elna was an independent sewing machine producer for more than 60 years before the rivalry became too fierce.

For the purpose of cutting expenses, it formed a collaboration with Janome in 2004 and the two companies began talking about the possibility of the latter buying the former outright.

This decision was made in 2006 because Janome wished to have access to European designers and other technological advancements.

Elna, on the other hand, is primarily a Japanese firm, despite its European roots. There are still many Elna sewing machines on the market today that are made by Janome in Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan.

Chances are that your machine was manufactured in Asia rather than Europe. However, this does not detract from the quality of the machine, as the Pro 5 Dc was manufactured in Europe, not Japan as previously stated.

Some Final Words

If you’re looking for an Elna Lock Pro 5 DC serger, good luck finding one on the market. Because of its reasonable price and the fact that it has been in use for 30 years, this machine is a solid investment.

The used market is the perfect location to save money and yet receive a high-quality computerized serger if you are concerned about the price tag. Learning how the computer works will take some time, however.



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