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The best color sofa for you is the one that best suits your needs and tastes. However, because there are so many options, we have compiled a list of the six most popular shades of furniture to help narrow down your search. Shades of brown, gray, black, red, green, and blue are all present.

We also think you’ll find this article helpful when deciding what color sofa to get. You can use some advice to choose a color from this palette, whether you prefer a neutral or a vibrant sofa. So, let’s go through each vibrant hue individually.

What Color Sofa Should I Get For My Living Room?


Brown is the most versatile color for couches, working well with many different color schemes. If you are just starting to decorate your living room, a brown sofa should be at the top of your list because it is so versatile. There are many carpet and pillow color combinations that work well with brown furniture, so you shouldn’t feel pressured to make a hasty decision.

4 Couch Colors That Go with Absolutely Anything | Rent-A-Center


It’s time to abandon the misconception that a living room furnished in shades of gray must be boring. In fact, a gray sofa is the ideal piece of furniture for a modern living room. Ideas for living room paint colors that complement a gray sofa include white and blue, and carpet colors that range from neutral to bold work well.


The best sofa color to have if you have kids, pets, or guests over frequently is black. The couch can take a beating without looking as worn as it would if it were a lighter color. Because of its adaptability, a black sofa can be paired with a wide range of color schemes.


Do you seek a stylish and modern living room? Then you need to branch out and get a red sofa. It’s safe to say that a red couch will look great in a room with walls of any of the following colors: gray, beige, brown, or white.


A living room decorated in earth tones is a great space for entertaining and relaxing with friends. And how can one most simply create such an atmosphere? Choose a green couch and accent it with brown, white, and yellow accessories.


The living room’s design should serve more than just aesthetics. It’s also a great spot to unwind and meet new people. A sofa painted blue is a great way to make a statement while still keeping the room feeling warm and inviting.

Which Color Is Best For Sofa?

Because tastes and needs vary from one homeowner to the next, it’s impossible to recommend a single paint color. Here, then, are the two most important factors to keep in mind as you make your sofa color selection.

Existing decor

You can use the color of your sofa as a jumping off point for the rest of the decor in your living room, making it much simpler to choose. If, on the other hand, your living room is complete, you will do the opposite. It’s important to choose a sofa color that works with the room’s current design scheme.

Using a color wheel is a great way to figure out what colors will look good together in the living room. Find the color opposite the dominant one on the color wheel and use that one to decorate the room. Sofa color schemes can also be made up of the colors on either side of the complementary color.


Think about what you want from the living room and the sofa. If you have kids or pets, for instance, it’s probably best to stay away from light-colored furniture. However, if your living room is frequently used for entertaining guests, you should choose a color that hides dirt and spills.

The couch is the focal point of the room, so the color you choose should reflect that. The presence of such large furnishings can dramatically alter the mood and character of a room. Think about how you want to feel when you’re in this space, or the mood you want to create.

What Is The Most Popular Furniture Color?

Neutral and natural tones are currently trending in the furniture industry. Green, gray, brown, and red are all popular colors in magazines right now. Sunsets, deserts, and the natural world are all conjured up by these hues.

A good piece of advice if you want to always have the most fashionable sofa color is to use classic colors and tones. Sofas in neutral colors are a safe bet because they work with any decor. This way, you can update the look of the room by switching out the accessories or painting the walls in the color of the moment without replacing the sofa.

12 Best Sofas of 2022 at Every Price

Pearce Upholstered Sofa

Reasons why we adore it

  • One reviewer even went so far as to say, “This is the nicest sofa I have owned.”
  • The majority of buyers praised its ideal proportions and convenient storage.
  • Totally adaptable to any preferred arrangement in the family room

Take note

  • Sectionals cost more than $3,000, and larger sofas cost even more.
  • Custom-made, so expect a delivery time of at least a few months.

This sofa gives you a lot of leeway in terms of customization; not only can you pick the material, color, and shape (square or rolled arms), but you can also construct it yourself to ensure a perfect fit in your home. In addition, there are numerous variants to choose from, such as leather and sleeper sofas with a memory foam mattress. To quote one of our reviewers: “I have never paid so much for a sofa. Far from it. To the contrary, I harbor no remorse. Amazing, really. ”

  • Dimensions can be altered as desired (typically 40 inches in width and 39 inches in height).
  • Weave, twill, chenille, crossweave, herringbone, sahara weave, tweed, basketweave, boucle, everyday suede, linen, twill, sahara weave, tweed, and twill
  • Exceptional qualities: Sectional and sleeper sofas are available as add-ons.

Darcy Sofa

For these reasons, we adore it

  • More than 500 consumers took part in the survey, and they all gave Ashley HomeStore sofas high marks for design, comfort, fabric quality, and availability of colors.
  • One cat owner of more than five years said the fabric has held up well.
  • Hundreds of additional five-star reviews posted on the website.

Take note

  • Not as high-quality of materials as some alternatives.
  • Costs an additional $80 for home delivery and installation.

This sofa is a bargain compared to others of similar quality and design. If you’re looking for more than just a standard sofa, you can pick from seven different color options and a wide variety of complementary pieces, such as a sectional, loveseat, recliner, ottoman, and more. It’s not the most plush sofa in the world, but if you’re looking for the best sofa under $1,000, this is your best bet. Unlike the stark designs of most budget sofas, this one actually looks comfortable.

  • The item is 89 inches wide, 38 inches deep, and 37 inches tall.
  • Polyester, the fabric
  • Exceptional qualities: Available in a matching set

Lounge II Sofa

And that’s why we adore it

  • Reviewers are impressed by the quality, longevity, and ease of care
  • The sofa still looks as good as the day I bought it, according to one customer who has had it for years.
  • This design is more comfortable than others; we didn’t want to get out of bed!

Take note

  • Custom-made; please allow 7–9 weeks for delivery.
  • Very costly, and the price tends to increase as new fabrics and options are added.

This style’s squishy, deep seats are ideal for lounging, as the name suggests. The sofa is available in four different widths (73, 83, 93, and 105 inches with bench options), two different depths (short and deep), multiple sectional configurations, and a number of complementary pieces, such as an ottoman with storage. In addition, there is a huge selection of fabrics from which to pick based on factors such as color preference or desired functionality (such as stain resistance). It’s perfect for those who spend a lot of time on their couches because it’s both soft and sturdy.

  • Lengths can be 73″, 83″, 93″, or 105″, widths can be 41″, or 46″, and height can be 25″.
  • Fabrics such as velvet, twill, textured weave, boucle, canvas, chenille, linen weave, microfiber, shearling, twill, and boucle.
  • Features unique to: Comprises two decorative pillows


Why we adore it

  • The Ikea sofas were praised for their comfort and simplicity of care by the panel.
  • Excellent durability; safe for use around children and pets
  • Because the slip covers are easily interchangeable, you can always opt for a new style. “We’ve probably washed it a hundred times, and it’s held up beautifully,” said one.

Take note

  • Putting on the slipcovers after cleaning them is a hassle.

This sofa from Ikea comes with a slipcover that can be taken off and washed in the washing machine if there is a spill. The back cushions can even be switched around in a pinch because they are reversible. A loveseat and a sectional version are also available. One customer said, “I don’t mind that the dog loves to sleep on it,” praising the sofa’s low price and low maintenance.

  • The item is 88.25 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 36 inches high.
  • Cotton, the cover fabric
  • Features: Cover is machine washable

Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa

Why we adore it

  • A free 30-day return policy and free shipping are included.
  • Users have given it hundreds of five-star ratings, claiming that it is both fashionable and comfortable.
  • Available for immediate shipment

Take note

  • Some critics have wished for a softer texture.
  • assembly required, though both the manufacturer and customers have assured us that it’s a breeze.

This Amazon brand provides the ease of shopping from the most visited online store and features a modern sofa available in three different sizes in addition to a matching chair and ottoman. It is deeper than typical without being overly firm, and it has a relaxed (leans-back) feel. It is in stock and ready to ship in eight distinct color and fabric configurations.

  • It is 35.4 inches tall, has a depth of 34.6 inches, and a width of 79.9 inches.
  • Polyester fabric.
  • Features unique to: Rapid delivery

Choose The Right Sofa Color For Your Living room

Grattan 81.1” Velvet Square Arm Sleeper

Why we adore it

  • Panelists in the dozens attested that purchasing sofas from Wayfair was a breeze.
  • Owners have given it hundreds of positive reviews, all claiming that it looks much more expensive than it actually is.
  • Free delivery and low prices

Take note

  • Some time is needed for self-assembly.
  • Only one adult can sleep comfortably on the small bed.

This reclining sofa bed eliminates the need for a cumbersome pullout couch by transforming into a bed with the simple push of a button. It looks like a standard sofa from the front, but the back reclines and even lies completely flat, making it ideal for accommodating overnight guests. There is a wide range of vibrant and subdued velvet colors to choose from.

  • The overall measurements are: 81.1′′ in width, 39.4′′ in depth, and 33.5′′ in height.
  • Polyester velvet for the fabric.
  • Features unique to: Seat back folds flat for sleeping.

Andes Sofa

Why we adore it

  • Thin metal legs keep it from looking too cumbersome.
  • Members of our focus group couldn’t stop raving about how great the sofas at West Elm are.
  • The panelists were very complimentary of the roominess and convenience.

Take note

  • Due to the custom nature of the fabric selection process, delivery times may exceed a year.
  • The panelists have some mixed feelings about the cushions’ firmness.

This couch has a 34-inch deep seat, but it’s also available in a 39-inch deep seat and an extra-deep 45-inch deep seat, so there’s plenty of room to stretch out. You can pick from many different hues and upholstery materials. If you prefer a more substantial seat or are searching for a modern couch, this is the best option.

  • Sizes are as follows: (inches) 60, 77, and 86; (inches) 34, 39, and 45; (inches) 32
  • Yarns can be spun into a wide variety of textiles, including but not limited to the following:
  • Bench cushions and a variety of leg finishes are available as special features.

3-Seat Sofa

And that’s why we adore it

  • Easy contactless setup with zero hardware requirements.
  • Users love the modern design and the spacious feel it provides.
  • It’s simple to accessorize with complementary items like a throw rug or an ottoman.

Take note

  • Two people are needed to bring the boxes inside.
  • Some of the pictures in the directions didn’t make a lot of sense.

This sofa is perfect for frequent movers, those with limited space, or anyone who prefers to assemble their furniture when it’s most convenient for them. You can pick from seven different colors of polyester performance fabric, two different colors of leather, and three different finishes for the wooden legs. There are also smaller options, such as a loveseat and a sectional, and more substantial ones, such as an ottoman or throw pillows.

  • The overall measurements are 90″ in width, 38″ in depth, and 34″ in height.
  • Leather and technical fabrics.
  • Accessories such as pillows, ottomans, weighted blankets, and chairs can all be coordinated with a leg finish that you choose.

Sven Sofa

Why we adore it

  • Users have praised the couch’s durability.
  • It can be made to stand out in any space thanks to the wide variety of available colors and fabrics.
  • Two decorative and supportive pillows are included.

Take note

  • If a certain fabric is out of stock, delivery could be delayed for some time.
  • It may be firmer than some people would like.

This well-liked design from Article features a tufted bench seat, a sturdy and luxurious back, and two rounded bolsters for a finished look that will stand the test of time. The collection features a wide variety of pieces in complementary colors and fabrics, such as tweed, leather, and velvet. Senior textiles product analyst Emma Seymour agrees that the brand’s boucle fabric options are “chic and trendy” without shedding threads. Be sure to verify availability before making a purchase, as delivery times may vary.

  • The item’s measurements are as follows: 34″ in height, 88″ in width, and 38″ in depth.
  • Materials: leather, velvet, and woven fabrics
  • Features unique to: Foam and duck feather padding, and the option of either 2.5 or 3 seats

Hughes Sofa with Storage

Why we adore it

  • Warranty for 90 days
  • Participants praised the level of comfort and the ease of placing an order: As the production reached each new stage, we were informed. ”
  • A large space for stowing blankets.

Take note

  • Our panelists told us it was later than expected in arriving.
  • Others pointed out that the high price was the biggest drawback.

The Hughes collection features several multipurpose pieces, such as this ottoman with concealed storage and this sofa with concealed storage. There is a wood frame with three color options for the legs, and there is a wide selection of fabrics from which to choose (swatches of which can be ordered for free).

  • The overall measurements are 90″ in width, 37″ in depth, and 34″ in height.
  • Materials: Satin, velvet, chenille, boucle, microfiber, herringbone, basketweave, performance fabrics
  • Features a matching storage ottoman and storage container.

Nomad Sofa

For these reasons, we adore it

  • Customers love the convenience, roominess, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back within 30 days.
  • Internal USB charging port

Take note

  • One of our experts noticed that the fabric tends to pill quickly.
  • Customers have said they feel it lacks the opulence of competing sofas.

The focus of this couch is on making furniture purchases as easy as possible. The product is purchased online and then shipped to the customer who assembles it at their own residence. Free samples are available in advance, and the ordering procedure offers customization options without adding unnecessary complexity: You get to choose from five different fabric colors, six different leg colors, three different arm styles, two different cushion styles, and the addition of a chaise lounge or ottoman. A leather option is also available for an additional $800. The company has announced that there are currently shipping delays.

  • The measurements are 85 wide, 35 deep, and 33 high.
  • Weaved olefin with leather trim
  • USB port, available matching furnishings, and sleep kit accessory for overnight guests.

Skinny Fat Sofa

The reasons why we adore it

  • To ensure your satisfaction with your purchase, we offer free shipping and a 100-day trial period.
  • Comfortable, deep bench ideal for snuggling
  • Sizes can be adjusted per request.

Take note

  • Expensive, with some iterations potentially costing more than the others we rounded up.

This company, like many others in the furniture industry, sells directly to consumers, and customers can tailor their purchases by choosing the sofa’s fabric, color, leg style, and depth. It’s similar to other services in that it sends you free fabric samples, but what really sets it apart is that it prints out a full-scale replica of your desired configuration so you can visualize it in your space. The four-week turnaround time is faster than average for custom sofas given that each sofa is made to order.

  • 65-100 inches in width, 37-40 inches in depth, and 33 inches in height.
  • Material: Velvet, Leather, and Performance
  • Features include the ability to choose the density of the cushions and the color of the wood used for the sofa’s legs.

7 Tips on How to Maintain Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs

Fluff Up Your Cushions

Because they are so comfortable to sit on and jump on (if you have hyperactive kids), your cushions flatten out quickly. When the fabric sags, so does the furniture’s support structure.

Make it a habit to give them the occasional slap, prod, and light punch to fluff them up, and they’ll continue to provide support and comfort for years to come. The time investment is minimal, but the benefits are substantial.

By preventing the cushions from deforming into unnatural shapes, you can keep your upholstery in pristine condition.

You should fluff the really soft ones more than the firm ones because of this difference.

Avoid Direct Sunlight on Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs

Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will destroy your upholstery if it is made of fine fabrics, leather, or leatherette. Sunlight’s UV rays can shorten the life of your sofa and reduce its quality.

While occasional sun exposure is fine, it’s best to protect your upholstered furnishings by keeping them out of direct sunlight by drawing the blinds or relocating them.

Flip Your Upholstery Cushions Over

Depending on how often you use your furniture, the seat and back cushions should be flipped regularly. The cushions will keep their form for longer and wear more uniformly, and the furniture itself will last longer.

If you have a three-seat sofa, the center cushion is especially important. Most passengers prefer to sit on the aisle or near an armrest, avoiding the middle seat at all costs. If your sofa has identical cushions for all three seats, you should rotate them on a regular basis so that the cushions wear evenly, retain their shape, and prevent damage to the upholstery on the two outer seats.

Invest in Stain Protection Products for Your Upholstery

Get advice on the best stain protectors to use on your upholstery from the store where you purchased it and from professional upholstery cleaners. By creating a slippery barrier between your upholstery and substances that could stain it, professional stain protection makes cleaning your upholstery much simpler. Sun damage can be mitigated with the help of these stain protectors.

Vacuum Clean Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs Regularly

Your upholstery will suffer more and more over time if you put off vacuuming it. Everything in your home, including the upholstery, will eventually become covered in dust. The weight of people sitting on couches and chairs compacts the dust further into the fabric. Dust acts like an abrasive, cutting and scraping your upholstery on a microscopic level if left unattended for long periods of time.

Make it a habit to pull out the vacuum cleaner and give your upholstered furniture a quick cleaning every time you do your regular house cleaning.

The 12 most on-trend sofa colours of 2023 – is yours up there?

Keep the Tags Attached to Your Upholstered Furniture

It is common practice to have a tag sewn into the fabric of brand-new or recently reupholstered furniture. When it comes time to re-upholster or clean your upholstered furniture, this tag’s details about the design, fabric numbers, delivery date, frame, and cushion fill will be invaluable. Put it somewhere safe so you can find it quickly the next time you need it.

Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaner to Deep Clean Your Upholstered Sofas and Chairs Once a Year

In order to ensure that your upholstered furniture is thoroughly cleaned once a year, it is recommended that you hire professional upholstery cleaners. Furthermore, some stains on your upholstery can only be removed using professional methods.

To leave your upholstered furniture smelling fresher, looking brighter, and cleaner all around, hire an upholstery cleaning service that uses hot water extraction and specialized antimicrobial cleaning solutions.

Don’t wait for the furniture’s upholstery to look dirty before having it professionally cleaned. Once a year, give your upholstered furniture a thorough cleaning to bring back its luster and softness. It also does the essential job of preserving your furniture for longer.


Finally, the end! You can’t go wrong with any of these conventional sofa color choices: brown, gray, black, red, green, or blue. If you’re looking for a classic piece of furniture, stick with neutral colors like brown, black, or gray.

When it comes down to it, there really is no “wrong” choice of sofa color. Don’t forget to take into account your current furnishings and way of life.

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