What Are The Best Sofa Manufacturers

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Helen Skeates
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We do everything from eating to socializing to watching TV to surfing the web to napping on our couches. When it’s time to buy a new sofa, the search takes on added significance because of the significant financial and aesthetic investment it represents for the living room.

A sofa needs to be comfortable, sturdy, and long-lasting if it’s going to be a part of your home for any length of time. Sofas from reputable manufacturers can be customized in many ways, including shape, color, fabric, and size. They are also built to last. Read on to learn about the most trustworthy names in modern sofa manufacturing.


Ikea is a worldwide company known for selling affordable, cutting-edge furniture designed in Sweden.

IKEA, headquartered in lmhult, Sweden, was established by Ingvar Kamprad in 1953 as a mail-order catalog business. In the year 2020, IKEA had 445 stores in 67 countries and a thriving e-commerce business.

IKEA’s continued dedication to eco-friendly, sustainable production practices and the fight against climate change is grounded in Kamprad’s original vision for a socially conscious and selfless business model. As an added bonus, the IKEA Foundation is committed to global initiatives that combat poverty and advance social justice and multiculturalism.

The 27 Best Sofa Brands for 2023

Flat-pack furniture from IKEA is famous for being easily assembled by customers in their own homes. The frames, cushions, and covers for IKEA’s KIVIK sectional sofa all come in eight separate flat packages. Assembling from TaskRabbit is a possibility in some locations. Sofas come in many shapes and sizes at IKEA, from sectionals to love seats to modular sofas to sleepers. Fabrics, leather, and faux leather in a wide array of tones and textures are all up for grabs.

Popular Items:

  • Seating five people comfortably, the Ikea Kivik sectional sofa features soft memory-foam cushions and low, flat armrests that double as tabletop space. For $1,499, you can purchase an Ikea Kivik.
  • If you need a decent couch that won’t break the bank and is simple to maintain, look no further than the Ektorp from Ikea. The slipcovers are machine washable and easily removable, so you can change their color or wash them if they get dirty. The Ektorp Sofa from Ikea can be yours for only $399.

Find additional Ikea sofas for sale at:

  • Ikea

2. Maiden Home

About the Manufacturer Maiden Home makes sofas to order, allowing customers to select their preferred materials, dimensions, and finishes from a wide range of options.
Nidhi Kapur started the company Maiden Home in the modern era. Her inspiration for the business came from her own struggles to find stylish, cost-effective furniture. All Maiden Home pieces are designed in New York and then handcrafted to order in North Carolina by experienced artisans.

Maiden Home eliminates the need for a physical storefront by accepting orders online and fulfilling them in the studios of highly trained artisans. With this strategy, Maiden Home is able to sell its handcrafted, high-quality furniture at a fraction of the cost of more conventional businesses.

The sofas at Maiden Home can be tailored to your specifications, and they come in both modern and classic styles. Each model comes with a plethora of customizable features, such as a wide range of upholstery materials and leather and wood finish choices.

First-Rate Item:

  • The Maiden Home Muir Sofa is a sleek modern sofa that comes in four different sizes and your choice of 52 different fabric covers and four different wood finishes. The Muir Sofa by Maiden Home is available for $4,200.

Find additional sofas by Maiden Home at:

  • Sacred Grounds

3. Lovesac

The modular sections of Lovesac Sactionals can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit the needs of different rooms and people.

Lovesac, founded in 1998 by Shawn Nelson and Dave Underwood, claims to produce the most adaptable couches in the world. In 2017, Lovesac boasted a successful e-commerce presence and 70 physical locations across the United States. Lovesac’s furniture is modular, so it’s easy to rearrange the pieces to suit your needs.

Durafoam is used in the production of Lovesac sofas to ensure their comfort and longevity. The recyclable plastic bottle material is woven into a washable cover. Lovesac estimates that they have recycled over 25 million plastic bottles into fabric for their furniture this year alone.

Lovesac couches, with their customizable layouts and long-lasting construction, may be the best option for households with kids and pets. The pieces can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit the needs of your home and family, and the removable, machine-washable covers make cleanup a breeze. However, Lovesac may not be the best option for those who prefer a more sophisticated style.

Best Seller:

  • You can choose from over two hundred removable cover colors for the Lovesac Sactional and three different supportive fill materials. It has four seats and four sides. The Lovesac Sactional is available for $4,300 at Lovesac.

More Lovesac couches can be purchased at:

  • Lovesac
  • Best Buy

4. Floyd

Brand Description: Floyd’s modern furniture features eco-friendly construction to achieve the aims of durability and reduced furniture waste.

Alex O’Dell and Kyle Hoff, appalled by the mountain of throwaway furniture that ends up in landfills every year, founded Floyd in 2013 to find a better way. The Detroit-based online furniture retailer provides sturdy sofas and other pieces with high-quality construction and timeless designs, so customers are likely to keep them for many years.

The Floyd modular sofa consists of separate sections that can be arranged in a wide variety of ways to accommodate different rooms and lifestyles. The Sectional’s spacious design is perfect for large families or groups of friends to kick back and relax together.

The sofa’s clean, modern lines are complemented by the optional chaises. There is a wide selection of vibrant, stain-resistant fabrics for both the sectionals and sofas.

The Best Item:

  • Floyd the sofa has easy-to-carry dimensions that allow it to fit through any standard door. The stain-resistant synthetic fabric is available in five different colors, and if you’re having trouble deciding, the company can send you a fabric swatch. Floyd The Sofa, $1,895 at Floyd

Find more Floyd couches for sale at:

  • Floyd

5. Burrow

Brand Description: Burrow is a web-only furniture retailer that offers high-quality, ergonomically designed sofas at affordable prices by skipping the retail middleman and shipping directly to customers.

Former Wharton School classmates Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra founded Burrow in 2017 to address the difficulties they had finding a suitable sofa. Sofas that were either too light or too expensive were too flimsy and easily broke.

Burrow’s high-quality, stylish furniture is offered at affordable prices thanks to the company’s direct-to-consumer business model. The durable cushions have a soft surface thanks to their three-layer foam and fiber construction with plush crowns. There are six available leg finishes for consumers to choose from, including metal and wood. Burrow offers a plethora of customization options, including a choice of three different armrest heights.

After suffering a back injury while rowing in college, Stephen Kuhl is now very particular about the level of support offered by sofas from Burrow. Each model is ergonomically crafted for optimum ease and support.

Popular Items:

  • The Burrow Block Nomad Leather Sofa and Ottoman can be had in three different leather colorways and a total of six different leg finish choices (including metal and wood). You can save $2,790 on the Burrow Block Nomad Leather Sofa and Ottoman set.
  • Corner Sectional with 5 Burrow Arch Nomad Seats: This five-seat sectional sofa comes with a USB charger and gives you the option to customize it with your choice of arm and cushion style, fabric color, and leg finish. The upholstery is made of scratch- and stain-proof olefin fiber woven into a tight weave. You can save $595 on the Burrow Arch Nomad 5-Seat Corner Sectional.

Where to find additional Burrow couches:

  • Burrow

6. Wayfair Custom Upholstery

Wayfair Custom Upholstery is a website where customers can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, colors, styles, and silhouettes to match their existing home furnishings.

In 2002, in Boston, Wayfair was founded by Niraj Shah and Steve Conine. Since then, it has expanded rapidly, becoming a major player in the international furniture and home goods e-commerce market.

Shoppers can express their unique sense of style by selecting from a wide array of furniture types and then personalizing their purchases with their preferred color palettes, fabrics, and finishes from Wayfair Custom Upholstery. Craftspeople in North Carolina use both regional resources and imported materials to create each one-of-a-kind item.

Sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and sleepers are just some of the many furniture options provided by the company. After being built to order, the products are sent directly to the end users.

Best Seller:

  • This Wayfair Custom Upholstery Elisa Sofa measures 90 inches across and features a low profile as well as foam-filled cushions. For $950, you can own the Elisa Sofa by Wayfair Custom Upholstery.

Find additional sofas by Wayfair Custom Upholstery at:

  • Wayfair Upholstery Fabrics

7. West Elm

Brand Description: West Elm is a frontrunner in the contemporary furniture market due to its innovative designs, minimalist aesthetic, and high-quality construction.

West Elm is a furniture and home decor retailer that focuses on providing eco-friendly products made from responsibly sourced materials at reasonable prices. West Elm was first opened in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York by Williams Sonoma. With over a hundred locations across the United States, Canada, and Australia, West Elm also welcomes online orders, sales, and deliveries.

West Elm features an extensive collection of furniture and home decor pieces sourced from all over the world, many of which are handcrafted by local artisans in far-flung communities. The company is dedicated to using only environmentally friendly materials in its products and to conducting all business in an honest and fair manner.

Sofas from West Elm have plush cushions stuffed with a combination of down feathers and synthetic materials. Sofas are available in a wide range of customizable options, including fabric color and pattern, frame material, and leg and frame finish.

Popular Items:

  • The Zander sofa from West Elm is a contemporary piece that can be tailored to your preferences with its 25 available fabric options and its overstuffed down-blend cushions. The Zander Sofa from West Elm is available for $1,499 (starting price).
  • Sofa in the midcentury style, with fiber-wrapped and foam-filled seats, from West Elm’s Carlo collection. The removable covers on its reversible cushions make it simple to clean. The Carlo Mid-Century Sofa from West Elm is available for a low starting price of $1,399.

Sofas from West Elm can be found at:

  • West Elm

8. Corrigan Studio

A Word on the Company: Corrigan Studio is a popular furniture manufacturer because of their reasonable prices and fashionable contemporary designs.

Wayfair LLC’s trademark for their brand Corrigan Studio. Their ultra-contemporary designs are minimalist in nature. The brand is popular among young adults because many of their chairs, tables, desks, and sofas are compact and easy to transport. In addition, Corrigan Studio provides reasonably priced home furnishings.

Corrigan Studio’s sofas are in the trendy midcentury modern style. The frames and legs are made of sturdy wood, and the seats are comfortable and supportive thanks to the use of coil springs. The cushions’ foam filling is removable for washing.

Customers can choose from as many as 15 different sofa fabric and color combinations. Many of the sofas from Corrigan Studio are suitable for small apartments because of their compact designs and simple lines.

Popular Items:

  • The Corrigan Studio Gabrielo Loveseat’s basic silhouette, tufted cushion, and bolstered pillows allow it to blend with a wide variety of decor choices. Wayfair has the Gabrielo Loveseat by Corrigan Studio for $469.99.
  • The Corrigan Studio Snowhill Velvet Settee has a splayed leg design typical of the mid-century era and a seashell-inspired back that is sure to be the focal point of any room in which it is placed. The Snowhill Velvet Settee by Corrigan Studio is $479.99 at Wayfair.

Find additional sofas from Corrigan Studio at:

  • Wayfair

9. Allform

Allform is a modern brand of modular sofas known for their spacious seats and sleek designs.

Furniture is made by hand by skilled artisans at Allform, a family-owned business in North Carolina. Their patent-pending latching system gives their modular sofa designs lasting durability. Customers can tailor the modular systems to their specific needs and preferences at home thanks to an easy assembly process that doesn’t call for any special tools.

Allform is dedicated to using eco-friendly materials, such as recycled cardboard, recycled foam, water-based glue, and 95% recycled metal in their packaging and padding. Sofa frames are made from kiln-dried and laminated hardwoods from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)-approved suppliers.

Heavy-duty performance fabrics that are stain- and pill-resistant are used to cover the sofas. Foam and fiber with anti-shift encasings are used on the inside to create loft and softness.

The Best Item:

  • Allform Four-Seat Chaise-Ensconced Corner Sofa: This sectional can be purchased in fabric or leather and features adjustable legs in a variety of wood finishes, making it ideal for hosting family gatherings. Allform has a $3,045 price tag for a 4-seat corner sofa that includes a chaise.

More Allform couches can be purchased at:

  • Allform

10 Best Sectional Sofas of 2023 & What Brands Sell Them | Home of Cozy

10. Medley Home

To promote environmental and human health, Medley Home manufactures high-quality furniture using sustainable and non-toxic materials.

Medley Home was founded in 2005 by Travis and Ryan Nagle, two brothers who share a commitment to sustainable living and environmental protection. Solidly constructed, long-lasting, and comfortable furniture is a priority, as is the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods.

Sofas and other furniture from Medley Home are made without the use of chemicals or fire retardants, and are crafted by hand in California. The fabrics and other components are safe for the users. The frames and legs are constructed from solid wood that comes from FSC-approved sustainable forests.

Sofas, sections, and sleepers are all available from the company, and each piece can be personalized with your choice of fabric, color, and leg finish. The smooth curves and sharp edges of the furniture are in keeping with today’s design trends.

The Best Item:

  • The Zavis sofa, available in three different sizes and 95 different fabric and leg finish combinations, is a modern option from Medley Home. You can save $2,089 on a Zavis Sofa from Medley Home.

Where to find additional Medley Home couches:

  • Mixed Bag House

11. Joybird

About the Brand: Joybird is a midcentury modern furniture brand with five showrooms and pop-up shops across the United States.

Joybird, which started in 2014, was purchased by La-Z-Boy in 2018. Los Angeles is home to Joybird’s corporate headquarters, where the company’s products are made to order. Each piece of Joybird furniture is built by hand in Tijuana, Mexico by skilled artisans.

The midcentury modern styles reference the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and other notable architects and designers from the 1950s and 1960s, as well as the Danish modern aesthetic. Joybird provides a large selection of couches, loveseats, sectionals, modulars, daybeds, and sleepers. The modern furniture has smooth curves and a wide variety of neutral and bright color choices for the fabric coverings.

Joybird takes environmental responsibility seriously, so the company uses only eco-friendly materials. One Tree Planted is a conservation organization that the company works with to plant new trees.

Popular Items:

  • The 78-inch long Joybird Hopson Sleeper Sofa features a sturdy wood and metal frame and your choice of 54 different fabrics. You can save $2,912 on the Joybird Hopson Sleeper Sofa.
  • The Joybird Eliot Leather Sofa is available in three different leather colors—steel black, ale light brown, and cigar brown—to accommodate your family’s needs. You can save $3,420 by purchasing the Eliot Leather Sofa from Joybird.

Purchase additional Joybird couches from:

  • Joybird

12. Interior Define

Size, seat depth, cushion fill, wood finish, chaise length, fabric, and more are just some of the personalization options offered by Interior Define.

Rob Royer and Steve McClearn started Interior Define in Chicago in 2014. Interior Define, which originally existed solely online, has since expanded to feature nine physical showrooms and nine online resource centers across the United States. Interior Define uses skilled artisans in China and Vietnam to make each individual piece.

Interior Define ups the ante on customization by providing more options for its more than 15 collections of sofas, loveseats, modular sofas, daybeds, and sleeper sofas. Interior Define allows for further customization by allowing customers to select their own length, depth, leg configuration, and cushion fills in addition to the usual color, fabric, and finish options. Customers can find a sofa that works perfectly in their homes thanks to the vast array of available customization options.

Popular Items:

  • The Lukas three-seat right-chaise sectional sofa can be customized in terms of size, cushion fill, and fabric. It has a modern design that goes all the way to the floor. Interior Define offers the Lukas Chaise for $2,418.25.
  • The Maxwell Slipcovered Sectional from Interior Define features a classic look that works with many different decor choices. It can be tailored to your preferences in terms of fabric, leg height, seat depth, and overall length. For $1,950.75, you can purchase an Interior Define Maxwell Slipcovered Sectional.

How We Chose the Best Sofa Brands

To compile this list of the best sofa brands, we looked at both household-name manufacturers and smaller, specialized businesses known for producing high-quality sofas and other furniture. Sofas need to look good and feel good, so points were awarded to suppliers who offered a wide range of sturdy products in a variety of appealing designs.

Value and cost were also major factors in our brand selections. Even though we prioritized including both budget-friendly and high-end, high-priced brands, all of the options on this page must provide exceptional value and durability for their respective asking prices. We prioritized businesses that provide personalized service and sustainably sourced products.

12 Best Sofas of 2022 at Every Price

Pearce Upholstered Sofa

Why we adore it

  • This is the nicest sofa I have owned, according to one happy customer.
  • The majority of buyers praised its ideal proportions and convenient storage.
  • You can arrange the furniture in any way you like!

Take note

  • More costly than smaller sofas (sectionals can cost over $3,000).
  • Due to the custom nature of this item, delivery could take up to two months.

This couch offers seemingly infinite customization options: You get to pick out every detail, from the fabric to the color to the shape (rectangle or square).rolledsofa with arms, but you can also customize the sofa to your liking,sectionalso that it can be used in any household. There are also numerous customization options, such as a leather finish or a built-in memory foam mattress for a sleeper sofa. We had one reviewer on our panel say, “I have never paid so much for a sofa. Absolutely not. However, I do not feel any remorse. Amazing, really. ”

Different pieces can be used to alter the dimensions (typically 40 inches in depth and 39 inches in height).
Basketweave, boucle, everyday suede, linen, twill, chenille, crossweave, herringbone, sahara weave, tweed, and weave are some of the fabrics that can be used.
• Unique qualities: A sofa bed or sectional can be added as an option.

Darcy Sofa

Why we adore it

  • More than 500 consumers took part in the survey, and they all gave Ashley HomeStore sofas high marks for design, comfort, fabric quality, and availability of colors.
  • One cat owner of more than five years said the fabric has held up well.
  • Hundreds of additional five-star reviews posted on the website.

Take note

  • Not as high-quality of materials as some alternatives.
  • Costs an additional $80 for home delivery and installation.

This couch is a bargain compared to similar designs available elsewhere. If you need more than just a full sofa, you can pick from a sectional, loveseat, recliner, ottoman, and more, all of which come in one of seven different colors. It’s not the plushest, but if you’re shopping for a sofa under $1,000, it’s a fantastic choice. Unlike the stark designs of most budget sofas, this one actually looks comfortable.

• It is 89 inches wide, 38 inches deep, and 37 inches tall.
The Polyester Fabric Label
• Unique qualities: Matching sets are offered

Lounge II Sofa

As to why we adore it

  • Input participants gushed over the garment’s sturdiness, fashionableness, and comfort.
  • The sofa still looks as good as the day I bought it, according to one customer who has had it for years.
  • We didn’t want to get up because this design is more comfortable than the rest.

Take note

  • You can expect a delivery time of 7–9 weeks, as these items are made to order.
  • Very costly, and prices tend to increase as new fabrics and options become available.

The squishy, deep seats of furniture in this style are ideal for lounging. Sofas are available in four different widths (73, 83, 93, and 105 inches with bench options), as well as smaller depths, a variety of sectional seating arrangements, and coordinating pieces like a storage ottoman. In addition, there is a wide variety of fabrics to select from, whether you’re interested in color or practical qualities like stain resistance. Because of its high level of comfort and sturdy construction, this sofa is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time lounging on their couch.

• Lengths of 73, 83, 93, or 105 inches; widths of 41 or 46 inches; heights of 25 inches
• Weave and construction: velvet, twill, textured weave, twill, boucle, canvas, chenille, linen weave, microfiber, shearling
• Unique design elements include two decorative pillows


Reasons why we adore it

  • Members of the panel gushed over the high quality and low maintenance of Ikea sofas.
  • Excellent durability; safe for use around children and pets
  • Because the slip covers are easily interchangeable, you can always opt for a new style. A hundred washes later, and the item still looks brand new, the user exclaimed.

Take note

  • Slipcovers are a pain to put back on after cleaning.

This sofa from Ikea comes with a slipcover that can be removed and machine washed to keep it clean, making it ideal for households with young children or pets. The back cushions can even be switched around in a pinch because they are reversible. It’s also obtainable as a loveseat and a multi-seat sectional. One customer said, “I don’t mind that the dog loves to sleep on it,” because of the sofa’s low price and low maintenance.

• Its width is 88.25 inches, its depth is 36 inches, and its height is 36 inches.
• Cloth type: cotton jacket
• Enhanced with a cover that can be washed in the machine

Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa

For these reasons, we adore it

  • Offering free delivery and a restocking period of 30 days
  • Users have given it hundreds of five-star ratings, claiming that it is both fashionable and comfortable.
  • Now available for shipment.

Take note

  • Reviewers have voiced their desire for a softer texture.
  • It’s a do-it-yourself project, but the manufacturer and customers promise minimal difficulty.

This Amazon brand provides the ease of shopping from the most visited online store and features a modern sofa available in three different sizes in addition to a matching chair and ottoman. It’s deeper than usual and has a relaxed (slightly sagging) firmness. It is in stock and ready to ship in eight distinct color and fabric configurations.

• It is 79.9 inches wide, 34.6 inches deep, and 35.4 inches tall.
• Polyester fabric
• Quick turnaround time for orders

Grattan 81.1” Velvet Square Arm Sleeper

Here’s why we think you’ll adore it:

  • Panelists in the dozens attested that purchasing sofas from Wayfair was a breeze.
  • Many owners have given it five stars because they think it looks more expensive than it actually is.
  • Affordable prices and free delivery

Take note

  • A few hours may be needed for self-assembly.
  • Only one adult can sleep comfortably on the small bed.

This reclining sofa bed eliminates the need for a cumbersome pullout couch by transforming into a bed with the simple push of a button. It looks like a standard sofa from the front, but the back reclines and even lies completely flat, making it ideal for accommodating overnight guests. There is a wide range of vibrant and subdued velvet colors to choose from.

• It is 81.1 inches wide, 39.4 inches deep, and 33.5 inches tall.
• Velvet polyester as the fabric.
The chair’s back folds down flat so you can sleep comfortably.

Andes Sofa

Why we adore it

  • Thin metal legs keep it from looking too cumbersome.
  • The West Elm sofas were voted the most comfortable and most stylish by our panel.
  • The panelists were very complimentary of the roominess and convenience.

Take note

  • It may take a while for delivery because your fabric choice is made to order.
  • The panelists have some mixed feelings about the cushions’ firmness.

This couch has a 34-inch deep seat, but it’s also available in a 39-inch deep seat and an extra-deep 45-inch deep seat, so there’s plenty of room to stretch out. You can pick from many different hues and upholstery materials. If you’re looking for a modern sofa with a deeper seat, this is it.

• Sizes: 60″, 77″, and 86″ in length; 34″, 39″, and 45″ in depth; and 32″ in height
Basketweave, velvet, linen, chenille, twill, canvas, and boucle are some examples of fabric.
Bench cushions and a variety of leg finishes are available as special features.

3-Seat Sofa

For these reasons, we adore it

  • Simple, no-tools setup and contactless delivery.
  • Users love the modern design and the spacious feel it provides.
  • It’s simple to accessorize with complementary items like a throw rug or an ottoman.

Take note

  • You’ll want at least two people to help you bring the boxes inside.
  • Some of the pictures in the directions didn’t make a lot of sense.

This sofa is perfect for frequent movers, those with limited space, or anyone who prefers to assemble their furniture when it’s most convenient for them. You can pick from seven different colors of polyester performance fabric, two different colors of leather, and three different finishes for the wooden legs. There are also smaller options, such as a loveseat and a sectional, and more substantial ones, such as an ottoman or throw pillows.

• Its measurements are as follows: 90″ in width, 38″ in depth, and 34″ in height
• Textiles: technical textiles and leather
• Unique characteristics: Leg finish customization; available matching pillows, ottomans, weighted blankets, and chairs

Sven Sofa

Exactly why we adore it

  • Users have praised the couch’s durability.
  • It can be made to stand out in any space thanks to the wide variety of available colors and fabrics.
  • Two decorative and supportive pillows are included.

Take note

  • If an ordered fabric is not immediately available, delivery times may increase.
  • It may be firmer than some people would like.

This well-liked design from Article features a tufted bench seat, a sturdy and luxurious back, and two rounded bolsters for a finished look that will stand the test of time. The collection features a wide variety of pieces in complementary colors and fabrics, such as tweed, leather, and velvet. Senior textiles product analyst Emma Seymour agrees that the brand’s boucle fabric options are “so chic and trendy without forming any loose threads,” and she recommends shopping for this fabric from the company. Be sure to verify availability before making a purchase, as delivery times may vary.

• It is 34 inches tall, 88 inches wide, and 38 inches deep.
• Weaved, velvet, and leather fabrics
• Options for 2.5 or 3 seats, as well as foam and duck feather padding

Hughes Sofa with Storage

Why we adore it

  • Free returns within 90 days
  • Experts were extremely satisfied with the level of comfort and the ease of placing an order: As each stage of production was completed, we were informed. ”
  • A large space for stowing blankets.

Take note

  • Our panelists have reported that it has taken longer than expected to arrive.
  • Others pointed out that the high price was the biggest drawback.

Several pieces in the Hughes collection serve more than one purpose, such as the storage ottoman and this sofa with concealed compartments. Aside from the three leg color options and the many fabric options (swatches of which can be ordered for free), the frame is made of wood.

• Its dimensions are 90″ in width, 37″ in depth, and 34″ in height.
Velvet, chenille, microfiber, boucle, herringbone, basketweave, and performance fabrics are some examples of fabric.
Features a matching storage ottoman and storage container.

Nomad Sofa

Just a few of the reasons we adore it

  • Users have praised its pleasantness, scalability, and aesthetics.
  • You have 30 days to try it out and get your money back if it doesn’t work for you.
  • Integrated USB power supply

Take note

  • The fabric, according to one of our experts, tends to pill easily.
  • Users remarked that it lacks the air of opulence of competing sofas.

The focus of this couch is on making furniture purchases as easy as possible. You order it online, and the components are shipped to your house in a box. You can request free samples in advance, and the ordering procedure offers customization options without overwhelming the user. There are a variety of customization options available, including different cushion shapes and sizes, arm designs, and leg colors. For an additional $800, you can get one made of leather. There have been shipping delays, the brand reports.

• It is 85 inches wide, 35 inches deep, and 33 inches tall.
Fabric Content: Leather and Olefin Weave
• Unique qualities include a USB port, the availability of matching furniture, and a sleep kit that can be added for overnight visitors.

Sofa Buying Guide for 2023 | Reviews by Wirecutter

Skinny Fat Sofa

The reasons why we adore it

  • Enjoy a stress-free shopping experience with free delivery and a 100-day risk-free trial.
  • Extra-long seat ideal for snuggling up on
  • Sizes can be adjusted per request.

Take note

  • Expensive, with some iterations potentially costing more than the others we rounded up.

You can choose the fabric, color, leg style, and depth of your sofa just like with any other company selling directly to the consumer. It’s similar to other services in that it sends you free fabric samples, but what really sets it apart is that it prints out a full-scale replica of your desired configuration so you can visualize it in your space. Since each sofa is handcrafted to order, shipping times may vary, but rest assured that yours will be ready in no more than four weeks (faster than most custom sofas).

• Measures between 65 and 100 inches in width, 37 or 40 inches in depth, and 33 inches in height
• Performance fabrics, luxury leathers, and plush velvet
• Unique attributes: Print out a full-scale replica of your future sofa in your choice of fabric, cushion density, and leg finish before you buy.

7 Tips on How to Maintain Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs

Fluff Up Your Cushions

Because they are so comfortable to sit on and jump on (if you have hyperactive kids), your cushions flatten out quickly. The furniture’s upholstery goes flat when the fabric stretches out of shape.

Maintaining their original form and providing comfort for years to come requires regular fluffing with slapping, prodding, and light punching. It won’t take you more than an hour, and the benefits will be substantial.

By preventing the cushions from deforming into unnatural shapes, you can keep your upholstery in pristine condition.

You should fluff the really soft ones more than the firm ones because of this difference.

Avoid Direct Sunlight on Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs

Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will destroy your upholstery if it is made of fine fabrics, leather, or leatherette. Sunlight’s UV rays can shorten the life of your sofa and reduce its quality.

While occasional sun exposure is fine, it’s best to protect your upholstered furnishings by keeping them out of direct sunlight by drawing the blinds or relocating them.

Flip Your Upholstery Cushions Over

Depending on how often you use your furniture, you should rotate the seat and back cushions on your sofa or chair. Your furniture’s cushions will keep their form for longer and wear more uniformly if you do this.

When caring for a three-seat sofa, focus on the center cushion. Most passengers prefer to sit on the aisle or near the window, not in the middle. If your sofa has identical cushions for all three seats, you should rotate them on a regular basis so that the cushions wear evenly, retain their shape, and prevent damage to the upholstery on the two outer seats.

Invest in Stain Protection Products for Your Upholstery

Get advice on the best stain protectors to use on your upholstery from the store where you purchased it and from professional upholstery cleaners. By creating a slippery barrier between your upholstery and substances that could stain it, professional stain protection makes cleaning your upholstery much simpler. UV rays from the sun can hasten the deterioration of certain fabrics, but using a stain protector will help mitigate this problem.

Vacuum Clean Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs Regularly

The longer you wait between vacuumings, the more damage will be done to your upholstery. Everything in your home, including the upholstery, will eventually become covered in dust. When you sit on your couches and chairs, the dust is pushed deeper into the fabric. If you neglect your upholstery for long periods of time, the dust will act as an abrasive, cutting and scraping the material at a microscopic level.

Make it a habit to pull out the vacuum cleaner and give your upholstered furniture a quick cleaning every time you do your regular house cleaning.

Keep the Tags Attached to Your Upholstered Furniture

It is common practice to have a tag sewn into the fabric of brand-new or recently reupholstered furniture. When it comes time to re-upholster or clean your upholstered furniture, this tag’s details about the design, fabric numbers, delivery date, frame, and cushion fill will be invaluable. Put it somewhere safe so you can find it quickly the next time you need it.

Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaner to Deep Clean Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs Once a Year

In order to ensure that your upholstered furniture is thoroughly cleaned once a year, it is recommended that you hire professional upholstery cleaners. Additionally, there are some upholstery stains that can only be removed by a professional cleaning service.

The best companies for cleaning upholstery use a hot water extraction process in conjunction with specialized antimicrobial cleaning solutions, leaving your upholstered furniture smelling fresh and looking new.

Don’t wait for the furniture’s upholstery to look dirty before having it professionally cleaned. Once a year, give your upholstered furniture a thorough cleaning to bring back its luster and softness. It also does the essential job of preserving your furniture for longer.


Sofa shopping can be stressful because you naturally want to invest in a high-quality piece. Find out who makes the highest quality sofas so you know who to trust when shopping.

They all provide numerous seating options, such as couches, sectionals, sleepers, and reclining chairs. Check them out and compare models to find the perfect sofa for your home.

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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