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Although ergonomics and comfort are considered in the design of all chairs, recliners take these considerations to a whole new level. They have traditionally served as a relaxing spot due to their large, fluffy cushions and multiple reclining options. In order to alleviate muscle and joint pain, modern recliners are designed with a variety of features that support key pressure points in the head, shoulders, lumbar area, knees, and feet.

Depending on the model, reclining chairs may be operated electrically or manually. While others provide a soothing rocking motion, massage is provided by all. Many can be found in a wide variety of designs and materials, making them suitable for any room in the house, from the den to the parlor.

We researched and tested many different models of recliners to bring you this comprehensive guide. What makes the following recliners some of the best on the market, and what features you should look for when shopping for a recliner, are discussed in detail below.

How Do Recliner Chairs Work?

This is a valid inquiry, and one that can be answered by investigating the various models of reclining chairs.

  • Reclining manually with a lever on the side of the chair is the hallmark of a manual recliner. You’ll need to use your own strength and dexterity to operate these low-priced chairs.
  • The most popular type of chair is the electric recliner because it combines the benefits of a reclining position with the convenience of an electric motor. The chair can be easily reclined with the press of a button.
  • For me, the pinnacle of office chairs is the electric rise and recline model. This is the perfect chair for me because it reclines and also tilts and rises so that I can easily get out of it. These chairs are more expensive, but they are the best option for those with mobility issues.
  • You can get recliners with built-in massage mechanisms that you operate manually or with an electric motor. Relaxing massages are combined with the option to recline in a cozy position.
  • The Massaging Rise and Recline Chair is the pinnacle of comfort and indulgence. These seats do not come cheap. The advantages, however, justify the price. You can easily find your most comfortable reclining position at the push of a button. Relax from head to toe and while away the hours. Then you can sit up nearly straight and stand up with ease.

Also, much to my relief, modern recliners don’t have that institutional look they used to have.

Modern chairs are fashionable and available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, so it’s easy to find one that will complement any decor.

15 great power recliners and power lift recliner chairs

The Benefits of Using a Recliner Chair.

  1. Comfort is the most important factor for me. When I sit down, I hope to be able to relax without having to fidget around too much. I can’t stand having to adjust my seating arrangement every few minutes because of cushions. I’d like a way to kick back and relax without having to lie down.
  2. One of the greatest advantages of utilizing a recliner is the pressure relief it provides to the joints. Because the chair can be moved at the push of a button, you, not the chair’s designers, get to choose the optimal sitting position.
  3. Another perk is mobility; it’s hard for me to walk after sitting or standing still for too long. After sitting or standing for too long, I start to feel stiff. Having stiff joints makes it difficult for me to walk. Using a recliner can help loosen you up and get you moving again.
  4. Independence – I’m embarrassed to say that I need assistance getting out of my chair on occasion. Nothing would be more humiliating than having to ask one of my sons to help me stand up. If nothing else, having a chair that can rise to my body’s position would help me maintain my autonomy and prevent me from having to rely on others.

Modern recliners cater to a wide range of activities, from lounging to massage therapy to video gaming. In this article, we’ll go over the different kinds of recliners available so you can pick the perfect one for your needs.


Large, padded chairs with wide, thick seats and tall, supportive backs are the standard for recliners. A lot of them have big, padded armrests and seats made with coil springs. Recliners come in a wide variety of fabrics and materials, such as leather, microfiber, and microsuede. They have a mechanism that allows the back of the chair to recline while the footrest rises.

The typical range of motion for a traditional reclining chair is from partially reclined to fully reclined to fully upright. Some older models of recliners can only be used in two positions: completely upright and completely reclined. They either push and pull a lever on the left side of the chair or use a bar on the right side of the chair to recline.


Electronic recliners incorporate their own motors. Modern power recliners can be stopped at any position between fully upright and fully reclined, unlike traditional recliners which typically have only one or two recline positions and are sometimes manually controlled with a lever on the side. Power recliners have a button or panel on the side that you can use to recline, or you can use a corded remote control. The footrest, back tilt, and headrest on some power chairs can all be adjusted separately. Power recliners are comparable in size to standard recliners, but they weigh close to 100 pounds more. It’s also more costly than regular recliners.


The seat of a rocker recliner is supported by two arched legs and a spring mechanism that allows the user to rock back and forth in the chair. They look and feel like regular recliners, but can weigh up to 80 pounds more. Their typical carrying capacities are between 225 and 300 kilos. Hardwood frames, metal braces, and steel reclining mechanisms are used to support the movements of rockers, just as they would in a standard recliner. New parents frequently use rocker recliners to unwind and rock their infants to sleep.


The swivel mechanism in a swivel recliner allows the chair to spin around its base, which is typically a circular metal structure. This alleviates unnecessary strain on the user’s neck and back when interacting with another human being or a screen. When there are several focal points in a room, swivel recliners are a great choice. They’re the same width and depth as conventional recliners, but the swivel feature could add some weight.


You can find massagers built into both conventional and contemporary swivel, rocker, and power recliners. These relaxing chairs feature rollers within the chair’s frame that vibrate and knead the user’s core, simulating the experience of a massage. Some massage chairs only target your upper back, others your lumbar region, legs, and calves, and still others target all of these areas simultaneously. Heat functions, which warm various parts of the seat, are available on some models for added comfort. The intensity and type of massage provided by a massager are both adjustable by the user.

The massage functions of a massager are powered by a regular electrical outlet and are managed by a remote control. Although massager recliners are about the same size as regular recliners, the extra weight of the massager mechanism makes it about 75 pounds heavier than a regular recliner.


Video game playing, also known as “gaming,” is a sedentary activity that can last for several hours at a time. The neck and back may feel more strain in this position. This style of recliner has thicker headrests to relieve neck strain for gamers who must sit up to play. These chairs encourage healthy posture by forcing the user to sit up straight.

Video game recliners are typically much narrower (about 25 inches) than conventional recliners. Sporty colors and patterns are common for these chairs leather Some gaming chairs have a design reminiscent of a race car driver’s seat, while others channel the aesthetic of a spaceship commander’s chair.


There are two different kinds of recliners designed for two people. Some have separate reclining mechanisms for each seat, while others are simply extra-wide recliners with room for two in the seat and back.

A standard extra-large recliner has dimensions of 60 by 40 by 40 inches. Because of their size, manual recline is usually not an option for this type of recliner. They are significantly heavier than a standard recliner, typically by at least half.

A large padded armrest that serves as a console with cupholders and storage for remotes separates two seats in other two-person recliners from each other. These monsters can be as wide as 80 inches and as heavy as 200 pounds, but they are deeper and taller than standard recliners.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Recliner

Recliners come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, weights, and controls, all of which should be taken into account. When searching for the ideal recliner for your needs, those factors are decisive.

Available Space

Sofa recliners are notorious for taking up a lot of floor space. When fully reclined, a standard chair measures about 80 inches in length. If you put a recliner in a room where it can fully recline, you will get much more use out of it. Before making a final decision, measure the available space, as most recliners require at least 12 inches of clearance behind them to recline and 24 inches in front of them to allow for the footrest extension.

A space-saving recliner should fit in your small room. These devices, known as “wall huggers,” require only a thin space behind them to function. The typical recliner’s dimensions are usually followed. Since the seat of this recliner slides forward on a track when reclined, less space is required behind it.


The frames of high-quality recliners are typically made of hardwood or thick plywood, and their hardware and corners are made of metal. This solid framework is capable of withstanding the chair’s motion.

Molded polyester padding for the back and batting sheets for the corners are common components of high-quality recliner chairs. Stained hardwood is exposed on some recliners’ accents. The typical weight limit for a comfortable recliner is between 300 and 400 pounds. Chip-wood settees and chairs don’t hold up nearly as well as their hardwood and plywood counterparts do over time.

Fabric, leather, microfiber, and microsuede are common materials for reclining chair upholstery. The most long-lasting choice is leather, while the most comfortable are fabrics, microsuede, and microfiber. The upholstery on some types of recliners is made of high-performance fabric that is resistant to stains and wear.


The classic look of rolled arms, leather upholstery, and plump cushions remains popular, but modern options offer more variety. Some are constructed not only of leather, but also of high-performance materials like polyurethane leather, stain-resistant polyester, microfiber, and microsuede, all of which are breathable, easy to clean, and even waterproof.

Recliners in traditional styles are still common, but you’ll also find modern and retro options.


Manual and power recliners offer different reclining angles. The mechanism of most manual recliners only allows for a few different positions: fully reclined, partially reclined, and fully upright, with the help of a push-pull bar.

Standard 120-volt wall outlets power electric recliners with either side buttons or a remote. You can go from the fully upright position to the fully reclined position using those buttons or the remote control.

The Best Recliners of 2022

Read on for a review of some of the best recliners on the market, whether you’re in the market for a manual recliner, a power recliner, or a recliner with massage features. Recliners for both large rec rooms and tight apartments are included in the following list.

Scandinavian Recliners - Ideas on Foter

PB Comfort Roll Arm Upholstered Recliner

This Pottery Barn recliner’s stylish design and sturdy build make it a great pick for a home theater or even a formal living room. Roll arms and tailored cushions give this contemporary recliner a look that sets it apart from more traditional styles. Customers can personalize their Pottery Barn purchases by selecting from an array of luxurious fabric options and an array of finishes. With a choice of a plush down or memory foam seat cushion, this model meets the fundamental requirement that a recliner provide maximum comfort. There are three thicknesses of padding on both the arms and the back. This recliner’s hardwood frame and mortise-and-tenon construction make it sturdy enough to withstand repeated reclining and standing. Data Sheets

  • Style: Classical
  • Dimensions (in inches): 42 wide x 35 deep x 38 high (inches)
  • Total 60 lb.


  • Mortise and tenon joinery on a solid hardwood frame.
  • Seat cushion with memory foam and three layers of padding
  • Dressed to impress with a tailored cut
  • Various materials and hues are available.


  • Expensive
  • One fixed reclining angle only

Landon Pushback Recliner Chair

You wouldn’t guess from looking at it that this chair reclines or is so reasonably priced, given its sleek silhouette and tailored design. There are two color options for the linen upholstery on this contemporary recliner. Its simple silhouette makes it at home in a variety of settings, including a bedroom or office. When you push back on the chair, it locks into a single reclining position. It doesn’t go quite as far back as some other recliners, but it has a foot extension that can be adjusted to two different heights, so it’s not all bad. The chair’s low price belies the quality of its construction, which includes hardwood frame and wear-resistant linen upholstery. The Landon does need to be assembled when it is delivered. Data Sheets

  • Typical Example:
  • Dimensions (horizontal): 30.5″ x 32.5″ x 40″ (vertical)
  • Body mass index: 90


  • Prices are reasonable
  • With 2 color choices
  • Sturdy, all-wood construction
  • Dual-level footrests


  • Not as loungy as the average recliner

Cranedall Oversized Power Recliner

You can stretch out in comfort on this oversized recliner and watch some TV or catch some Zs after a long day. With a width of about 52 inches, this chair offers plenty of room to stretch out. The high-resiliency foam cushions and stain- and wear-resistant faux leather fabric make this couch suitable for heavy use. The chair can be reclined and the headrest adjusted separately with the touch of a button, allowing the user to relax in comfort while still getting a good look at the screen. While unwinding, a USB port allows one’s phone to be charged. This chair’s innovative wall-saving design necessitates just 3 inches of space between the back of the seat and the wall. Product Descriptions

  • Power Type
  • The overall measurements of the upright are 524043 inches.
  • Total 153 pound weight


  • Cushions are more relaxing because they are oversized and plump.
  • The headrest is movable
  • Space-saving structure


  • Just one textile option
  • Could be too big for some rooms.

Red Barrel Studio Noletta Leather Manual Recliner

This club chair is upholstered in genuine leather and would look great in a man cave or study. This recliner exudes elegance with its dark coffee finish and polished brass tack heads that run the length of the arms and wrap around the back. By holding the arms and leaning back on the seatback, you can adjust the degree of recline. The Noletta is a narrow recliner, measuring in at 30 inches in both width and depth, making it ideal for apartments and studios. It has a kiln-dried hardwood frame and is assembled with nail and glue for maximum durability. The Noletta is one of the more expensive recliners on the market due to its beautiful but pricey genuine leather construction. Data Sheets

  • Style: Classical
  • Dimensions (in inches): 30 wide x 30 deep x 37.5 high (inches)
  • Exact poundage: 106


  • Authentic leather used in the making
  • Exposed brass tack heads create a stylish appearance.
  • Solid wood construction
  • Two different ways to relax


  • Extremely costly

Charlton Home Manual Swivel Standard Recliner

This ergonomic recliner is perfect for unwinding in at the end of the day thanks to its plush faux leather upholstery and accompanying ottoman. This model of recliner has a knob that allows for infinite reclining angles, from completely flat to fully upright, unlike most others on the market. Ergonomic support is plentiful thanks to features like thick padding on the back and a seat that molds to the shape of the user’s body. You won’t have to move around the room to reach different surfaces because it can swivel a full 360 degrees. The Charlton has a modern design, making it a good choice for a study or den; it also comes in five different colors. Data Sheets

  • Style: Classical
  • Including the ottoman, the overall height is 37.5 inches and the width is 27.25 inches.
  • Total (without ottoman) weight is 40.74 lbs.


  • Possesses a range of motion from fully reclined to fully upright.
  • Ergonomic support is guaranteed thanks to the contoured padding.
  • Comes with an ottoman


  • The total length with the ottoman may exceed the available floor space.

Nason Manual Rocker Recliner

Relax in the rocking comfort of this oversized recliner. This rocker recliner is a great option for anyone in search of unrivaled relaxation thanks to its plush padding and array of convenient features. The Nason’s occupant can choose their preferred level of recline by pulling a tab on the arm of the chair. It has a high-density foam cushion that offers comfort and support and stands the test of time. The recliner’s large pillowed arms and casual design make it a great fit for a living room or media room. This rocker/recliner is built to last with a thick polyester fabric and a metal-reinforced seat. Specifications of the Item

  • Rocking chair
  • Dimensions (in inches): 39 across, 40 deep, and 40 tall
  • Exact poundage: 106


  • The chair’s reclining position can be adjusted with the pull of a tab.
  • The metal construction makes it sturdy enough to rock and recline.
  • Overstuffed for extra comfort


  • One foot of space is needed between the back of the recliner and the wall.

Three Posts Faux Leather Heated Massage Chair

The four massage nodes on this recliner can be adjusted to focus on the thighs, lower legs, back, or lumbar region. In addition to the heat function in the backrest, it features five different rhythm options, such as pulse and wave modes, and two intensity levels. It’s upholstered in plush faux leather and features a high back with an extra-wide headrest. This chair can be reclined in two different positions, and it also has a lift function that raises the user to a standing position, making it easier for people with mobility issues to get in and out of the chair. In the event of a power failure, the lift can be used thanks to a backup battery. There are also cupholders and a pocket on the side for storing magazines or a remote control. This recliner’s dimensions are 32 by 28 by 42 inches, making it a good choice for smaller rooms; however, it does need 25 inches of clearance in order to fully recline. Technical Details Of The Item

  • Category: Lift and massage
  • Dimensions (horizontal by deep by tall): 32 x 28 x 42 inches
  • A total of 104 pounds


  • Includes four individual massage areas
  • 5 Tempi to Choose From
  • The elevator has a battery for emergency use.


  • Has a minimum recline height of 25 inches.

Darby Home Tuthill Faux Leather Reclining Loveseat

This extra-wide, reclining love seat has two individual recliners upholstered in faux leather and separated by an enormous armrest. It can hold up to 500 pounds and has dimensions of 78 by 37 by 41 inches. The large central armrest has built-in cupholders and two storage compartments, perfect for remote controls, in addition to the pillow-top arms, oversize cushions, and headrest that already provide extra comfort. Both chairs can be fully reclined for a nap in the afternoon or reclined to a halfway position for watching the big game. This glide-equipped recliner can be placed just a few inches from a wall and still allow for complete reclining. Data Sheets

  • Style: Classical
  • Dimensions (length x width x depth x height): 78 x 37 x 41
  • Body mass index: 16.1


  • Cupholders and storage space are located in the center console.
  • Each chair can be adjusted separately.
  • Reduced wall clearance is needed thanks to the glide function.


  • Widespread impact

Carter’s by DaVinci Arlo Swivel Rocking Glider

The nursery would be incomplete without this multipurpose recliner. The ability to swivel allows the user to reach across the room and grab books or toys without getting up from the chair. The ability to rock the baby back to sleep is essential. You can push backward to recline and take a nap with your newborn. This recliner is a great option for a wide range of nurseries thanks to its timeless wingback design and array of neutral color options. The thick padding makes for a comfortable seat, and the extra cushion at the base of the backrest is there to help out your lower back. The fabric can repel water and resist stains, making it perfect for a chair that will be used for bottle feedings. Data Sheets

  • Category: revolving rocker
  • Dimensions (horizontal): 38 inches; depth (vertical): 29 inches; height (41.5 inches).
  • Total 106 pound weight


  • movable in all three planes of motion
  • Fabric that repels water and spills
  • Lumbar support pillow is included.


  • Pricey for a hand-crank model.

Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair Adjustable

This small recliner chair is perfect for apartments and other small living quarters. It has dimensions of 19.8 by 28.8 by 38.6 inches, and its footrest can be moved freely between 90 and 165 degrees in one of its three positions. The sturdy steel frame is another impressive feature. The maximum user weight for the Jummico recliner is 265 pounds. This compact recliner features an adjustable massage intensity and eight different massage modes for the lower back’s massage zone. The large, curved armrests and plush, padded back provide optimal relaxation. This recliner’s simple, contemporary style works well in a variety of settings, and it comes in four different colors (gray, brown, light blue, and red). A total of 55.3 pounds. Characteristics of the Item

  • Style: Classical
  • Dimensions when standing: 19.8 in. wide x 28.8 in. deep x 38.6 in. high
  • Total poundage: 55,3


  • Multiple positions for lounging
  • Masseur à zone unique
  • Optional use of 4 hues


  • This place is too cramped for those of us who are a

Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style

High-resilience sponge foam and waterproof polyurethane leather make this gaming recliner a breeze to clean. The chair reclines to a comfortable 90, 135, or 180 degrees, making it ideal for watching TV, napping, or gaming. The thick padding in the back and on the headrest makes it comfortable to sit up straight for long periods of time. The maximum user weight for this recliner is 300 pounds. The recliner’s steel mechanism and hardwood frame make it sturdy enough to withstand the most intense gaming sessions. Video game controllers can be stashed away in a back compartment. This chair has dimensions of 31.9 x 25.2 x 40 inches. Data Sheets

  • Style: Classical
  • Dimensions (horizontal): 31.9″ x 25.2″ x 40″ (vertical)
  • Total 59 pound weight


  • Two different ways to relax
  • Fabric that can withstand water
  • Alternatives in terms of hues


  • A bit too snug for those with a larger frame.

How We Chose the Best Recliners

Several criteria were used to narrow the field of dozens of recliners to this top 10 list. A recliner’s primary design goal should be to withstand the strain introduced by its multiple positions (standing, reclining, and so on). That’s why we were careful to select only pieces with sturdy construction, like metal or hardwood frames and long-wearing fabrics.

8 Best Recliners of 2023 - Top Rated Stylish Recliner Chairs

Any piece of furniture needs to have a certain look. We have both sophisticated and informal recliners for your formal and informal living rooms, dens, and great rooms, respectively. Since recliners are used so frequently, we made sure to select models with high-density foam padding that is resistant to compression, as well as long-lasting fabrics.

How to Maintain and Care For a Recliner Chair

1. Prevent damage to your chair

It’s ideal to take the initiative and safeguard the furniture before any damage occurs. Avoiding direct sunlight is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your recliner. Most of the chairs are upholstered in leather, which fades quickly in sunlight. Fading and cracking in the leather give it an aged, used appearance.

Limiting the penetration of particularly pungent odors is another precaution that can be taken. Cigarette smoke, for instance, can be transferred to upholstery and other fabrics, hastening the wear and tear associated with time.

Last but not least, loose cushions should be replaced frequently. Since prolonged, intense use typically hastens the deterioration process, this will slow it down.

2. Deep clean the leather

Leather settees can be a pain to keep clean. Despite the price, many people would rather have experts handle the situation. However, there is a method for those who would prefer to do the cleaning themselves. The most important piece of advice is to stay away from water. One major drawback of the liquid is the massive stains it leaves on leather.

A steam cleaner is the next best thing. You may be reluctant to incur yet another cost, but remember that investing in this area will pay dividends down the road. It not only cleans the air of the usual dust, but also of any unpleasant odors that may have built up. Saddle soap is another viable option. It will clean the seat thoroughly and prevent the seat from cracking.

3. Look after the fabric

Fabric recliners are easier to maintain than leather ones when it comes to cleanup. However, that is no reason to disregard it. The use of a vacuum cleaner should be the first priority. Recliner chair upholstery is often made of delicate materials and must be handled with care. A gentle brush is suggested for the task.

Second, baby wipes are a fantastic tool for sanitizing car seats. That’s the most effective method for cleaning up minor messes.

Keeping microfiber cleaning cloth on hand is also recommended. When used in conjunction with a dedicated fabric cleaner, it can produce remarkable results. Water may not damage the fabric as much as it would the leather, but it’s still best if the owner can keep it dry.

4. Take care of the mechanics

Reclining chairs have a mechanical mechanism that allows them to recline back and forth from an upright position. The ability to move it and change its orientation is also crucial for servicing purposes. It’s especially important in elderly recliner chairs because those people often can’t take good care of their furniture. It’s important to remember to oil the moving parts on a regular basis.

Once again, prevention is preferable to cure. Don’t wait for the chair to start making noise or the safety of the movement to be suddenly compromised. If you remember to oil it beforehand, it will last you a long time and perform reliably.


Keep reading to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about recliners.

Q: How do power recliners work?

In order to recline, power recliners either have a battery installed or an electric motor that is powered by a standard 120-volt household outlet. Most chairs have a wired remote or a side controller with two or three buttons. The chair’s back, footrest, and headrest can all be adjusted with the help of this handy remote.

Q: How do you measure for a slipcover on a recliner?

Follow these instructions to get the right dimensions for your recliner slipcover:

  • The recliner should be returned to its normal, non-reclining position.
  • Recliner height is determined by measuring the back of the chair from top to bottom.
  • Take a measurement across the chair’s width from the outside of each armrest.
  • Recline the chair and remeasure it, this time from the top of the seat to the bottom of the footrest.
  • Find a new slipcover using these specifications.

Q: How long do recliners last?

The typical lifespan of a regularly used recliner is 10 years.

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