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Getting out of a rocking chair can be a hassle, especially if you want to switch positions while you’re relaxing. Those with limited mobility or who are expecting a child may find it challenging.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how simple it is to convert a rocking chair into a swivel, allowing the reader to effortlessly rotate between sitting and standing positions.

7 Benefits of Rocking Chairs to Improve your Life

1 – Benefits for Nursing Mothers

The variety of nursery rocking chairs available from manufacturers like Babyletto and Delta Children is not coincidental. After all, for a newborn, nothing compares to the soothing rocking motion that mimics the womb. For this reason, it makes the baby feel more at ease and ready to be nursed.
When it comes to nursing, nothing beats the rocker as the ideal piece of furniture. Particularly after a C-section, a fussy or hungry baby can be soothed while being breastfed with the help of a rocking chair.
Ready to purchase a rocking chair for the baby’s room? Discover the most comfortable rockers and gliders for infants here. If you’re looking for more information, feel free to browse our rocking chairs for nurseries category.
Big Man Swivel Rocker Recliner | Wayfair

2 – Soothing and sleeping your baby allows for better rest

The baby will feel more at ease and fall asleep more quickly thanks to the rocking motion. If your child has trouble falling asleep at bedtime and is overly fussy, try this strategy.
Most babies are calmed and soothed by the steady, repetitive motions because they remind them of their mother’s heartbeat. Rocking chairs are ideal for nursing mothers because they put the baby at chest level, where they can easily suckle and latch on without straining their own necks or backs.
The chair’s soothing motions will help them relax, allowing you to spend less time getting up to relieve them during the night. This helps working mothers maintain a healthier work-life balance.
In sum, a rocking chair improves your parenting experience and strengthens your emotional bond with your child.

3 – Reducing Stress of everyday life

Regular use of a rocking chair is a great way to alleviate the stress that naturally arises in the course of living a normal life. Every day, after work or in the middle of your day’s activities, you can take a seat and rock yourself for a few minutes. If you’re feeling stressed out, rocking can help you calm down and take some deep breaths.
If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or even dementia, a rocking chair may be your best weapon against the stresses of daily life. The mild rocking motion has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety and its associated symptoms, including bowel dysfunction.
After a long day at the office, it can be difficult to maintain calm. A rocking chair can be an invaluable piece of furniture in these situations.
Reading a book, knitting, taking in some fresh air on a patio or porch, listening to music while gazing out a window, or simply spending quality time with loved ones are all great ways to unwind in a rocking chair. Spending more time doing things you enjoy can help lift your mood and create emotional equilibrium by releasing endorphins.

4 – Benefits of Rocking Chairs on Your Back and Knees

If you have knee or back pain from aging, an illness like osteoarthritis, or are recovering from surgery, a rocking chair can be a lifesaver.
With a history of back injuries and a chronic medical condition, John F. Kennedy was a regular user of rockers. His doctor prescribed them as a therapeutic measure to help him avoid and cope with back pain. That’s why you’ll find a rocking chair in every major room of the White House.
The gentle, rhythmic rocking motion is a great way to stretch muscles that have become tight from sitting for long periods. If you’re having trouble getting up from a regular chair, try switching to a rocking chair instead.
Our muscles get a better stretch from the gentle motions that mimic walking than they would from sitting still.

5 – Rocking in a chair increases blood circulation in lower body parts

When you rock back and forth in a chair, blood flows more smoothly and quickly between the legs and the heart. People with low blood pressure can benefit from this because it helps keep blood moving vigorously from the extremities toward the body’s center. After all, it’s estimated that an hour of rocking in a chair burns around 150 calories.
Rocking in a chair has been shown to improve metabolic rate and circulation.
People who spend a lot of time sitting have decreased blood flow to their legs and feet. As time goes on, they are also at a higher risk of developing blood clots and cardiovascular diseases due to this condition (Mayo Clinic).
This common health issue can be alleviated by using a rocking chair, as regular rocking has been shown to increase blood flow. Actually, this combination of gliding feet and leg-pushing motion stimulates blood flow in the legs.
Rocking in a chair is a great way to increase blood flow, which is especially helpful for those who have suffered from blood clots. It also reduces the likelihood of future blood clot formation by maintaining a more consistent blood flow throughout the body.

6 – Rocking is positive for mental health

A lot of people have rocking chairs because they look nice, but few realize that they may have cognitive benefits. Rocking while doing other activities, such as reading or working, can help alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
This rocking motion is great for generating equilibrium in your life because it releases endorphins in the brain and reduces stress.
New research suggests that rocking in a chair may have even more positive effects on health. A rocking chair can be therapeutic for those with mental health issues or physical ailments like arthritis, back pain, Alzheimer’s disease, or dementia. Seniors Rocking to Good Health, March 1989, American Journal of Sports Medicine) notes that rocking is a gentle form of exercise.

7 – effortless exercise for seniors strengthen joints and relieves arthritis

Seniors with joint issues, such as arthritis, inflammation, or knee pain, may find it difficult to exercise. For this reason, elderly people can get more exercise without having to get out of their chairs or off the couch, simply by rocking back and forth.
It’s an excellent way to increase bone density without putting as much strain on the joints and spine as jogging or running.
Elderly people can benefit from this simple yet effective method of lower-body articulation while relaxing in a rocking chair. They might also enjoy doing something else while rocking, like knitting or reading.
Physical therapy performed in an appropriate rocker may also hasten recovery for patients who have undergone lower-body surgical procedures.
Older people who have trouble sitting for extended periods of time due to conditions like arthritis, muscular dystrophy, or other disabilities can find a rocker to suit their needs.

Steps to Converting a Rocking Chair into a Swivel

Step 1: Loosen the front legs’ screw fasteners.

Turning it into a swivel chair requires first loosening the screws at the base of each leg so that you can adjust how far inward they lean. All of them should be no more than a two-thirds slant from vertical, leaning slightly inward.

Your swiveling seatback should be able to turn in a full circle without tipping over or leaning forward or backward, as this would cause premature wear on its moving parts.

To loosen these screws, you may need someone taller than you to hold the chair steady (or a stepladder).

Second, draw a center line.

Mark the distance between your back legs at the middle of both of your legs. This distance will shift depending on how far you lean them in, but knowing it beforehand will help you avoid damaging your walls or other objects when you convert the chair to a swivel stool.

Third, make holes for the bolts.

After this is complete, use an electric drill with a bit just large enough to fit bolts through at both ends of where your front legs meet.

Fourth, secure the swivel to the front legs with bolts.

For one leg only, you must ensure that the drill bit is turned at a 45-degree angle and that bolts are screwed in from both sides of the joint. If you don’t do this, it will become unbalanced and fall in the direction you turned it last.

If you want to convert your chair into a swivel stool, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room in the room for the bolts to go through the holes on opposite sides of how far apart your back legs are.

5. Create Bolt-Spring-Hole Combinations

Drilling holes for bolts with springs to ensure a secure lock in the chair’s front legs is a good idea. Set them up so that they are approximately 18 inches apart from one another by placing brackets on both sides after measuring the desired distance apart with a ruler.

Step Six: Fasten the Springs to the Bolts

Now thread your long bolt through each bracket hole, ending with the end that has the spring attached, and secure it. This is how we prevent the annoying creeks and squeaks that come from turning metal chairs into swivel chairs.

Seventh, Rotate Into Swivel Seat

How exciting that you can finally convert your rocking chair into a swivel!

How do you put legs on a swivel chair?

Adding legs to a swivel chair isn’t difficult, and the resulting sturdy stool is likely to be well worth the effort. How to attach the legs to a swivel chair, step by step:

First, have someone measure the area.

This may seem like stating the obvious, but hear me out. Know the required height of your leg to ensure that you are taking the measurement correctly. Keep in mind that your desired height from the floor will be based on how high the seat is.

Length can also be taken into account if necessary; most people prefer shorter stools rather than those that are taller than their chairs.

The Second Step: Slit the Legs

Use a good circular saw blade to trim your legs to size, and remember to wear safety glasses and gloves whenever you’re cutting. (Ask an adult for assistance if you need it.) To save yourself the trouble of figuring out the appropriate dimensions, many hardware stores offer pre-cut leg kits.

Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to consult an expert if you require customization or are unsure of the appropriate leg length.

Third, fasten the legs to the bottom.

Use screws that are slightly shorter than an inch to secure all of the legs; have a bowl full of these screws on hand next to your workspace. If you want more support when you’re sitting in it, make sure the legs are attached on either side of the opening rather than in the middle.

Fourth, swivel your seat around.

Take out all of the screws on one of the chair’s legs until there’s just one left in each of the joints. Pull the seat out by grabbing both ends of the upper piece (the higher part) and turning your body away from where you have been working.

Carefully set it aside, and do the same with the other rocking chair leg before moving on to the next upholstery project.

Fifth, put in place the seat again

Reattach the seat back to your chair, screwing in each leg as you go, and then repeat step four with the other legs and armrests. Don’t worry if it doesn’t line up perfectly the first time you try to go over a joint; you can find out how to tighten up joints right here. Step Six!

Sixth Step: Retighten After a Firm Pull

If you’re reassembling your rocking chair and you notice that the fabric is bunched up around a screw or screws, you should grab them by the underside and use a Philips head screwdriver (or any small manual twisting tool) to tighten the nut that holds them in place. Be careful not to overtighten and split the wood as this will pull everything snug again.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Rocking Chair

The best rocking chairs are stylish, long-lasting, and soft to sit in. Consider your intended uses, the aesthetics of your space, and your desired level of comfort before making a final decision on a chair to buy. Get the lowdown on these and other must-knows before you go shopping.


Think about how you’ll be using the rocker before making a purchase. You can use a rocking chair for anything from a quiet place to read to a seat on the porch or even at a campsite (if it’s portable, of course). If you’re looking to spruce up your space, you probably won’t get the same thing as if you needed a soft place to put your baby down to sleep.

Who will be sitting in the chair and where will it be kept are both factors to think about. Indoor options will give you more leeway in terms of material, but porch rockers will require you to think about durability and upkeep.


Once you know how you’ll be using your chair, you can choose from the many options out there.

  • The classic rocking chair is the one that most people picture when they think of a rocking chair. Typically made of wood, a rocker’s curved legs serve as the chair’s rocking mechanism. You can choose from indoor and outdoor variations, as well as versions with and without cushions.
  • Unlike standard rocking chairs, the motion of a glider is smooth and undulating. Levers and hinges allow it to rock along a flat plane rather than a curved arc. This design is preferred by many for its cozy feel, and it is often found in private spaces like bedrooms and nurseries. An ottoman or footrest may be included or sold separately with this choice.
  • The rocking motion of a spring rocking chair is aided by springs that are mounted to the frame. Outdoor furniture often takes on this form.
  • A swivel rocker is a type of rocking chair that allows you to rock back and forth in addition to swiveling around like a desk chair. This position is great for watching older kids as you rock a baby or engage in conversation with others.
  • A reclining rocker is a type of rocking chair that allows the backrest to be reclined. Gliders typically have a catch to deactivate the rocker while reclined for safety reasons.


There are numerous variations on the design of a rocking chair. Pick one that works with your current design scheme. In a contemporary setting, for instance, round, squishy rockers would be out of place, and straight lines and modular cushions would be more appropriate. If you’re a fan of the past, you might want to furnish your home with a wicker or wooden rocking chair.

Upholstered rocking chairs and gliders are a popular choice for nurseries due to their softness and convenience. These are also available in numerous forms and designs to meet your needs. Outdoor furniture and decor should complement the architectural style of the house.


Wooden rocking chairs are typically what people picture when they think of a classic rocking chair. Wooden chairs are still common, but homeowners have many options when it comes to the type of wood used. You can choose from a wider variety of materials for an indoor rocker. Hardwoods like teak and oak are better suited for outdoor use, while softer woods like pine and cedar are fine for indoor use. Wicker made of wood is fine for indoor use, but plastic all-weather wicker is the way to go for outdoor seating.

Rocking chairs with upholstery should offer both comfort and stain resistance. Cotton variants are preferred for their comfort and durability, but they can be difficult to keep clean. Synthetic upholstery fabrics, typically polyester, are durable and stain-resistant.

Comfort and Support

Adults and infants alike may find comfort in the rocking motion of a rocking chair. Whether or not you find comfort in a modern rocker, especially an upholstered one, depends on your personal taste. Choose wood or a seat with firm cushions if you want a chair that will keep you in place. Look for deeply cushioned foam padding if you want to sink into your chair.

Cushions and pillows can soften the seat of a traditional wooden option. Extra back support can be had from a lumbar pillow as well.

You should also consider how much effort you’re willing to put in and how much rocking you enjoy. If you prefer a smoother, less strenuous ride, a glider may be the way to go.

Locking Mechanism

Look for a rocking chair with a locking mechanism if you plan to use it to soothe your baby to sleep. Locking rocking chairs make it possible to stand up with a baby in your arms without worrying about little fingers getting caught. Those with limited mobility or who are elderly may find it less of a struggle if the chair can be locked into place.

Chairs that recline benefit from this mechanism as well. In order to recline the chair, the user simply stops the rocking motion.

Weight Capacity

It’s important to check weight limits before purchasing a rocking chair because not all are made equally. The typical weight capacity of a rocker is between 200 and 300 pounds, with the heaviest duty models supporting 500 pounds or more. These options are made with sturdy materials and joints that can support the weight of users of varying sizes and are built to last. The frames of these long-lasting chairs may be made of metal, metal alloys, synthetic plastic resin imitating wood, or reinforced wood. More weight may cause less sturdy rockers to crack or bow.


While some rocking chairs are designed to remain in one place, others are portable. Although John F. Kennedy was rumored to have brought a wooden rocking chair aboard Air Force One, more convenient options are available now.

Portable rocking chairs are essentially rocking lawn chairs with arched legs, making them ideal for camping or outdoor events. Steel frames and synthetic weatherproof surfaces are what you should be looking for. While the quality varies, mesh and padded options should provide sufficient comfort. These options fold up easily for transport to wherever you need them. There’s also a handy carrying case.

The Best Rocking Chairs for the Home

Babyletto Kiwi Power Recliner and Swivel Glider

The Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Recliner and Swivel Glider may be intended for a nursery, but its sleek wingback style makes it a great fit for any contemporary space. To preserve its minimal appearance, the chair’s control panel is concealed in the armrest. The chair’s headrest and footrest can be quietly adjusted to the desired position with a reclining mechanism. The chair can be swiveled through 270 degrees and glided forward and backward with ease. A USB port is conveniently built into the control panel. The chemical flame retardants have been left out of the upholstery’s linen and polyester blend construction. The rocker is even cozier with a lumbar support cushion. For minor stains, the manufacturer suggests using a foam cleaner. The maximum user weight for this chair is 300 pounds.

ComHoma Recliner Chair Massage Rocker

In addition to rocking, the ComHoma Recliner Chair Massage Rocker has a number of other functions. It’s a step up from traditional massage chairs in that it features a seat heater, four different vibration modes, and a full 8-point massage system. Extra padding, lumbar support, and a built-in footrest all contribute to a high level of relaxation. The chair’s push-back recline mechanism uses your body weight to recline it, and a swivel mechanism allows you to easily rotate through 360 degrees. A built-in cup holder and a handy side pocket provide convenient storage for beverages and small items. The faux leather is available in two colors (brown and black) and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. This rocker is cheap for something that does so much more than just rock.

Loon Peak Greenwood Rocking Chair

The Greenwood Rocking Chair by Loon Peak is a great option for those trying to find a modern take on an antique or cottage feel at an affordable price. The chair’s rich brown color and oak finish come from rubberwood, a medium-density tropical hardwood. The chair can rock subtly thanks to its conventionally arched legs. This chair can support up to 250 pounds, but it will need to be assembled when you get it. Indoors or out, it will gently rock both adults and infants.

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

The Windsor Glider and Ottoman’s roomy seat is ideal for rocking a sleeping baby. You can rest your feet on the gliding ottoman included in the set, in addition to the plush padding that covers the seat and arms. The removable polyester cushions come in 18 different colors and are machine washable only if necessary. The 210-pound weight limit is safely supported by the sturdy wood construction. Don’t leave kids alone with this option because there’s no way to lock the chair in place.

DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Ottoman

The DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Ottoman is perfect for a child’s room, but it also looks great in a master bedroom. The chair rocks back and forth and swivels in a full circle, allowing you to relax in the rocking motion while still keeping an eye on your surroundings. Whether you’re relaxing or rocking your baby, you’ll appreciate the high back, padded headrest, and lumbar pillow. The polyester fabric can be purchased in one of five colors and with or without piping for a tailored look. The upholstery has been certified as Greenguard Gold for its low chemical content. The maximum load is 300 lbs.

Mack & Milo Aisley Reclining Glider

The Mack & Milo Aisley Reclining Glider has a swivel feature, a glide feature, and a reclining mechanism, making it a multifunctional rocker. When not in use, the easy-pull reclining controls can be hidden between the seat and armrest. The rocker’s safety lock engages when the chair’s reclining position is used. The seat’s interior is padded with spring core foam for comfort. The recliner can be made even cozier by adding a footrest. The square form, offered in two neutral tones, is at home in both contemporary and classic settings. The 225-pound capacity of this rocker is impressive.

Andover Mills Emjay Rocking Chair

The Emjay Rocking Chair by Andover Mills is a traditional wooden rocking chair with a timeless design, making it ideal for use on porches and other outdoor spaces. Poplar construction with an oak veneer provides durability and the possibility of year-round use. There are six color options for the chair, from vibrant red to subdued gray. You can put up to 250 pounds on the sturdy frame without it bending or breaking. Cushions are not included with the rocking chair, so please bring your own. Dust with a soft cloth, and then wipe down with a damp sponge or gentle brush.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Rocker features a patented Spring-Action Rocking Technology that makes it suitable for rocking on patios, dirt, grass, and other outdoor surfaces. The Eazy-Fold technology used by the manufacturer makes opening and closing the chair hassle-free. There is a convenient carry handle on the rocking chair. Comfortable seating with a mesh back and padded armrests and a built-in drink holder. The powder-coated steel frame can hold up to two hundred and fifty pounds with ease. There are two color options for this chair.
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FAQs About Your New Rocking Chair

Maybe you’re still confused about the benefits of rocking chairs and how they operate. In this article, we’ll address these and other frequently asked questions regarding rocking chairs.

Q. How does a rocking chair work?

The means by which chairs rock vary widely. The rocking motion of a classic rocking chair is made possible by the two points at which the chair’s arched legs touch the floor. The chair can glide forward and backward along a straight line because it is a glider.

Q. What is a rocking chair used for?

The gentle rocking motion of a rocking chair makes it a popular choice for unwinding in any setting. It’s also a great place to rock an infant to sleep or soothe a fussy newborn.

Q. What should I look for in a rocking chair?

Your ideal rocking chair will vary according to your tastes and preferences, but in general, it should look good in your home, be comfortable, and be well-made.

Q. Is rocking in a rocking chair good for you?

Rocking chairs have been shown to have positive effects on both physical and mental well-being. They aid in recuperation from injuries and surgeries and have been shown to alleviate anxiety and depression.

Q. Are rocking chairs dangerous?

Rocking chairs, especially when used by infants or the elderly, can pose a safety risk. Children may hurt themselves by climbing too high or falling off the edge. Getting up can be difficult for elderly or otherwise frail adults. Such injuries can be avoided with the help of a sturdy frame and locking mechanism. Protect young children’s fingers by covering gliders’ rocking mechanisms.