Tips To Care And Maintain Swivel Chair Casters

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Helen Skeates
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That annoying office chair keeps getting stuck. This time, what could it possibly be? Maybe it’s a stray hair, maybe it’s a paper clip, maybe it’s just years of dirt that you’ve ignored cleaning off the wheels. Caster wheels are a crucial component of any office chair; without them, you would be unable to move quickly and easily from one location to another.
Don’t neglect cleaning the casters on your chair or you’ll soon be forced to stand up every time you need to move to the farthest corner of your desk. In order to ensure that the caster wheels on your chair are as spotless as possible, think about the advice given below.

Tips To Care And Maintain Swivel Chair Casters

Take the Caster Wheels Off

Numerous office chairs provide the convenience of wheels that can be removed. The wheels should be removed from the chair’s base before any attempt at cleaning is made. The wheels can usually be removed from the base of the chair with the aid of a screwdriver or similar tool.
Wheels can be cleaned after they’ve been taken off the vehicle.

How to Clean the Wheels of a Rolling Office Chair |

Never Toss Them in Water Before Cleaning Them

When cleaning your wheels, you should never do so in water until you have a chance to do so by hand. If you want to get rid of the dirt and grime, you’ll need more than just water and soap, so settle in and get to work. Cleaning the wheels with your fingers is a quick and easy way to get rid of dirt and debris.
Remove any loose paper, stickers, or paper clips first. The smaller pieces of debris can be removed with a piece of tape after the larger ones have been cleared away. The tape grabs the dirt and lifts it clear of the wheel’s bearings.
You can use a butter knife and some alcohol to remove gum from your caster wheels.

Once the Wheels Are Cleaned

The wheels should be washed after the dirt has been thoroughly removed. Wash the wheels in a warm, soapy bath. To test, remove one of the wheels after soaking it for five to ten minutes. Start cleaning the wheel with the brush until it meets your standards. The wheel should be washed and left to dry. Replace the wheels again and do it again.

Attach the Wheels

When the wheels are dry, you can reinstall them in the chair’s base. To avoid any hassles while utilizing the chair, make sure the base is screwed on correctly and securely.
Test the smooth movement of your chair’s wheels by rolling it around. The wheels can be sprayed with lubricant if you find they are sticking, allowing you to continue your journey.
You still need to clean your wheels, even if they aren’t caster wheels. You can use the same methods, but if your wheels are made of plastic, the lubricant might not hold and instead just drip off.
Caster wheels should be cleaned at least once every six months, or whenever you notice that they are becoming noticeably grimy. The smoothness with which your chair glides after having its wheels cleaned will astound you. You can extend the life of your chair by taking care of its caster wheels.

8 of the Best Caster Wheels for Office Chairs to Buy in 2022

1.  Office Chair Wheels Replacement Rubber Chair Casters

Lifelong’s five-pack of caster wheels are perfect for any office chair. The wheels on these chairs are constructed from industrial-strength metal. These casters are made of sturdy polyurethane and feature precision ball bearings, making them ideal for use on office chairs. They have a 650-pound weight capacity at most. The caster wheels on these office chairs won’t scratch, scuff, or otherwise damage your floors, so you can move around your home or workplace with confidence. These chair wheels come in both black and white, making them suitable for a wide variety of workplace aesthetics. They are designed to fit comfortably on virtually any office chair.

2.  Office Chairs Caster Wheels by Oasis

The polyurethane casing around the wheels of these office chairs prevents any damage to the floor. They have a design similar to rollerblades. Their internal and external parts, including the support bracket, are all made of high-quality steel, ensuring they last for years to come. You get a total of 5 of them, and their sturdy construction means that they can support up to 650 pounds between them. Because of the precision ball bearings in the caster’s swivel and axle, rolling on them is quiet and effortless. The stem size of these caster wheels is the industry standard. If your work chairs or stools have wheels, you can turn them into sleek contemporary pieces with this hack.

3.  Black Replacement Rubber Chair Casters by Lifelong

In the workplace, comfort is the single most important factor in terms of efficiency. These are the best caster wheels for an office chair, and once you put them in your chair you will be assured of a comfortable and productive workday.

The rubber construction of these caster wheels ensures silent rolling throughout the workplace. In addition, their adaptability to a wide variety of office chairs makes them a great investment. In addition, they are effective and last for a long time.

4.  Office Chair Caster Wheels by Office Owl

Every regular office chair and computer chair will fit on these caster wheels. They’ll move across your expensive hardwood, tile, vinyl, and carpet with zero damage. These casters aren’t ideal, though, for use on particularly plush or elevated carpeting. Caster wheels are an easy way to elevate the look of any chair, whether at work or at home. Casters of this quality can support as much as 650 pounds of weight. Polyurethane swivel caster wheels in the rollerblade design won’t scratch your expensive flooring.

5.  Professional Office Chair Caster Wheels by Seddox

Chairs equipped with these high-quality, soft polyurethane casters will not scratch or dent any surface, from hardwood to tile to vinyl. They roll quickly and silently across any surface thanks to two precision ball bearings and a wheel shell made of soft polyurethane. The third precision ball bearing in the caster wheel’s turning mechanism makes reversing the chair’s direction of movement a breeze. The manufacturing process for these casters is based on that of roller skates. All five of the metal chair casters can hold up to 650 pounds thanks to the sturdy steel stem and frame and durable plastic rim. Chairs and desk chairs with a 7/16-inch stem size will work with these.

Tips to Care and Maintain Swivel Chair Casters - Krostrade

6.  Slipstick CB680 2 Inch Office Chair Caster Wheels

Office chairs with these rubber casters, measuring 2 inches, can be purchased in sets of 5. The dimensions of each caster wheel are 7/16 inches across by 7/8 inches long. The twin 2-inch caster rubber wheels on each one make for smooth movement. If you have beautiful floors, you won’t need to cover them with bulky plastic mats thanks to these casters. Hardwood, tile, slate, laminate, and other similar flooring types are all safe from damage thanks to these rubber casters. They work wonderfully with office chairs that have rough, noisy, hard plastic wheels. They are available in neutral tones like black and grey to complement a variety of decor styles. These wheels have a weight capacity of 330 pounds and come with a free replacement guarantee for the next five years.

7.  Universal Office Chair Caster Wheels by Bright Field

There are five sturdy wheels on this set of casters. They can hold up to 650 pounds collectively and are suitable for use on any surface, including hardwood. Polyurethane covers the wheels of the casters, making them comfortable to roll on. These casters are designed to protect your expensive flooring from scratches and other damage. Polyurethane wheels and precision ball bearings make for a quiet, smooth ride in these casters. They can be used on any smooth surface, including hardwood, concrete, tile, carpet, stone, or vinyl.

8.  Stealtho Office Chair Caster Wheels

High-quality hardwood, laminate, linoleum, parquet, carpet, and tile floors will not be damaged by these office chair casters. They are made of a high-tech elastic urethane that allows for silent movement. They won’t damage your hardwood floors, and these casters roll effortlessly. The new stem design and robust casters on these casters also shield your chair’s rubber roller wheels from experiencing axial run-out.


What is the best lubricant for casters?

The best lubricant for casters is silicone spray. How frequently should silicone be used? At the end of every four hours. Put some silicone spray on the casters of your swivel chair and you won’t have to worry about any resistance or friction as you move from one surface to another.
If the silicone isn’t applied frequently enough, the metal will rust. Metal-on-metal friction is also a problem that can be solved by spraying the moving parts with silicone oil every four hours.

How do you loosen the wheels on a chair?

In order to loosen the wheels on a chair, you need only turn the screw in each wheel a quarter of a turn. How can you tell if the caster on your wheel is too tight? It can spin endlessly and glide effortlessly across any surface without encountering any significant resistance or friction.

Never overtighten casters, as this can cause the metal to bend and break or the feet to lose traction.

How do you secure caster wheels to wood?

Caster wheels can be fastened to wooden surfaces with glue, tape, or bolts. How do you determine the most effective strategy? Your chair’s casters can support more or less weight depending on the screw type, size, and number of casters.

Since the feet of most lightweight swivel chairs don’t have pre-drilled holes, glue is the best option for securing the wheels. When using larger screws, tape is preferable because it can be removed easily and without damaging the furniture legs if the need arises.

Because of their increased security, most people only use bolts when permanently attaching casters, leaving little room for adjustment once tightened down; this is good news if you want a bolt-on solution.

How do I keep my casters from falling out?

Keep your casters from dislodging by tightening the screw that holds the wheel to the axle. Is there a way to tell if they’re snug enough? A good test is to pull on one and feel some resistance as it tries to come back off the chair’s bottom glide plate.

When you need your wheel to stay put on your axle, try spraying some silicone in that space.

How to Make Your Cheap Office Chair More Comfortable | Wirecutter

Caster options for swivel chairs range from pneumatic wheels and ball bearings to bushing-mounted plates and casters. When deciding, how do you know which one is the best? Your specific needs will determine which variety is optimal for you:

If you’re in an office or classroom with little carpeting and need to move your chair frequently, pneumatic rubber casters are your best bet. If there’s more than an inch of carpet and you don’t mind the noise as much (or you’re at home), bushings mounted caster plates may be more appropriate. You can glide more easily across most surfaces with the latter two choices.

Final Thoughts

All of the caster wheels for office chairs mentioned above are well-designed and simple to set up. To put them in, you won’t need any equipment. Simply remove the old caster wheels from your office chair, and then push in the new ones until the stem is securely seated. Many different kinds of office chair caster wheels exist, so you should be able to find a set that is compatible with your chair. Have fun browsing for bargains!

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