Using Upholstery Fabric for Clothes: Can You Use It?

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Since Scarlet O’Hara made a dress made of curtains in Gone With the Wind, people have been creating clothing from upholstery fabric. It’s a fashionable and fantastic idea, as upholstery fabric can be more durable than normal fabric for clothing.

Can you use Upholstery Fabric for Clothes?

You can indeed use upholstery fabric to create clothes. It might require a bit longer sewing time and a more durable needle, but it is accomplished. If you have the proper lining so that you don’t scratch yourself or itchy, you’ll be able to sew many clothes made of upholstery fabric without difficulty.

For more information on this subject, go through our article. The article explores the topic for the best details to allow you to be more creative with your clothes creating. Additionally, the knowledge she provides can save you a bit of cost too.

What Kind of Fabric is Used for Upholstery

There are two broad categories that encompass the world of fabrics for upholstery. The first is made of synthetic materials, while the second one is natural. The two categories are divided into subsections. Silk, which is used to make clothes and other clothing, is a great organic upholstery material.

The only issue with this type of fabric is that it requires professional cleaning, but aside from that, it’s a gorgeous soft fabric that is ideal for make use of. As silk, leather is available in both natural and synthetic varieties. Both sides are attractive when set on furniture.

They are both durable and are easy to clean. Like silk synthetic leathers are more affordable than natural type, however they may not last as long as genuine leather. There is also wool that is frequently combined with nylon to increase the strength and durability, making it more difficult to break down. Wool is beautiful by nature however, it’s not as strong like nylon.

Canvas is typically used for small items, and it’s strong enough to withstand any hiking or camping excursion you take.


If you are not a fan of the harshness that canvas can be, then you could go for the comfort of velvet. Even though it’s very soft, it can also be extremely robust. Its biggest drawback is that it could seem a bit outdated in terms of appearance. Modern upholstery fabrics can be made of microfibers.

The construction material helps keep costs low and makes it affordable and durable. It is possible to clean it with a vacuum more frequently than other fabrics since microfiber’s primary disadvantage is that it collects dust. We will not discuss colors or patterns in this article as there are too many to mention.

We will say that all of the fabrics that we mentioned earlier come with the option of a range of both to suit your personal preference for design in your interior.

Can Upholstery Fabric be Used for Clothes


It is very possible to make use of upholstery fabrics to create clothes. One woman used the upholstery fabric brushed with denim to create a beautiful set of pants.

The jeans were initially stiff, but after a wash and they softened up and turned into a great Jeans. Additionally, cotton sateen as well as cotton velvet have been utilized to create various types of coats.

The cotton velvet was made into trench coats, and the latter was eventually an outer jacket. It’s your choice as to what you do with upholstery fabric to create clothing for everyday usage or for special occasions.

Two characteristics that make upholstery fabric ideal to be used for clothes is its ability to wear well and to get rid of dirt fast. The disadvantage of using upholstery fabric is the weave type it used. If the weave isn’t enough tight like clothing you are at chance of snagging it frequently when you go through doors or sit in chairs the list goes on.

Another issue or concern is if you can locate a suitable fabric for a liner. Fabrics made of upholstery are not always the most smooth cloth available and it can cause the skin extremely dry or even scratch when you run or walk. Draperies can also be used to make clothes fabric, and they are available in a variety of designs and colors that normal clothes do not.

Using Upholstery Fabric For Clothes


If you are using fabric upholstery for your clothing There are a few factors you have to consider in order to accomplish. First, you require an appropriate pattern to follow.

There are many patterns that will work and you’re given lots of flexibility in picking the best one for you and the members of your household. In addition, you will require a strong thread to keep the whole thing together. The upholstery fabric might be more durable than normal clothing fabrics and could pull threads that are weak very quickly.

The worst thing you could have is to pull a damaged thread, only to see half of your clothing go down in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Thirdly, because upholstery fabric tends to be heavier and more durable than normal clothing , you have to ensure that you have a needle that is strong.

When sewing the fabric, you should not have the needle breaking or bending when you’ve finished your garment. A sturdy needle can also help to reduce your time spent sewing because it is able to penetrate the fabric quicker. In the end, you’ll require a quality sewing machine.

All sewing machines are not manufactured exactly the same. This means that you might not have one capable of handling the heavier fabric or the greater demands upholstery can bring on your crafting time. Be sure that your machine is able to manage the fabric you are planning to use.

As a bonus, take note of what patterns or colors you choose to use. Your preferences might not align with the preferences of your teenager son or daughter. Although you may like the design or the vibrant colors they could be embarrassed and be irritated by them. A touch of style can help a lot.

Home Decor Fabric for Clothing Advantages

There are several benefits that come with using home décor fabrics for making some fantastic clothes. When you use them with regular fabrics can expand the options available to be more imaginative and creative. Here are some additional benefits:

  • colors: Colors may appear more vibrant, and more attractive than ordinary clothing. They could also be muted, thereby avoiding the issue of clashing colors.
  • Design: you get a variety of design options to pick from. These styles can add an updated style to your clothing or an elegant and sophisticated style that will impress the people who see you wearing these styles.
  • The comfort : many natural fabrics for home decor are soft, allowing people to be in a comfortable position no matter what angle they are in.
  • Cool and airy: you remain cooler in these kinds of fabrics , and your body will breathe more easily.
  • Soft and absorbent: home decor fabrics are more able to absorb heat while remaining soft to skin.
  • Simpler to take care of:synthetic fabrics are much more easy to maintain clean. Also, you don’t have to spend much maintenance on them. They are strong and long-lasting.
  • Resist moisture If living in moist environment, this is a great feature to include in your clothing. Your family and you remain dry for longer.

Can You use Curtain Fabric for Dressmaking

Yes, you can. In reality, it’s used more frequently than you believe. Curtain fabrics add the individuality to your clothes or dresses that aren’t available in the normal fabric for clothing. Two of these qualities are the design patterns and the color. You can choose from a variety of both to create the perfect dress for prom, wedding or social gathering.

Here are some suggestions to consider when choosing the perfect dress for your next event. dress:

  • Thread count The higher, the more desirable and the majority of drapery materials have an extremely high thread count thus they last longer regular fabric.
  • Web: you want to ensure it’s tight and not snag edges or nails, etc.
  • Width greater the size, the simpler it is to make the dress. You can find draperies with widths that range from 72 to 110 inches. As a comparison, normal fabric is about 42 to 60 inches.
  • weight: you do not need a drapery material with a heavy weight to put on.
  • Texture ensure that the texture is suitable for your family’s or your personal skin.

Some Final Words

Fashionable items aren’t always cheap. The primary thought that guides pricing for fashion items is that women want to feel comfortable wearing her dress or any other. The higher the price , the more confident a woman will feel generally. If you don’t go in that direction You might be looking ways to reduce your expenses.

Utilizing upholstery fabrics instead of the normal clothes options might be the best option. Upholstery fabrics should be more durable and more durable without losing quality or appearance. They could be more affordable to use over time because they last longer than fabrics constructed from fabric for clothing. There’s no problem with using upholstery fabrics to make clothing. Many people already do it.



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