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Decorating candles is a huge trend that won’t go away anytime soon but you’ll need an impressive candle holder to show them off.

There’s no need for a candle holder at all. Candle holders aren’t the only item you may use if you’re short on space or want something a little more unusual.

A candlestick can be replaced with anything from a glass bowl or saucer to a concrete candle holder or even a wine glass. A stunning lotus flower container constructed from plastic spoons is also possible.

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to express yourself, and this one is for you.

The following is a comprehensive list of novel candle holders:

Candle Holder Alternatives

1. Wooden Blocks

One of the first concepts that comes to mind is the usage of wood blocks to hold candles.

These are not only eye-catching, but they can be used with a variety of different types of candle holders.

A drill or a chisel can be all you need to make a hole big enough for your candle, or you can buy a set of six wooden candle holders:

Any tapered candlestick or tea light will appear elegant and refined with this design.

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2. Glass Cups

That means that you don’t have to leave the house to buy any more accessories or goods.

A glass cup, container, or votive is all you need to create a beautiful centerpiece.

There are many different types of glass that may be used for this, but clear glass is the most visually appealing.

In order to make the glass even more spectacular, you could even decorate the outside with beads or even lace and trimmings.

3. Saucers

A saucer or other small dish can also be used to hold a candle.

This is a decent fallback if you’re short on other options.

When used with tapered candles, they look fantastic, but if you use a saucer with a design on it, this is going to look stunning.

4. Concrete Holder

Make your own concrete candle holders if you’re up for a quick and easy DIY project.

Concrete candle holders look fantastic, and you can construct your own molds to create any design you choose. Even so, you don’t have to make one yourself.

There are a wide selection of ready-made concrete candle holders that are just as good.

Adding a concrete accent piece to your design will instantly elevate your space.

5. Sculptured Clay Pots

Sculptured clay pots are another interesting alternative to a candle holder.

It’s common for these to be made out of clay and baked in order to create the holder.

Decorate little clay bowls that you have sculpted.

Everything looks even better with a tealight candle or even a long tapered candle.

For those of you interested in the design but not in producing your own sculpture, I created this iron and resin candle holder as an example. However, you are welcome to use this one if you prefer.

6. Wire

If you’re looking for a unique and out-of-the-box solution to candle holders, go no further than this.

With a strong wire, you may bend it to hold a candle in any shape or design.

To make a stand, bend the wire on one side and then shape it in any way you like.

Finally, use the wire to completely encircle the candle.

That’s somewhat unusual, isn’t it? At the very least, I think you should give this a whirl and see how it works with your existing decor.

7. Wooden Logs

The use of hardwood logs as a candle holder is both long-lasting and unique.

Premade logs with a cutout in the center are available, or you can make your own with a cutout for the candles.

However, you can use this wooden log idea no matter what type of design you already have in your home, so it’s fantastic if you already have a rustic farmhouse style.

You can get a few of these in different lengths and they will create a beautiful display.

It’s easy to put together a stunning display using a variety of these in varying lengths.

8. Spoons

It’s an idea that immediately piqued my interest when I saw it and I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

I’ve always had a soft spot for lotus blossoms, so I was thrilled when I stumbled across this DIY tutorial.

So this idea entails slicing the spoon in half and putting the end in the trash. A lotus flower will next be created by arranging and adhering the pieces together.

A candle can be placed in the center once the project is finished.

This lotus flower candle holder is easy to build, and I’ll teach you how in the following tutorial:

This is a stunning idea that you should absolutely try out for yourself.

9. Wine glasses

This concept can be applied in two ways.

The first option is to just set a little candle in the wine instead.

To use the second method, turn the glass upside down so that the stand is facing up and place your candle on it.

Decorate the bottom of the wine glass with a variety of objects to make an eye-catching display.

Either way, they make excellent candle holders in their own right. It’s a win-win situation.

Cylindrical Various Frosted Candle Glass Votive, Rs 25 /piece | ID: 22595321612

10. Water Bottles

Finally, you can use a glass container with a bottom and fill it with flowers and leaves before adding water.

The next step is to grab a tapered candlestick and place it in the water bottle’s opening so that it stays in place.

As long as the container is transparent, you can use a glass or plastic bottle.

If you’re hosting a special event, you can use this idea to decorate the table and make multiples of it.

What Can You Put In A Candle Holder Besides Candles?

Flowers and Greenery

Candles adorned with flowers and foliage are timeless and may be displayed in a variety of ways, including votive holders and empty jar candles. Clear candle holders can be used to display vines, leaves, and flowers, creating a whimsy effect. Another option is to arrange the greenery and flowers such that they extend from the opening. If the candle holder is opaque, this is much better. Candle holders can be used to display tiny bouquets of flowers. Many glass candle holders can be used as vases for fresh cut flowers, despite the fact that fake plants and flowers will live longer.


This can be done with pillar or taper candle holders, and it could be one of your favorite DIY projects ever! You may merely place flower pots on top now, but it’s a good idea to secure them beforehand. Plant containers can be made out of old candle holders by following these simple instructions.


  • Holders for taper candles or pillar candles.
  • Pots of the right size for flowers. The base should be somewhat smaller than the candle holder in which it will be placed.
  • Elmer’s ProBond glue is recommended as an adhesive.
  • If desired, use a can of spray paint. Rustoleum Universal paint is a good choice for most materials.


  1. If desired, use a can of spray paint. Rustoleum Universal paint is a good choice for most materials.
  2. You can use a spray paint if you choose. The Rustoleum Universal paint from Rust-Oleum is an excellent option for a wide variety of surfaces.
  3. For at least 24 hours, allow it to dry.
  4. Make the candle holder and pot your own color.

The containers are then filled with either artificial or actual plants. Small trinkets and supplies could be organized in them as well.

Bowls or Dishes

There are a few stages involved, but the payoff is well worth it. Candle holders can be embellished with bowls or plates, and these can be used for service, decorating, or even organization. You can use taper or pillar candle holders, as well as repurpose empty jar candles, to decorate your home with candles.


  • Candle holder with a taper or pillar.
  • An empty jar or bowl candle. Candles in jars with lids are great for sprucing up your home decor!
  • Adhesive
  • Add a decorative knob if you like.


  1. Refinishing the candle holder, but not the dish, is a good opportunity to buy paint. Let it dry completely between coats before moving on to the next stage.
  2. Both the candle holder and the dish should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before use.
  3. Carefully apply glue to the rim of the candle holder, and position your dish on top.

Decorative Balls or Orbs

Apply adhesive to the rim of the candle holder, then place your dish on top of the holder.

The boxwood leaf ball is just one of many examples of balls made of cotton, jute rope, glass, fabric, and other materials.

Holidays and seasons are celebrated by adorning them with various themes, like cranberries for Christmas or flowers for spring. To create a magnificent centerpiece, all you need to do is place one on top of your candleholder.

How Do You Display Candlesticks?

When it comes to candles, it’s uncommon to find one that can stand on its own. Create an eye-catching centerpiece by arranging a variety of candlesticks of varying heights and shapes. It is also possible to place the candlesticks in a more uniform fashion, with a consistent spacing between each one.

If you want to make your display more visually appealing, consider tying ribbon or foliage to the end of your candlesticks. Check out this article for ideas on how to decorate a dining table with candles: How to Decorate a Dining Table.

Can I Put Candle Holders on the Bookshelf?

Yes, you absolutely can! But don’t get carried away! Light candles in a well-ventilated area away from any potentially combustible materials. The heat generated by a candle’s flame is astonishing. That’s why it’s recommended that you keep a distance of three feet between a flame and anything above it. But don’t let that ruin your good time! Using flameless candles, you may still achieve the desired ambiance while also ensuring your guests’ safety.

What Can Be Used As a Candle Holder?

What if you’re in a pinch and need a candle holder? Take a look at these innovative suggestions.

  • Small dishes or bowls work well for displaying candles. Floating tea candles and fresh flowers or berries are lovely additions to a vase of water.
  • There’s nothing that Mason jars can’t be used for, including storing candles.
  • Last-minute candle holders can be easily made from aluminum cans. The shimmering shadows created by adding punched-in motifs are beautiful.
  • Incorporate candles into wine glasses, or simply place one on top of the glass.
  • For a more rustic effect, place a taper candle within the neck of a wine bottle.

You Arrange Candles on the Mantle?

Candles can be arranged alone or in a group as the centerpiece, or they can be set on either side of a centerpiece to accent it. Another option is to set a group of candles on one side of the mantle and a group of other items (i.e., vases of flowers, pictures, etc.) on the other side. Try to ensure that groups are of similar structure to promote symmetry. Placing candles along the entire mantle is beautiful, especially when flowers, leaves, ribbon, or greenery are arranged around the candles. Make sure that no other decorations are too close to a burning candle. As pillar candles are commonly used in the home, you may find this information useful.

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Set them in a group or alone to create an eye-catching focal point or place them on either side of an already established centerpiece to add visual interest. Setting a collection of candles on one side of the mantle and other items (such as flower vases or photos) on the other is an additional option for decorating the space. Symmetry can be enhanced by grouping like-minded individuals. Using flowers, leaves, ribbon, or other greenery to adorn the candles on a mantle is a lovely touch that elevates the display even more. However, be careful not to put any other decor too close to a burning candle. As pillar candles are commonly used in the home, you may find this page helpful.

This was a fascinating subject, and I had a great deal of pleasure looking for new candle holders.

Fortunately, even if there are a plethora of possibilities, nearly all of them are excellent, making the task of selecting the finest one a minor one.

But the best part is that you can always return to our site and try out some of the other concepts.

I hope you found what you were searching for, but do let me know if you come across any additional possibilities that I’ve overlooked.