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It’s not uncommon to find a swivel chair by the vanity in a public toilet. Users can relax in luxury while doing last-minute preparations for an evening out.

Vanity swivel chairs are widely available and may be found in a wide variety of stores. Nonetheless, problems with vanity swivel chairs still occur frequently enough that it’s useful to know how to fix them fast.

What is Vanity Swivel Chair?

Children who spend an inordinate amount of time in the restroom may benefit from a sturdy and inexpensive vanity swivel chair. These chairs are a convenient and secure method to get children off your feet and into a position where they may be near by as you go about your daily routine.

When space is at a premium in the bathroom, or when you spend a lot of time there as a family, a swivel chair for the vanity is a must-have.

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Steps on Fixing a Vanity Swivel Chair

Identifying the problem is the first step in fixing a vanity swivel chair. It could be anything from a loose-fitting joint on the armrests, different sized screws in all of the pieces that make up the seat and base, or just an old piece of furniture.

The first thing you need to do when fixing a vanity swivel chair is figure out what’s wrong. This could be due to a number of factors, including a lack of tightness in the armrest joint, unevenly sized screws throughout the seat and base, or simply the fact that the furniture is old.

Use screws of varying sizes to assemble the chair parts. Verify the security of all fasteners and replace any worn or damaged pieces. If the furniture is getting on in years, it may be time for an upgrade.

Step 3: Fixing vintage furniture is trickier than, say, reupholstering a dining room table. If the part is too worn or damaged to be used, you should get a new one.

How do you stabilize a swivel chair?

Many solutions exist for stabilizing a vanity swivel chair that has lost its balance. Most of the time, all that needs to be done is to make sure the bolts on both legs are nice and snug. If that doesn’t do the trick, you could need to get a new one or even a new pair.

Also, double-check that the bolts at the base of each leg are snug. If not, you might want to replace the bolts on those, too.

How can I fix this lever?

When seated in a vanity swivel chair, it may be difficult to raise or lower your arms. One solution is to use screws about as long as your armrest’s width to replace the shorter ones holding the lever in place. In a pinch, this will make getting about much simpler.

If I use too much pressure how can I loosen up my vanity swivel chair?

Typically, wicker is used for vanity swivel chairs so that they may be quickly loosened if too much pressure is applied. If you’re having trouble getting in and out of your chair, you can try oiling or lubricating it with WD-40, and then working the lever until it’s loose enough.

How can I adjust the height of the seat on my swivel vanity stool?

You can change the height of your vanity swivel chair by loosening the bolts on each leg using an Allen wrench. If you need to make an adjustment, tighten the side that needs it first.

For assistance with the vanity swivel chair’s mechanics, please contact us via phone.

How do I keep my recliner from spinning?

Tired of your recliner twirling about whenever you shift position? It can be fixed in no time! It’s imperative that you start by ensuring that your floor’s mounting bolts are snug. Carpeting under the chair? Try putting a rubber mat there for traction if that doesn’t work.

Drill two holes in the spot where your feet normally touch using a power drill fitted with a carbide-tipped drill bit for extra security. Put a piece of wood there and secure it with a screw so you can grab onto it.

How can I fix my kids’ recliner?

Despite the fact that kids have a hard time with recliners, there’s no need to panic! Here are a few suggestions about how to make their lives simpler:

An initial step is to equip the chair with a rubber pad for better footing.

Step 2: Remove any dangling cords and secure any loose armrests to prevent injury to your youngster.

The third step is to provide a leaning surface by placing a pillow or bean bag on both sides of the seat back.

Fourth, to prevent your youngster from overheating, drape a blanket over the back of the seat or fasten one with Velcro.

If your child gets bored while eating at home, try setting an armless toy (like this adorable monkey!) in their lap.

10 best vanity chairs and stools with backs

1. YAHEETECH Adjustable Modern Round Tufted Back Chair Tilt Swivel Chair Vanity Chair Barstool Lounge Pub Bar,White


White in color, it’s made up of PU leather, plywood, foam, iron, and steel. The overall measurements are 28x23x(30.5-36) (LxWxH) or 71.5x59x(77.5-91.5) cm; The maximum load allowed is 275.6 pounds.

High-quality tufted seat: Our swivel chair has a round back and is supported by a pedestal base plated in polished chrome. The PU leather upholstery on the seat has a sumptuous look and feels excellent. The maximum weight that can be supported by the sturdy frame is 275.6 pounds.

To change the height of the seat, simply press or pull the lever located under the seat. The range of height adjustment is 12.4 inches to 18 inches. The use of a pneumatic cylinder that has been verified as safe by SGS is implemented.

The perfect finishing touch for any space: This decorative barrel chair is a great addition to any opulent setting, thanks to its timeless button-tufted design. You may change the height from 12.4″/31.5cm to 18″/45.5cm so that it fits perfectly on your dressing table or your 29″ or 30″ high eating counter.

2. HomGarden Adjustable Hydraulic Rolling Swivel Stool for Massage Salon Office Facial Spa Medical Tattoo Chair Stool w/Backrest Cushion & Wheels (White 1pcs)


Height is easily modified by pulling the lever handle up and down. Stools with a seat height that can be adjusted from 18 to 24.5 inches and a total height range of 21 to 27 inches put customers within easy reach without requiring them to stand up.

Stool can swivel a full 360 degrees on five smooth-rolling caster wheels and rest easily on an adjustable galvanized gas lift for the perfect working position.

Constructed from high-quality steel and substantial foam padding all around, including a softly padded back support, this seat is as comfortable as it is solid and long-lasting. It’s a thoughtful addition that guarantees you won’t feel any discomfort in your back for a long time.

Use Anywhere: This chair can be put to good use in a wide variety of settings, from hair and beauty salons to tattoo parlors to medical facilities, and beyond.

3. KKTONER PU Leather Round Rolling Stool with Back Rest Height Adjustable Swivel Drafting Work SPA Medical Task Chair with Wheels Pink


All-Around Swivel Stools (360 Degrees): Five Caster Wheels, Each One a Spherical 17.3 Inches in Diameter

Stool has a height-adjustable seat (from 18.1 to 24.4 inches) and a cushion (14.4 inches in diameter).

Rolling leather stool with a plush cushion. High Quality PU Leather and Sponge, Weight Capacity 300 lbs.

The pedicure stool can be put together and cleaned in about 5 minutes.

50 Beautiful Vanity Chairs & Stools To Add Elegance To Your Dressing Space

4. Adjustable Hydraulic Rolling Swivel Salon Stool Chair Tattoo Massage Facial Spa Stool Chair with Back Rest (PU Leather Cushion) (White)


All the necessary hardware (screws) and cleaning materials (tools) are included for the quick and painless construction process. As a friendly reminder, take off the black safety cap from the hydraulic pump before installing it.

The high-quality PU leather and sponge padding on the cushion provide hours of relaxing enjoyment. It’s also lightweight and easy to transport. Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds

The stool’s height can be adjusted so that the user is comfortably within reach while seated. Fluidly adjusts with a pull of the lever handle, The height of the seat can be altered anywhere between 18.1 and 24.5 inches, while the overall height of the stool ranges from 21.2 to 27.3 inches.

Careful Planning Resulted in a Stool That Can Swivel a Full 360 Degrees, Easily Moves on an Adjustable Galvanized Gas Lift, Rolls on Five Heavy-Duty Casters, and Features Nonslip Feet for Safety.

5. Elegant Home Fashions Swivel Chair, Beige


Rotate 360 degrees in this stylish swivel chair.

High-quality cherry stain on a mix of engineered and solid wood

Beige microfiber cushion 3″ thick with piping and a back

Legs are 14 inches tall and are strengthened in a post design. Assembly is required.

Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 23 inches

6. Hillsdale O’Malley Vanity Stool with Spiral Pattern Design, Metallic Gray


Intricate knotwork decorates the seat of this vanity stool.

Fabric seat in a lovely light gray color complements the metal frame, which has a gorgeous gray metallic finish.

The perfect decorative and practical addition to any room

Put together yourself

7. Hillsdale Furniture Marsala Vanity Stool, Gray with Brown highlighting with Cream Fabric


Stylish metal stampings decorate the back of this high-back vanity stool.

Seat and backrest are upholstered in cream, and the sturdy metal frame have an antique rubbed gray finish.

It can serve as an ottoman, a stool for your vanity, in your bedroom, or as an additional seat in any space.

Size (inches): 34 Height (16 width 18.75 depth): 19 Seat Height

Put together yourself

One stool per order.

Inspect a small area of the cloth for discoloration before committing to a full cleaning.

Weight restriction of 250 pounds is suggested.

Created with tubular steel

8. Hillsdale Canal Street Metal Vanity Stool, Golden Bronze


Featuring a cream-upholstered seat and a bronze metal frame, this vanity chair is reminiscent of art deco design.

The chair’s circular back and gorgeous Golden Bronze finish exude timeless elegance.

It can serve as an ottoman, a stool for your vanity, in your bedroom, or as an additional seat in any space.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 26 x 17 x 17 inches (cm); seat (W x D): 16.5 x 15 (18 Cm); seat height (H): 18 inches

Put together yourself

One stool per order.

Inspect a small area of the cloth for discoloration before committing to a full cleaning.

Weight restriction of 250 pounds is suggested.

Fabricated from tubular steel and a combination of polyester and linen for durability.

9. Hillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Christina Vanity Stool, Bronze


Seat and back are upholstered in cream, while the frame is made of bronze.

Sturdy and fashionable, with flared legs and stretchers that curve inward.

It can serve as an ottoman, a stool for your vanity, in your bedroom, or as an additional seat in any space.

Put together yourself

One stool per order.

Inspect a small area of the cloth for discoloration before committing to a full cleaning.

Weight restriction of 250 pounds is suggested.

Using tubular steel for its robust construction

In the privacy of one’s own home only

10. LOCHAS Super Soft Round Seat Cushion Faux Fur Sheepskin Chair Cover Pad Plush Rugs for Living Bedroom Sofa Couch, 18”x18” White


ULTRA SOFT TOUCH:Super soft,warm and cozy,comfort your tired feet after a days workmanship. Without Elastic and Chair.

Nordic Boucle Sherpa Round Vanity Stool Accent Chair with Low Back

Ultra plush in feel, these socks will keep your feet toasty and comfortable after a long day on your feet. Elastic-free and seat-less.

HIGH QUALITY&EASY CLEAN:Excellent manufacturing process ensures its durability and longevity and it can be easily cleaned either with a vacuum cleaner or machine wash.


Excellent manufacture guarantees its durability and lifespan, and a vacuum or machine wash makes cleanup a breeze.

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