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It’s not simple to find vintage sewing machine models. To solve a mystery like Sherlock Holmes’, you need to be extremely acute in your observation, observant, and know exactly what you’re looking for. The model number is misleading in this scenario.

A manual for the Kenmore sewing machine can probably be found, but a manual for the model #5186 may be tough to get because that is not a Kenmore sewing machine model number. Only the motor is identified by its model number.

Continue reading our evaluation to understand more about this situation. This will be unlike any other vintage sewing machine review we’ve done. To further complicate matters, the Kenmore sewing machine model #5186 has a manual that refers to it as model #117-1191.

Kenmore 5186 Review



Many Kenmore sewing machines have clocked up 60 years or more thanks to a reliable motor. One was available for $35 on eBay, but it was in excellent working condition, making it an excellent choice for any sewing machine’s motor.

The belt that drives the motor should wear out far earlier than the motor itself.. For certain Kenmore sewing machines that are listed as model 5186 on eBay, the model number is actually for their engine, not their actual sewing machines.

We couldn’t find a model number on the machine itself, so we’re not sure what it is. The fact that the motor is constructed in Japan suggests that it was once a product of Janome.

We examined the photographs, which depicted both machines in their entirety, and found no indication of the machines’ model number.

Sears Kenmore 5186 Year



Since the sewing machine does not have a model number, this is a difficult question to answer. The motor may have been used in a variety of sewing machines after World War II, therefore it’s of little use to us now.

In fact, Sears never made its own sewing machines, as far as we can ascertain. These machines may have been built in the 1950s, 1960s, or perhaps the 1970s by businesses like White and Janome. A Japanese-made 51286 motor makes this possible.

To learn more about Kenmore sewing machines and the company that makes them, check out our article on the brand. Kenmore sewing machines were manufactured by multiple Japanese companies for Sears after 1958. This motor could have been built by any of them.

Download Kenmore Model 5186 Manual



The owner’s handbook can be downloaded from a number of various websites. Websites like this one advise that some Kenmore sewing machine numbers are not for the sewing machine. Typographical error may have led to the 6186 being listed instead of the 5186.

Try this URL as well; we were unable to get the website to load when we used it. There are several different versions of the 5186 owner’s manual available from the business listed at this link.

There is a Kenmore model number of 795.5186 on our go-to manuals site. Check it out here. After all, it may be possible to get hold of a manual for your appliance from Sears, assuming they still exist.

The Japanese businesses who built this machine may no longer be in business, making this a difficult task.

Finding Sears Kenmore 5186 Parts



Since the 5186 stated here is a highly generic type that might be a clone of any number of Singer sewing machines built after World War II, this may be a simpler chore to complete.

If the company at this site is still in existence, this would be a good location to begin your search for information. To discover if they have what you’re looking for, you can check out this internet retailer. There is a problem with this location because they only list model numbers with six or more digits. They don’t have any models with four digits on their list.

eBay and Amazon may also be good sites to look for spare components. You can also see what’s available at local flea markets or sewing repair shops.

In addition, it is impossible to determine which firm or companies manufactured the sewing machine that uses that motor. As a result, finding replacement parts can be difficult.

Kenmore Model 5186 Belt



The search for sewing machine or motor belts is the same. You should be able to get belts that work with your machine at any sewing machine parts store. Sewing machine repairmen would be the next best source of information.

If you’re curious in the belt’s appearance, you can check out the eBay listing, which includes images of both the belt and the machine as a whole. You will also notice that the 5186’s model number is 158.13011.

You should be able to order everything you need for your alleged Kenmore sewing machine model #5186 by dialing that number.

Some Final Words

It’s not always easy to track out the model and serial numbers of vintage sewing machines. It is possible that the machine’s owner has mislabeled it, which further adds to the confusion.

You should not buy a Kenmore sewing machine with this serial number since it is likely to be counterfeit.