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Even the top-quality machines can have problems with time. One way to save cash is to determine how serious the problem is and if you are able to repair it yourself, try it. There are not all problems that require repairs.

An easy and fast solution is to look over all plugs. If they aren’t tight, then a defective connection is likely to be the cause of the problems with your sewing machine. Check to ensure that all connections and plugs are secured and tight.

It’s a simple fix that you can do. To find out more solutions that are easy to consider, continue reading our article. The article explores the world of Bernina sewing machine repair, so you can save money on repairs.

How to Repair Bernina Sewing Machine

There will be some issues that will require a technician to examine you Bernina sewing machine. However, before taking your machine to the shop for a costly repair take a look at it to determine if you are able to complete the task yourself.

Then, examine the needles to ensure they’re still working. A needle that is bent will not allow your sewing machine to function exactly as it ought to. Then, check whether the needle is correctly set. If it isn’t then push it back into the clamp, then close the fixation screw.

Third change the tension of the machine. When the tension gets too excessive on the upper thread it could break. It’s the same for the thread on the lower. Reduce the tension on both thread lines , so you will have a more smooth sewing experience.

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How to Take Apart Bernina Sewing Machine


The first thing to do is to grab a screwdriver that is compatible with the screws holding them and then remove the screws. Once they are removed then just take off the cover on the outside. Be careful to aren’t bending or pinching any wires loose that could be around.

Inside, you’ll find an inner skeleton, where the majority of components are positioned. Before you begin to take components off, keep an eye out at the computers installed inside. These boards replace the traditional pulleys and gears.

It is recommended not to attempt to repair your computer’s boards. If you own an older Bernina board, they are easy to disassemble. Just be meticulous and remove the various screw holding the parts. Remember how the pieces are put back in place so that you don’t have any reassembly issues.

Common Bernina Sewing Machine Problems

A few common Bernina sewing machine issues have been covered previously. These include plugs and connections that are not tight as well as the needle’s location, appearance, and tightness. Also, don’t forget the tension issue.

Other problems that can be found are problems with the drive belt power cord, and the timing belt. They can become damaged, frayed, or stretched at any point. If you notice these problems it is recommended to replace them.

A different issue is threads that have become loose and are hidden within the casing of the bobbin. These could interfere with your sewing machine’s operations and also jam threads when they are stitched.

If you’re using thread that is not as new the thread could break upon your. Take a look at the thread spool that you’re using to find out whether the thread is aged or has dried out. The former issue can cause much more noise over what the equipment can cope with at the same time.

Bernina Sewing Machine Will Not Turn On

If you own a Bernina 780 that won’t start, simply switch the machine off and then wait about 3 hours. This will reset the electronic components inside. If you own an Bernina 880, the reason for not working could be due to the battery inside.

In the case of those who have the Bernina 440 it may be a defective power board that prevents your machine from working. On the 220 , it could be like an unblocked or loose fuse. Make sure the fuse is located in the section for power supplies.

Here are a few examples of the issue with your machine. It’s not just about an unreliable power cord or a malfunctioning power switch. This could be the cause of why the machine isn’t turning on.

Bernina Sewing Machine Buzzing


The exact location of the sound is dependent on whether you are able to fix the issue by yourself or you need to bring the machine to repair shops for the noise to stop. If the sound originates directly from your motor, then it could be the suppressor that’s getting damaged. The issue is that you must bring it to a repair shop in order to have it repaired.

If the buzzing sounds are emanating from your foot pedal then you can fix yourself. You just need to open the foot pedal and take out the suppressor , then take it off. However, those issues are only for Aurora 450. Aurora 450 model.

For the model 550 QE, it could be because the bobbin winder was in use in a way that it shouldn’t be. Make sure you look for the most simple issues before visiting an repair shop and adding costs that you don’t be required to cover initially.

Bernina Sewing Machine Handwheel Stuck

It is a frequent issue with different Bernina machines. It appears to be in line with the 730, 530 and 930 models. There could be two possible causes to the reason it occurs.

In the beginning, either one or both of the white plastic gears have been damaged and in order to fix them you must visit Bernina repair service. Bernina Repair Service. They’ll have the proper components to fix your machine. Even if the hand wheel is broken, the hand wheel will cease to spin.

Another reason could be that the machine has locked up because of an absence of lubrication and the proper maintenance of oil. The standard is to be lubricating the machine 8 hours of usage or after 6 months of inactivity.

To make sure that the lubrication is working quicker, you can apply an oil that cuts through the parts that are stuck and then allows them to move again. You can also use an electric hair dryer and use heat to dehydrate the dry oil to ensure that the mechanism will turn.

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Bernina Sewing Machine Stuck in Reverse

This can occur on various Bernina sewing machines, and the reason may not be the identical. In the case of Artista 180 it is possible that the directional lever was stuck in reverse.

All you need to do is release the lever, by uncrewing it, then moving it into the forward direction. An overly tight grip can stop the machine from changing gears. The Bernina 1230 features an reverse button, and it could be put in too tightly to change gears.

To get access to the reverse button you must remove the head frame as well as the circuit board. Adjust the three parts which make up this button. In the 1090, the absence of proper lubrication could result in the stitch lever or the lever that reverses to become stuck.

Hair dryers can help remove the old oil and bring it to a level where it is able to lubricate your components. To prevent this occurring again, follow regular maintenance and clean your machine.

My Bernina Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming


They could be caused by tension issues on the machine. Also, you should examine the needle to be sure it’s the proper size and not fractured or bent. In the event of a break, you will need to re-thread your machine, making sure that the lever is in the correct position.

If you have Deco 340 Deco 340 you may need a stabilizer beneath the hoop in order to keep your thread from becoming jammed. A different possibility could be that your bobbin was not fully clicked into the slot for tension.

Additionally, and this could be the case on various Bernina machines, threads that are loose could be slipping to the bobbin area and become tangled at this point. Remove your bobbin to check, and in the event that this is the issue, just clear the threads that are loose.

Bernina Sewing Machine Not Stitching

This issue is likely to occur on all Bernina machines, as they compete with their machines. The first thing to look at is the stitch length dial. If it’s set to zero, then the machine isn’t able to create a stitch. Adjust the dial by setting it to 2, or 3. This will make it work once more.

Additionally, you might have switched stitching patterns for a particular sewing project, and didn’t remember to place that feed dog into the up position once the project was complete. You may also have neglected to place the foot of the presser down. Fabric isn’t able to feed when it’s in the up position.

It could be because you’ve got too excessive tension in your fabric. Let the tension loosen a bit and check if the fabric flows through your machine more easily. Once you have that, examine whether you’re sewing more layers than you can at a time.

In the end, your thread may have knots that stop the thread from passing through the machine. It is necessary to thread the machine again when this happens.

Bernina Bobbin Case Troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing issues with your bobbin’s case, it is best to determine whether it is in need of oiling. Regular oiling is necessary in order for the Bernina sewing machine to operate exactly as it ought to.

Additionally, you should examine if any loose threads have gotten stuck in the bobbin’s case. It is possible to use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner small toothpicks and similar tools to remove the threads that are loose.

Another issue could be that, when replacing an old bobbin case you purchased the wrong case to fit the machine you have. Check to make sure you have the correct case on the machine. If not, you’ll be required to refer to your manual for the owner to locate the correct part number and pay a bit more for to replace the part.

Also, make sure to ensure that your thread is of good quality. The thread you use for your bobbin must be of a high-end brand and construction. Threads that are inferior tend to produce a lot of flurry scattered about, which could damage or even jam your machine.

Bernina Bobbin Winder Not Working


Certain Bernina models might come with a rubber tire that rotates the winder of the bobbin. If these tire become difficult or begin to break down, the bobbin winder must end its motion and cease winding the thread.

The rubber wheel isn’t meant to be expensive to replace and is only a couple of minutes to complete. Another method to do this is grease the bobbin winder. It is done by removing the lid and locating the winder’s bobbin.

After this, a couple of drops, typically not more than 2 can be used to lubricate the device and make it work once more. The older models, such as the 800 series might be affected by the issue that is described in the first two paragraphs in this section.

It is possible to determine if electrical or motor sources for the root of the issue by examining whether the winder is working without thread. If it does , you’ve got another issue to consider.

Sometimes the thread will wrap itself around the winder, stopping it from functioning. If this happens you should take out the thread that is causing problems and ensure that everything is properly threaded. Also, you can either loosen or tighten screws that are responsible for winding the task.

In the end, a spring could be the reason, and if it’s not located in the second notch on the gear, it might prevent the winder from doing its job.

Are Bernina Sewing Machines Dual Voltage?

The older machines aren’t equipped using dual voltage. It means that you’re limited to only using the machine in Canada or America in the event that you have an 110-volt sewing machine.

A majority of the latest sewing machines, but not all are dual voltage. That could be a good thing to ask the salesperson before you buy. Of course, most people do not need dual voltage capability. They’re not planning to move out of their country and switch to a country that runs on 220 or 240 volts.

If you don’t plan to move anytime in the near future, it would be ineffective to possess dual voltage capabilities. This is great for hair dryers and smaller accessories for beauty as they can be taken with you to vacation.

For sewing machines, it’s not something that is vital or essential for its use.

Where to Service Bernina Sewing Machine

Most of the time, if the Bernina sewing machine falls in warranty, it is best to take it into an authorized retailer. They are repair shops with the permission to work on your machine.

Repairing your machine by an unlicensed repairman or having a handyman repair the machine could invalidate your warranty and cause you to lose security. If the machine isn’t covered by warranty, you must find a certified technician to resolve the issue for you.

Certain machines come with computerized components which require skilled technicians to repair or replace them. Do not attempt to repair the problem yourself. One thing to check out is that Bernina replacement parts might be more expensive than you’d expect.

Be prepared for more for repairs along with the brand name Bernina can affect the repair cost of your sewing machine and the price of replacement components.

Finding Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Near Me


If you are in the US this link will bring your to Bernina service page which will assist you in finding an authorized dealer in your area. All you need to do is enter your state and city, then the location will show areas on maps.

We checked Dallas Texas and got 7 locations within and within the city. If you’re not covered by warranty, then look up the yellow pages for repair shops for sewing machines which can repair Bernina machines near your home.

The yellow pages are a great option because they offer specific ads that can help you get started quickly. Additionally, you can look for sewing tips on the numerous online sewing forums. They are able to assist you since they could have ideas of their own.

There are plenty of sites you can go for an Bernina repair shop close to your home. It’s a matter of brainstorming to give you a list of options and then you’ll be able to go through the list until you find the info you need.

Some Final Words

Troubleshooting the problem with a Bernina sewing machine isn’t so difficult. It’s important to search for the most basic issues and their solutions first. They are the ones you can resolve yourself and save yourself a lot of cash.

If the issue is greater than you are able to handle, you can click the link given and enter your address into the blank space and then wait for the website to create the areas that will help you.