What Is The Largest Capacity Top Load Washer With Agitator? Advantages Of A Top Load Washer

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A top-load washer has a comforting familiarity to it. These models are known for making both modern and classic laundry rooms seem complete because of their simple design. In addition to being easy to clean, front-loading machines tend to gather more mildew than drums, which may be easily gotten rid of by opening the top door. Either an impeller plate or a center agitator cleans your unclean clothing by spinning them around a spindle inside the machine.

Aside from their conventional design, top loaders don’t lack in capacity or functions. A built-in faucet for removing stains, a bulk dispenser, and even a cycle setting for sportswear have all been added to this model of washing machine as technology and fashion have progressed over the years. In most cases, a king-sized blanket will fit in a drum capacity of around five cubic feet.

Research has already been done. Below you’ll find a list of the top-rated top-load washers for every type of home, budget, and laundry area.

Washer #1. Maytag MVW7230HW

When it comes to shopping for household appliances, Maytag is the name you can trust the most. Maytag is known for its high-end washing machines. Every now and then, the brand introduces new smartphones with more advanced features. New Maytag MVW7230HW was just stolen from their MVWB865GW. In terms of price, this newest machine is no more expensive than its predecessor, but it comes equipped with more advanced functions. Better than ever is the level of craftsmanship.

LG 4.8 cu. ft. Mega Capacity Smart wi-fi Enabled Top Load Washer with Agitator and TurboWash3D™ Technology (WT7305CW) | LG USA

It is possible to wash a huge load of laundry in this machine due to its large size. In addition to its numerous technological functions, this washer is able to deep clean the clothing if the dirt is greater than usual. You can wash your clothes more quickly if you choose the higher power setting. In addition to being eco-friendly, the washer also has built-in Wi-Fi. With 13 cycles, this machine makes sure that the clothing are fully cleaned. It may go as fast as 850 revolutions per minute. Educating yourself on the best places to get compact washer and dryer sets may prove to be beneficial.

Washer #2. GE GTW725BSNWS

For those looking for a large capacity top-loading washer with GE quality, we recommend the GTW725BSNWS*. For those looking for a 27-inch broad, high-capacity washer, this one is ideal. Its dual-action agitator is its most notable feature.

Auto soak, heated rinse for wool, and extra rinse for soiled garments are all included. It has 12 wash cycles that can handle all kinds of fabrics and materials. You can also use Wi-Fi connectivity to control your appliance from a remote location. At 800 RPM, it features a glass top and a rotating speed of 800 RPMs. It can hold 4.6 cubic feet.

Washer #3. LG WT7305CW

LG’s first agitator-equipped washer is a first for the company. The first and largest capacity agitator washers were introduced by this company. This washer has a 4.8-cubic-foot capacity. Clothes are gently cleaned from side to side and up and down in this washer’s 4-way wash motion. As a result, it offers a feature that can automatically adjust the drying time for each item of clothing. ThinQ is a smartphone app that lets users monitor the performance of their washing machines. An end-of-cycle message is also sent.

The 3D Turbo wash feature in this line of washers speeds up the wash time to only 37 minutes. The quality of washing is unaffected by the speed of the machine. It has a maximum rotational speed of 950 revolutions per minute. This washer also features a deep fill and an auto soak function. Additionally, there is a soft glass top included with the package. This item has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Check out these helpful hints when buying a washing machine.

Washer 4#. Best High-Efficiency: Maytag MVW7230HC 5.2 cu. ft. Smart Capable Metallic Slate Top Load Washing Machine

You can get the most out of your laundry day with the Maytag MVW7230HC high-efficiency washer. To make things easier, it boasts a large 5.2 cubic-foot drum and a slew of customization options. For high-efficiency machines, it’s usual for a load to take longer to complete or for your garments to be drenched in a less amount of water. In order to deal with dirt and stains, this model incorporates an additional power button and a deep-fill setting. It’s possible to load your washing machine with towels, blankets, or sweatpants and still get a complete cleaning thanks to the deep-fill mode.

This Maytag washer also features a built-in water faucet for pre-treating your clothing. To use the high-efficiency detergent, you can use the dispensers for fabric softener, bleach, and high-efficiency detergent. While smart features aren’t necessary for every family, this washer does include innovative vibration technology as an added convenience. There is less of a transition from the rinse to spin cycle with this technique.

When coupled with a natural gas water heater, the model’s energy guide estimates that this high-efficiency washer will use just $12 in annual energy costs. Just be aware that there is no steam feature, and you’ll need to use a high-efficiency detergent to clean your clothes.

Washer 5#. Best for Multitaskers: GE GTW840CPNDG 5.2 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Diamond Gray Top Load Washing Machine

A busy person needs their appliances to work as hard as possible for them. Smart functions are included in the top-load washing machine from GE. It features a built-in Wi-Fi connection that will allow you to continue working while doing the laundry. Using an app, you can monitor the progress of your load, receive notifications when the cycle is complete, and even start a new cycle from the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to worry about anything after your filthy clothing are stuffed into the 5.2-cubic-foot drum. As a result of SmartDispense, the model will take care of everything, including determining the load’s weight and fabric type, as well as adding the correct amount of detergent. It’s okay if you need to adjust the fill level and detergent amount depending on how bulky an item is, such as a blanket or bag. Select from one of the 10 wash cycles available and relax.

Activewear, pre-wash, sanitize, and fast wash are among the special wash cycles. All of these cycles, as well as standard options like delicates and whites, will be aware of the amount of water and energy they consume. To get the most out of this GE washer, use high-efficiency detergent and make sure it’s balanced when loading. You may find that it struggles to maintain its balance and requires a flat surface at times.

Best Overall: Whirlpool WTW7120HW 5.3 cu. ft. Smart White Top Load Washing Machine

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Dispenser for large quantities
  • Plenty of bikes to choose from.
  • Is it possible to pre-soak stained clothing?

Something That Frustrates Us

  • The bottom of the tin can is out of reach.
  • Be able to make a great deal of noise

Most buyers of a top-load washer are seeking for a machine that can handle both large and small loads and is simple to operate. Whirlpool’s WTW7120HW washing machine is a jack of all trades, and its 36 wash cycles and 5.3 cubic-foot drum exceed expectations. When you need to wash delicates, T-shirts, or underwear, this drum has adaptive load-sensing technology, so you can wash a king-sized blanket or a lot of heavy sportswear in it.

In addition, this top-load washer includes sanitize and self-cleaning modes, so your tub and clothes will be cleaner than before. You can pre-soak goods with stains for up to 120 minutes before running an actual cycle by filling the bulk dispenser once. An impeller plate, pre-treat brush and dual temperature faucet are also important features. Washing your clothes with this agitator is gentle on your clothes while also thoroughly covering them in suds.

This washer is essentially designed to make your life easier, and it will prove to be a valuable ally when it comes to doing the washing. This method does have two drawbacks: It can be noisy and run imbalanced when washing something like a bath mat. Take big items to the laundromat if your machine can’t distribute their weight evenly. Aside from that, this top-loading washer boasts a solid build quality.

Best Budget: Amana NTW4516FW 3.5 cu. ft. White Top Load Washing Machine

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • A self-cleaning process
  • deep-filling the tank
  • Sensors that detect how much weight is being carried

Something That Frustrates Us

  • There isn’t a stainless steel tub in this house.
  • A lack of a detergent dispensing device

The Amana NTW4516FW top-load washer doesn’t sacrifice on features or performance, despite its lower price. On the back panel of this appliance, there are eight wash cycles and five water temperatures to pick from, as well as simple-to-use controls. The 3.5-cubic-foot drum has a center agitator and a smooth porcelain tub inside of it. A somewhat larger drum, impeller plate and stainless steel drum material may be preferred, although this combination will still give years of solid service. Stainless steel drum material

LG WT7300CW Top Load Washer Review - Reviewed

Rust-proof stainless steel tubs have become the new standard for washing machine tubs because of their bacteria-free properties. When properly cared for and chip-free, a porcelain enamel tub will have the same effect. You’ll be glad to know that this washer’s auto-cleaning cycle will keep the inside of your machine sparkling and bacteria-free, and this is a rare discovery considering the price tag. Because the tub is properly filled, nothing will scrape against its edges while using the deep fill option.

Wet and heavy things can cause this model’s spin speed to be sluggish. However, it’s certainly a great pick otherwise, giving you the basics and a little more.

Best High-Capacity: LG Electronics WT7900HBA 5.5 cu. ft. HE Mega Capacity Smart Top Load Washer

Wet and heavy things can cause this model’s spin speed to be sluggish. As a matter of fact, it’s a fantastic choice in terms of providing the essentials and a little more than that.

  • Wet and heavy things can cause this model’s spin speed to be poor. Aside from the fact that it’s an excellent option for the fundamentals and some additional features, it’s a solid choice.
  • Sprocket housing
  • Powerful water jet

High-pressure water jets

As a result, the tub and motor revolve independently, which is by design. A forceful and quick rinse is provided by a water jet, while a steam option removes wrinkles and allergies even further. To help you save money while washing big loads, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America qualified this model for its special allergen cycle.

As with any high-capacity device, you should be aware that the huge drum on this washer may make unloading difficult. Also, it’s not perfect for small families or couples that don’t frequently wash heavy goods such as a comforter or blankets. The top-load washer’s self-cleaning mode means you won’t have to get into the washer’s nooks and crannies other from loading and emptying your clothing.

Best Compact: GE GNW128PSMWW 2.8 cu. ft. 8-Cycle Top-Loading Portable Washer

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Sprocket housing
  • Ideal for apartments with a limited amount of space.
  • Dispensers are included.

Something That Frustrates Us

  • For a portable model, the price is a little high.
  • Isn’t completely full

Laundry can take up a lot of space in your home, and you don’t want to give up an entire room to a washing machine. The greatest top-loading portable washer from GE is this one. The unit can be simply placed in a closet or corner of your kitchen when not in use because it is only two feet wide and three feet tall. Using the four different water temperature settings and eight different wash cycles, you can quickly and easily do a load of laundry in your flat.

Even though this GE washer is small in stature, it packs a tremendous punch. Despite its small size, it includes dispensers for detergents (fabric softener and bleach), as well as an impeller. Two or three outfits can be dealt with simultaneously in the 2.8-cubic-foot drum. Compared to other units in the same category, this one has a lot of room.

Compared to traditional top-load washers, this portable model offers a unique combination of functions at a lower price point. The caster wheels let you to easily move it around your living space if you have a tiny home or frequently travel in an RV. (A dolly, on the other hand, would make this job a little easier.)

Best With Steam: Samsung WA54R7600AW 5.4 cu. ft. High-Efficiency White Top Load Washing Machine

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Removes triggers for allergic reactions
  • Dressed to impress in sportswear
  • Drum made from stainless steel

Something That Frustrates Us

  • There is a lack of trust in customer service
  • Cannot be manipulated from afar

At the press of a button, you can sterilize your laundry and eradicate common allergies.. When it comes to eliminating stains, the steam is particularly useful for those with allergies, asthma, or youngsters. While steam-powered washing machines can be more expensive, this Samsung top-load washer is worth the additional cost. A stainless steel drum and the much-desired steam cycle are all included in this model.

The machine also boasts 5.4 cubic feet of inside volume, placing it nearly in the same league as many high-capacity washers on the market. An impeller plate moves your garments around the drum, while Samsung’s swirl technology helps to absorb and drain water from your things. Additionally, the drum is protected against zipper scratches by a built-in pulsator, and you may run a self-cleaning cycle to remove any remaining smells or allergies from the drum.

A deep fill setting is available on this high-efficiency top-load washer. To avoid wasting water and energy, the deep fill setting can be used instead of the standard settings. Use it when you’ve got a large item to wash, like a comforter, or when you’re in a hurry and need your clothing clean in 36 minutes.

Best for the Environment: LG Electronics WT7300CV 5.0 cu. ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Top Load Washer

What We’d Rather Be Doing

  • Certified by the Energy Star program
  • Cold wash setting
  • Strong spinning cycle

Something That Frustrates Us

  • The bottom of the tin can is out of reach.
  • There is no steam function.

Is your laundry room being designed to be environmentally friendly? Eco-friendly detergents and high-efficiency washers are making it easier than ever to maintain a “green” laundry room and schedule. As far as laundry room appliances go, this LG model is a wonderful place to start, as it uses half the water and up to 30% less energy than a standard machine. Energy Star and CEE accredited, it has a projected yearly operating cost of roughly $13—a very low amount. It is Energy Star certified.

This machine, on the other hand, doesn’t compromise on cleanliness in order to be more environmentally friendly. It has a 5.0-cubic-foot drum with TurboWash technology from the manufacturer. When the cycle is started, the tub and the engine spin independently to thoroughly soak your garments. Disinfect your garments without damaging them with powerful jets that remove suds while an impeller plate is gentle on them. If you want to save money and energy, this top-load washer also features ColdWash technology.

The spin cycle, in particular, will leave your clothing with significantly less water on them. Using this method, drying periods can be cut in half, and you can even dry your garments outside for a more environmentally friendly choice. In exchange for giving up steam functionality, you’ll obtain smart features like the ability to operate your washer via a smartphone app.

Maytag MVWC565FW Top Load Washer with the Deep Water Wash Option and PowerWash® Cycle – 4.2 cu. ft. | Furniture and ApplianceMart | Washers - Top Load


The GE GTW720BSNWS is a modern top-load washer if you’re seeking for something new. If you’ve ever had to deal with an overflowing washing machine, you’ll appreciate this one’s stain removal advice and OXI cycle. In spite of its various customization options (such as the coveted Deep Rinse option, which adds extra water to each load), the user interface is sleek and simple to understand.

The best feature of this washer is its Normal cycle, which completes in 45 minutes. While the Normal cycle was quick, the stain removal it provided was superior to that of the Deep Clean cycle, which was already outstanding. This washer’s Normal and Delicates cycles are among of the most gentle we’ve ever tested, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your clothing. A washing machine that successfully blends cutting-edge features with strong cleaning performance is the GTW720BSNWS washer by GE.


  • Cleansing powerhouse.
  • A lot of storage space.
  • Features of superiority


  • Laundry that was too damp was left out in the rain.

What to Look for in a Top Load Washer

Drum size

Cubic feet are the most common unit of measurement for the volume of a drum. A single person’s laundry can fit in a 3.0 cubic foot portable model, which is best suited for an apartment or RV scenario. Up to six cubic feet of storage space can be found in high-capacity models. Consider the following when determining which size is best for you: A 3.8-cubic-foot washer can handle a king-sized comforter, while a 3.5-cubic-foot washer can handle a queen-sized one. Top-loading washers are often more large than front-loading ones, and an average washer has about 5.0 cubic feet of space

Agitator vs. impeller plate

Top-load washers can be equipped with either a central agitator or an impeller. Both help to move your clothing about in the washer’s drum and combine them with soap and water. Washers have agitators that are linked to a central column in the drum of the machine. This sort of agitator is more conventional, but it has a reputation for being harder on clothing. Impeller plates, on the other hand, are attached to the bottom of the drum and are more suited for use with delicate fabrics and wash cycles. It’s usually found in more recent and high-end automobiles.

Cycle options

Traditional settings for whites, delicates, and a normal load of clothes are available in top load washers. However, there are also particular settings for sportswear, bedding, towels, and other things that need to be cleaned in less than 20 minutes. Particular care is taken with fitness items like leggings and sports bras, which may contain delicate spandex or mesh textiles. With this product, you can wash your hands in the same way as you would with soap and water. Allergen and cold wash settings are also important options.

Standout Features

Built-in faucet

With a built-in washing machine faucet, pre-treating clothes with stains will be easier and more efficient. Top-loading washers include this feature, which avoids the need to use stain remover in the bathroom sink or to transport a wet item across the laundry room. It’s particularly useful if you have a tiny home and can’t put a washer in a separate room, such as a mudroom.

Bulk dispenser

The detergent and fabric softener in bulk dispensers can be used for 20 to 40 loads. Your load size determines how much detergent is dispensed throughout each cycle. Those who have a lot of children, newborns, or athletes may find this function very useful.

Advantages Of A Top Load Washer

With the top-load washer, here are some of the perks you get:

  • Reduce the amount of water you use.
  • Soft to thick garments can be washed with ease.
  • During the course of the cycle, additional garments may be added.
  • Utilization is a breeze.
  • Don’t use as much energy
  • Speedy spins
  • Stackable with a dryer


Are top load washers better than front load washers?

When it comes to upfront costs, maintenance, and longevity, top-load washers are superior to front-load washers. Top-load washers are more affordable and less prone to mildew and odor buildup because of their simple design. Basic repairs, such as leveling the drum, may usually be done by following the troubleshooting suggestions in your manual or watching an instructional video. Top-loading washers have the disadvantage of causing significant damage to your garments because of the high amount of friction they generate. To learn more about the pros and cons of front- and top-load washers, check out our washer comparison guide.

Do top load washers use more water and energy?

Compared to conventional washing machines, top-load washers consume a lot more water and energy. Their water consumption each load is about 40 gallons. A high-efficiency washer that uses between 12 and 17 gallons of water each load is the best option if you want to save money. Front-load washers use an average of 13 gallons of water per load, which is comparable to this.

Best Top Loading Washing Machine - YouTube

How do you clean a top load washer?

Empty the drum of a top-load washer before beginning the cleaning process. Next, select your machine’s hottest and longest cycle and begin it. Pause the cycle and add four cups of liquid chlorine bleach to the drum before the agitation starts. Turn your attention to your dispensers once the cycle is complete. You can use distilled white vinegar and an old toothbrush to remove any residue that has built up. Visit our tutorial on how to clean a top loading washing machine for the complete procedure.

It’s A Wrap!

Make sure you have enough room before investing in a large capacity washer with an agitator. There’s enough room in your doorway to fit an extra-large capacity washer. Always verify the washer’s capacity and other features before purchasing it. Top-load washers make it easier to clean your garments. Top-load washers with high-quality agitators reduce the agitator’s impact on clothing.. As a result, the cleaning is more delicate. Top-loading washers are great for washing large loads of laundry. It doesn’t require you to bend down or exert yourself in order to wash your clothes. Set up your washing machine and enjoy the process. Now you know how big a top-loading agitator washer can hold. Oxiclean can be used in top-load washers and the front-load washer gasket cleaned of mold.

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